Son watching his Mom getting fucked by fathers Colleague

I’m a teenager boy from a small family. Mom dad and myself. I was studying for my examinations when this incident happened. My dad is an engineer and is working abroad and coming only once in a year. He is medium built and in his early 50s. But mom, she is just 38 and still having very attractive figure. She is fair in color and a typical Indian lady with little plump body.And her butt is the sexiest asset she has. It looks so soft and round and jiggles while she walks. She had nice belly with proper amount of flesh and a deep round navel. Her boobs are bit sagging due to her age but is big enough and round. She normally wears sarees and she put her sexy navel on display most of the time.And it is not a secret to me that our male neighbours keep their eyes on her. I noticed they mostly watch her navel and big butt. I guess they bang their wives while imagining her. But I have not seen anybody got a chance to touch it. Now back to the story. Couple of months ago, one of dad’s friends, who is working with him came back from abroad and visited us.His name was Pravin and was a very talkative person and became very friendly with us in no time. And he became a frequent visitor of our home. He used to bring me small gifts like chocolates or snacks and used to talk with mom for hours. And I noticed him telling double meaning jokes to mom and touching her casually.Mom took it casually and ignored him each time and politely warned him not to exceed the limit. One day I went to one of my friend’s house to study and told mom that I’ll be returning on next day. But there was a power failure at his place and I had to return back home around 10.00 p.m. without informing mom.When I reached home I saw the main door was closed and most of the lights were off. I thought that mom was sleeping and I did not want to wake her up. So I used my extra key and came in. There was an empty glass in the living room and saw burned cigarette in the ash tray. So I understood that Pravin uncle had came. But then I saw very strange thing.The saree which mom was wearing in the evening was on the floor. I was wondering why mom left it there. Then few feats away, I found out her blouse which was little bit torn. It looked like that it was opened hurriedly. There I had a doubt that something is fishy. Then I went towards mom’s room and found out that it was locked from inside. And I heard hissing sound of mom.
I found the window little ajar and peeped through and almost got stunned by the scene. Mom was there inside the room. And uncle was holding her tight and pressing her against the wall. He was trying to kiss her and she was moving her face away from him. She was on her bra and petticoat and uncle was topless. I clearly saw her breasts pressing against uncle’s chest. I was so dumbstruck that I was motionless.She wanted to get away from him. But he was well built man with strong body, so it did not work. She began to beg him and said “Oh please Pravin, please don’t do this to me. I’m a married woman, and I’m a mother. Please, this is wrong”. But surprisingly the protest was not very strong. Probably she was thirsty too.But he was not in a mood to let her go. He said “Aditi, dear, all you said is correct, but you are a lady who needs to be loved by a man. So it’s nothing wrong”. By telling this, he suddenly undid the knot of her petticoat, mom tried a failed attempt to stop him, and in this struggle they moved and she was turned backwards to the window, and it fallen down leaving her only in pink colored panty and the bra.Uncle squeezed her huge butt over the panty. And he put his hands on both sides of the panty and lifted it up strongly by holding its hem. With that, the back side of the panty got disappeared in-between her ass cheeks and her butt flesh became visible to me. Mom let out a slight moan when the panty was pressing against her ass hole.Mom’s back side was towards the window, so on the back side of her every activity was clearly visible to me. He started to press the whole butt of my mother. He started to pump one part and a large amount of flesh was squeezed away from his grip. He tried to cover all the fleshy portion of her GAAND and madly squeezing all through.In the mean time her panty got stuck more and more in-between her butt cheeks and rubbed tightly on her gaand hole. All between these activities, he was rubbing her neck, side neck, her face with his lips, and sometimes licked with his tongue. Sometimes he tried to put his lips on her lips but succeeded for fraction of seconds.But Mom seemed getting aroused by his act. Her resistance seemed to be getting reduced. By doing this, uncle put one hand on her back and unhooked her bra. Mom moaned again and tried to resist a bit. But He was on control. And he turned her around against the wall and started pressing her boobs over her half-opened bra. And then tried to remove bra straps from her shoulder.
After a minute of struggling due to mom’s weak protest, he successfully removed the bra and threw it on the ground. Oh my god!!! Mom’s big, fair and little shagging breasts with black nipples were completely visible. It was a beautiful sight, especially for uncle. Those were so nice and round and seemed to be soft. She had black round nipples.He held her by one hand and by pushing her against the wall with his body, moving his lips on her face, and his right hand came onto her left boob and started playing with it. Mom probably was unable to bear the feeling and her trying to remove his hand was weaker. His palms were not enough to keep those biggies. He got mad with the soft feeling and pressed mom’s breasts hard making her shied, “aahh”.Mom got weaker with his acts and she was hungry too. And he understood, it was the right time to take her to bed. He hugged her tightly not stopping his acts and pulling her to the bed. There he laid mom on the bed and he himself laid on her. On the bed he put his face and rubbing it on her two big soft globes.Along with that, he sometime was slurping and squeezing her big melons. In between, flicking and sucking her nipples too. I noticed that mom’s resistance already came to an end and she hugged his head on her chest. Her right hand was on his head and fingers were roaming between his hairs. And her left hand was roaming on his back.I understood that mom also enjoy this manly act. Then his attention shifted to her hairy armpits. He was licking her armpits while holding her hands over her head. He lifted his head for a while and said, “Oh aditi, your armpits are so salty. Yes dear, those are real womanish armpits that I love.”Then suddenly I noticed that I got a hard on which created a bulge in my pant. I could not help myself but took it out. He then came down and stopped at her fleshy belly. As I told you earlier, mom have typical Indian belly with deep round navel. Mom got aroused by his touch and started moaning lightly. Uncle put his tongue in her deep navel and started moving it round.While doing this, he put his hand on her panty. He said, “Ohh aditi, you are so wet. How can you resist yourself for this much time”? I understood that mom was moist down there. He put his hand inside her panty and felt her moist pussy. Mom let out a moan aahh. He said, “Do you want it now?” And she weakly said yes. He then put his hands on the panty band and mom lifted her ass.With a fast motion he pulled her panty down to her ankle and pulled it out and threw it on the floor. Finally mom got naked, probably the first time in front of another man. He thought that it was the time to go for the ultimate act. So he got off her body. Her choot was visible now; it was covered with little hair. Uncle removed his pants and underwear and threw those on the ground.Uncle’s thing was became visible too. His big cock came out like a pressed spring. Oh my god! It was a big one. It was probably 6-7 inches long and thick with a huge red top. Mom also was looking at uncle and seeing his cock ohhh came out of her mouth. “What’s wrong aditi? Haven’t you seen a lund before?” uncle asked her. “Oooo…hhh No… It’s big.” She moaned.Bigger than your husband? How big is your husband’s?” Uncle asked while rubbing the lund on her thighs. Mom felt shy and turned her face away. “Tell me aditi how big is he?” He asked again. “Mmm….n o…n not as big as you’. He is smaller than you” She uttered. Uncle got even aroused by hearing it. He laid on her and tried to insert it.But mom got afraid and tightens her legs and begged him not to do so, “Oh please Pravin, don’t do that. I am your friend’s wife.” she cried. “Shhh aditi. Come on dear! He is just my colleague not my friend. And you also want it, don’t you? So, don’t be afraid and be my wife for this night”, he whispered. By the time, mom had no power but to surrender for her physical needs.He easily parted her thighs and started guiding his thing to its target. “Oooh no” mom cried out. But by the time, uncle was deaf for her cries. I saw his monster disappearing in-between her thighs. And mom screamed loud. Uncle slowly started going up and down. And mom let out a moan with each stroke. Her big boobs started to jump up and down.Once uncle reached the bottom of her choot, he started giving her deep strokes. Mom was struggling with both pain and pleasure and was enjoying it too. She asked uncle to slow down so he can do it for longer period. Uncle slowed down and started doing slow, long and deep thrust, that mom was also enjoying.Her enjoyment was cleared by her moans, “aaahhh…aaahhh…ohhh…uuimaaa…offff…aaah…fuck me…aaahhh…so good…” uncle was also moaning a bit too. They both were aroused to the fullest. They both got more and more aroused by each other’s cries. It was so hot scene to watch their naked bodies struggling on that bed. I could not help but playing with my cock.Finally while moaning loud mom reached her climax and became a little bit calm. But uncle was on full motion. Uncle started asking her, “whose wife are you?” and mom replied, “Yours”. He asked for couple of more times and mom replied the same. And uncle was pounding her hard. I could see his ass going up and down forcefully on mom’s body.
It looked like he is too coming to the climax. He then asked,”Where would I cum?” and to both of our surprises mom replied, “cum inside me.” He again asked the same with the same reply. Uncle then again started asking her repeatedly, “Whose wife are you?” and banging her in a frenzy state. I guess this question and answer was giving him more satisfaction.Mom was also replying with the same answer. It was looking like a cyclone was running on the bed and suddenly with a loud “aaaahhh” uncle’s body became motionless. His body got stiff, and I saw his butt was squeezing hard for a few seconds. And then he collapsed on mom and laid there panting.I was also playing with my cock frantically and released my cum. Don’t know if it is right or wrong, but I admit that it was the best orgasm I reached. Just after the big cyclone, there is sudden silence in the nature; the situation was the same too. They both were laid on the bed motionless, and I stood out of the room, motionless.After a few minutes uncle rolled over on the bed beside mom. His cock was a limp one now. And I saw mom’s private part oozing out their mixed cream and her pubic hair was shining. After a couple of minutes mom got up from the bed and went to bathroom, but uncle was lying on the bed. While she was in the bathroom uncle got up and led a cigarette.After cleaning up, mom came in, uncle had a big puff and put the cigarette in the ashtray, and he left out his hands towards mom. Mom smiled shyly and went in between his arm. They hugged each other and kissed for a few moments. “Do you like it baby?” uncle asked, and to my surprise mom said, “Yes”. “But I cummed inside you, you might get pregnant”, uncle said.Mom replied, “Don’t worry; I will take emergency contraceptive tomorrow which will not let me pregnant. Should I tell you one thing”? “Yes, sure”. “I enjoy taking the juice inside me. I really like it”. “Oh, really sona? Whenever you want to have this happiness, I am just a call away.” They smiled and uncle smooched her deeply while playing with her boobs for a minute.Then they planted frequent kisses on lips for a few seconds and lied down to a deep satisfying sleep hugging each other. I went to my room removed my cloths and laid on my bed naked. Had a sleep for couple of hours, but wake up. And those exciting scenes I just watched started playing in front of me.I got a hard on and was playing with my cock, while I started smoking, oh yeah, I do smoke. I smoked 4 cigarettes while masturbating imagining the scenes between my mom and dad’s colleague pravin uncle, played in front of my eyes just a while ago, and again I had a very satisfying orgasm. And then I went to a deep satisfying sleep.

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