Summer by Misty_Tiratzo

A red Audi R8 growled to a stop at the curb. Ellie erupted from the passenger door. She wore two-inch red high heeled peep-toe pumps, and seemed to tower over the diminutive Chloe. She seemed to have been poured into a tiny red dress that matched her heels perfectly. Her face was beauty personified and expertly made up and her long auburn hair hung down in what used to be called a French Marcel, parted in the middle and flowing down to just past her shoulders in soft waves. Her eyes were a vivid cornflower blue. Her lipstick matched her dress and heels. Ellie reminded Chloe of the 40’s actor Hedy Lamarr. Her features were fine and delicate and her long wavy hair framed her face perfectly.

“You made it, Chloe!” She exclaimed excitedly, “You’re actually here!”

Chloe had video conferenced with Ellie and her husband many times in the last few weeks but in person the accent was far more precise and pitch perfect, unrehearsed and naturally aristocratic.

Her partner slouched behind the wheel. His dark hair was casually flicked back and relatively short. In keeping with the Classic Movie Star theme, Jimmy’s features reminded Chloe of a young Ronald Reagan. Like the actor, he was also tall and wide shouldered, with an athlete’s build and ruggedly handsome.

While the car idled at the curb, Ellie enfolded Chloe in a bearlike hug, whispering into her ear, “I’m so happy you made it here love!” She gushed as she continued, “Jimmy bought it this morning, isn’t it simply marvellous?” She pointed excitedly around at the tiny red sports car. The car was sleek and low to the ground and only had two visible seats and a tiny space behind the driver’s and passenger seat that didn’t look big enough to seat a toddler.

Ellie slid into the black leather passenger seat, and patted her lap. “Throw your haversack into the back and sit on my lap, Chloe. I promise I won’t bite…..much.” She giggled.

Chloe managed to sling her backpack in the little space behind the front seats and sat down on Ellie’s lap. Ellie closed the door.

“Chloe, you’re as light as a feather, I’m sure,” Ellie’s husband Jimmy said as he revved the motor and the little red car rocketed into the traffic.

The car smelled brand new and was incredible. Jimmy drove like he was a trained racing driver. He expertly weaved through traffic, changed lanes and swung onto a side road which led to a set of aeroplane hangers a few miles from the main airport. They drove into a smallish hanger and parked alongside a sleek looking white two engine plane. “Our Fairchild Merlin,” Ellie explained, pointing at the plane. It looked like a small Concord but with propellers. She drew a breath, “We bought it from John Travolta and it can carry 6 passengers.” The propellers were black and yellow, almost waspish. They all levered themselves out of the car and Jimmy led Chloe and Ellie up the stairs, which he closed behind them.

Jimmy pointed at the twin row of empty seats. “Sit anywhere,” he suggested as he maneuvered his tall frame into the left seat of the cockpit. Ellie sat primly in the co-pilot seat and they both pulled on a pair of headphones and snapped buckles around themselves while telling Chloe to buckle a wide safety belt around her waist.

The plane gave a small lurch as it was towed from its hanger by what looked like an overgrown lawn tractor. Ellie was pulling the steering yoke back and forth and her feet danced over the foot pedals while Jimmy flicked various switched and pulled back on some levers.

The tractor disengaged and the plane vibrated as the propellers began rotating faster and faster, whining louder and louder until they became just a blur. Ellie spoke into her headset. As the plane moved forward under its own power, she steered it to a wide concrete runway. She waited, the plane straining at the brakes, its propellers clawing at the air. Ellie slipped off the brakes and the plane accelerated down the runway. Her hands and Jimmy’s pushed forward on a pair of what looked like stick shifts and the propellers sang faster and louder. They pulled back on the steering yokes, and the plane lifted into the air.

There was an audible ‘thunk’ throughout the plane as the wheels disappeared. The plane’s nose lifted and they climbed higher and higher. As soon as the plane leveled off, Ellie unbuckled her seatbelts and made her way over to Chloe.

“Jimmy doesn’t need me at the moment,” she yelled over the drone as she sat down on the seat across from Chloe. Pointing at the other four empty seats she continued, “We’ll fly at about 315 mph, for about two hours.” She continued, “Next time, when your more comfortable, we’ll induct you into the ‘mile-high club’!” She giggled over the sound of the planes engines.

Chloe looked out the window after Ellie returned to the cockpit. The sky was as blue as Ellie’s eyes and the clouds reminded her of the intro to ‘The Simpsons’.

Chloe hardly noticed as the plane’s aspect changed to a shallow downward glide as it began descending. The same audible ‘thunk’ pulled her from her reverie as the wheels reappeared from under the wings. Jimmy and Ellie were busy again pulling levers and flicking switches. Their deceleration was instant as the wheels touched earth. The engines drone became a howl as they slowed down, until the aircraft was trundling forward towards a hanger adjacent to the runway that had been graded and leveled out of the foliage.

Ellie and Jimmy waited until the propellers ground to a stop. They pulled off their headsets and unbuckled themselves.

“Ellie, you can take Chloe up to the house,” he suggested. “I’ll do the after flight checks and put this baby to bed,” he drawled, his English accent as well educated and aristocratic as Ellie’s.

On the walk to the house, Chloe looked nervous and tired. Her limp was a little exaggerated from her fatigue, and Ellie noticed this. “Why child, you look exhausted. Let’s let you take a warm bath, get some supper into you, and then show you your bed. We can talk over any last minute details and questions while we eat.”

Chloe was definitely nervous, overly tense, and a little fear of the unknown was giving her the beginnings of a headache. The bath helped, as did the food. Over the meal, Ellie reiterated that Chloe was to try dress and appear in her mid teens. Certainly her body fitted the role Ellie had chosen, with her hair in a pony tail or pig tails and subtle make up she knew she could achieve the look Ellie and Jimmy were asking for. Posing as their daughter home the summer. While playing this role, she’d be involved in having sex with guests and performing sex acts for their visual pleasure as well. Chloe nodded, hoping that she’d at least achieve a modicum of sexual gratification to keep her heightened needs somewhat satisfied. Before Chloe retired for the night, Ellie stated, “Depending on how late you sleep, Jimmy and I may be gone to fetch the arriving guests. If that’s the case, I’ll leave you the fixings for breakfast or brunch, and you just help yourself. This is now your home, so feel free to do what you want, dear.”

Chloe nodded her understanding, gave her a goodnight kiss, and managed to undress and crawl into bed. She was asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

The next morning, Chloe stretched herself awake, pulled on only a T-shirt and a short skirt, and padded out to the kitchen. There she found a note from Ellie saying they were off fetching the new guests, as planned. Chloe had no trouble finding good things to eat and felt awake and refreshed after eating. Unfortunately, as time passed, she found herself nervously pacing around inside the house, waiting for Ellie to return. “I can’t stay inside for another minute or I’ll lose my courage, wondering how this is going to go. I need to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Walking around outside has to be better than staring at these four walls, waiting,” she mumbled.

So saying, she headed outside, and immediately felt a little better. Exploring, she came upon a large enclosure. Most of it was in a deep shade, but out in the sunny section, she spied a lovely looking dog, who pricked up his ears, seeing her. Rusty was a tall husky. His name came from his coat. Unlike most huskies, his coat was a rusty brown with cream brows and muzzle that was indicative of his breed. Tall, with paws bigger and broader than an average dog’s, his tail displayed a creamy tip and his eyes were an intelligent chocolate brown.

“Oh, I recognize you from Ellie’s talking about you. You’re called Rusty, aren’t you, boy?” Rusty wagged his tail, hearing his name, so Chloe entered the enclosure, carefully securing the gate behind herself. In a friendly gesture, she knelt and offered her wrist, palm down, to invite him to sniff. Rusty came bounding up sniffed the offered wrist, tail wagging, and then nudged against her.

She gently pushed him away from her as he sidled up alongside her again. She knelt up straighter and looked into his intelligent brown eyes. “No,” she said to him as she got onto her feet and stood looking down at him. Her eyes widened when she saw the pink tip of his penis peeking through the almost human looking skin of his underbelly.

Rusty’s growl rumbled, not threatening or scary just an irritated ‘wtf?’ sort of sound. Chloe watched almost passively as Rusty’s muzzle forced itself between her knees. He shook his head from side to side forcing her to widen her stance.

Chloe breathed in deeply, and nodded to herself as the dog lifted his face to the junction between her thighs. His tongue swiped across her sex and she shivered. “I’ve been so horny since waking up this morning,” she murmured. “Your tongue feels so good there.” The heat of the sun made her perspire, her sweat already dripping from under her pits and down her inner thighs.

Chloe bit her lip and stifled a soft moan. She drew in a sharp breath as Rusty’s nose lifted and dropped tapping her clit with his warm, moist, slightly rough nose. Her body reacted and she blushed as the heat between her legs went from warm to the ‘holy fuck! need to be fucked’ hot level.

The dog continued to tap his nose against her now dripping sex, and started to lick at the copious amount of fragrant viscous liquid that began to drip from her swollen labia.

Chloe inhaled. Her senses recognized her own arousal and for the first time something else, the subtle smell of dog urine, and it was coming from her. “Oh my god! I stink of dog wee!” she realized.

Rusty began to lick her, his long tongue curled into the wet folds of her cunt, and she groaned loudly in reaction. Her body betrayed her when the dog’s tongue began to lick more forcefully at the acrid smelling liquid that her body was almost pumping out of her cunt. The dog licked and licked and licked. Her body seemed to respond by producing more and more of her own natural lubricant. Chloe’s feet moved wider apart, responding automatically and instinctively.

Rusty’s own instincts regarded her widening knees and the scent of arousal flowing from her sex as permission to lick this human bitch’s cunt. As he began, this was confirmed, since her hands had now gripped his head, keeping it hard up against her fuck hole.

Chloe’s body responded, her back arching. Out of the shaded area other dogs materialized as if by magic. She began to pant like the rest of those dogs who now circled her and Rusty. Dimly, she tried to remember their names, but her brain was not fully functioning. All she wanted to do was to cum – to shudder and feel the instant pleasure and release her orgasm would give her.

Suddenly, Rusty backed off, only to rear up, his weight pushing her backwards. Her current wide legged stance and bent knees made it impossible for her not to fall over. She fell down onto her ass, her eyes now level with Rusty’s intelligent eyes. Impulsively, she drew in a breath. and struggled to her knees. This action forced her to turn away from him as she tried to stand again. But as she did so, he reared again, forcing her to brace her arms on the soft grass. She ended up on her hands and knees, with the dog behind her, sniffing and licking her cunt. Eagerly, the dog reared up again. Now Chloe felt the soft fur and soft skin of his underbelly on her back, and his forepaws gripping around her ribcage. She felt what seemed to be a stick stabbing at the cleft between the orbs of her soft ass. That nudge caused her to instinctively lift her tight ass. The inch she lifted herself proved to be enough as suddenly her cunt was invaded by a stiff cock!

Chloe had enjoyed finger-fucking herself from the second day of the third grade, in every position she could think of, in any secret place she could find. This cock was slamming into her faster than her fingers had ever managed and it was thicker. Oh lord… it was thicker!

She began to respond to his urgent thrusts as the ball of his knot began to swell with each successive thrust. She knew that a dog’s knot is always there on his cock but she never knew how big it got. It felt like 2 golf balls meshed together about three quarters of the way down the shaft. As best she could judge under the circumstances, that knot was beginning to grow. From the tip of Rusty’s cock, precum began to spit – a never ending stream of inkish smelling precum entering her and flooding her. Her cunt began to make soft, squishy slappy sounds each time their bodies collided as he continued thrusting his massive cock into her.

His knot began to vibrate as it got hotter and hotter, suddenly starting to swell until it felt like it was the size of a tennis ball. She moaned as she felt that inflation inside her. The dog stopped humping her, now standing motionless above her, rampant and in total control. Then his tail began to wag and his balls started to vibrate. His knot had performed its purpose – totally closing her, sealing her shut.

As he began to rumble deep in his chest above her, Chloe felt her insides being flooded with what felt like hot oil. With each beat of his heart, hotter oil pumped into her. With her entrance sealed, his hot cum had no where to go but into her waiting uterus, near where the long flat tip of his penis nestled.

The heat of his cum swept through her. The vibration of his knot resting under her swollen erect clit made all rational thought impossible as her orgasm built like a mighty wave of pleasure. That wave smashed through any reserve she’d tried to keep. That rolling orgasm forced her body to surrender completely to the dog. Her shoulders pressed her breasts into the soft fragrant grass, as she held her back arched and her ass high. Submissively, she sprawled under the dog who had taken her as his bitch. Her body shuddered and she moaned loudly, with the dog still as a statue, standing proud and regally above her.

After what seemed an eon, her lover began to hump again. But this time it was a reverse hump, causing his knot to pull free from her swollen, cum filled cunt.

Chloe sank to the grass, moaning and shivering, as Rusty’s massive knot ripped free of her normally tight vaginal tract. She tried to catch her breath, still crouching bent forward on her knees with her ass still up in the air. She was almost in a fetal position, her body wrapped around the diminishing orgasmic waves created by the dog’s insemination. With her eyes focused on the grass, Chloe didn’t notice the other dog, almost as large as Rusty, moving towards her until it was too late. It was the grayish husky. Ultimately, she remembered Ellie had said his name was Toothwork and that he was the team’s beta, whatever that meant.

Chloe tried to roll away as this new dog started dry humping the air next to her head. But before she could get her legs straight, Toothwork had slunk behind her and began lapping his tongue along the soft cleft dividing her round taunt bottom. Chloe groaned at this new attention to her still sensitized privates. Stubbornly, she began to try to crawl away only to find that Toothwork had reared up onto her back. As he did so, he used his teeth, and gripped her by the neck in his jaws, giving her a firm but yet gentle nip that hurt but didn’t break her skin. Every time Chloe tried to move, he stretched, growling softly, and his rear paws dug into the green grass.

Eventually Chloe accepted his dominance, especially since the pearly white teeth gripping her neck made all thoughts of escape impossible. She crouched under him as she had done before with the big rust colored husky. When the prickle of his teeth left the nape of her neck, she twisted to look back and up at him. His teeth seemed somehow sharper from this pose of submission. Experimentally, Chloe moved slightly, lifting an arm off the grass, only to be rewarded with another low growl.

After this tableau had persisted for a while, Toothwork gave another low growl and moved, sliding off her back. As the softness of his fur and warmth of him departed, it left a weird trail of goosebumps on her skin. At this point, all the other dogs seem to crowd around Chloe in front and on either side of her. She was pretty sure they were trying not to let her move. So Chloe crouched and waited.

Briefly, Toothwork backed off a little farther from her, only to slink closer after a few seconds. Once again he began sniffing at her exposed, presented cunt. Chloe felt his tongue and hot breath on her wide open, leaking cunt, which still dribbled her own natural lube and Rusty’s inkish smelling seed. The big gray dog proceeded to give Chloe the first and most memorable canine tongue bath she’d ever experienced! Toothwork’s tongue licked against Chloe’s wide open cunt repeatedly, with each long stroke of his tongue seemingly somehow ending up going across Chloe’s extremely swollen clit. She had never experienced anything like this sensation before! This exquisite thrill caused an explosive reaction in her body. Suddenly, with no idea how or why, she began moaning loudly and unabashedly with each stroke of his tongue!

The dog inched a little nearer and nipped at her clit with those pearly white, sharp front teeth. Surprisingly, there was no pain. It was almost as if he knew that what he was doing would please this human bitch. Knowingly, he grazed his teeth across that super sensitized nerve ending humans called a clitoris. All Chloe could do was groan delightedly. She began to hyperventilate – almost panting like the bitch she’d become. Toothwork certainly understood females and what pleased them, human or canine, and it didn’t occur to Chloe to mind that at all. The pleasure was exquisite and within just a few short minutes Chloe experienced her second orgasm, or was it her third!?

Lost in lust, she remained crouched with her ass in the air as the last shudders left her body. Panting like a bitch in heat, she kept her position, only to feel him lick at the tight asshole, which made her forget everything, including the pack of dogs surrounding her.

Suddenly, Toothwork reared and lunged forward, gripping her rib cage with his forepaws. He wrapped his paws around her, under her sweaty breasts. He was clinging so tight that there was no way she could wrestle herself free, even if she wanted to. Mentally gasping, she felt his burgeoning cock harden and press against her swollen labia. His haunches bucked. Because she was already wide open and wet from Rusty, he had no problem finding her gaping fuckhole with his cock. With no hesitation he slid his cock and knot inside her with ease. Instantly, the bulbous knot began to swell and lewd fart-like sounds escaped her as he started thrusting into her. She inched herself up each time he thrust, meeting him and letting the long blunt penis nudge her cervix now with every stroke while her fuck tunnel began pulsing around his hot cock. As his knot slapped her tissues, and ultimately began to widen her already dilated cunt even more, the feeling of being stretched just added to her excitement.

Toothwork was now thrusting frantically. With each wild jackhammer movement, the dog made, Chloe could feel his fuck tool swelling and growing hotter. But just as suddenly he stopped moving! Chloe gave a dissatisfied sob of… frustration? But in the throes of passion, she was submitting to the almost painful pleasure and pressure of having what felt like a softball wedged inside her. Even though her vaginal tunnel had been plowed wide open by Rusty, she whimpered and began to whine loudly. Mere moments later, almost unrecognizable inhuman sounds came from her as she felt the hot flood of his seed spurting time and time and time again deep into her! Chloe became incapable of any rational thought as one long orgasm rolled into another! Toothwork’s melon-sized knot was vibrating just under her clit, sending ecstatic pleasure through every neuron of her nervous system!

Her orgasm came in waves, since the gray dog’s knot and balls vibrated in time with his heartbeat. Those vibrations, drumming on the tissues just deep to her clit, sent her into bliss. Chloe had given up any pretense of decorum, her lust and need to experience the waves of exquisite pleasure that the dog was giving her had her arching her back and half lifting herself up on her elbows. At the same time her knees seem to have spread themselves into a position that would normally be considered unnaturally wide… but not for her, since she’d spent all her life training to spread her legs in different dance poses.

The actual time the dog had his cock buried inside Chloe was probably no more than three hundred seconds and Chloe had experienced perhaps one hundred and fifty of them in utter orgasm. The dog on top of her began to move again. This time she felt his massive knot ease out of her, followed by an embarrassing expulsion of trapped air which reverberated and was followed by a gush of whitish liquid which covered her vulva and dripped down behind her. A final parting spurt from him splatted along her back and into her hair.

Her body cooled rapidly without the warmth of the large gray dog covering her. She shivered, and tried to pull her knees under her and stand. However, Rusty, the big brown Husky, was not permitting her to do so. After Toothwork had pulled his massive knot free of her now gaping and leaking cunt he slunk up behind her. She felt warmness on her back once more as Rusty mounted her again. Before she could vocalize any sort of coherent protest, he began to hump! She could feel his hot, huge, red penis searching for her hole. It didn’t take a lot of humping and thrusting to find the gaping target of her wet cunt.

Rusty buried his cock deep inside her wet pussy with a hard thrust which was only the precursor of the onset of his jackhammering action! Chloe gasped with pleasure and pain as the dog fucked with short, hard thrusts each harder and faster than the last. His knot, already big, swelled bigger and bigger and it felt good. Her hole was now so wide that the knot slid in and out of her and the dog didn’t seem intent on knotting. Panting, Rusty pounded and pounded at her wide open, wet, and well fucked cunt. Before she knew it, she felt him spurt. Rusty pulled out quickly and his hot cum gushed out of her pussy and down her thighs. Had Rusty been human, Chloe would have best described what Rusty had just done to her was take a ‘quickie’ since from start to finish it had taken less than two minutes!

A black husky dog that seemed to be waiting patiently while Rusty and Toothwork double teamed her began to sniff at her. He was smaller in build, but lithe and powerful. He too quickly mounted the gasping woman. He seemed to be in a hurry and repeatedly tried to thrust into Chloe. His hard cock slammed against her ass, seeking her cunt.

Chloe gasped in what had to be disappointment as the dog in question, Stan, moved back to merely sniff her gaping and leaking cunt. She remembered that Ellie had told her the gray black Husky had originally been named Satan, but over the years his name had been shortened to Stan. Before she could straighten up, the animal had mounted her, his weight landing on her back and his front paws coming around her flanks to grip her ribs. She looked down under herself, past her jiggling breasts and found herself staring at the thick red dog cock that was thrusting against the skin of her underbelly.

The dog tried to adjust his position as she too lifted herself. Ouch! Hurriedly she lifted herself again as the red cock stabbed and almost penetrated her ass! With her new placement, he now began to thrust the blunt tip easily into the wet wide entrance to her fuck hole. Stan’s cock was the biggest she had ever seen and now it was fucking her. Thankfully, it was slick with the seed the two… no, come to think of it, Rusty had mounted her twice… so, three dogs’ seed and his own current precum. Her cunt was filled or overfilled if anything. Not to mention that she was also leaking her own cum and natural juices.

She was so slippery that his shaft easily penetrated her and slid friction free up her cunt including his fist sized knot, located two thirds of the way along that thick red shaft. Chloe rested her shoulders on the grass, spreading her knees wide – another of her ballet poses. It made her appear to be double jointed, but helped take the dog’s weight. She languidly lifted her ass upwards, backing herself onto the lumpy cock that was flashing at an astonishing rate in and out of her fuck hole, now widened by those three previous knots. She could feel his dog drool drip onto her bare neck, back and spine, some of it running down along her ribs and dripping onto the soft green grass beneath her.

Chloe felt his knot expanding as Stan thrust frantically, trying to knot this bitch. The dog’s knot kept on sliding in and out of her cunt lips, not lodging! Her current elasticity provided little friction, as in all likelihood she was probably still dilated over an inch. Her eyes were crazed with lust and she wanted Stan’s knot locked inside her. She strained, trying to use her cunt muscles to grip him, and meeting him every time he thrust into her cunt. Chloe pushed back, but his massive swelling couldn’t find anything to grip it. He began to spurt his seed inside Chloe’s sloppy and gaping wide cunt.

“Fuck you, Rusty!” she snarled blindly at the reddish husky. “You and your buddy Toothwork have stretched me too much! I can’t … Ohhhhh I’m cumming… You Bastard!” she wailed as the big black dog’s haunches bunched and his blunt ended cock slammed mercilessly against her cervix. That sensation made her feel nauseous, but his flood of heated sperm overrode her nausea. Her body shuddered and her eyes rolled back in their sockets as his knot continued to slam in and out of her, triggering her orgasm anyway.

Finally, Stan seemed to rear backwards and his cock slid out of Chloe’s well fucked cunt. Chloe no longer tried to retain any decorum. She half knelt, half sat on the grass trying to regain her breath. Her body was coated in perspiration and her knees and elbows had green grass stains. Where her ass curved, matted dog hair stuck to her fair freckled skin. Rivulets of white stained her inner thighs, her underarms were sticky with sweat and her breasts greasy. Her hair was mussed and dank clumps of dried cum stuck in her matted dirty hair. Chloe was fucked, and she had never felt better in her life.

She looked at Rusty who approached her once more. Understanding by now that she was his, she submitted, leaning forward, spreading her knees wide and presenting her puffy and inflamed cunt to his face. The dog sniffed at her swollen sex, licked at her, swiping his tongue over her sex, catching the ooze leaking from her. She bowed her back towards the grass as the big brown dog mounted. By now her opening was wide and sloppy, so the dog had no problems spearing her fuckhole with his hardening cock. His thrusts were sure and fast and after less than a minute he stopped thrusting and he spurted his seed into his pliant and submissive bitch. He pulled out of her and laid himself beside her, panting softly.

No sooner had Rusty flopped down and began licking himself than Chloe felt the soft fur of another canine face licking the orbs of her ass and the drips of ooze leaking from her sloppy cunt. She was still on her knees with her sweaty breasts pressed into the grass. She tried but failed to look over her shoulder as her body rocked as Shadow mounted her. There was no licking, no foreplay. Shadow was misnamed, he had pure white fur and startling blue eyes. Like Rusty, Toothwork and Stan before him he wrapped his forepaws under her breasts and as soon as his cock found the heat of her wet wide opening he began to fuck her. His thrusts were rougher and his knot slid in and out of her making embarrassing wet squelches as he mated, his rear paws raking the grass as he fought to gain purchase but be that time Chloe’s cunt was a wet wide ruin, she knelt stoically as Shadow fucked her frantically and pulled out spraying what was left of his spurting seed into the cleft of her ass.

Rusty shook himself and slunk to her rear. Ignoring the dog cum dripping from between her ass cheeks, he mounted his bitch. He thrust his semi hard cock into her until it hardened sufficiently to spurt cum into her over filled cunt. His cock remaining in her for maybe a minute, spurting his seed and pulling out, only to flop down beside her and begin to lick his cock again. That’s when Chloe heard Ellie’s voice. Her upper class accent crisp, remarking, “And this is our daughter Chloe. As you’ve seen, she’s keeping our entire dog mushing team happy.” Chloe’s eyes focused on the four blobs beside Ellie, finding that two couples were staring at her intently. “Wasn’t it amazing how Toothwork carefully controlled her with his teeth?” The couples murmured things that indicated agreement. Ellie’s comment signified that they’d silently been observing almost the entirety of this spectacle.

Chloe cringed, humiliation flooding through her, wishing the ground would swallow her up but it got worse. The fifth member of the team, Hobbit, so named because as Ellie had explained he was the smallest of the pack, took his turn. He ambled up behind her and without preamble mounted Rusty’s bitch. He had no problem penetrating the cunt of his leader’s bitch with his hardening cock. Like the dogs before him, he thrust like a jackhammer, his rear legs scratching the grass and tramping on her wide spread calves. He growled when his cock failed to find Chloe’s cunt clamp around him. Although his hard cock and knot pistoned in and out, he found no resistance – just escaping air and seed from the four dogs before him. Like Shadow, he finally stopped fucking and spurted his seed into her overflowing cum receptacle. And like it had done with Shadow, most of the fresh semen dribbled out and ran in streaks down her inner thighs.

Hobbit slid off Chloe, as Rusty roused himself and lazily licked Chloe’s ruined pussy. The onlookers watched silently as Rusty humped for all of five seconds before sliding off. He slumped down beside her and began to lick himself. Chloe looked back at the people watching her. Ellie was silent but one woman was whispering to her companions, “Did you see that?” she exclaimed. “This has all been so hot!!” The men merely leered and grinned, their erections obviously straining against their pants.

Chloe frowned, not sure what she had expected. Again she felt fur and a tongue on her ass cheeks. She looked away from the people who were staring at her. She turned and looked back at the last of the pack who had gotten sufficient courage to approach her. It was Brindle, the lowest dog in the team hierarchy. Brindle was aptly named, with his coat speckled with blacks and browns and fawns and grays – truly a coat of many colors. Brindle sniffed at her dripping sex. He closed his eyes as he licked, lapping the tasty liquid that dripped from her sloppy cunt. With each lick, Chloe got more humiliated, now fully aware that she was being watched. For some perverse reason, she found that this also aroused her even more.

Brindle took his time as if savoring the taste and aroma. He licked, his tongue sliding over the dried white and clear stains running down her thighs before he followed his team mates’ example and mounted Rusty’s bitch. Brindle might have been the last dog in the pecking order, but he had the biggest cock in the team. The massive organ filled and stretched her grossly over fucked cunt. The size of Brindle’s massive knot, inflated, approximated the size of a grapefruit. Brindle had no problem knotting her. As soon as his cock felt her vaginal walls envelop his massive knot he stopped his wild thrusting. Standing rampant over her, he began to spurt his seed into her. The tip of his blunt cock was mashed against her cervix as his seed began being pumped into her. His balls and anus quivered with every beat of his heart and he stayed tied to Chloe for about ten minutes.

Chloe had completely forgotten about her audience. Brindle’s magnificent cock took her to another level! That swollen knot wedged itself under her clit and every time the knot quivered and his cum spurted in her it felt like the dog was peeing hot oil into her belly. With her cunt sealed tight, his seed had no place to go but her womb, with the tip of his cock vibrating her cervix as well. The feeling she needed to pee, the onset off her orgasm became so urgent that she spurted but it wasn’t urine she was squirting. She howled like the bitch she had become! Her body had finally reached sexual overload! Her orgasm took on a life of its own! She shuddered, she gasped… she moved in time with her loudly beating heart, her throbbing temple and aching cunt. It was undoubtedly the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. She felt like it was driving her insane. Light faded and she sank onto the grass with her eyes rolling back, as ultimately Brindle ripped himself free, his cock still completely hard and still spurting. Seeing that cock, one of the female onlookers almost fainted, and had to be supported by her companion. Chloe’s tummy appeared swollen with the load of canine semen and sperm it contained. If Rusty ritually mounted her one last time, she wasn’t conscious to feel it.

She finally came out of her swoon when she felt Rusty licking her face. She was his bitch, she belonged. The afternoon sun began sinking towards the horizon when Ellie entered the enclosure. She had a small basket in one hand. Ellie sunk down onto the grass beside Chloe. “How do you feel, love?” she asked while handing her a massive three decker sandwich overloaded with cheese, tomato, lettuce and gherkins… all the ingredients her mother had forbidden her to ever touch.

Chloe chose not to answer immediately but bit into the sandwich and chewed. She mumbled, “The greatest experience of my life, Ellie. I’ve never, never, never, never felt like this. I am Rusty’s bitch – I’m all their bitches,” she waved at the dogs who were sprawled around them.

“You certainly gave our guests a treat,” Ellie praised. “I think all of them were leaking one fluid or another, seeing your grand finale with Brindle, along with your orgasmic swoon. You may have missed Rusty’s final mounting on your slumped body, but even unconscious you moaned as he took you one last time. Since you’re his bitch, you can expect him to reassert his claim like that every time another dog uses you.”

Having wolfed down the sandwich, Chloe had a chance to gather the clothes Ellie handed her into her arms. After this incident of being the pack’s bitch, her legs were wobbly and scratched as were her ribs and belly from so many claws gripping and scraping her body. She slipped into the short skirt, and as she bent over, a large gob of mingled dog cum slid down her inner thigh. She adjusted the position of its waist band and pulled on the T-shirt with Ellie’s assistance. She used a wide toothed comb to put her tousled hair into some semblance of order. Feeling a little more presentable, she followed Ellie into the house, her eyes fixed almost hypnotically on the woman’s swaying ass.

And this was only the first day of what promised to be an ‘interesting’ summer!

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