I (26f) love giving my husband’s friends blowjobs when they’re over

Weird how something so slutty can be so routine. Once my husband realized I love giving blowjobs and he realized he wasn’t jealous watching, we kind of made it a regular thing with his friends. It usually happens when they’re over to watch a game or play poker but its not a set thing. There’s … Read more

Me (39f 28 at the time) and two other women (26f 20f) made an older man’s (50sm) wish come true with a MFFF

An old story but one I thought I’d share. I’m 39 now, been with my husband since I was 18 and from pretty much the start he’s loved to share me so I’ve got over 20 years of stories lol. Probably the main place I look for partners is a swinging site. We aren’t technically … Read more

I (26f) deepthroated and gagged so intensely that I had an embarrassing experience with my ex

One of the most intense sexual experiences I have ever had was attempting to let a man throatfuck me and gagging so hard and repeatedly that I lost control of myself in the moment and threw up on his cock. It was a dazed moment of intense embarrassment and shame followed by a euphoric type … Read more