When I (39f) was in my mid twenties me and my friend (22f) cheated on our boyfriends with her older work mate (45m)

I was allowed to cheat but she wasn’t and although it sounds like he was a sugar daddy I actually paid for the hotel and all the room service for the three of us because I knew my husband (boyfriend at the time) would love to hear about it. Also a new FIFA had just … Read more

uncle slid into my dms [22F]

Last week I wrote about how my uncle liked all my fitness/wellness spots. Since the spots are a bit sexual and objectifying, I kept wondering if it meant anything. I got mixed feedback from you guys: some of you thinking he’s definitely looking at me *that way* and others thinking ‘no, he’s just being supportive.’ … Read more

I [22F] am an immigrant barmaid let an older customer eat me out while his friends watched

I’m a 22 year old Polish girl who became very sexually liberated when I moved to the UK. I’m small, blonde, with a big bum and breasts. I first lived in London for six months before moving to a small village in Scotland to be a barmaid in a hotel there for the summer. I … Read more

I (22F) gave my friend’s boyfriend (20M) a blowjob because I felt bad for him.

So this friend of mine has a pretty cute boyf. She is hot herself so I always just thought that both of them look good together and have a loving relationship. We all are not that close but we are part of each other’s extended circles. During this past weekend there were a lot of … Read more