Sweat and Sex..

This is a short story of Buwan, 28 year old man. Being introvert, having social anxiety and little depression; he couldn’t enjoy the sex life. He never had sex with a woman. But with time his fantasies started to grow and he became obsessed with women’s sweat. He badly wanted to sniff girl’s sweaty bra for as long as he wants. And he reached that day…being shy, he couldn’t try to go to a sex worker directly. But he met his old friend Hikul after nearly 7 years. He understood his situation and decided to help Buwan. Hikul’s one friend Musat had contacts of many escorts….one of them was Mehel. She always loved wild fantasies. So Buwan met her at Musat’s one of the houses and told about his attraction for women’s sweat. Buwan was already so excited as it was going to be his first sex…fortunately Mehel decided to bonus him with his fantasy as she always loved such a traits..so she smiled at him, held his hands into hers and kissed Buwan on his forehead. She said they would do it on the day after and told him that she would inform him the place next day evening on phone. They exchanged their numbers and Buwan thanked Musat for his help. Then Buwan also called Hikul and thanked him too. Next day evening Mehel called Buwan and informed the venue..she then asked him if he only wanted sweaty sex or wild sweaty sex. Buwan thinking for few seconds, replied- wild one. She then said that she won’t take bath the next morning. He can visit the place by 9am and breakfast would be ready for him but she wouldn’t be joining him. She will have it before him in her room. Buwan will be given another room to stay. They would be starting physical contact by 5pm..Buwan agreed and got very excited about next day. He controlled his urges to masturbate so as he can enjoy next day…more intensively. Buwan somehow managed to sleep for 3-4 hours and woke up early by 5am, took nice bath and prepared himself for the day ahead. He reached the venue by around 8:50. Mehel opened the door and let him in and showed
the washroom. Buwan wanted to hug her but he controlled as he thought to wait till her start..Buwan then saw a wonderful breakfast on the table- corns salad, King Mackerel fish in Thai gravy, chocolate cake, egg sandwich and hot tea in the kitley. Mehel said he can have it slowly and she would be cleaning the bathroom. She also reminded him that she hadn’t taken the bath, while leaving for cleaning work. That stimulated Buwan a lot. His all thoughts were just focused on the time they would be starting the game. He finished the breakfast by 9:25 or so. Mehel was still not there. He then opened the kitley and prepared the tea. He thought to make one cup for her too. Sometime after, Mehel came and smiled at him and said “thanks dear”. She tied her hairs behind. She was wearing black sleeveless tshirt, white bra, dark blue short pant. Buwan was thinking about some praising line for her. While they were enjoying the tea, he said- Beirut’s weather should be as hot as you, then we wouldn’t need Thermas for tea. And with smile, she replied- but there won’t be anyone to make a tea then..both laughed and Mehel said “see this is the plan. I haven’t yet bathed but have already cleaned the washroom. So my body has started to sweat. Now, I want to give you wild so you would be staying in that room (pointing towards the room) till 5pm. You can order the lunch, receive it and get in the room again. TV, Wifi, washroom and many more things are already arranged there. I would now go out in outside garden and would do some gardening. Then, I will do some workout and yoga. I will then have a lunch. You will be ordering it around 1pm for me as per your choice. I would then rest for some time. By 4pm, I will start walking on treadmill for 45mins. I will make sure that I get very sweaty. Remember, I won’t be taking bath at all. Fine?” Buwan, hearing her with fast pulse, said “Sure”. She said ” okay, then I will switch on the air condition and call you by then. So be ready by 4:45pm to hug me. I said 5pm earlier cause just to consider some delay in the plan.” So Buwan, with fast heart rate, agreed to stay in his room till she calls Him. Everything worked well according to her plan and she became too sweaty after finishing with treadmill. It was just past 4:45pm. She went to toilet for pee. Then drank a water and called Buwan. She kept the door opened and turned on the AC. She sat on a bed, looking at the door. Buwan, reaching her room with 130 heartbeats, got very excited. He entered her room from opened door and saw a very beautiful woman with pinkish lips smiling at him, pale skin, dark eyes, black hairs tied behind, sitting on a bed in the same clothes she was wearing since morning. Mehel asked him to come towards her with her right hand finger with a cute smile on her face. Buwan got instant erection watching her wet body. As he came close to her, he could feel her erotic stinky smell from the sweat she had through all the day’s work. His penis was as hard as steel. She then stood up and once he reached sufficiently close to her, she put her hands over his shoulders. She said “changing your mind?”.Buwan just nodded to say no. “Hug me dear”, she said. They instantly hugged each other so tight and Buwan started sniffling her wet neck while tapping his palms over her tshirt from back. He got such a hard erection that he immediately went to the heaven of his fantasy. His racing heartbeats were achieving new peaks everytime with her strong, stinky, rubber-like body odour. It was very very erotic smell for him. So a lot to come yet. I will be posting Buwan’s journey in the heaven very soon after this first part. Thank you guys for reading.
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