Switching it up for oral

Back in 2018 during my hoe phase in the military; I was talking with this girl my friend introduced me to. Tori was a Latina with massive tits but not much of an ass and a slimmer body. She was super loud and obnoxious but hot so I entertained the idea of us getting together. We hung out a few times in the barracks common area at parties. She’s been with another guy in the barracks recently and she often talked about him. The topic of sex came around and she mentioned he never ate her out and would fuck her and play video games right after. I felt some remorse for her and told her “What?! Who doesn’t like eating pussy. It’s like my favorite thing to do.”

During this interaction I dressed like a lazy slut with a tighter white T shirt that showed off my chest and biceps and thin pajama bottoms that really complimented my bulge. As we continue to talk she keeps low key eye balling my bulge and bites her lip ever so often when talking to me.

It starts to get late and I suggest “You have a long drive home. You can stay with me tonight if you want. We can go watch a movie or something.” She agrees and we say goodnight to everyone at the party. We get to my barracks room. My barracks room fortunately had a wall between me and my roommate but the unfortunate thing was the bed is a twin size. So we had to right away basically spoon. I was the big spoon she was the little spoon. I gracefully caressed her thigh as we watched tv and i said “Remember before when you said that one dude hasn’t eaten you out?” “Yeah” she said. “Well let me give it a try, I’ve been told I’m good at it.”
“Ok I like your confidence” she said. So she got up and began undressing to reveal her tits that ever so slightly spilled out of her bra and matching panties. She layed down on my bed and I began kissing her and pawing at her tits “I’m going to take this off.” In reference to her bra. So I unsnap it and out plops the most perfect DD I’ve seen to date with nice piercings in them too I might add. I begin to lick and paw them “god your so hot” I say to her “I can’t wait taste you”.

I make my way down to her inner thigh and begin kissing it. The aroma of her vaginal fluids and slight sweat make me feel like a shark that smells blood. I can’t contain myself and I begin devouring her like my life depends on it. I apply slight pressure just below her abdomen and it sends her over the edge. She’s moaning like crazy and squirming. I apply more force to hold her down from moving and she squirts ever so slightly in my face and mouth. “I’ve never made a girl do that from oral” I said “I’ve never done that from oral” she said. I am rock hard at this point and say “I want to be inside you.” “Yes please” she says

Since she has already came and is soaked I slide in no problem and begin to fuck her passionately. She claws my back every time I go balls deep and I can feel the head of my cock bumping into her cervix. I pull out and bust on her amazing tits. We lay there out of breath and eventually fall asleep to the next morning

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