Stella Fucked By Childhood Friend Sameer

Hi all readers. This is my first story so pls forgive me for name is sameer. I’m 23 yrs old stays in mumbai. I have completed my engg. I am 5’8 in hieght and have quite good physique becoz of regular gym. This incident happened when I was 20. I had an friend named stella. She was my school mate. We were friends from childhood. But it never went beyond that.We grew up and she moved to her vilage after school completion for her further studies. I also got to college and had an girlfrnd all that kind of stuff in college. I also had sex with my girlfriend but that is another story. Then after few years stella came back to mumbai for christmas celebrations. As she being christian they celebrate the occassion on large scale.So I being childhood frnd was known by his parents also. So they invited me for party and also informed me that Stella( my sex goddess) is also coming to home. So on that day I made my self ready and went to her home. All the guests were talking and chi chtting with each other. As I was standing in a corner and waiting for sum1 with whom I can talk, there comes a fully grown ul girl in white dress.When I first saw her,i was just continuously staring at her figure. It was typical figure of an south indian grown up female. The lady was continuously coming close towards me and I was busy in staring at her boobs size and cleavage which was quite visible through her dress. Then she came near me and tapped my shoulder bringing me into senses, she said hi.Meeting u after so long, then I took a quite good look on her face and recognised her to be none other than Stella. Then we started to have a regular chat abt studiez and all. But I was still staring at her boobs. She caught me many times, then when I saw her seeing me I was embarassed. I started to avoid having a eye contact with her.After some brief moment of silence she broke the ice and asked, Do you hav girlfriend? I replied, yes but kind of No girlfriend. She asked what does that mean? Than I knew she was showing some interest in me. Then I also lied to her. I told that my girlfriend is typical girl, not allowing me to take any liberties and dont allow me to do anything.Then she laughed and said, ‘ And u boys all want some liberties and wanna try somethng’, right? I was like, yes u may be also knowing that. Then she gave me her number and stored mine. And said we wil talk later. Then there was a celebration and aftrr that I bid good bye to my darling and her family and left for home.But after coming to home I was unable to keep stella out of my mind, bcoz of her boobs and ass size. She was not quite beautiful frm face, but her figure has become to die for. I was continuously thinking of her and also shagged on her name in the night. Next in the morning, I got msg frm her of good morning. And then I replied back and our conversation started.It went on frm general talks to topic of sex. Then I came to know that she had an affair in her village and recently had an break up due to some reasons which she avoided to tell initially. But I kept on insisting her to tell unless she said it. She said that I her bf was just wanted to have sex with her, but she also declined his request. So he broke up with her.All this chat was going through and it was the lunch time for her. So she asked to meet in evening and go for movie. And then she went for lunch. I also had my lunch, and evening got ready and went to korum mall. It was decided earlier, to meet there. She came bit late. We went to get tickets and got it easily as the movie was released long time back.So we got an corner seat and statted to have a conversation. As we wanted chat, we werw least bothered abt movie. We started and our conversation quickly moved on to sex. Then she asked me that, ‘At what you were staring at last night’? Then I frankly said that, at her grown up hips and boobs. She hit me on my shoulder and started to watch movie.But now my brother in my pant was out of control. So I decided to take chance. So I just touched her thighs slightly, she didnt said anything. So I got some courage and started to move in upward direction. I reached at her pussy and started roll my fingers on it. I found that she is already wet. Then I entered my hand in her pants and started fingering her.She was quite excited and started moaning in low voice by controlling his mouth. Then I took my cock out of my pant and gave it in her hand. She started to rub it slowly and I was fingering her vigourously. She also started to enjoy it. Then she had an quite heavy orgasm and stopped to rub my cock. After some time, she came back to her senses. I asked her to give me blowjob.At first she was reluctant, but I took her mouth on my cock and made her to suck my cock. She started it slowly and after few minutes she blew me. It was great feeling. While she was busy in giving BJ I was fondling her boobs. After that we decided to move toy house which was empty.So we left the theater room and went to washroom, after cleaning ourselves we moved on to my room. On my way I purchased some condoms and took stella with me to my room. We moved in my room and locked the room. Stella said before we start she needed to use washroom and she went inside.i also used another washroom and made myself ready for goid fucking session.She came out without her pants only in top and undergarments. She came and sat near me in hall on sofa. I was watching her from top to bottom and she qas shining with some water droplets on her body. I started caressing her face, and took my hands in her hairs. She was keeping her face down and was smiling.I made my grip firm on her hairs and brought her face near me and started smooching her. We kissed for 5 minutes passionately and I was trying to enter my hands in her top but was unsuccessful. She then broke the kiss and opened her top for me. Then I saw her boobs which were trying to be freed. Her boobs were so big that they were coming out of her bra.She was looking damn sexy in black bra and panty. She then removed my shirt and pant. I was just in my undies and my small brother was already making tent in that underwear. I then freed her boobs from her bra and I saw the most beautiful pair of boobs. They were just lyk saying to knead them hard.I just started to knead them and pressing them so hard that Stella said me to be slow becoz it was hurting her. I started eating one boobs and kneading other. Her boobs was so big that I was unable to take it in my one hand. Later I came to know that her size was 36 30 38. Then I started kissing her whole body and went to her pussy.
I was eating her pussy with panties on, stella was moaning so hard. She was moaning ‘Ohh sameer please u r making me go mad, oh my god’. Then I removed her panty and I got the view of her pussy which was clean shaven. She said she cleaned it for me on today morning only. I went mad and started licking her pussy. She was moaning heavily.Then after licking pussy for some time, I started fucking her with my tongue. I was rubbing her clitoris and tongue fucking her. She was moaning and asking me for more. She was nearing her orgasm and pressed my head hard in her pussy. She came so hard that I was unable to breath. Then I showed her my cock and asked for blow job and she readily accepted it.She was blowing me like a pro. I was in heaven. She made me cum like never before. Then we switched ourselves to 69 position and had licked each others private parts for some time. After that she asked me to fuck right now. She wanted my cock badly in her pussy. I made her lie on her back and positioned my 8 inch cock on the entrance of her pussy.But she was worried that it will pain a lot becoz of my huge size. I assured her that it will be fine. So I took condom and wear it on my cock and started to enter her. It was so tight to enter. It started paining for both of us becoz it was her first tym. So I started massaging her boobs and kissing her to divert her mind.In that while I took my cock little back and gave a huge thrust which entered my cock half in her pussy. She was trying to shout but was unable to do so becoz I was keeping my mouth on her to kiss her. I stayed in that position for some time. And started kissing her again. Her pain was subsiding and after some time she was calm. Then I started stroking myself slowly in het pussy.She was also enjoying and started to match me by moving his huge butts beneath me. She was continuously moaning and kissing me. She was telling me u really are a hunk. She told me that, u really know how to satisfy a woman. I’m grateful to have u as my man. She was enjoying the nice hard fuck and in that while I saw that my full length cock has started to disappear in her pussy.She was on the verge of coming and said me the same. I was continuously fucking her. She started to have an orgasm. It was great to watch her cum. It is always a moment of pride to see a satisfying look on your womans face. Then after she was done with her orgasm, I asked her for doggy style. She came on her all fours and I positioned my cock from her back on her pussy.Must See:  Aunty Ke Sath Mera Pehle Anubhav Hindi Sex kahani This time I pushed my cock in one go, this was a shocker for her. She was shouting loudly. I didnt cared about it and continuously fucked her. I kept her fucking hard. And aftet some time I was abt to come. She was again ready to cum. She came again and I also cummed hard and fell on her. We both were exhausted. We had a small nap. When I woke up stella was getting ready.She said me drop her to her place. I asked her did she enjoyed it? She said it was awesome, she never imagined that having sex would be so great and passionate. I asked her that I wanted to fuck her ass, she said no way. Your cock will tear my ass apart. It was already huge for my pussy. So then I got ready and dropped her on her place. She kissed me and bid me goodbye.Hope u all enjoyed my story. I know it has been so lengthy. I will try to avoid it next time when I write about how I fucked the huge tight ass of Stella. Till then goodbye.

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