Strict Mom Converts Son Into Toilet by Alex Mead

Jon was on his way home from the early spring senior year classes at his high school, summer was coming soon and graduation would be in just a few weeks. School was no longer a headache, and the workload had lessened substantially. It was with this spring ease of mind that Jon pulled out of the school parking lot and headed home. He was excited to finally leave the strict pressure that school placed on him and that his mother, Jennifer was always watchful and concerned over. His mother rarely let Jon take breaks from his studies, she rarely let him spend time with friends, and so he hardly had any. Jennifer did not allow her son to watch TV, and after he was done doing homework on his computer she would inspect his search history for anything inappropriate and then would turn the computer off, it would not be allowed to be turned on again until it was time for his studies again.         

Without TV or computers Jon and his sister Sarah spent much of their free time with their mother, weather reading books, or sitting by the pool as a family, they were close. By the pool, the closest Jon ever got to seeing a female body was by stealing quick glances at his sister and his mother. Once, Jennifer had jumped into the pool and the top of her swimsuit was slipped below her breast. The sight of his mom’s disc like areola which was dark and almost maroon with raised bumps surrounding a thick pert nipple, it instantly made his penis stir beneath his swim shorts. Jon jumped up and went inside calling over his shoulder if anyone would like something to drink.       

 Jon had seen his mother’s bare breasts before, often she would be getting ready to go into the shower and Jon would walk past her room hoping to have the door ajar enough for a glance. But seeing it then he wasn’t a hidden voyuer, but on display in front of his mother and sister both of whom were talking in a hush when he came back with a tray of water for all of them. They were sitting near another on the pool chairs when he returned, and Jon worried that his sister was telling his mom things about him, they were close and he often felt like his sister would conspire to get him in trouble with his mom.                      

But driving home today Jon was excited to get home because both his mother and sister had left early in the morning to drop Sarah off with her friends family, who had a cabin on a lake way up the coast. It had given Jon enough time before school and he calculated 3 or 4 hours after school to have the house to himself. Once he heard them pull away in the car early in the morning Jon had logged onto the computer and started searching for porn and other dirty things that he could think up. Though he had learned how to clear his computer’s history so that his mom would not discover anything during her nightly inspections, with the house to himself for this long he was free to search for more and more adventurous things.         

Jon had also snuck into his mother’s room and went for her clothes hamper, where he would look at pairs of panties and bras given the chance. On this day however, emboldened– Jon had taken a few pairs of her underwear and stuffed them in his pocket while he went searching through his mother’s drawers. Under folded towels and tucked way in the back Jon came across a sight that instantly sent shivers of ectasy through him: There before him in his mother’s drawer were two large silicone dildos. Jon couldn’t belive how excited he was and turned on. Looking at these two long and lifelike rubber dongs made his heart race and his own cock stir. One was flesh colored and quite large it was almost the size of his forearm. The other was purple, on one end there was what looked like a handle and the other there were two dildos- one smaller than the other. The smallest of the three was closest to the size of Jon’s own cock.           

On impulse, Jon grabbed the purple dildo with the two cocks and held it to his face and nose, inhaling deeply. Quickly he shut the drawer and darted out of his mother’s room and retreated to his own. There he pulled the few pairs of panties out of his pocket and inspected them. They were lacy and delicate thongs, he looked inside and held the musty crotch to his nose and just touched his tounge to the thin strap of the thong. He was getting so horny thinking about naked women and sex. He really didn’t have much knowledge of sex from being so sheltered so seeing a real dildo and holding panties was the most excitement he could have hoped for. The fact that they were his own mother’s did not lessen his excitement as she had been the only real sex object he knew of. His porn searches were all over the place from banal to downright dirty. He’d liked to search for “vaginas” and for “boobs” but he also searched for things like “listening to my sister pee” and things like “woman on the toilet”. Despite being so horny and holding sex objects in his own hands, Jon had to then leave for school. So he hid his mother’s panties in his desk drawer and put her dildo underneath his pillow.         

It was with all of this in mind that Jon was driving home, getting more and more aroused at the thought of getting home and having time alone with porn and with musky underwear that his mom wore the days before. But that excitement turned to dread when he pulled into his hosue and saw his mom’s car waiting in the driveway. He’d have to be very careful to somehow get the objects back into her room and he’d have to put his hopes on hold of masturbating and playing with dirty things. Jon opened the door, and from the back of the house he heard his mother’s voice, cool and clear.

“Jonathan, come in here please” Jennifer called from Jon’s bedroom

as he approached his door was open and his mom was sitting at his computer, there were pages of porn on the screen and Jennifer looked up at her son

“Jonathan, your sister told me that you were using this computer to look at pornography. Can you explain this to me?” She said looking at her son with the image of a woman’s bare vagina on the screen.

“ummm,” Jon said, “I didn’t know, i was just looking for research for homework for biology and that picture must have popped up.” Jon said, looking at the ground and trying to hide his embarrasement and shame for lying. 

“Jonathan, you have been looking at this for erotic reasons and you need to admit that to me, now” She said, “I have told you before that this is not allowed and inappropriate. Pornography is not good for young boys to look at, and it is a bad message to young men that these type of images are accurate reflection of what women’s bodies look like and are acceptable.” She looked up at her son and waited for him to speak

“I’m, i’m sorry mom but i wanted to know what a girl’s vagina looked like and what sex is like before I go off to college. I swear that I just wanted to learn and that I didn’t do anything inappropriate”

Jennifer began scrolling through the photos and at each one she looked back at her son, there were pictures of shaved vagina’s, breasts, a woman inserting a finger into her ass.

“Jonathan, a woman’s private parts are not to be looked at on the computer, and all of these women have privates that are shaved bare as though they have not reached puberty, and some of these women are perfowing lewd acts that are not appropriate for you to look at. Like this one, here– why are you looking at a woman touching her own anus? Is that enticing to you? Do you understand how advanced that type of thing is?”

“I…yes…I” said Jon turing red under his mother’s stern look.

“These are not realistic representations of women, Jonathan. And if you don’t understand that now you will be very troubled when you do have sex. Women have bodies that are not pictured here. For instance, her labia is all but removed by photo shop, and she has had a procedure done to her anus to lighten it….Do you see” she said leaning back so her son could look at the curser which hovered above the image’s display of a tight pink asshole.

“And Jonathan, while searching your room I discovered my underwear in your drawer. You are going to have to tell me why that is. Why did you want to look at my panties that were in my hamper. You have to understand Son that a woman’s panties are a very private thing.” Jennifer said looking at her son as she pulled the thongs from his drawer and lay them on the desk.

“Mom, I…I just wanted to touch something that was close to a vagina and to think about sex because of it. I wanted to imagine what it would be like being that close to a vagina” Said Jon Sheepishly, and in his humble admition to his mother to whom he could not lie.

“Son, these items were touching your mother, not some girl, your own mother. And a woman’s underwear are not like a mans which might only brush up against your penis. My panties are touching along my vagina, which gets moist and might leak fluid from inside my vaginal lips onto the underwear. And son, they also directly touch and lay upon your mother’s anus. So when you are touching them, you are touching very dirty and inappropriate things in a way that I don’t think you understand.” Jennifer said, letting that sink in for her son.

“Jonathan, I don’t think you know enough about a woman’s body and I don’t think its appropriate for you to learn about it online, and try as I might to protect you I beleive that you are 18 now and old enough to learn… and as your mother it is my role to teach you.” Jennifer said with calm authority

“Um, ok Mom. I would like to learn” Said Jon

“And this way you will learn about a woman’s body and not be confused by having inappropriate erotic images. Since I am your mother you will learn about this in a honest way. And afterwards you will realize why your mother’s panties are not erotic itmes for a son to play with. So I want you to pull up that chair to the end of the bed so that I may display for you what woman’s bodies are like. You may ask me questions if you have them. But I will be thorough and will show you what you need to know.” With that Jennifer stood up, and helped her son pull the chair to the foot of the bed.

          Jonathan took a seat on the chair and his mother stood before him and removed her shirt, then she removed her bra. Her breasts hung above his face and the wide brown circles of her areolas swung before his eyes. She unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down, her boobs nearly knock into her son’s face in the process. She now stood before him in a pair of light tan panties. Just like the ones behind him on the computer table they were small and lacy. Unlike her onepeice bathing suit these panties were rimmed with dark tufts of hair that spraweled up towards her navel and back along the edge of her crotch. Without breaking eye contact his mother sat back on the bed and drew her legs up wide. At eye level now Jon was staring at the thin strip of underwear covering his mother’s asshole. Her pubic hair sprouted all around it and underneath that Jon could make out the girthy ring of his mother’s anus. It was barley contained by the thong and as he looked closer the thong was discolored as it lay up against her dark brown wrinkled hole. He could see it glisten slightly and his eyes followed up and he made out to meaty lips of his mother cunt that hung outside of the thong.

           “Now, jonathan. Tell me what you see between your mother’s legs. Does it look like the photos? does all my pubic hair surprise you? Because a woman has pubic hair, it may be harder to clean after going to the bathroom, but it is imporant that a woman keep hers.”

Now jennifer rolled back slightly and pulled her panties down from the rear, rolling them up to present her body completely uncovered for her son to see. The thong clung lightly to her asshole with the damp moister there and it pulled away from her pussy to reveal a seat of heavy thick pussy lips that were slick with moisture. As she streched to pull her panties off her feet Jennifer’s anus gave a clammy gasp as it dialted and parted, an almost inaudble rush of hair was expelled as it winked shut staring her son squarley in the face.

“Now son, can you see how intimate a woman’s under is. I want you to look at these panties and tell me what you notice, they are lighter and things may be easier to see.” said jennifer

She reached out to her son with the thong and smiled slightly as she pulled her legs back up onto the bed and spread them to display her pussy and anus for her son. The slick of her pussy looked to be getting wetter and a few damp spots appeared on his sheets as she dragged her pussy lips across his comforter.

“So, Jon. Tell me what you think about these panties, aftering seeing them so close to my private area.”

“well, mom. They’re um damp” said Jon

“yes, what else? do they seem clean, like something of your mother’s you should be touching?”

“Um, well no i guess they are damp because i saw them touching the wet spot on your vagina and on your anus”

“that’s right son, now would you want to be touching something that was up against my smelly hole like it was?”

“Smelly? I don’t think it’s smelly–“

“Jonathan, its ok you won’t hurt my feelings. My anus can get smelly because after I use the bathroom sometimes my pubic hair gets in the way and it becomes hard to clean perfectly, that’s why you might see that they are stained brown where they touch my asshole. So if you were touching my panties earlier its almost like you were touching my anus, you may have even been touching a poop stain from your old mom” Jennifer smiled and seemed at ease at this humor.

“Haha, yeah, but I swear its not gross or smelly, I think you wiped everything up fine. Haha I would tell if not!” said Jon, trying to hide his blushing face with some light humor.

“okay, good then. Because now i want you to get your face up close to my crotch and to see what eaxctly is going on down there. If you need me to part my pubic hair for a better view that’s ok.” Jennifer reached down and with two fingers spread aside the hair covering her anus. She framed it now between her fingers and it bulged a bit under the pressure.

“See, son my anus is not bleached, and many woman have one like mine.”

“You mean wide? and dark Mom?”

“Well, yes. but also see how it is wrinkled?” Jennifer said as her asshole puckered and quivered before her son’s face. He breathed heavily and the hot air caused it to spasm more wildly.

“and see how my vagina has these thick lips? Mine are somewhat darker than most women, and they hang heavily. That’s why I do not wear a bathing suit that’s small like this, otherwise you would see my vagina, and although you sister and I discuss this– its not appropriate for my son to see his mother’s vaginal lips be uncovered.”

“your anus is also not well covered by this thong.”

“well, that’s true but if it were a bathing suit i’d have to be squating over your face for you to see it. And i think after this you will not want to think about what your mother’s pussy and asshole look like again. Now I’m going to see if i can find some pornography that is appropriate for you, and maybe i’ll let you look at it at night when you finish your homework. Would you like that? if I permitt you to look at pornography from time to time?”

“Um… yeah mom I would really like that”

“well, it will only be allowed when I am present and once I approve, But let me see if i can find something now that I will allow. I have to use the restroom so this lesson will have to be on hold, but let’s see if we can find something for you to look at.”

Jennifer got up, as she dragged her self across the bedspread a swath of thick leaking pussy juice streaked across and countless pubic hairs remained. Jon was staring at it and getting his face closer to it while his mother returned to the computer, she closed a few windows and abruptly called to her son.

“Jonathan, there is a webpage open here that shows women urniating. And I think that this next page marked “scat” is of women defecating…Jon there are pictures of women defecating on men’s faces…what is this? is this what pornography you are interested in???”

“No mom, I… I just wanted to know how a girl goes to the bathroom, so. i could understand…” Jon said blushing heavily and shaking his head and waving his hands in fake dismisal. 

“Well, Jonathan. I could understand that maybe you don’t know how a woman pees, but both men and women shit the same way. And this is a photo of an olderwoman with her “step-son” sitting underneath a toilet seat. Jon, this looks like pornography and it looks like the most exessive kind. you are telling me that his is not for arousal? and that this came up because you didn’t know how a woman shit?”

“yeah well, yeah no not for arousal-“

She cut him off, “Okay then, if that’s the case then i want you to prove it to me now. Take your pants down so that i may inspect your penis.”

“what, no what” said Jon

“thats right– I want to see if your penis becomes erect while looking at these images, or you could simply confess to me now and try to explain to me why watching a woman go to the bathroom is your idea of fun??…No?” jennifer said, as Jon refused to reply or to raise his eyes to meet his mothers.

Jennifer felt an excited authority fall over her, she was looking forward to punishing her son for. lying and for looking at pornongraphy.

“Jonathan, either confess and tell me now or we will conduct this inspection and if you fail you will be disciplined in a very serious way.”

Jon couldn’t bring himself to confess and he was torn up inside trying to say something to stop this from proceding when his mother abruptly decided.

“well then Son, you are to remove your pants and underwear and stand here next to me. I am going to go through these images and if I see your penis grow even a little bit– you will be taught a very hard lesson.” Jennifer said and turned to the computer and opened up a video of an older woman pissing in a bowl.

“do you enjoy watchihg this? you like to see this?” Jennifer said and then said again to her son very clearly. “Jonathan, you are to get naked infront of me now, and place your penis before me so i can watch it.”

Jon gulped and hoped he could pass this test, his penis had shrunk from the freight, but he was worried it might still be erect from looking at his mother’s pussy and asshole before. He pulled off his pants and shorts and stepped twoard his mother. His penis was hanging and soft, He had a decently large cock, but it was somewhat shrunken now.

“Now, Jon we will watch these videos to prove your story”

She had been clicking through clip after clip of women peeing and getting peed on, and jon’s cock remained out of freight soft.

Jennifer turned her head from the screen back to her son’s cock looking for signs of a response. His cock was hanging just inches from her face and as she continued she felt herself getting aroused, she liked to be strict on her son, and she liked that she controlled his exposure to sex. She remebered feeling his breath on her anus and she began to shudder thinking about just how much she had enjoyed making her son inspect her pussy even while she could feel herself getting wet, she liked it. And she liked that he had not shyed away from her asshole even though she knew that it had been musky from her last visit to the bathroom. She really was having a hard time holding it in right now but her urge to piss was growing, and she felt that she might need to go number 2 as well.         jennifer then opened the video that had most startled her and she turned the sound up and made it full screen. She read the title aloud to her son, turning and speaking into his cock like it was a hanging microphone.        “This video you had opened is called “Mom’s Toilet”….and the de***********ion is a horny stepson becomes a human toilet to his step mom, and it looks like she is going to shit a log directly into her son’s mouth…is this something you enjoy?” jennifer said, she looked up from beneath her son’s cock and looked into his eyes as she parted her mouth slightly and her lips brushed up against his penis. She pressed play and the scene evolved, the woman sat in a chair like a toilet seat with nothing underneath and she told her step son to lay beneath her. At this point Jonathan couldn’t help but slowly start getting hard, Jennifer noticed but she continued the video, they both watched the screen as her thick log of shit fell onto the boy’s face, when she turned her head back to her son’s cock it was sticking straight into her face.

“Jonathan,” his mother said cooly, “Since you would not confess to me that this is a desire of yours, I have no choice but to punish you. And I hope that it will teach you that you are always to obey me, and I sincerly hope that it might cure you of this fetish. I am going to have to really show you why this is not appropriate, and why in real life it is not going to be pleasant for you. I want you to come with me to the bathroom.”

Jennifer stood and looked back at the screen and looked into her son’s eyes with cruel conviction.

“Now Son, get into the tub and lay on your back. And please put the stopper in the tub to block the drain. You are going to have to learn the hard way that this is not appropriate behavior. I hope that you will quickly loose your desire for this type of thing, but I have no other choice other than to punish you this way.”

Jon layed down in the tub, his cock was still standing erect in the air. His mother looked down at him and smiled. then she stepped into the tub and stood with her feet astride his head. She lowered herself into a squat and looked down at her son again.”

“this is like when i washed your mouth out with soap, or when i caught your sister smoknig and made her smoke the entire pack. You are going to have to consume my waste. Do you understand son? any bit of urine i release I expect you to drink it. Because this is want you wanted, I’m sorry to say that you are now my toilet.”

Jon heard his mother say this and understood she was serious, he was going to have to be a toilet for his mother and he didn’t know if he knew what he was in for.

She lowered herself above her son’s face and she could feel her pussy dripping, her pubes were damp and her heavy pussy lips dragged against his face. She could feel his breath as Jon turned his face directly into his mother’s hanging pussy. He saw her strain, and then a jet of hot yellow piss struck him on the forehead.

“Son, like i said– you are a toilet now, and you are going to take your mother’s piss into your mouth, and you are going to swallow, Now do as you are told and do not let my urine get anywhere but in your mouth. The drain is plugged so anything you miss you are going to have to drink and finish. You will not leave this tub until you do, and maybe you will have to stay here even after that.”

with that she re positioned herself and let a steady stream of salty yellow piss pour into her son’s mouth, He wasn’t drinking fast enough and a dark yellow pool began to accumulate around his head.        Jon was trying to drink as fast as he could but it cascaded down around him. His cock got even harder despite how hard he tried to silence it. He saw beneath his mother’s pussy and its flowing stream of piss, her asshole. The piss had wetted the pubes around her hole so it was fully exposed now and its girth seemed emense. It was a dark wrinkled ring that was glistening with piss and a muskiness that was becoming more and more noticable. He could see now that there were light brown streaks within the wrinkles and folds. And his mother’s anus was quivering and winking right above his face now. A little fart blew in his face and he felt his cock surge and nearly cum. He heard his mother strain a bit and call down to him from above,

“Son? my toilet…prepare to take your mother’s shit. And get ready to eat it, all of it. I hope you are aware of what is about to happen and what that is going to mean for you. You are about to have your mother shit on your face for you to consume. Now that i have realized that this is what you wanted i have decided that I want this to, and you will from here on out be your mother’s own personal toilet slave. When i shit you will be there underneath me to consume it. When your mother has to pee– you are going to drink it. I will not need toilet paper any longer and if my anus ever needs a cleaning you are going to clean it. I am your mother, and you are my toilet.” As jennifer declared this she felt overcome with power and eros. She liked having control over her son now completely. She was turned on knowing that his role in life was now to service her. She wanted to punish him for lying, but now she was soaring with sexual desire and knowledge. She felt her bowels move and she began to push a huge stiff turd out of her anus for her son to take.         Jon saw his mom’s asshole pulse open and a thick dark brown tube of shit began to emerge. it was stiff and pointed straight out of his mother’s ass as it crackled and slid closer towards him. He knew his mother was serious, but he liked the humiliation. Her shit hung above his mouth and then fell heavily onto his face.     “put it in your mouth and chew it.” jennifer ordered, “Now! and swallow…good boy. How do you like your new role? do you like knowing that your eating your mother’s shit? we are going to have to figure out some logistics about this, because when i need to go you will have to be there. Now, lick your mother’s anus and clean the shit from my hole”

Jon began licking hungrily at his mom’s puckered asshole and worked to clean the ring in full. Then jennifer reached down and pulled her asscheeks apart as her newly cleaned hole bulged out once and then unloaded a massive load of soft shit that sprayed outward with force onto jon’s face and began caking and accumulating.

“There you go, boy. Now eat that all and meet me back in your room. Jennifer then pulled on her pair of painties and Jon watched as it spread into her shit caked ass completley evenloping the thong. she stepped out over him and smiled down on him.

“We’ll this is going to be very good for you Jonathan, you won’t have to worry about what to do after graduation, and you wont have to worry about what a woman’s body is like. You will now have your future with me. My vagina, yes your mother’s hairy cunt, and my wide girthy anus– are all you will ever need.  I am very pleased that you are my shit eating son now, and i am pleased that you demonstrated that you were not just looking to learn about women pooping or peeing, but that you want to have your mother shit on you when she feels like it, and that you are going to do that.      Now, finish eating your pile of my scat, and finish every last drop of your mother’s pee. I am going to start taking over your bedroom to convert into what will be needed for you. We are going to have to tell your sister, so i would like you to call her and explain that you will. now be my toilet slave, and that we will be doing away with our old toilet for good so you will have to become her toilet as well. once you are finished with your first of many. meals we are going to visit the sex shop and we will purchase a chastity cage for your penis, Jon. I think we will keep watching videos together and find out if there are any other things that you are attracted to, other than that your cock will be under lock and key and in a cage. I may let you out to inspect your penis, but otherwise you won’t be allowed to have access.this is the start of something great


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