Student Sluts School of Shame by Sexysuperslut

It was two days later at Nicks house that things started to progress further at a very rapid pace. All three of us were once again together, and we all knew what the other wanted.

“Will you strip naked for us?” Andy asked in a matter of fact sort of way.

The amazing thing was that although I was one hundred per cent certain that we would once again end up having sex I had not contemplated the fact that this time I might have to be fully naked and not just from my waist down. Such a thought had never really crossed my mind. To be asked to now strip and be fully exposed in front of my two friends was for me a tough ask. Once again, however, I had this urge to please and comply with whatever Andy and Nick asked me to do.

I commenced to slowly remove my clothes in what I considered to be a somewhat provocative and teasing way. Thankfully this morning as I had dressed, in anticipation of meeting up and having sex. I had, therefore, put on a matching red and black lacy bra and pantie set that was certainly much more seductive than the everyday white knickers that the boys had seen of a couple of days before.

I slowly undid my blouse, button by button before pulling it open to reveal my bra and bare midriff. Then turning around so that my back was toward my friends, I undid the button on my skirt and lowered the zip allowing it to drop to my feet and thereby expose my bum and sexy lace panties.

Next, I proceeded to tease them again by lowering the blouse off my shoulders and down my back. I followed this by dropping and lifting my panties several times to allow a good view of my pert bottom. Eventually, I let them fall, and to wolf whistles from both Nick and Andrew, I stepped out of both skirt and panties before turning around to face them. I continued lowering and lifting my open blouse until I too let that drop along my arms and onto the floor.

I was then seized suddenly by mild panic. I realised that I was standing before two fully clothed young men both nearly a year older than I. Here I was almost totally naked with just my bra covering my tiny tits. I froze as I quickly placed one hand inadequately over my hairy pussy and the other arm across my chest in a vain attempt to cover my bra.

“What’s wrong?” I was asked kindly by Andy.

“I’m scared,” I replied truthfully.

“Of what?”

I had no idea how to answer that one. The fear of being naked in front of two men for the first time seemed to grip me. I wanted to be exposed. I wanted them to see me nude and admire my naked body. I wanted them to use me, too, in a sexual way, but I was just terrified.

After much persuasion, coaxing, and many encouraging words, I let Nick undo my bra strap as I let it fall to the ground. I continued to attempt to preserve some degree of modesty by covering my breasts with both my hands. Gently and slowly, both guys talked me into allowing my hands to drop to my side so that they could see my breasts for the first time.

As I did so, they both whistled in appreciation, one commenting, “Just beautiful!”

I confess that due to the small size of my boobs, the apparent approval of my friends was a massive relief.

Once I was naked things moved pretty quickly. I jumped onto the bed and waited for my two friends to do to me what I was sure they wanted to do. However, they just stood still looking at each other in a kind of embarrassed silence.

Finally, one hesitatingly spoke up, “Um, er well, we were wondering if you would let us explore you before we do anything else?” he asked.

“Explore me?” I replied a bit dumbfounded.

“Yes, we’d like to look you over intimately and explore all your holes. You know to see what you’re really like. Will you let us?”

I was a bit shocked as I expected them to strip me and take me as I was. This seemed to be a strange turn of events. As I stared at them both looking at me sitting naked on the bed, something stirred within, and I knew that I had to give them what they wanted. I had no idea at the time that this was going to be part of my becoming a total submissive.

I was told to lay back and open my legs. Nick produced a mini-sized torch, and the two began a rather exciting examination of my pussy area, noticing in the process that it was very wet. I could feel fingers for the first time entering into my vaginal area and working the labia open to try and obtain a more unobstructed view. I enjoyed the feeling of fingers inside my vagina as well as playing with my pussy hair. After several minutes they moved on to my bum telling me to roll over and sit like a dog on all fours.

As I compiled Andy said jokingly, “This is the position all bitches should use!”

My bum cheeks were patted and then parted before I felt a further exciting encroachment from a different position into my vagina. This time fingers pushed deep inside, I presumed from the feeling, they had gone as far as they could go. I gave a little squeak of surprise and pleasure.

“Bumhole,” one said in a matter of fact way as if it was an everyday occurrence.

“What?” I questioned as I had never dreamed that my bum hole could in any way be sexy or used for anything other than its intended purpose.

“We want to explore your bum hole,” Andy replied. “You know, we want a good look at it and to feel inside it.”

“You want to feel inside my bum?” I questioned again in disbelief, “Who in their right mind would want to stick a finger inside someone else’s bum?”

“We do,” Nick replied, “Lots of people use bum holes in sex; it’s called buggering!”

“Really,” I replied, questioning what I heard, “I have never heard of the like.”

“Well, can we?”

I nodded my approval and added somewhat resignedly, “I guess so if you really must.”

In no time at all, I could feel a probing finger force its way through my anus and up into my tight little bum. The feeling was not as pleasurable as what they had done in my cunt but much more enjoyable than I would ever have imagined. The more they prodded, pulled and patted my bum, the more I wondered what it would be like to have it stretched out by someone’s stiff cock. At that time, I could never have imagined that I would allow its use for just that purpose not long after starting university.

“Sit,” They ordered when they had finished, “Your tits next.”

‘This is where I’ll let them down,’ I thought, ‘they are bound to say something about their small size.’

It is to their credit that they felt them all around and lightly twisted the nipples without passing comment on their A cup size. My boobs were fondled and then lightly bounced as if someone was seeking to guess the weight of a pound of flour. Wow, it did feel good especially when they both gently played with my hard and erect nipples.

“Mouth!” One demanded once they had seen enough of my breasts.

Although for the life of me I could not understand what they would ever want my mouth for except to kiss I complied once again opening my mouth as wide as I could as though I was in the dentist chair.

“Just a minute,” Nick said, “we’ve just been up her bum and need to wash our hands.”

Although true enough that did lose a little of the aura of the moment for me sitting waiting for them to come back having washed their hands. Once they returned though I was not disappointed. I was asked to kneel on the floor with my legs apart. I complied immediately and looked up at both young men with my mouth wide open. They shone their torch into my mouth, poked their fingers around my teeth, gums, tongue and cheek before they seemed satisfied.

“Will you allow us to use a speculum on you at some time?” I remember Andy asking.

In my naivety of those early days, I was unbelievably not aware of what such a thing was and told them so.

“It’s a device inserted up your cunt and anus to open them up for a better and deeper inspection,” I was enthusiastically informed, “we think you might enjoy it and we most certainly will!”

“Okay,” I answered, “that sounds like it might be fun.”

I never knew then just how much fun it would prove to be on many occasions still to materialise.

After about an hour of being poked, prodded, fingered and fondled, I was asked to undo the trousers of both young men. It was evident that behind the zips of their jeans and chinos was something very hard waiting to be released.

As I was still on my knees from the examination of my mouth, I stayed in position looking up into the expectant faces of Nick and Andy. It felt good and so right to be in such a situation. I did not know why I felt as I did; however, I knew I was in the right place, at least for me.

One by one I undid belts and buttons. Pulled down zips and trousers before finally taking hold of briefs and slowly manoeuvring them down their legs, allowing their stiff erections to jump free and almost hit me in my face.

I was shocked in my naivety at seeing these two giant penis’s pointing directly at my face just four inches away. I could not resist the urge to gently hold one in either hand and enjoy the feeling of how incredibly solid they felt.

Standing up, I moved back towards the bed and lay down in an expectant position and opened my legs. I knew what we all wanted, and I believe that none of us was disappointed.

Three hours later, after several penetrations and lots of passionate and intimate sex, we lay close together on the bed. Nick and Andy were giving my tits a good fondling while I enjoyed playing with their balls and now floppy cocks.

Indeed this was an exciting life.

On many occasions in my dreams, I had fantasised about being bound, helpless and naked. I just longed to feel ropes restraining me knowing that whatever happened, I could not do anything to aid myself in the situation. I couldn’t recall where these thoughts had come from or what had caused them. I just knew that whenever I thought about being bound, it made me both wet and excited in anticipation of it happening someday to me.

About a week after our time in Andy’s house and the intimate examination, I confided in them that I wanted them to tie me up and fuck me while I was helpless. I was unsure what their reaction would be of my being so forward. I need not have worried.

The funny thing was that the biggest problem we had was finding a suitable rope with which to bind me. Some were just too thick, and others were too dirty or inflexible to do the job correctly.

At Nicks suggestion, we made a rather irritating trip to a local DIY store to obtain something we considered suitable. I say irritating because what all three of us really wanted to do, was get on with what we all wanted to do! In the store, we discovered a variety of about ten different kinds of ropes and found one that seemed to be softer and more flexible than most of the others. To our chagrin, it was also the most expensive! We, however, brought enough to cut into four pieces to bind hands and feet and another length just in case other ideas came to us. It did not take long for the latter to happen!

On our way home, we passed a small wooded valley, and Andy stopped the car. “Rachel,” he asked inquisitively, “How about tying you to a tree and stripping you naked outside!”

I was a little taken aback because it was now December and a frost had lain on the ground earlier in the morning. The bright sun had soon cleared this, but it was still as we say ‘nippy.’ The thought of being naked outside was not quite so appealing. However, I considered it might be fun in some ways and consented to this unusual request.

Andy parked the car, and we set off into the woods and down the valley. It was cold, just about three degrees above freezing and there was a gentle breeze blowing through the now bare branches of the trees. We made our way into the woods. As we walked, I was filled with a tingling excitement of what was about to happen.

I was pretty tough despite my slim demeanour, and I had always enjoyed pushing myself to the limit. Whether mentally or physically. At school, I had been one of only two girls to volunteer for rugby practice along with the boys. I was not sure at the time why I had done such a thing.

On our first day, the coach had said he would not be treating us, two girls, differently to the boys. I was placed on the wing due to my slight frame and long legs. Samantha, however, went with the forwards due to her much larger size.

I put everything into those sessions and learned how to sidestep some of the boys with ease. I confess, though that perhaps the most exciting part was when I was tackled and immediately enveloped in a sea of male bodies. Occasionally I could feel straying hands deliberately manipulating either my boobs or bum. Such behaviour didn’t worry me; it just gave me a thrill.

I had also volunteered to do cross county for the school. Not that I enjoyed the long and exhausting runs, but I had noticed that those taking part usually came back very muddy and dirty. For some reason, I loved that idea of getting wet and muddy. Running I was able to do it without attracting any suspicion that I might be ‘odd.’ In some way, it gave me a thrill. On one run, I deliberately fell into a deep muddy puddle just so that I could enjoy the feeling of the cold water on my skin and the sticky mud on my face and in my hair.

Now we reached a place in the woods that we were confident would be private.

“How are you going to do this?” I asked inquisitively.

“I thought the best way was to throw the rope over that bough and then tie your hands above your head and pull you tight. We won’t be able to take off your T-shirt or bra, but if you take off your coat and jumper before we tie you up, we will be able to lift them over your head and do a decent job. What do you think?”

I cautiously agreed.

They threw the rope over the branch of the tree about six feet above my head while I took off my coat and jumper. Once I was down to my T-shirt, I felt the chill of the wind as it came down the valley and caressed my now inadequately protected body.

I lifted my hands out in front of me and allowed one of the guys to bind them securely. Then the rope was pulled taught over the branch lifting my arms above my head. Andy held it tight while Nick wound the rest round the tree trunk and tied it off on a lower branch. They both decided that my arms were not high enough, so they pulled the rope tighter to lift me higher. Once I was in a suitable position, the rope was tied off securely. This time I was almost on my tiptoes and, naturally enough, quite uncomfortable.

They removed my shoes, followed by my socks. I was not expecting to have to go barefoot in a forest in December, but as I had willingly agreed to be stripped naked, I had no real cause for complaint. My trousers were undone and quickly pulled off my rather long legs allowing them to feel the chill of the cold winter air.

Instead of removing my knickers, my T-shirt was lifted up and over the back of my head, leaving my bra exposed front side. Then with one quick movement, the bra was undone and lifted over my head to join my T-shirt. Now both combined to pull down my knickers and leave me more or less completely exposed to the elements and reliant on Nick and Andy to untie me and let me down when they felt the time was right.

I could feel my skin turning to goosebumps as the cool breeze started to bite into my naked flesh. Both my companions walked around me gazing at my stretched and exposed form as I stood, still more or less on tiptoe on the forest floor.

“Do you like what you see?” I inquired.

“We certainly do very much,” Nick replied, “It’s just delightful!”

Then Nick quickly pulled Andy aside and whispered something to him. I was unable to hear everything but caught the word water. About ten meters from us was the small stream that ran through the centre of the valley. Both men went to it and cupping their hands collected a quantity of water before heading back towards me.

Both stood with cupped hands over my two exposed breasts and let the water drip over them. I took in a sharp breath as the cold water met my already cool skin. The sensation was incredible as well as uncomfortable. Almost as soon as the water touched the tip of my nipples, they immediately became erect. Nick and Andy both noticed this practically instantaneous reaction.

Back they went for another cupful of water, and over my breasts once again it was placed.

Next, they delighted in throwing the water it in the direction of my pussy which made me do a little dance in response.

After about fifteen minutes in this position, I was well cold and ready to be let down. Suddenly Andy picked up a long stick and came towards me.

“How about me whipping you Rachel?” He asked, “I’ll not do it hard.”

By now, my emotions were in a total whirl of enjoyment and anticipation of anything new. I wanted to be made wetter and colder; I wanted to be fucked and also allow Andy to use his stick on me. Whatever it was inside me was responding very well to what was happening.

I watched Andy as he moved behind and saw the flick of his wrist as he cracked the branch in the direction of my bare backside. I heard the light sounding crack as it connected with my buttocks then I smarted as a sudden stab of pain shot through my quivering body. Wow! I did enjoy the thrill of that contact of wood on bare flesh!

“Can I give you another?” Andy asked politely.

I never replied; I just nodded my consent. A couple of seconds later, I saw the flick, heard the contact and felt once again the pain. Wonderful!

The next, I knew was that I was shivering from top to bottom. Whether it was with the cold or as a result of what was happening, I guess I will never know. I wanted more. Yes, I did much more: sex, bondage and a little pain.

That night when I arrived home having been fully warmed and sexually used once again by my friends, I recalled the day’s events. I loved the cold. The water had made my nipples so erect that you could have hung a clothes hanger on either.

I went to the freezer and taking out a couple of ice cubes, and I popped them in a glass. Once alone and in the safety of my bedroom, I experimented. I firstly rubbed them around my breast. The same effect happened! Almost instantaneously my nipples became hard and erect. Then I tried it in and around my pussy lips. Oh boy, was that sensitive to the cold! What a feeling. Yes, I would enjoy more of this.

I wondered then what ice would be like in my back passage. Could that be used as Andy and Nick had said to bring a girl sexual pleasure? I had no idea but wanted to find out.

I waited until one of the ice cubes had melted somewhat and then ran it up and down my bum crack. Just cold. I then pushed it in knowing that once it was inside, it would only come out when it had melted. The sensation was rather strange but exciting as it melted and tricked out onto the kitchen towel I had had the forethought to get ready. It was not as stimulating a feeing as around my vagina but certainly something I knew I could experiment with later on.

One thing I knew after that day was that I enjoyed being bound and helpless. I, at that point, knew nothing about tops and bottoms, Masters and Submissive’s, however, I knew that I had enjoyed the feeling of helplessness I had experienced in the woods that day. I just wanted to experience more and wondered if Andy and Nick would help me.

The next weekend I popped the question.

“How would you guys enjoy spanking me and maybe trying a cold bath on me today?”

I enquired as calmly as I could. I was almost physically trembling with excitement and anticipation of what I was hoping might be done. I was not at all disappointed.

“Listen, Rach,” Nick answered eagerly, “we will be happy to do to you anything that you want, so please ask. We love you.”

After some discussion, we agreed that firstly I would be spanked. Andy asked me to kneel by the side of the bed and lean onto it, so my bum was in the air and readily available. I complied willingly.

I had decided to wear a short dress, the skirt of which came to just above the knees. It was a sort of lime colour and was certainly not my favourite, but I thought it was ideal for what I wanted to try out.

The skirt was lifted over my bum. Then there followed the wonderful feeling of my knickers being pulled down to my knees. I am still not sure why it is that the sense of the removal of my knickers always gives me such a thrill. Maybe it is just that their removal provides me with a feeling of freedom or perhaps it is just the sense of total helplessness that their departure leaves me experiencing. Whatever it is, I have always greatly enjoyed the sensation.

Once all was ready, Andy wanted to know just how hard they could smack me. I had no idea. I’d not even thought about that.

After a few seconds, I just answered, “I’ll let you decide. It might be more interesting!”

They did, and it was! Not knowing what was going to happen next was a thrill to me. Would it be hard or soft, a quick double smack or single, across both buttocks or targeting one. The anticipation just heightened the whole event. After twenty spanks of varying degrees of severity; my bum was a rosy red. Both guys had enjoyed themselves in giving and I in receiving.

That day I also received my first cold bath as I had requested. My legs were tied together at the ankles and my hands behind my back. I was still fully clothed in my lime dress when Andy and Nick put me into the bath.

The plug was inserted, and the cold tap turned on but only slowly. My two friends, watched in delight as I sought to move away from the cold water pouring around my feet. It slowly crept up to my bum and eventually over my body soaking the dress I was wearing. They enjoyed seeing me shivering and finally, once the water had covered my breasts and shoulders, pleading with them for the water to be turned off.

They stopped the flow but did not immediately release the plug as they continued to ogle as I shivered beneath the cold water that filled the bath. I was finally released and stripped out of my soaking dress. Both men noticed, once again, how erect the cold water had made my nipples. They protruded like little mountains making Nick and Andy so aroused that they had little difficulty in warming me up with their bodies!

We learnt that using ice or frigid water around my breasts always produced the effect of making my nipples very erect. Sometimes the result could be seen through my underwear. Whenever I was in any type of swimwear or wearing a bikini anyone looking at me would have seen my erect nipples through the fabric. This stimulation, therefore, became an exciting thing in our sexual experimentation

Of course, my friends wanted to maximise this effect as much as they could. They started by using a small handheld sprayer filled with cold water to squirt over my exposed breasts.

Eventually, ice cubes were dropped into the sprayer, to naturally enough, make the water colder and my nipples harder as they became almost instantaneously erect as the water was applied.

One day Andy and Nick used a hosepipe, which of course gave me a total soaking.

It was a little time later that a jet washer was employed in our play producing other exciting results for both them and me! I especially enjoyed it being pointed between my legs as it created a stimulating effect in that area.

Andy and Nick were most careful not to get too close or use the power too high. The safe use of the washer did take a bit of trial and error, but eventually, we all enjoyed the fun, when distance and control produced the desired effect. I think the boys were amazed as to what l was able to endure in becoming so cold and wet. My levels of endurance surprised me too. After all this was all just as new and exciting to me as it was to them.

On occasions when we went for a burger, both guys would sometimes drop the ice cubes from their drinks down my bra so they could see my nipples through my clothing. One time they did this while we waited for the rest of our order to be brought out to the car. We did not see the waitress appear at the window. She looked into the car in disbelief as she watched them with my top undone pull my bra away from my chest to drop the ice cubes into the cups of the bra. I don’t know who was the most embarrassed, the girl, Andy and Nick or me at what she saw. I imagine she had a story to tell her colleagues when she went back inside and often wondered if anyone else there tried it as a result!

On one occasion, my hands were bound behind my back and then tied to the remains of an old barn hoist at Nick’s parent’s farm. As they pulled it taught, it pulled my arms up and bent me over so that my backside was nicely exposed.

On this occasion, they power washed my bum until it was red, and I was too uncomfortable to continue.

As we continued to learn about each other, sex and submission, and how to please one another, we sought to experiment in different ways. Of course, my two testosterone-fuelled eighteen-year-old male friends were keen to try anything. On several occasions, I endured various things inserted into my pussy, such as bottles, vegetables and other household implements.

Andy and Nick did, however, like my naked backside and would grab it hard to feel it tightly in their hands. Occasionally they gave it small taps which made it wobble a bit like a jelly which was a massive turn on for them.

Eventually, with my consent, these taps became slaps and then smacks increasing in strength until I would cry out, and my bum would glow red.

At one time both men persuaded to let them try a riding crop across my backside, to which, somewhat reluctantly, I agreed. When Andy and Nick first used it, they were gentle as this was just as new to them as to me. One day about eight weeks after our first sex experience they let fly with one stroke across my pert bottom that caused me to give such a yell of pain both of my friends thought all of Edinburgh would have heard!

They profusely apologised as they knew it had hurt. The funny thing was that a week later, I asked the men to do it again. This time though I wanted two strokes because I had found the pain it caused had made me very moist. Of course, they were happy to cooperate.

I cannot remember exactly how we developed from simple bondage to humiliation and embarrassment. We had discussed it many times, and whatever I wanted to do, they were keen to try, and whatever they wanted to do, I was happy to accept. It worked very well all round.

The first embarrassing thing tried on me was placing some chocolates from one of those posh boxes into my vaginal area. I was then taken into town for the afternoon wearing a rather short skirt, the sort I did not usually wear. As I was wearing knickers, nothing much happened except I was very messy when I arrived back home with melted chocolate covering my pussy area.

A week later it was a windy day, and Andy and Nick pushed even more chocolates into my virginal canal, all those soft gooey ones. After a bit of persuasion, the boys inserted two caramel’s into my anus, the first time my bum hole was used in any sexual way.

Andy and Nick then, rather cruelly, made me walk from one end of Princess Street to the other without wearing any knickers and while wearing a very short skirt. Naturally enough, I had trouble stopping my inadequate skirt blowing up in the breeze that howled along our main shopping street. I was in great danger of revealing my most intimate area as well as my chocolate covered pussy and thighs.

I was collected just in time at the Neath end of the street. Some of the chocolate had reached my knees, and a stain was evident on my skirt. If anyone had seen me, they would have thought I had a bad case of diarrhoea.

One day Andy and Nick asked me what I would find the most embarrassing thing to happen to me. After some thought, I answered that it would be having some of my friends from school seeing me naked and in a compromising position.

Unbeknown to me, this gave Andy and Nick a big idea that only needed a few days to set up. It was February, and once again, we were at Nick’s parent’s farm while they were away for the weekend. It was cold; however, despite this, they strung me up in the barn hands tied above my head and secured over a rafter.

I wore jeans and a button-up blouse along with a jumper and coat. The latter had been removed before I was bound as they hindered the boy’s plans. Once I was in position, I was blindfolded with a towel. None of us had any proper blindfolds in those days.

Then they started to undo my blouse and my jeans and reveal more and more of my flesh. What I was unaware of was that they had invited ten of my school friends to observe this slow revealing of my naked body.

Once my jeans were down, my knickers were slowly removed and then as they held my blouse open, they lifted my bra to reveal my breasts.

Eventually, they lowered me down on my knees. My hands were placed in front of my body. This allowed the blouse and bra to be pulled off my shoulders and down my arms. All the onlookers were then able to get a good look at my breasts.

My fellow students were then allowed to come and feel me wherever they desired. It was only when this happened that I realised others were present! As the blindfold was removed I was horrified to see those I shared a class with looking lustfully at me. I could feel myself going bright red and could hardly speak for the sheer embarrassment of what was happening to me.

The session ended with the majority of my friends, telling me how brave I had been to allow myself to be compromised in such an exciting way. One rather good looking guy asking if he could do me. Others watched as I consented and we had sex before everyone in the barn. He became the third male to enter my expectant pussy.

The upshot of this little event was that some of the girls asked if they could copy a part of an American film they had seen. It involved a white high school pupil getting stripped naked by black girls in the school cloakroom. No one told me what they planned. They simply put the suggestion in my mind that such a thing might be most enjoyable. I agreed that it might well be.

They set the scene in an old ruined cottage not far from where I lived. Nick and Andy drove me there, where six girls from my school year were in position. They grabbed me and stripped me totally naked. The girls held me tight as they mocked my small breasts and hairy vagina. I was plenty embarrassed, but all the girls were so thrilled at what they had done. As the result was so positive, I forgot about being consciously naked in front of them.

The next occasion when the farm was free of Nic’s parents, I was again strung up on the old hoist. As a consequence, I was bent right over as I had been during the power washing. My classmates had been invited to come and observe me in this wonderfully sexually explicit position.

Andy and Nick had already purchased four ‘Rocket Ices.’ These were multicoloured Ice lollies in the shape of a rocket and measured about fifteen centimetres long and six wide. Nick brought them out of the freezer and, once I had recovered my composure from the shock of again seeing my peers observing me naked and compromised, they proceeded to insert them one by one up my vagina.

It had a fantastic effect as I wriggled and squirmed as they went further up my usually warm and moist vaginal area. The bonus was that because I was in a position of being bent right over to relieve the strain on my arms I could see very clearly, through my legs, what was being done to me.

When one lolly had melted to half its size one of the viewing ‘friends’ asked if he could finish it off up my backside.

I was asked what I thought. I laughed and responded, “In the position, I am in do I have any option but to comply?”

The half-melted lolly was placed against my anus and then pushed gently inside. I moaned with both the cold and the pleasure. Andy pushed and pulled on the lolly until it melted and only the stick was left.

After three iced lollies had been used in this way, I asked them to stop as I was just too cold in both holes. They did stop and attached the hose to a warm tap to wash me out with warm water. That was very much appreciated.

The experiments in pain, pleasure and punishment continued as we found different things to do and new techniques to try out. I loved every moment of the time I spent with my friends. Whether I was cold or caned, fucking or sucking, wet or whipped, chained or pained I always wanted more, much more. At university, I would get my wish as things moved quickly up into top gear!

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