Step Mom Nurse

Slightly long but very worth it.

Some quick background. My fathers girlfriend who is basically my stepmom (F51) is naturally slighty more tanned with a huge firm ass with toned abs but not the too manly looking ones and small but tight tits. She works part-time as a nurse so goes to the gym multiple times a week to stay in shape. I’ve always had sexual thoughts about her throughout the years from I was 18. Now 29.

These feelings were really tapped into one time when we went to a wedding on my fathers side, along with him my stepmom and two sisters. There was plenty of alcohol at it and everyone was getting pretty drunk come the night time. My stepmom had disappeared for well over an hour and my father had starting cause fights he was that drunk. Myself (Around 22) and my oldest sister (F27) had been told that our father was causing arguments and it was time for him to be removed from the party and be wise to go to his hotel room. We couldn’t find him so decided to check his hotel room which we had the spare key to, to see if he had made the decision to put himself to bed.

Only to find he had not in the room but there lying on her side in the bed naked with half the white hotel sheets on and half off was our passed out stepmom. Tanned up for the wedding looking stunning against the white bedding with her right leg bent up to her chest exposing her lovely trimmed black haired milf pussy and big curvy ass along with a slight show of sideboob nipple. This seemed like I was staring at this image for ages when in fact it was only around 5seconds as my sister in disgust at what we found dragged me out of the room and locked the door again. Looking back on it I wish I decided to get the key and go back up to wank over her and cum on her ass letting in run into her hairy pussy as she wouldn’t have woken up with all the drink she had. I fantasy about that night every so often and have great wanks over what could’ve happened.

It was from this night I knew I was keen on having some sexual engagement with my stepmom. Through the next couple of years nothing happened bar a few small areola peeks on sunny holidays in bikinis until the week of my 29th birthday in August last year.

I had went to my fathers house for some help on a finance form I was filling in. We went up to his study which had a view of the upstairs bathroom from the doorway. My stepmom was getting a shower at the time but with her not knowing I was in the house the door wasn’t closed tight. I gave my father the finance form and he started typing up the information on the computer. With his back to me I tried to shuffle back to the study door to see if I could get any peek of my stepmom in the shower without him noticing, I caught glimpses of her head when she washed her long black hair but unfortunately the shower the doors where the half frosted kind to cover private areas. I could still make out her incredible figure which was getting me hard thinking back to the image from the hotel night engraved in my brain. Suddenly the water stopped running and I managed to get a glimpse of her cute perky tits as she got out of the shower before she walked into the middle of the bathroom dry off which I couldn’t see from where I was standing.

I had to then help my father with the information for the finance form so couldn’t get away with standing at the back of the room, shortly after I heard his bedroom door close tight so I knew nothing more was going to happen. After leaving his house and driving home I was so hard I was craving to make a move on my stepmom but never had any hints or flirting so was afraid of messing everything up and my father finding out I tried it on with his girlfriend. I was so horny for her but was too afraid to try anything so let my fantasies be fantasies.

Until about a week after the shower scenario I discovered a lumpy gland above my penis around my pelvis area, with her being a nurse I text her that I needed help with something private but was too embarrassed to go to a stranger and didn’t want my father knowing either but I wanted her to look at it for an opinion on what it is or what to do.

She replied that my father was in work and I could call round if I was free. Once I arrived at their house she asked what it was I needed help with. I was so embarrassed but thinking the worst I bit the bullet and told her. She was great nurse so didn’t laugh or anything and said she has inspected plenty of private male parts.

She took me into the bathroom upstairs as it had the best lighting and clean tiled floor area to work on. Then she told me to undo my shorts and to show her problem. I pulled everything down showing her my flaccid penis as I wasn’t aroused in anyway because of how worried I was about the lump.

As she started to exam she explained right away that everything was fine with it and it was just a swollen gland from a flu I had at the time which made perfect sense as I was loaded with a cold. This put all my nerves to ease and she asked if it was ok to do a full check just while I was there. I agreed and as she was fondling around my balls I slowly started to grow in size and couldn’t help it.

I tried to think of other things to stop the full hard on I was about to get but there was no stopping it as now that had nothing to worry about I was picturing her sexually again. She obviously began to notice I was getting an erection and all I could do was apologise knowing to myself nothing would happen until when she finished with my balls she slowly grabbed my shaft and told me what a nice cock I had which shocked me but at the same time as she stroked felt so good causing me to moan.

She told me to keep this as a secret between us before she wrapped her juicy lips around my bellend and started to give me the best sloppiest blowjob I’ve ever had. I didn’t last more than a minute before telling her I couldn’t hold it anymore. She pulled my rock hard dick out of her mouth and finished me all over her face with her eyes closed and mouth open. I must’ve shot 6-7 ropes of thick white cum all over her. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and that it was one of my fantasies.

I was so upset I didn’t get the chance to fuck her from behind but hopefully i’ll get the opportunity one day to do so as she’s so hot and slutty I know now.

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