Story of how I (M 22) met my first cuckold couple in Kochi Kerala, Part-1

Me 22(M) from a strict conservative Tamil household, I buried all my desires and kinks inside me when I was in my native. When I graduated college got a job offer in Kochin, Kerala. I immediately decided to go there and explore things. I reached Kerala around 2020 November. I always had an attraction towards older women decided to act on that. During that time, I came to know about cuckold and found that very hot. So, I worked online to find someone. That’s the way I came to know about Locanto. At first, I started searching for couple but most of the encounters I got were call girl services and escorts (Shitty). A little bit later I realized that finding genuine couple in Locanto is not possible through this way. So, I took a different approach and posted an advertisement with myself as a bull with description. From that advertisement I got decent number of enquiries. Just because Kerala isn’t my native many people felt free to speak openly to me. After few conversations, I got clicked with a middle-aged couple. I sent my picture and then they sent theirs without faces. I questioned about that they replied that this is their first time meeting a Bull. The wife was kind of chubby, and I liked her. I assure them that their secrecy will be maintained. We planned to meet near a park. So, on the meet day I went to the spot around 4.45 (Meeting was scheduled on 5pm) and I waited there called and texted multiple time and no response. I left after an hour to my place. When I reach my place, I got a text from them being sorry for not showing up. I was literally pissed off and asked for the reason. The husband said that they saw me from distance, but due to this was their first time the wife got nervous and compelled him to call off the meeting. I didn’t react too much and told them to take their time text me when they are ready. Few days later one Saturday morning I got a text from the husband saying that she was ready to meet that evening. I asked him that everything happening here are with his wife knowledge and he said that she’s totally okay with this but a little bit shy and nervous. I assure him that I take it slow and make her comfortable with me. I travelled via metro for 30 mins and reached the park he mentioned and texted him where he is. After about 5 to 10 mins, he came and picked me up. We went to a Oyo hotel right at that moment I came to know that they booked the hotel previously when I asked him about that he said he has his mother and others live in the house. I also thought that this is a better option. When we got into the room, I was surprised…. (Part-2)

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