Surprise knock. Part 2.

I trotted to the kitchen to get my phone, leaving my interested young man in the living room at my small bar. It was Dee.

“Hi hon, what’s up. Can’t talk long, I have company. Never guess who it is.” I told my friend.

Dee asked who it was. “Joe, you know. That young man Walter put me with a year ago. I was surprised when I saw him at the door.”

“Wow, Dot. What does he want, you again I bet.” My excited bestie said.

“I think so, Dee. He wants to spend the weekend with me, he said, if I wish.” I quietly told her.

“Ok, you going to do it? You better. Call me when you have a chance. I want to know. Lucky you, Dot. I’ll let ya go.”

I gathered my composure, took a deep breath, then walked back to the living room. Joe smiled at me as I went behind the bar to make another drink.

“I’d like to stay, Dotty. I think you want me to also.” Joe said.

I glanced at him as I mixed drinks. Joe was eyeing my hard nipples poking against my blouse. I couldn’t help but grin as I made the drinks, knowing that he was admiring my large mom boobs. I could have easily been his mom, too.

I had completely forgotten about how it feels to be admired, desired by a man. Strange, but I was tingling all over knowing that this young man knew I wasn’t wearing a bra. An exhilarating, naughty sensation. I liked it.

I didn’t want to appear overly eager, easy, vulgar or unladylike, but I was having all of those kind of thoughts. I’d let him make the advances. Let him seduce me. The idea of that turned me on greatly.

I slid Joe’s drink in front of him. I hadn’t confirmed that I wanted him to stay yet. I needed a cigarette. I didn’t smoke much. I asked if he minded. My cigarette case was on the coffee table. I walked across the living room, sat down on the sofa, lit my smoke.

“You can sit over here Joe. Bring our drinks.” I told him. I sat back crossing my legs, putting an arm up across the sofa’ s back. I was feeling much more relaxed now. My initial nervousness and embarrassment had subsided.

Joe sat down by me, his baby blues flashing from my face to my large titties straining against my blouse. I almost said jokingly, ‘Hey? My eyes are up here’ but I didn’t.

“You know, Joe, if you stay, this is hush hush between us only. I don’t need any embarrassment getting around like that, ok. I know you’re discreet because you kept the other thing between us, and Walter, of course. I’m sure he’s run his mouth about it, but with anyone I ever deal with or see.” I made clear with him.

“Absolutely, Dotty. I would never do anything to draw you discomfort.” Joe responded.

He then leaned in real close. I looked into his eyes, his youthful face. My eyes slowly closed when our lips met.

It wasn’t a long kiss. I opened my eyes when Joe’s lips left mine. I leaned forward and snubbed out my cigarette and sat back. Joe leaned it tight and put his soft lips to mine.

This time I put my arm around his neck and open my mouth with his as our tongues mingled. I was so very horny already, and kissing this young man like this made it intolerable.

Joe had his arm around my tummy resting his hand on my waist and hip. As our hungry, wet kiss continued, I brought my arm from around his neck. I follow his arm to his hand that was squeezing my hip, and slowly moved his hand up my breasts.

I squeezed his hand on my large right tittie, needed him to touch me. Joe began feeling me up, tantalizing my erect nipples. My hungry, tongue lashing kiss intensified in desire as I sucked on his tongue. I lost any sense of what I was doing. Lost control.

I pulled my mouth from young Joe and softly told him to hang on a sec. I unbuttoned my blouse and eased back next to him, “There, that’s better.” I sweetly whispered.

We continued our hot kissing and Joe was now working on my bared titties. I was squeezing his thigh and eventually ran my hand into his full balls. I firming pressed and briefly rubbed him there before moving my hand up.

Joe’ lovely, young cock was rock hard already. The poor thing was straining against the waist band belt. I moaned into his mouth as my hand felt over his hard length.

Joe was the only other man I had ever had sex with, even though it was arranged by now ex. I was truly left astonished, starry eyed dizzy after that night with this young man. I was really looking forward to a repeat, maybe much more.

I pulled my mouth from Joe’s and said, “Joe honey, we don’t need to stay here on the sofa like last time. Let’s go in my bedroom.”

I stood up and took ahold of Joe’s hand, leading him to my bedroom. I let his hand go and went to the night stand turning on the lamp. I shook my open blouse from my shoulders. I didn’t turn around yet to face him.

I went to pull open the tie on my sweats, having a reality check thought as I stared at the wall, ‘What the hell are doing, Dotty. Your kids are older than this youngster.’

I shook that thought off quickly and yanked open the tie. I slid my sweats down and stepped out of them. I stood there in my maroon thong, ready to turn and face Joe.

I slowly turned around. Joe studied my near naked body. I thought he’d be naked already, but only his shirt was removed and shoes kicked off.

I slowly guided over to him and slid my fingers into the waist band his jeans, “Let me help you with this, hon.”

I backed to the bed and plunked down. I proceed in undoing his belt and jeans. His hard thickness breathed to his tummy, trapped in his briefs. I yanked his jeans down and helped him step out of them.

I looked up into his flushed face, rubbing my hand over the thick length, “I wanna help you this also, Joe.”

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