Sweet revenge and maybe a bit more by batonag

Sweet revenge and maybe a bit more

*piep* *piep* *piep*

Steve opens his eyes and sees the shadow painted on the wall, by his half-open roller blinds. He doesn’t bother getting up. He only turns off the alarm and as the room goes back to silence, he goes back to sleep.


Steve didn’t let the alarm repeat itself. He hates this annoying sound and always tries to avoid it. Today it was easy for him to do so. He was already awake, thinking about the next two weeks, just waiting for the other alarm to go off. It’s part of his morning routine, two alarms, the first at 6:20 and another one for 6:30. It’s unusual, but most often he doesn’t get much sleep at all, so he thinks about it as a power nap in the morning.

The next point on his routine is a short walk out, focusing on upper body strength. He prefers to listen to some music while doing sport, but his sisters’ bedroom is right next to his own and he doesn’t think it’s smart to mess with her today, so he puts on his headphones and starts the workout with some stretching.

Steve is a nineteen-year-old boy and he is … different. Definitely not what you’d expect just by looking at him. He has a great body, brown hair, and a wonderful smile. But he is so much more, then just another pretty boy. Everything he is today started with his unique mindset. Five years ago, he was a different person, a nerd, too shy to speak to anybody, especially girls. In the presence of a good looking girl, it would be hard to predict whether he would make a fool of himself by falling other his legs or saying something unbelievably stupid.

But It wasn’t just the girls that gave him a hard time, even around boys he tended to misunderstand them, failing at simple conversations. That was until he realized, where his problem was. Steve started to look at situations from a different angle. You could say, he was the third person, playing his life like a videogame. Familiar terrain.

Comparing his life to a video game was the best thing, that could have happened to him. For the next year, he just did the things, he would do in a video game. He was the character and just needed to do what the third person said. And it worked. After some time, the idea of a game in his head vanished, but still, he already learned how to act, how to have fun and how to appear normal.

He realized that the real blockade was his mind. The constant fear of doing something stupid destroyed every decent thought. That was when he made a decision. He knew, that when he lives his life like everybody else, he will fail all over again. He hasn’t got the instinct the others seem to have. That has been a key moment in his life.

From that day on, he started doing sport, getting the body he always wanted. He learned as much about mimic, gesture and human behavior as possible, just to understand the people around him. Some would think he is a psychopath, but the opposite is true. He isn’t a bad person and he doesn’t want to harm anybody. He still has emotions, but also the power to control them, at least most of them. Today he is enjoying life with all his facades, smiling even about the little things.

The song ends. And while he still hears the hall of the last word “centuriiiiees“ he rolls on his back, to do some sit-ups. The next song starts. “I’m through with standin’ in line to …”

Steve lives together with his father Kater, his stepmom Diana and her daughter Jenny. His real mom left them when he was just a baby. For the many, it would be horrible to know that their mother left them, but not for Steve. He has a mother, Diana.

But it wasn’t just Diana. She already had a daughter when she met his father. Her name was Jenny. Like Steve, she is nineteen years old, actually, she is one month older and she keeps reminding him of it.

The third point on his morning routine is his shower. It’s 7 o’clock, his sister is still asleep, so he tries to be quiet. After entering the bathroom, Steve removes his sweaty shirt and throws it into the laundry basket as if he would throw a basketball. He smiles because he scored. The shower cabin is very nice. It’s big and the walls are made of glass. Normally, he would take his time, to enjoy the water that runs down his skin, but today isn’t normal.

Today, it’s just him and his stepsister. His parents are on vacation, for two very long weeks. He really loves and respects them, but sometimes he just can’t understand why they do things. Before leaving Sunday afternoon, they’ve put his sister in charge, because she is the older one. She is fucking one month older than him. That’s it, one month.

He realized it will be some interesting two weeks, when he saw Jenny’s evil smile, while his father said to her, she should keep an eye on her little brother and if he does something stupid, she should call him.

That’s so typical, Steve is definitely more trustworthy than his sister, but his parents can’t accept that there is a thing, like a nineteen-year-old boy that doesn’t mess everything up, he touches.

And if that wasn’t enough, right after he talked to his sister he came to Steve and said:

“Steve, I expect you to behave yourself, or you can say goodbye to your computer.”

Now that was really funny:

His computer, really?

Ok, he must admit, it would bother him but he is no longer the nerd he was five years ago. Back then it would be horrible for him to lose his pc, his only source of fun, but today it’s nothing he can’t live without for one or two months.

The thing is as far as he can tell, his sister didn’t realize that. It took her only 5 minutes after their parents left to find Steve and make him her offer. It’s very simple.

As long as he does, what she says, she makes sure, he can keep his pc.

It’s like he already said, it will be some interesting two weeks for him … This offer was ridiculous, even back in the old days, he would rather have given up his computer instead of becoming his sister’s personal servant.

But he played along, curious what she would make him do.

Acting like he was shocked, gasping for air, he said “It’s unbelievable. You’re blackmailing me? Your own brother?”

Jenny replied in a harsh tone “Stepbrother” but then her voice became as sweet as honey “No. blackmail is such a strong word. I make you an offer and if you ask me, it’s not a bad one.”

That’s it. Yesterday she just forced him to make dinner, but today he will see how far she’ll go with the hole servant thing.

After his shower, Steve finishes his routine with his last point. Coffee and breakfast. It’s a great day, the sun is already shining bright and in the blue sky isn’t a single cloud. It will be a wonderful summer day. Steve stands in the middle of the kitchen, waiting for his coffee and toast to finish while making himself a sunny side up egg. He hears footsteps and because there is nobody else, it must be his sister. Playfully, he asks “Good morning. What can I do for you today? Anything special for break…”

He didn’t get any further. His jaw dropped when he saw his sister. She entered the kitchen just wearing a smile, some shorts, and a top, which appears to be … see-though? Of course, Steve is surprised. He has never seen her tits since they started to grow 8 years ago. Like every boy, he pictured her naked from time to time, but his imagination didn’t do her justice. Her nice c-cup breasts absorbed so much of his mind, he didn’t even realize at first what’s going on. She did it on purpose. Wearing a see-through top for the first time, just the day their parents went on vacation combined with her ridiculous offer, she made him yesterday, is definitely no coincidence. She is teasing him, but why?

“br…brea…breakfast?” Steve said finishing his question. Jenny seems to enjoys the whole situation “What’s that, little brother” She said laughing “Your falling back into old habits? Being a nerd, unable to talk properly to a girl?”

Steve didn’t respond, but not for the reason Jenny thinks.

Yeah, her tits are great but something else took his interest. She has hard nipples. He knows that there can be various reasons for that but it’s still a sign of arousal. She is turned on? By him?

“Has seeing your big sisters’ breasts took your tongue? You should see yourself. You look is priceless.”

Steve gets back to his normal confidence, looks her straight in the eyes and responds as nothing has happened.

“No sis, I’m fine, thanks for worrying. But you haven’t answered my question.”

Jenny is confused, she clearly didn’t expect such elegance from her brother. “eh” *she clears her throat* “What question?”

“Do you want anything special for breakfast today?” Steve repeated himself with a calm voice. Thank god, he learned how to put an act on. Standing in front of his hot sister, having a clear view of her beautiful boobs gets him more distracted than he is willing to show. He already knows that he will get a boner. And it is more likely to happen sooner than later.

Jenny needed to think for a few seconds. She blushed and looked down at the floor. It’s been just a short gesture, a moment she wasn’t completely in control of her body, and Steve saw it.

“I see you remember.” She answered with her honey-voice. “I thought, I needed to remind you of your pc, but it seems you know your place.”

She is a pretty good actress herself, but Steve knows by now it’s just that. An act.

“And no. An egg and toast will be just fine. I take a shower and I expect breakfast to be ready when I come back.”

After finishing her sentence, she looked down at Steve’s shorts, smiling like she wants to say “I love it when a plan comes together” Jenny turns around and leaves the kitchen, swinging her ass a bit more than necessary.

That was a better performance of her than Steve had expected. She would fool almost everybody but Steve is a master in interpreting body language. He already read a dozen books about it. At first, he looked into that topic because he needed to but now he does it just for fun. He loves to know what people really think.

Just a week ago he started a new book. It explains mimics in all its variations. Even going into details, like muscle contractions. Steve hasn’t learned everything in this book and maybe, he is never going to. It’s pretty dry read but for the situation with his sister, he didn’t have to.

Steve knows her almost his entire life. She never was a very dominant person.

And he is sure, that didn’t change lately.

Steve still needs to complete the puzzle in his head, fill in some gaps, but by now he has a pretty good idea why his sister is acting that way:

Fifty Shades of Grey.

The book she read last summer … twice and Steve is sure she read the whole trilogy.

He knew she is into some kinky stuff, but it seems like she is also into him. Her own brother.

And luckily, she isn’t the dom … He knows that. But does she know it too or does she really think she is the one calling the shots?

Later at school. Steve was sitting on a bench in front of his next classroom as Marie approaches him.

Marie: She is a good-looking girl but she isn’t really aware of it. With her big glasses and her shy body language, she is the stereotype of a hot nerdy girl. She is constantly happy and thinks about everything in a positive way.

Also, she has a huge crush on Steve which makes the whole thing interesting. Steve doesn’t know what to think of it. Yeah, he likes her but he fears that he would change her if he shows his true self. True self? It’s not that Steve is a bad person, but for example, he is into some kinky stuff, same as his sister, and he doesn’t want to ruin her.

It’s strange, he thinks of her as … somehow clear and innocent and he doesn’t think he could live up to such high standards.But ignoring the signs she is giving him gets harder every time. Seeing her body language crying “I like you, please ask me out.”

“Hey, Steve! How are you?” she said coming closer and sitting down right next to him. “I’m fine, thanks, Marie.” Steve replayed. “I need to ask you something,” Maria said. She leans forward forming a tunnel with her hands around his ear and whispered, “Is it true, that Marie showed you her tits?”.

Steve is practically a genius, but he didn’t expect that question, especially asked by Marie. He turned his head, just raising his eyebrows. That’s his question. And the nice thing is, Maria understands this language quite well. It’s only that she doesn’t want to answer it.

Marie playing dump, “What?”

Steve just keeps staring and she … bites her lip. Fuck! She is sexy when she does that but it’s a very good indicator that she has a secret, something she doesn’t want to tell him. This makes her a terrible liar but it’s another thing Steve considers as a good character trait of hers.

Finally, she gives in. “You know. I was just curious. Some of your sisters’ friends have a crush on you and today, they talked about … eh, you know girls’ stuff” She doesn’t continue with the story, so Steve added: “Just say it, Marie” “Ok, they wondered which type of girl you prefer and then they asked themselves, how long your penis is. But your sister clearly didn’t want to talk about your cock, so she said you have a big cock. 8 inches, probably 9. And then the girls wanted to know, how she can tell. They didn’t believe her, then she explained she saw your boner just this morning after showing you her tits. And you know. It made me curious, did she really show you her tits?” Marie stops, looks him in the eye and starts to bite her lip again.

Well, what explains a lot. And now Steve can tell why Marie is so interested. If it’s true what Jenny said about showing him her tits, it would be likely she also told the truth about him having a 9-inch cock. And again, a sign, that she is into him …

Marie knows, she won’t get an answer, but it didn’t stop her from asking anyway. There was a change that he would tell her and pushing her luck is better than having no change at all. “Come on tell me. Did they look good?”

*the school clock rings*

Steve stands up and says “Well, I think I should go to class. See you around, Marie” And he enters the room with a smile. Knowing that he left her even more curious than before. In one way that is cruel but in reality, she likes it. The mysterious boy and the innocent girl. That would make a great story. 😀

It’s Monday afternoon and although it’s warm and sunny outside, Steve spends his time in front of a desktop. In general, there is nothing wrong with this picture. Steve sitting in his room, rather playing computer games, than going out having fun. But today it’s wrong. He isn’t even sitting in his own room and so the computer he is looking at isn’t his, too. It’s Jenny’s and of course, Steve doesn’t play computer games. He is doing some research, research on his sister.

Luckily for Steve, Jenny isn’t home. As usual, she is at her volleyball training. She joined the school team five years ago. At first, she only did it because her friends played too but now she learned to love that sport.

Back to Steve, he thinks in puzzles and mind maps. He has grids in his head that just wait to be filled. His power is logic. With this power combined with his knowledge of human body language, he is a master in figuring people out. That’s why he is to ~95% sure what he’ll find on his sister’s pc. But it’s as Diana his stepmother always says:

‘better safe than sorry’

Jenny likes her privacy, but it took Steve less than 5 minutes to get her password and to enter her computer. At first, he tried to guess it …







It’s been worth a shot but he had no success.

In the end, it turned out, that she used her name spelled backward to lock her account. Steve needs to admit she is creative, but it’s also theoretically useless. A normal computer could hack her account in less than a minute. Steve has some basic knowledge about programming, but he has no idea how to hack, so that’s also not the way he got the password.

It bothers him a bit that it wasn’t his reasoning what got him access to her computer. At least it wasn’t his logic. In a drawer, hidden under some of her T-shirts, Jenny keeps a small black book, containing all the passwords to every account she has.

As if it would make it any better, they are listed under the headline:

better safe than sorry

Computer: ynneJ

Smartphone: 0852

Instagram: Jen15ny

By now Steve is looking at her browser chronic:

*how to seduce a boy*

*how to be dominant*


*video game addiction*

Just to name a few of the things she googled in the last few days.


Steve has proven for himself, that he was right in the first place.

His sister wants to seduce him. She is sexually attracted to him and combined with her interest in Dom-Sub relationships, she tried to build one up between him and her.

Just to mention it, Steve really likes this idea. He already fantasied about his hot Sister but he never even dared to dream about something happening between them in reality. There is just one problem. He isn’t particularly submissive.

In fact, he isn’t submissive at all, giving up power would mean giving up a big part of his identity.

That’s why he figured out a plan. He knows Jenny is a natural submissive and he knows that she gets turned on by blackmailing or being blackmailed. It’s another thing he found out while looking into her browser history.

Now the fun part starts. It seems like she isn’t sure about being top or bottom. Submission, her nature, or dominance, the societal construct she was raised in. But Steve does and he will help her figure that out by herself.

To do that he will blackmail her and humiliate her and at the moment, she got over the edge, the moment he could do everything he wants to her. He will stop.

If it was a game of chess, he would take all her figures and end with a stalemate.

But first, he needs some leverage. He could search her computer for more but he doesn’t want her to know that he found her password-book. Therefore, a video of her showering should do the trick. Just for the fun of it, he connects her webcam to his pc and covers the lamp that shows ‘the webcam is running’ with some black tape. Also, he installs his own webcam in the bathroom. Hidden between the deco, she gives a nice view of the shower.

He proofs, that both webcams are working, by filming some test-videos. It’s not the best quality but it’ll do the trick.

Time to wait. His sister shouldn’t come home for another 30 minutes that means, Steve can productively use the time. He masturbates, so he will stay cool later while confronting his sister.

Showtime. *The doorbell rings* Steve opens the door with a smile, looking in Jenny’s beautiful eyes. “Ow … you smell awful, what happened? You fought with a skunk?” he said, holding his nose with his left hand. Yeah, he smells sweat, but of course, he is joking. It isn’t that bad but he needs her to take a shower or his plan won’t work. “got a death wish?” Jenny responded harshly. She is definitely not in the mood for jokes. He expects the hallway to freeze by her entrance, but the opposite is true. Jenny gets warmer and adds: “Just … äh … shut up.” She is still wearing her sports clothes, it seems, that she went to school by bike and now she needs five minutes to calm down before she can interact with people. Steve doesn’t mind. It would be very unusual for her to not take a shower after driving home by bike, so he goes back upstairs into his room and waits for his sister to enter the bathroom.

Even before he actually sees her on the camera feed, he hears his step-sister walking down the hallway and entering the bathroom. Steve starts the record.

Jenny is wearing lazy black shorts and a black T-Shirt, which creates a nice contrast to her natural blond hair. She loses her hair tie which holds her hair into a pony-tail, so they won’t bother her while playing volleyball. Shaking her head, she let her hair fall back over her shoulders in their normal position. Her body is facing the shower, while she crosses her harms to take off her shirt. It seems like it happens in slow motion when she is sliding it over her head, giving Steve a wonderful view on her naked lower back. And it’s true. He didn’t imagine the slow-mo. She is really undressing like her crush is watching. It’s probably just some kind of training for her. There is no way she could know about the camera behind her. She is just down to her sports bra and shorts and Steve is already so turned on. It’s amazing. She is amazing.

While getting out of her shorts, she leaves her legs extended, bending over, as a porn star would do. And she repeats the whole procedure for her bra and her panties.

Wiggling her ass, while stepping into the shower, turning to the side to start the water…

Unbelievably hot. Nobody that sees that video will think, she didn’t know she was filmed. Perfect leverage.

He sent himself the Video per e-mail. Also, he copied it on a USB-Stick and downloaded it on his Smartphone. Now he has the Video saved at enough different places so his sister can’t just destroy it. On his pc, his Smartphone and a USB-Stick. No way of losing his leverage. Just in case it’s also saved on a server of his e-mail provider. Better safe than sorry. Not that he’ll need it. He won’t go all-in with the blackmailing part but Jenny would get suspicious if he wouldn’t give 100%.

The fun part.

It’s evening. Jenny is watching TV while Steve is waiting for her in her room. It’s almost sunset and the room is filled with warm light. “Steve, I’m hungry, make me something for dinner” Jenny cries out, still sitting on the couch. He heard it but didn’t respond. Instead, he sits down on her bed, making himself comfortable between two of her stuffed animals. A teddy to his right and a penguin to his left, he takes out his phone getting ready to put on the act he is going to pull. “Steve!?!”


Yeah … no, there is no reaction from Steve.

*footsteps* Jenny is walking up … “Steve?” … the stairs.

He waits, till she is looking into his room “I’m here” and after she looked very confused, not realizing, where the sound came from, he adds “In your room, dummy”

Jenny is wearing high waisted shorts and a top that still leaves parts of her upper belly exposed.

“What the fuck, are you deaf or dumb? I called you at least 5 times!”

Steve is looking up from his phone and responds with a calm voice, “Oh … eh, Yeah, I know and probably our neighbors’ do too, it was pretty loud. So, what do you want?” *silence* His sister just stares at him. Her body only gives away her confusion like she can’t process her brother’s behavior but there must be more. She knows something is wrong, but it took her a while to realize it.

“Get out of my room!!!” she screams. Steve pays dump to provoke her even further, “That’s why you called me? You didn’t even know I was in your room before I told you … Is there a question, something you want to ask me?”

“Hey asshole, you know exactly what I meant. You get out of my room or I will call dad and then you are fucked, understand?” No today she isn’t in the mood for jokes.

Deliberately not mirroring he tone Steve says as soft as he can manage, “Hey, calm down, I’m just messing with you. You want me to make dinner, right?”

She looks so cute when she is confused “Yeah … but” “What am I doing in your room?” he helped her to formulate the question. “I found a video and I thought, you’d like to see it before I sent it to some friends … interested?”

“No, just go down and make me dinner, I’m hungry!”

Steve stands up, his phone in his right hand, sending her the Video while saying: “Yeah, whatever”

On his way out he needs to walk by his angry sister, standing in the middle of her room with her arms crossed. “You know where to find me, sis”

And as he walks out the door, he hears his sister getting a message.



_______come back asshole

You need to decide:

Dinner or talking, both

Isn’t possible unless

You come down too.




-chat end-

Steve walks down the hallway and looks into his sister’s bedroom. Jenny is sitting on a chair, next to her computer. Great the place on the bed, he was sitting earlier is still untouched. The sound of running water fills the room. The video absorbed so much of her brainpower that she didn’t even realize the footsteps outside until Steve was literally standing in her doorway.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

Jenny looks up with a mixture of emotions and of them, all covered up with anger. Standard defense mechanism.

“What the fuck, Steve! Explain this!” and she holds her phone up. The video is almost over.

Playing dump, it is … “Shit did I sent you this Video? Sorry, I wanted to send you the cute one with the baby cat, trying to climb some stairs. My mistake, I’m sorry”

Her jaw drops and while she can barely sit with everything going on in her head, he goes back to her bed and sits down on the exact same spot he was sitting earlier.

“Hey, asshole!” she says, standing up and crossing her arms in front of her belly. Interesting body language. “Look me in the eyes and listen carefully! You will …” But she got interrupted by Steve, “NO! You’ll listen carefully! You know as good as I do that you’re fucked, so shut up. Oh, and stop with the, do what I say, or dad will take away your computer, routine. You don’t get it? I … don’t … care!”

Her eyes widen. She hasn’t seen her brother angry for a very long time and didn’t expect such a response. She is just looking at him with pleading eyes, her arms still crossed.

“What’s that? Has seeing your brother angry took your tongue? Or is it about the video of you showering? It’s such a nice video, on a porn site, it wouldn’t even be listed under armature.”

After a short pause, Jenny said sheepishly, “Just … eh … delete the video and … I won’t bother you with your pc anymore.”

Steve back to his calm voice: “Oh yeah sure, no problem” and he takes out his phone.

Jenny now back again filled with hope, “really?”

“Yeah, I have plenty of copies anyway” and he looks her in the face, seeing all her hope fade away “I don’t think you understand the situation, you played with fire and everybody knows the consequence of that. You’ll eventually get burned. But you didn’t just play with any fire. You played with me … big mistake”

She is still standing there, between the bed and the door, the same position and she whispers nothing more but a silent “asshole”

“Watch your tongue girl. You have something useful to say? If not, keep quiet!”

A fearful “What do you want, Steve?” fills the room. It’s just the question he was waiting for. From the place he is sitting, he has a clear view of Jenny. She is unsure, frightened, confused, you could say adorable while waiting on her brother’s response and her nipples are … hard. Your body, the fucking traitor.

He is so close. Compared to chess, she has lost almost every figure except her king. But the game isn’t over yet.

“Take off your clothes,” Steve answers her question as strictly as possible. Her eyes widen again, she hadn’t expected him to be this forward if she ever expected anything in particular. It’s been way too much for her brain, one moment she thought she was fully in control and now she is forced to submit to her brother.

“W … eh … w-Why?”

Steve raises an eyebrow, one of his more powerful gestures. His sister understands, no questions, just do it. He responds, “You’ve teased me this morning, I liked what I’ve seen.”

Her reaction is lovely. A soft “oh” and an insecure smile, saying ‘mission completed’.

It’s harder than she thought. Undressing in front of her brother. Controlled teasing is one thing, but being forced to show him her breast leaves a strangely warm feeling in her chest. After dropping her shirt to the floor, she is no longer able to look Steve in the eyes. It’s cute, how she makes eye contact, to see his reaction but breaks it just a moment later. That’s almost better, then seeing her breasts again. These beautiful c-cup breasts have been on his mind the entire day.

After stepping out of her shorts, she covers her pussy. It wouldn’t even be necessary because she still wears her panties.

Standing in the middle of the room, with closed legs and her left hand holding her right wrist, so they cover her panties as good as possible.

“You look beautiful but you’re not finished yet. Or would you rather have me undress the rest?” She hesitated for a moment. It seemed like she really thought about his offer. But then she dropped her panties on her own. And back again with her hands to cover her pussy.

Jenny, clearly uncomfortable with the situation, is standing naked in front of her fully dressed brother “Is that all?”, she asks and Steve can hear her fear about the answer, she might get.

“No … You’re naked and I can’t see your pussy, so you’re clearly in the wrong position. Get your hands behind your head, press your chest out and spread your legs.”

She hesitates but doesn’t say anything. The natural submissive she is, she does exactly what Steve ordered her to do. Remaining in this position she waits for further instructions.

A lovely picture, such a hot girl, standing there, naked, only touched by the warm light, which is still shining through the windows. Steve has never seen such beauty in his life. Every porn he watched is nothing compared to this situation.

He leaves his spot on the bed, walks up to her, leans in and whispers in her ear: “I think you’re enjoying this situation.” She starts to shiver. “You know … when I touch your pussy, would my finger get wet … or stay dry?” Jenny inhales sharply and holds her breath. “Stalemate” The last word form Steve before he walking out the door, leaving her alone in her room. The sun vanishes behind the horizon.

Monday night, it has been a long and interesting day, but there is still something left to do. After the confrontation between Steve and his stepsister, he got back downstairs and finished dinner for both of them. They were eating fries and chicken nuggets. It’s one of the few things, Steve is capable to cook. As usual, he turned on the radio. If he didn’t, it would be silence, just the music and the sound of eating humans, nothing more.

His sister didn’t even dare to ask for the ketchup. She looked at it over and over again, until Steve was kind enough to give it to her.

A cold atmosphere. Steve hates it. He would much rather laugh and joke around but it’s necessary. He leaves her alone with her thoughts, gives her time to process, to think. Maybe, she even googled Stalemate.

But she didn’t figure it out. The moment in chess, when there is no legal move to make. Even then someone clearly played better or was about to win, all of that wouldn’t matter and both players were considered equal.

She hadn’t realized what Steve meant with it, so he is going to show her tonight. He isn’t a bad person, so he doesn’t want her to cry herself into sleep or something alike. That’s the reason, why he asked her to come into his room at 9 pm. He wants to give her all his leverage, to stop the blackmail. He thinks she learned the lesson. Also, he didn’t say why he wants to see her in his room. Him drawing a false picture inside her mind before revealing his true intention will make her feel even better after he tells her.

A silent *knock*, right after the clock switched from 20:59 to 21:00. Steven was at his pc awaiting his sister and apparently, she did the same on the other side of the door, awaiting the moment she could enter. Sweet and funny, all at the same time, nobody with a clear mind could make the case, that she wasn’t naturally submissive.

Steve opened the door, finding a scared girl, looking at her feet standing in front of him. It’s time to change that posture. Time to give her the smile back Steve always liked to see on her.

“Hey, Sis, go and sit on my bed, I want to talk to you,” Steve said, already walking back to his desk. He positioned himself, so his sister had a nice view of the desktop. Jenny relaxed a bit, at least the fact, that she was still dressed gave her hope.

“Listen, Sis. I know blackmail is wrong but remember you started it. I want to explain some things, you should understand. I’m not somebody you mess around with. You play with fire you get burned, but I guess you already realized that, didn’t you? I needed to do something, prove something to you. It’s not just about what you did, it’s about you, thinking ‘You’ can pull it off to blackmail ‘Me’. But I think you learned your lesson. That’s why I can do this now …”

Steve turned to his computer opened his e-mail account and deleted the mail he sent to himself, he opened the folder, hidden between some school stuff, where he saved the video and deleted it. Also, he took out his Smartphone showed Jenney that the mail was gone, opened the video folder on it and deleted this copy, too.

Now he takes out a small USB-stick from his pocket and adds, “I had four copies of that video. I already erased three of them. The last one is on this stick”

He holds it up in the air for a few seconds and while looking into Jenny’s eyes, he offers it to her. Watching the smile forming on her face when she realized what her brother just did. But he didn’t fail to see something in her expression that’s somehow sad. Sad about the fact that one of her deepest fantasies just ended.

“You can do whatever you want with it. I must admit, the video is kind of hot maybe something to sent a future boyfriend, I don’t know and don’t really care. At least I won’t blackmail you anymore.”

Jenny took the stick, but instead of rushing out, celebrating her regained freedom she just looked at her hands, herself buried in thoughts. “Have you planned it all along?” She asked. “Yes” Steve responded, he saw no reason to lie to her.

“So, you’ve just pretended to like me?” She sounds like a timid girl, a side of his step-sister that Steve has never seen before. “You ask me if I am attracted to you, sexually?” Steve replied and Jenny just nodded in return.

“Yes, I am, you are freaking hot and I love to see you naked. … Yeah, I would have really enjoyed having you as my slave.”

Steve can see, how curious his sister got after hearing these words. “Then why did you end the blackmail?” It’s unbelievable. Even now she can’t wrap her mind around the fact that a man can have such high morals that he won’t force his hot stepsister to sleep with him.

“I’m also very kinky, don’t think I’m a prude. But I really appreciate at least some consent of my sexual partners. You could call it dignity if you’d like.”

Jenny stands up, walks towards the door and asks, “So, if you had my consent, you would be ok with having some fun?” Steve joined her at the doorstep, just a few inches away from her, and nodded.

She takes one of his hands and places the USB-stick inside of it. Looking up into his smiling eyes she says “batonag” and she realizes that even with all his logic, he can’t figure out what she meant with it, “My safe word … batonag”

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