Sonya Blade- Femmefatality by Crunchgasm

Sonya Blade hated that criminal. Kano was a vicious criminal, specifically a drug and weapons dealer coming from Australia. These were heinous crimes, but the cruel man had killed her partner on a mission aimed at ending the operations of the Black Dragon cartel Kano was a member of.

She would get her chance to avenge her partner’s violent death by participating in an interdimensional tournament, where an evil sorcerer named Shang Tsung hoped his army of monsters from the Outworld would secure a tenth consecutive victory, allowing him to invade Earthrealm.

Somehow, Kano was her opponent, as he came from a stone-built structure into the circular area covered in ochre sand.

Already visibly disdainful of Kano, the American Special Forces operative became even angrier when he spoke of slicing the throat of her partner.

All of a sudden, Kano struck, and Sonya had to block his knife attacks. The man with a thick beard was overconfident, and while the combatants’ hands blocked each other, he had forgotten about the unoccupied legs of Sonya Blade.

A kick into the abdomen of Kano, followed by a left uppercut caused him to stagger, but as Sonya did not rush in, he threw a right punch, which was blocked, allowing for a painful body blow which started a combo powerful enough to send Kano reeling.

However, he again recovered, and the hesitance of the blonde left him strike her down to the ground. He allowed her to get up, however. Sonya began to send powerful spinning kicks, alternating between her legs as she forced Kano down.

Her attempt at a right knee was blocked, and after Kano shoved her to the ground, she had to roll out of the way of a savage stomp.

However, the cruel kick into Sonya’s side caused her to groan in agony, and the scene made everyone, even Liu Kang, quite worried. She recoiled heavily on the ground, her voice showing that air must’ve been kicked from her lungs.

“Does it hurt, baby?” Kano taunted the young female, believing his victory was all but assured. He had walked a few steps away, and didn’t immediately try to destroy her. This allowed Sonya to recover, but also, spot something that would enrage her.

Kano had a tent in his dark pants. He was actually planning on having his way with the female. This made her even more determined to destroy him. It would be a humiliating move, which would end the criminal.

His approach was stopped by a handstand spring into headscissors, and Kano seemed to be in trouble from the onset. His breathing was heavy, and as he failed to pry away Sonya’s toned legs, he lost strength.

She took him down to the ground, and even the evil mastermind Shang Tsung saw commendable fighting skill in Sonya. Kano had noticed Sonya’s shorts were darker around her crotch than elsewhere, but his struggle for oxygen made him forget this swiftly.

It was not imagination, though. For some reason, Sonya felt turned on by showing that prick her full power. The incitement of Shang Tsung would be reason enough for her to kill him.

Realizing Sonya was likely to indulge the wizard, Kano pleaded with her.

“N-no, Sonya, don’t… Give me a break…!”

The saliva coming from the criminal’s mouth conveyed his sorry state, but the choice of his words was almost…fateful. Sonya was on the cusp of doing it- killing her bitter enemy. And she was wet.

“Okay.” CRACK!

The sound of death was mixed with a soft moan coming from the female combatant, a consequence of erotic pleasure derived from the act of murder. She took revenge for the death of her partner, and did so on a man who had an erection thinking he could rape her.

Shang Tsung had an idea on how to turn this to his advantage. After finding out Johnny Cage successfully beat Scorpion, the sorcerer decided to stoke the movie star’s masculine, womanizing side.

Through a magical mirror made of fire, he displayed the fight of Sonya and Kano to Johnny, soon after the monster known as Goro killed Art Lean, a combatant for Earthrealm.

Johnny Cage could not control himself, and sported an erection, while whistling, while it was obvious he was staring at certain parts of the female soldier. There could be no trust after this. In fact, Sonya wanted to fight Johnny Cage- to the death. A second fiery mirror showed Johnny’s nearly comical and somewhat cowardly fight against Scorpion.

“If this tournament had different rules, I would fight you, asshole!” she spoke in a cold, yet venomous tone, as the astonished Johnny Cage almost fell on his backside, startled by the blonde’s reaction.

Raiden’s attempts to focus her onto the task at hand were not going anywhere, as she began to distrust men in general. She truly fantasized about beating Johnny Cage, and the desire to do so in an extreme way grew.

The egotistical actor somehow defeated the prince of Outworld in a manner that seemed too easy. In Sonya’s opinion, he didn’t even have a real fight, and yet, he was through. She had folded her arms and scoffed at his victory over the previously unbeatable four-armed creature.

Shang Tsung thought about kidnapping Sonya to force the hand of Raiden and Liu Kang, but reading Sonya’s energy gave him a highly amusing idea: he would allow her to fight Johnny.

“I gave you your greatest enemy. I can give you what you want, now. A fight against him.” spoke the sorcerer.

“What do you want, in return?” Sonya Blade asked, after biting her lip. She wanted the fight, but knew Shang Tsung could not be trusted.

After hearing the answer though, her face turned serious- a sign she was considering it.

“If you beat Johnny, you will then face Liu Kang, without showing restraint.”

Johnny was already waving his hands as if he wanted nothing of the sort. Raiden and Liu Kang were concerned as well. Did Shang Tsung had successfully turn an Earthrealm warrior against the others?

“Alright, then. I’ll fight this dickhead instead of your useless monsters.” the female spoke, to which Shang Tsung smirked and nodded. Surely, whoever won and reached him in the finals would stand absolutely no chance, he thought.

Just to make sure his plan would work, Shang Tsung teleported behind Johnny, and whispered into his ear: “There’s nothing in the rules preventing the winner from doing whatever he feels like to and with the loser.”

Liu Kang, Raiden and Sonya noticed how Johnny seemed to focus his stare on the blonde’s breasts after that whisper, and did not look like he was disinterested in fighting, any more. In fact, he had an erection.

Shang Tsung wasted little time in opening a portal to a sandy beach, where the fight between Sonya and Johnny was to take place. After the combatants assumed their positions, the sorcerer shouted: “Fight!”

After having entered the sandy battle stage in his trademark pompous manner, Johnny Cage immediately started…with talk. “Don’t be so nervous. I promise not to break you…too much. After all, I want you to scream my name later, when I carry you off to a private spot…˝

His pose was as cocky as his words, an impressive flex of his biceps, to overawe the audience, and Sonya herself. He wasn’t going to endear himself to her this way, and about the only thing they might agree on, was a dislike for Shang Tsung.

Other than that, it was truly a battle of the sexes, and Johnny fully expected to conquer his foe’s body, always believing in a short battle.

As much as Sonya wanted Earthrealm to win this tournament, she wanted to destroy the pompous womanizer before even more. As the crowd cheered for Johnny’s flexing and posturing about and Shang Tsung looked on with a pleased smile as he realized the discord he had just sown, Sonya didn’t wait for a gong or even for the superstar to finish his flex.

She went straight in, darted forward aimed a right hook for the jaw that constantly mouthed off to her, hoping that a good shattering would finally shut the horn dog up, “Can’t take me if you’re unconscious, Cage!”

Johnny was too self-absorbed to see the beginning of the attack, but somehow managed to block the punch with his forearm, in the last moment. ˝Too easy.˝, he faked confidence well, even though a part of him was stunned at the fury the woman displayed.

He retaliated by attempting a kick at the inside of her right leg. Johnny hoped to end this fight even quicker than the previous one, and he wanted Sonya down on the ground for that.

The kick indeed connected, and Sonya stumbled, before a right body blow and a right uppercut knocked her out. Johnny made a tsk-tsk sound, as he himself couldn’t believe how quickly he won the fight. He had a hard-on, and an unconscious female.

He quickly pulled his 10-inch erection out, and pulled Sonya’s shorts down, revealing white panties underneath. His touch caused the blonde to moan, and stir somewhat. For safety reasons, he pinned her arms with his own, after aligning his dick with her entrance.

Despite the dark background of this fight, Johnny actually did not plan to brutalize Sonya sexually. He truly wanted to hear her enjoy his sexual skills, before his planned chop to the head, which would make her seem dead to Shang Tsung.

However, Sonya was a) feigning unconsciousness and b) perfectly ready to kill Johnny, and craved to do it in a sexually pleasurable way.

Her eyes opened, her teeth gritted, and her legs locked swiftly around Johnny’s torso, locking him inside of her. She immediately began to squeeze, causing the male to panic, as he realized she had been acting all along.

“How do you like that, asshole? Can’t pull out now!” she sneered, as he desperately tried to get out of her bodyscissors. She made sure her hands had a hold of his, a reverse of the previous situation.

He moaned as the blonde thrust upwards, feeling both pleasure and increasing pain simultaneously. He could only thrust into her, fully aware it’s the only bit of joy left in his life.

“Yeah, make me cum, Johnny. Do it good and I might let you lick my pussy.” Sonya said in an overly emphasized erotic tone of voice, before adding a very important caveat. “Before I snap your neck and after I break your spine.”

The movie star flinched in horror, but he suspected this was going to happen, anyway. He pleaded weakly, while the mastermind sorcerer watched from afar, quite liking the erotic show.

“Please…don’t. Shang Tsung is…the enemy…”

Sonya was unimpressed, and began grinding her pelvis up and down, while also forcing such motions on Johnny’s spinal column, causing him to yelp. Her breathing during the reply meant she was close to orgasming.

“Yeah? Too late now, perv!”

Her legs squeezed hard, and she could almost hear the fighter’s spine starting to yield, when Shang Tsung’s words came, just like against Kano.

“Right! Finish him!”

Meanwhile, Liu Kang had fought off the creature known as Reptile, and wondered if he was going to face Sonya Blade, or Johnny Cage. He hoped for the latter, believing Johnny knew what the priorities of an Earthrealm Warrior be.

Johnny’s thrusts had become quicker in the time prior to this order, and Sonya was ready to partially indulge the sorcerer. With a loud moan, she jolted upwards, causing the spine of Johnny Cage to stretch, and at least a vertebra ruptured.

“Yessss! Feel my power!” she cried out as the male screamed. Inadvertently, the pain overload caused him to cum, to which Sonya grabbed his shoulders, and pushed his upper body backwards, setting off a chain of cracks, while Johnny’s legs twitched chaotically.

“I knew it. You’re spineless. At least you got your wet dream.” The Special Forces member remarked cruelly at the paralyzed foe, as she pulled away. She stood up a short distance from him, and taunted:

“Crawl if you want to lick my pussy, wimp. Or did I turn you gay?”

Johnny felt miserable and utterly ruined. His ego, his body, his fame…all gone. Now, he could either be left like this, or submit to Sonya, and at least die. With tears of agony, the youthful fighter crawled over to her, gripping her left boot at the ankle.

This prompted Sonya to smirk, as she quickly laid down, wrapping her legs around the head of her fallen rival. She trapped his face in her folds, as her hands yet again locked with his. She began to rub her pussy into his face, and this produced a reply in the form of deep, primal moans as Sonya felt herself regenerate from having so much control over a male.

“Yeah! Deeper! I’m gonna squirt all over your face and then give you a break, just like that bastard Kano!”

Not only did the broken male obey, but also Shang Tsung stroked his own erection at the scene.

Seeing that, Sonya’s scissors tightened, and in between deep groans, she confidently yelled at the sorcerer: “Want some? Admit defeat, surrender the tournament, and I’ll finish you off like this. Or maybe you’d like…a kiss of death?”

Shang Tsung chuckled, but soon had to focus on the climax of the fight- Sonya’s climactic fatality. Johnny Cage had managed to overstimulate her clit with his lips while going very deep with his tongue.

“Ohhh, yeah! Die, you showboat vibrator!” CRACK-POP- CRRK

Sonya Blade was in full-blown squirting orgasm, seeing her juices flood the body of the already dead Johnny Cage, while an incredible sensation of power washed over her. She craved more pleasure, more power. Defeating Shang Tsung was almost secondary.

The sorcerer smiled as she rose up. “Winner, Sonya Blade. Fatality.”

[Author’s note: if people like this, I will most likely do a sequel.]

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