Step daddy [50M] used me [22F] as a fuck doll

This story is about the first time my step daddy used me with absolutely no regard for me and my needs.

Outside of the obvious kink of fucking family, we are still new to kink in general.

That said, I have always been interested but never had a partner I fully trusted to do most of the things I wanted, so daddy’s the first to hear about most of my fantasies and desires.

He is intrigued by some things, but a lot of what we do is because I like it or want to try it, and he gets turned on by my pleasure.

He’s a very kind, gentle, generous, and loving dom during sex because of this, which works well for us.

I kept telling him I loved it when he focused on his own needs with me, to basically just use me like a fleshlight or sex doll.

He will do that sometimes, but he still makes me cum 5+ times every time as well, usually that many before we even start penetrative sex.

Which, I mean… I’m definitely not complaining, especially since the cumming is because he *enjoys* making me cum, which is why he always makes sure it happens multiple times.

But just once, I wanted him to just use my body to make himself cum without any focusing on me whatsoever. Just use me and be done with me.

We started out like we often do, me giving him a back massage.

As I lightly ran my fingernails up and down his back, the fine hairs on his back started to stand up and he started to shiver slightly.

I knew this meant that he was starting to get turned on, so I continued what I was doing, and then I got on my knees and started lightly kissing up and down his back instead.

This got him to start wriggling and moaning. I kissed his neck, licked his earlobe, and lightly blew in his ear. This is always the magic trick for him, and after a couple minutes of me teasing his ear, he turned onto his back.

Normally, he pulls me in for kisses and we make out for a little bit, usually with a ome hands involved too. But this time, daddy immediately started pushing me down.

I squealed, because as much as I normally love how much he pleasures me while using me, it was making my whole body tingle and hum knowing he was focusing on his own pleasure and completely ignoring my own.

I pulled out his dick and thanked him.

I absolutely love giving head, even more than he enjoys receiving it, so I always thank him.

He responded by just pushing on my head again, and I could feel my panties get wet with that. I started to go down on him, alternating between licking the shaft and balls, swirling around the tip, and deep throating the entire thing. He started pushing into my mouth and groaning, and then he quickly pulled me up so as not to cum too soon.

I adore when he does this.

It makes me feel powerful, like I’m doing an extra good job that he is about to cum after only a few minutes, plus, he tends to be a little more forceful which I’m sure he’s learned by now I like.

He pulled me on top, so I was straddling him. He unhooked my bra and took off both my bra and shirt in one go. He went straight to my left breast , sucking and licking my nipple while his hand started pinching the other nipple. I love having my nipples tortured, so this caused me to start grinding on him.

After a few minutes, he pulled me down for a kiss. I was still grinding against him and he still had a nipple in one hand and the other was holding my neck as he kissed me so I practically panted as I begged him to fuck any hole he wanted.

This was all he needed, me begging for his glorious cock, and he pushed me off of him, flipped me onto my stomach, then pulled my hips up so I was ass up and face down, yanking my leggings and panties down so quickly I thought they’d tear. The idea of that alone sent more wetness to my pussy.

He started by savoring entering my pussy, but after a moment he changed his mind.

He pulled out the lube and I let out a little excited squeal. I love anal. He lined up his cock to my asshole and slowly started entering. He always starts slow, so I can get used to it, but last night once he was all the way in, he just started fucking me hard and fast. This alone got me so hot I came after just two minutes or so.

As I was cumming, he somehow started fucking me even harder, holding me down by the shoulders so he could go as deep as possible, causing another orgasm to build up.

I can be quite loud during sex, and he has a roommate who was home, so he covered my mouth with one hand, the other still pulling my shoulder, and used both hands to continue to leverage himself so he could push deep and fast into me.

He has never covered my mouth before, but that was all I needed to finish off the second orgasm in a spectacular way.

He kept pounding and pounding, occasionally slapping my ass, reaching around to choke me, sometimes pulling me up on my knees so he could easily play with my nipples and then shoving my face back down on the bed so he could put all his weight into my asshole, sometimes pulling me back so it was more like I was sitting on his lap bouncing on his cock and then pushing me forward to shove me face down again.

This was making me so wet I literally dripped on the bed.

The first two orgasms were just natural responses to being used, but now I wanted to play with my clit.
He had one hand spreading my cheeks, one hand pushing down on my back so I stayed head down. He was pushing down so hard into me it felt like his balls were starting to enter too, ha.

I loved it, and rubbing my clit for a few seconds or so was all I needed to cum again.

Knowing he was literally balls deep and purely using me did most of it.

I buried my face into the bed as my orgasm felt like it was going to make me scream, it felt so good.

I let myself calm down for a few seconds, and then very quickly went back to it, since I knew he was close. He started pushing down into me, so we ended up in more of an almost prone bone position rather than doggy.

As I came again, he started making his about to cum groans (*so fucking hot to hear btw, guys – don’t be silent*), so I dragged out my orgasm as long as possible so he could push as deep into me as possible while he came in my needy little asshole.

I thanked him for using me when all was said and done and he gave me a kiss.

I nearly melted right on the spot.

What can I say?

There’s absolutely nothing better than being daddy’s little cum slut.

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