Son cum

Last night, my som and I were watching TV in the livingroom together.I had drank quite a bit of vodka and dosed off next to him on the couch.
I have a pretty face for my age, and really massive boobs. I have caught him staring at them many times , but i never said anything, I don’t want to embarass him.
So, anyway, after i dozed off next to him on the couch,i couldn’t help but notice that my left boob was half exposed under my night gown. He could almost see my nipple, and his cock immediately grew hard as he thought about sneaking a peek. He reached over and carefully undid the top button of my gown and i watched as my breasts rolled out in front of him. His cock was throbbing in his shorts, so he pulled it out and quietly started stroking it as he looked at his mom’s beautiful breasts. After only a minute of jacking it, he was ready to cum so he knelt over my chest and shot a massive load on my boobs. I knew he had to clean it up somehow, but then i started to move when he was getting ready to clean me up with a wet cloth.He was afraid that he might get caught so he just went up to his bedroom and left his cum all over my breast.I got up cleaned his cum with my fingers and tongue. Next morning i gave him a funny look when we were eating breakfast and asked him how he slept last night. He told me that he slept great,i bend a little bit(his eyes glued to my cleavage) I smiled and said that i bet you did. He turned beat red, and avoided me the whole day.

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