Spreading wide open during a massage (30sFM)

Content warning: massage, ass play, light pussy spanking , fingering, spit

It started with what sounded like a moment of pampering – an offering for an early morning massage. I love a good massage, and even more so a massage from a man with strong hands.

So I stripped down and laid in bed on my stomach. Legs tight and arms by my side, I turned away from the window so the bright light wouldn’t get all in my face, but the crack in the curtains kept the room well illuminated . Turning on some music, and getting the coconut oil – I was so excited for this massage.

He started with massaging my back, moving down to my ass and legs. I absolutely love feeling His strong hands on me. He has these huge hands and they grip onto my body so well. He squeezes every part of me. Moving down to my feet, I started getting a foot massage, only soon to feel a wetness on my toes and realising my toes were in His mouth. The feeling of the wetness of His mouth on my toes, then the sucking and feeling His tongue run between my toes was driving me insane. At one moment k felt Him put all my toes into His mouth. I almost wanted to kick out of how amazing it felt. But instead He kept massaging my feet and making His way up.

I was lucky, He started rubbing my ass and pulling my ass cheeks apart. Then the teasing and touching started. I felt my ass be gripped, spanked and pulled apart. I knew my whole ass was fully exposed to Him. He started with kissed all over my ass and very soon He told em to open up. I opened my legs apart just a bit, only to be told to open them more. Eventually I was on bed with my legs spread wide apart, all while laying on my stomach. I’ll have to add a photo soon so you can see what position I was in.

I had my legs spread far apart, with His hands on my thighs pushing my legs up and apart. He started spreading my ass cheek and then I felt His mouth on my hole. Fuck. What an incredible feeling. I was getting so wet enjoying myself. Knowing this man is eating out my ass now. After a couple minutes I told Him I really needed to play with my clit.

He had me turn around, onto my bad and that’s when I decided to really embrace my slutty self and open my legs up wide for Him to watch while I played with my clit. He sat there just looking down at me as I rubbed my clit with my pretty light pink nails contrasting against the darkness of clit and pink pussy. He would look down and stop me so He could continuously spit on my pussy. I loved rubbing His spit into my pussy and on my clit. It’s the perfect lube. Eventually He could tell I needed more and He started playing with me. I told Him two of His big fingers was too much for my tight pussy and he started using just one. But that wasn’t all, it felt different and I realised He was playing with both my holes while I played with my clit. He fingered me deep, with His thumb in my ass. Eventually He got me loose enough to ram two fingers up inside me. Having both my wholes stuffed, being spread wide open on the bed in the morning day light and having my fingers playing with my own clit had me I. The perfect state of being a slut. A hungry women to feel amazing, fully exposed, having everything I want. Being finger fucked in my pussy, thumb pressed against my ass and fully on display for Him. I couldn’t help but start to cum and climax. And what a release it was.

I was shaking by the time I was done. And just because I was done, didn’t mean He was done – He kept toying with my pussy. It was driving me wild – I’d try to bring my hand to stop Him (not a red/stop moment) but He kept swatting my hand away. He kept having His way with my pussy until He could tell it was getting to be too much.

I was exhausted, my pussy sore from the finger, my tight never been used ass feeing it from His mouth and thumb. My own juices mixed with His spit filling me up between my legs. When He decided it was enough, the pussy spankings can’t. The pussy spankings where I can feel His whole hand on my pussy – where the clit gets touched occasionally. I got several pussy spanks and finally He was done with me. I took my slutty, overly exposed and fully used self to the shower. Feeling the soreness in my pussy from the stretching and fierce finger fucking He gave me. I enjoyed washing His spit out of my pussy.

And did I mention, the massage was His way of reciprocating His affection for me after I’ve been sucking His dick for as much as I possibly could? I’d happily keep sucking His dick all day and night if it means getting morning massages like this – where I’m used & over exposed for His, and my own pleasure.

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