Stranger in the swimming bath locker

I was at the swimming bath alone. My nipples were hard because the water was cold. I stepped to my seat. Next to my seat was an old guy he was like 50+ (I am 22). I saw that there was something growing in his swimming pants. He looked at me and said that he is really sorry for that. He wanted to change the seat but I said that there is no problem for getting hard. Nobody was around. I asked him if he likes to touch my tits because I really like getting attention by old men. He asked if I am really sure to let him touch them but I saw no problem. He touched my left breast really soft. I moaned a little bit. He asked me if it hurt but it felt good. I asked him if he want to see more. He said yes. We went to the lockers and I pulled down my bikini and he pulled down his swimming pants. His dick was still hard. I spread my cheeks and he started fucking me doggy style. It felt amazing. He had no condom so I trusted him to pull out when he would unload his balls. After 10 Minutes edging him he couldn’t hold any longer. He pulled out I turned around and stuck his cock inside my mouth. He came deep inside my throat. His cum didn’t stoped coming out of his dick. I swallowed everything. My pussy was really wet. He started fingering my pussy until I came as well. I squirted all over the floor. Suddenly it knocked on the door to the locker. I was shocked. Maybe it is a lifeguard who noticed us having sex in the locker.
He opened the door and another old guy entered the locker. It was his friend who was appointed with him to go swimming. I was so horny that I opened his jeans and started to blow his friends dick. He was confused I think but he enjoyed it.
The first guy started to fuck my pussy again. It all went for a long time. I laid down on the ground and the second guy set on my and started to fuck my tits. While the second guy fucked my tits the first guy went to my head and started fucking my mouth. He came again in my mouth. The second guy turned me around and started fingering my asshole. It hurt really much. He spit in my asshole and started ramming his dick in my tight asshole.
He couldn’t hold for long and let his load all inside my asshole. He pulled out and his cum flowed out of my ass. I was done. That was a really crazy experience.

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