Stories explaining a sexual relationship with mature thicc asian momma.


It’s best to give some context into detailing the relationship with my mother and in general I am always open to speaking about the sexual relationship at home which has been going on for the best part of 8 years now.
It started around the age of 20 and at the time my mother was around 50.
Both parties are fully comitted although of course if it wasn’t on here I wouldn’t be spewing it to the world and despite what porn might say it’s definitely still somewhat surreal lol.

Growing up at home whilst it was a very normal household cultural nudity was far less taboo than in the west so it was more of an open door policy however in terms of when this relationship started it was a mixture of reasons, mainly when my dad was sick and hospitalised.
There was issues around dependency, financial issues, we shared a bed, we shared nudity, life became more insular and a whole mixing bowl of emotions led to this mad situation.
I would be lying to suggest it was oh mum you are so hot lol.

(Also if you need a quick overview of my mother, she’s 56, thicc, big mom bod with a slight belly, very hairy vagina, 5’5, natural mom really)

In genral it took around maybe 8 months into sharing a room/bed upstairs to the point where any form of sexual contact happened and nothing was ever said about it but I suppose once you’ve crossed that line it’s also a lot easier to mentally deal with it because there’s no going back.

It is a hyper sexual relationship and whilst I don’t walk around the town telling people my mum is my girlfriend, it’s fair to say my mum is my girlfriend and 8 years of sex qualifies that lol.

No one knows within my world and I don’t ever see that changing but on the flip side I don’t ever see this relationship changing anytime soon minus introducing anyone else into it.
I suppose when people call me a motherfucker it holds more weight than before lol.

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