F 47. My son (24) was in the military academy, and I ‘helped’ him survive by sending my stills and giving blowjobs when he was home.

My son joined the military academy for four years of training, and in the first semester he called me as usual, and when I asked him how he was doing, for the first time, he replied, ‘It’s difficult and uneasy’. I could very well understand what he was referring to, and after some thoughts and … Read more

Amaranth – the Furure of Sex – 01 – The Academy

Sasha was already awake, when the alarm clock went down. This was the day. She’d been training for 22 years at the Facilitators Academy to become a graduate and start her life. She prepared her clothing: white, beautifully knitted thigh highs, her virtually non-existent white super g-string and a wide white blouse. Over it, she … Read more

Ch. 12: New Schoolgirl’s Enrollment Inspection at Stonewall Academy [free-use] [ENF/CMNF] [medical]

…Poking his head into the hallway, Mr. Desilva saw half-a-dozen fresh-faced female students in their best first-day-of-school uniforms had begun to fill the metal chairs lining the wall. He consulted his list and called out the name of the youngest girl, and he was immediately filled with a warm glow of anticipation when a delectably … Read more

[MM][MF][Anal, non consent] Academy Chatper 4

This story is a work of fiction. All of the characters are over the age of 18 (they’re 22 years old). This story contains both male/male sex and male/female sex as well as liberal doses of dubious consent and non-consent. Proceed with caution! You can find the previous chapters her: Chapter One [Unwanted anal][Straight forced … Read more

[MMMMM/M][M/F][Anal, Oral, Dubious consent, rape] Academy Chapter 3

This is a work of fiction. All of the characters are above the age of 18. Specifically, all of the students are aged 22. This is chapter 3. You can find the previous chapters under my profile. This work involves both the Male/Male sex and the Male/Female sex. Some chapters might have only one kind. … Read more

[Unwanted anal][Straight forced to do gay][MM,MF] Sex and the Academy chapter 1

This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18. Character ages are all 22 years old. Please check my profile for other erotic stories. They mostly involve dubious consent and anal sex. \*\*\* Redmond emerged from sleep as the first few rays of sunlight came in through the window. He … Read more

[MF] [rom] [military] [sci-fi] DUTY CALL – A pretty young Ensign learns that the Space Academy way is not the only way. A sci-fi sex story.

**If you like images to go with your story you can click for the illustrated version of this DUTY CALLS in the comments below. Enjoy…** ​ “Captain,” this quiet voice said, “permission to speak?” I put down my stylus and looked up into the dark eyes of a lovely, young ensign with a killer body. … Read more