successful double date night Swingers

35-year-old couple, who have been in the swinger’s lifestyle since the summer of 2023, we have had some MMF and a couple of same-room full swap plays, a few weeks we had our first separate room swap this week we took another step by having separate dates. I will speak on my own experience mainly but will touch on what my wife told me as well.

The Four of us all met at the hotel dropped off our bags set up some simple rules, hugged each other, and said goodbye.

My date suggested we get dinner at a local bar for drinks and conversation, it did not turn sexy there at the bar, it was enjoyable the conversation was nice we covered so many different topics, this is the first time for me to date after so long. I have not taken another woman out on a date other than my wife in over 15 years, I was rusty, but my date was so enjoyable to talk to, it felt fun and free.

after dinner and drinks, we made a quick trip to Target to snag a swimsuit for the hotel hot tub, we made it back to the hotel room and I could not wait any longer, alone in the room after drinks, dinner, and time spent together, she went down on me, I lifted her on to the hotel bed, and had some amazing sex the excitement of this moment, looking over at the 2nd bed in the room that was used before we got there by my wife and her husband knowing what had happen in there what we were doing in there, it was just such a good time, the sex was great!

after we finished we left and went to get in the hot tub to talk some more, but it was filled with other families and kids that were there. So we went to the empty fitness room, walked on side-by-side treadmills, and kept on talking when the hot tub got empty we went out and hopped in, and kept our conversation going talking more about the lifestyle and how we got into it a bit talking, as the hot tub was in a pretty public area I did not try to do anything naughty in there, we left after a while and sent a text to our significant others they told us they were at a different local club with some karaoke, before we left I had to slip back into her as she laid naked on the bed after drying off a bit, it felt so free and fun to be there in that moment.

we left the hotel room and went to the bar shared a drink with our significant others and sang some karaoke after closing time we left and all four of us headed back to the hotel, we spoke a bit about the night we had and slowly started to get a bit hotter in the hotel room, where my wife and his wife both went down on him, some a few MFM moments and tried some DVP as well, the whole thing was just playing with the four of us all being very comfortable with each other.

This was a successful double date night, my wife enjoyed her time as did I, speaking about each other’s night was so open, I wanted to know not just about the sex they had, but the conversation they had, how the dinner was and the time spent apart how she felt. The idea of separate dating worried me but this couple and the fact they were both free and open, nothing is secret helped keep the experience feeling safe.

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