Stole My Money and Fucked My Wife by 1843

My wife Shauna told me not to open a door to let Nick back into our lives, but I didn’t listen. Nick was our business partner a few years ago, almost ten now. What kind of business doesn’t really matter but it was a retail store and money was going missing. When confronted about it he would deny any knowledge of what could be going wrong even though we both knew there was nobody else to suspect. It was awkward because I thought we were friends.

We had known Nick for a few years and used to hang out all the time. Had drinks, ate out, saw movies, went camping and hiking even. They were more into the hiking and I was more into the drinking. But that was okay with me, kept wifey fit and I wasn’t guilted into skipping out on them because she could go with Nick and his girlfriend Kelly. Kelly was pretty hot but she and I never really got to be all that friendly. Shauna liked her alright but really we were friends with Nick. He could be pushy and manipulative. Shauna always called him a grifter behind his back and seemed to not think much of him while we were in private. In public when we were out she was all smiles and we got along famously.

When money started going missing it was Shauna who immediately suspected Nick. Even after he denied it she seemed so certain he was lying. In the end when I proved it to him with receipts of when the money was missing and how it only ever coincided with his shifts, when he was caught he simply said he was going to pay it back. Obviously we couldn’t continue working together and managed to separate with him technically “owing” us four thousand dollars.

That was four years ago and I heard he was back in town and wanted to go ask him if he ever planned on ever paying us back. Shauna begged me not to. She said he was no good and for some reason the more she protested, the more I wanted to go handle this situation. As though I was afraid of Nick? I had kicked him to the curb before, right? He slipped out of town before like a coward, but he still owed us that money, so what was the harm in asking?

I should have listened to my wife. When we met up, Nick was his usual charming self and made his insincere apologies and endless excuses. It made me feel (stupidly) as though I showed him and my wife that I was capable of asserting myself when I needed to. That he was apologizing to me! I felt vindicated. Really I was a fool.

The truth was that of course he stole the money and of course I would never see a penny of it, but what I didn’t know was that Nick used to fuck Shauna behind my back.

It started with some clumsy drunken flirting and then after I passed out a few times, she and Kelly would fool around a little and then Nick would join in. At first she and Kelly were just joking around but after a few drinks and Kelly’s persistent sincere flirting, Shauna gave in. Most of it was having a boy to tease at the beginning as Nick would watch in awe at their displays, prompting them further, begging, but eventually he just comfortably slid in and Shauna had to admit that she wanted it to happen. She felt bad lying to me about fooling around with our friends behind my back but was hoping it was a momentary lapse in judgement.

But on another night when Kelly wasn’t there and I had passed out early, Nick decided that he could take what he already had before. Shauna later told me she had protested but not enough to stop him. It wasn’t rape but she was telling him she didn’t want to see him any more and he would guilt her about her lying to me. Threaten to tell me and expose her cheating.

Once she let him take her like that and he watched her succumb to a powerful orgasm impaled on his big cock, he began to thrive on her surrender to him. He didn’t care that she didn’t like him, hated him even, he just wanted to fuck her to completion out of sheer sociopathic dominance. So she gave into his wanton desires and eventually hiking just became a euphemism for going to a cheap hotel and banging it out.

When the money was going missing, she knew it was him. She’d suspected he was using that money for the cheap hotels he was renting for their fuck sessions. She felt so guilty about all of it because she still loved me and did not love him but the sex was so dirty and hot, it was hard for her to say no.

Once I confronted him about the money and there was no reason for him to always be around, Shauna got a clean start in a way. I think he never told me that he was fucking my wife because he was afraid I would call the cops on him and as he left on good terms with a promise to pay me back, really he got away with it. I didn’t know any of that. Her protests just sounded like a protective wife who wanted to protect me from this guy. Sadly, I misunderstood and instead saw it as a way to show my wife that I was proactive and confident. I didn’t realize what I was inviting back into our lives.

Nick was no longer with Kelly and after a few nights out getting drinks, his new girlfriend disappeared. I never even learned her name. He would bring a string of other women out with us though afterwards. But the first time he came over without Kelly I didn’t realize that while I was in the kitchen making dinner, that he was finger fucking my wife on our couch. We were all talking. They were in the living room and I was chopping and washing and stirring in the kitchen and yelling back my responses. I would pop my head in every five or ten minutes but only for a moment before I needed to return to the stove. They were sitting right next to one another on the couch, wine glasses in hand. Shauna in a knee length dress.

Apparently everything was fine until one moment when I had just gone back to cooking and he put down his wine glass and in one fluid motion slid his hand up her thigh, under her dress, over her panties and then up into her forcefully before she could say a word. She was in shock to be violated this way. Did he think because he had her before that he had every right to take her whenever he felt like it? She couldn’t think of anything other than how her body was responding automatically within three or four thrusts of his fingers inside her. His dead sociopathic eyes were creepy with his smile as he watched her surrender to him. But the moment she understood that she would indeed cum on his hand just like this within seconds was the moment he started talking to me as if the conversation was totally normal and he wasn’t knuckles deep in my wife, about to make her cum. The disgusting nature of him having no shame or guilt about his actions was somehow entrapping to Shauna and she came involuntarily but she still savored the pleasure that rippled throughout her body at his hand.

We had dinner and after I passed out that night they just moved into the bedroom like it was theirs and she didn’t even put up any kind of protest, not a word. Nick used that quiet complicity as his ticket to every ride in the park. He just severely owned her for a few hours, every hole, in various positions. Sweaty, nasty, hard sex to his every instruction and direction and ultimate pleasure.

For her part, Shauna later admitted to me that she came so many times there was no way to count. She still loves me and does not even really like Nick, but she couldn’t or wouldn’t stop him from taking what he wanted from her. By the time I woke up in the living room, all that was left of them was the destruction they left in their wake. Clothes and cushions were thrown around the room like they had stripped off and fucked right in front of me before leaving a trail of spilled wine toward our bedroom. The sheets were drenched in sweat and whatever else and the room looked like a tornado hit it.

The closet had been left open and I notice our secret cache of sex toys was out of its hiding spot. Some of those dildos and vibrators were laying around, bottles of lube were uncapped and clearly used.

Inside our en suite bathroom her make up was everywhere and his car gone.

Still a bit drunk, it hadn’t fully dawned on me what was going on until I found my phone. I was just going to text Shauna to make sure she was safe.

It was 5am.

I finally found my phone wedged in the couch cushions and it had over fifty messages, some from my wife’s phone but even more from Nick himself.

At 2am Shauna texted me that she was going out with Nick to get more drinks and not to worry about her. I didn’t know any liquor store stores or bars in the area that stayed open this late, but that all turned out to be mute since the second message was a picture from Nick of Shauna at the edge of our bed, naked, looking freshly fucked while she was on her phone. Judging by the timing of the two messages, she must have been texting me and not aware he was showing me the truth.

That’s how it went for a bunch of texts. She would say they met some old friend randomly and were going to hang with her at her place, someone that I don’t know of course, meanwhile the next few pics I get are of Shauna in the passenger seat of his car in a see thru blouse, unbuttoned halfway and a cup-less bra underneath. Just a black underwire helping to lift up her pretty titties in front of her, offering them up to anyone who stood before her. Then her looking up from his lap, his dick in her mouth as he drives. Then her stripping off what little she had on in some filthy motel with stained carpets and then riding him, her tits flopping around like googly eyes, her face like a deer caught in head lights.

Things devolved quickly from there.

Pictures started coming in of Nick pounding away at my wife again but someone else was holding the camera! These were coming from her phone too, so there was no pretending anymore. Other pictures started showing more guys I didn’t know, all of them taking turns in my wife. Even between fuck sessions there were pictures of my wife standing in bra and panties or her skirt pushed up over her hips while she was having a drink and random guys had their hands on her tits, down her front fingering her or just removing what little clothing she had remaining.

Nick sent a video of her being pronged by two guys at the same time, one in the pussy and one in the ass, which I assume was her first time, but she took it like a champ even though it looked rough. She grunted and bounced off the dual assault and came hard and let out this long guttural moan like I had never heard before. It went on for almost a minute or two like she was hyperventilating and when it was over and she was all glassy eyed and still full of cock I heard Nick ask her if she had anything she wanted to say to me, her husband.

Looking right into the camera she said with dead eyes, almost like a plea, “I told you not to let him back into our lives… I warned you and now look…” as she was talking someone from off camera decided it was time to finish and started shooting his load onto Shauna’s cheek and forehead, one shot, two, then three big wads that landed on her placid face and began to slide down. Her mouth was offered to clean him and rather than continue talking to me, she put herself to the reflexive task of cleaning cock with her mouth.

The guys around all laughed and mocked me saying, “she warned you, dog!” Or, “yeah, now look, see what happens, bitch!” None of which phased her in the slightest.

There were other pics and videos but the only one was the text from Nick that read;

“Good news! I figured out how I’m going to get the money to pay you back with. Here’s a hint; I’m going to pimp your wife for about four thousand dollars worth in these next few days. I never felt bad fucking her behind your back or taking your money, cuz you’re never going to do anything about it. At least now we don’t have to sneak around behind your back any more. Now you know your place. Make sure you clean the house up nice before I drop her off, cuz she’s gonna be worn out. Lol”

I’m not sure when specifically I came in my pants but it was both before I threw up and afterwards too.

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