Stories of a sexual relationship with thicc asian momma past and present.

Hi and thanks for dropping in.

I’m open to listing and perhaps speaking about a complicated and sexualised relationship at home with my own mum although what I’m about to write could explain a great part of the story.

There’s been intimacy in general at home mainly after my dad had a lot of medical issues and although a number of reasons, me and my mum did share a room because of all of that.

For reference she’s 55, almost 56. Thicc bodied, big brown bum, hairy etc.

It is fair to say it’s a sexual relationship and has been here for many years and tbh the online world has been a lot more welcoming in being interested in that.

Probably through sharing a room, my dad being unwell, issues emotionally and financially, being dependent on me for that etc caused a lot of stuff to be blurred and it’s a gradual thing I mean nudity or whatever has always been kinda open door (not sexually or anything) but once you become comfortable with someone the nudity was flowing behind closed doors and has led into 6 years of a hyper sexual relationship at home.

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