Strangers in my house

I got home from work one day to see a guy probably in his 20’s sitting on the sofa. When I asked what he was doing there he told me he was waiting for his girlfriend who was in the bedroom trying some clothes on for a party his and his girlfriend were going to. I passed him a beer and made my way to the bedroom. I knocked on the door and when there was no answer I opened it and walked in. There was A with a young woman between her legs eating her like her life depended on it.

I kissed A, squeezed her breasts and kissed her again. The woman looked up at me, she just smiled then went back to enjoying A. “I think she needs a good cock inside her” I laughed at A’s suggestion but the look on her face told me she was serious. “But be quick so he doesn’t get suspicious” Dropping my pants and rubbing my cock that couldn’t be more erect if I tried I lined up behind the woman. She tensed at first but as the head of my cock passed her entrance she relaxed, giving herself freely with a soft moan.

I began to fuck her slowly at first until I looked at A who seemed a little pissed that I wasn’t being as quick as she wanted me to be. (I was enjoying the tightness). I picked up the pace forcing the woman to be more aggressive as she ate A. I wasn’t going to last long mainly because of how good she felt but also because I didn’t want to piss A off. When I finally unloaded in her her first words were for me to not cum in her which came a few seconds after I had. OOPS. Pulling out of her I moved to A’s head offered her my cock and she sucked me clean causing me to get hard again. I was ready to go again until she told me to get out and keep the guy occupied til they finished.

I walked back in the front room, telling him they would be a little while but his girlfriend had looked amazing (I wasn’t lying there). It was another half an hour or so before they came back into the room. The girl thank A and told her she would return the clothes in a couple of days. After they left I asked A who they were. “I have no clue, I met them at the Mall, I liked the way she looked got horny told her I could help out took her home and that’s when you came in” I asked her why she had only taken her into the bedroom and she said that she hadn’t been in the mood for cock other than mine.

The girl return the clothes as promised a few days later, she had broken up with her boyfriend, A had consoled her for a while but then showed her the best way to get over a break up, unfortunately I was at work when that happened, by the time I got home they were both asleep cuddling. I left them to sleep, they woke a couple of hours later and the woman left. We never saw her again after that, a shame really because she was very cute.

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