Something new

Tonight in bed I gave hubby a massage with my heated deep tissue machine. After which he lay stroking me.

Any touch or contact with him makes me very wet (who am I kidfing I am always wet) and horny so I inevitably started grinding into my big spoon.

He started kissing my neck as I played with my nipples. Since having both peirced they are not as sensitive so I can play with them more, and boy do I love it.
After getting more hot and bothered I started to work my clit after moving his hand to my throat.
He was gently squeezing while biting and lickig my ear and the back of ny neck.
I do have a residual issue with choking so glad he took it easy.He is great with me and always takes my lead with any choking. (We have safe words and tapping system in place and reccomend this if you try)
But my word the sensation in my whole body was amazing even if gentle choking.

He grabbed my jaw and turned my face to his and started roughly kissing me. His tongue invading every inch of my mouth. At some points I lost all thought process with being overwhelmed with sexual sensation and simply could not reciprocate his kissing. Choosing to suck his tongue when a slither of control came back.
He then went to kissing my neck, biting my shoukder and holding his hand over my mouth.
It resulted in a swift and powerful orgasm.

After the come down we chatted anout it. What did he like about it, what did I like. ( we do this alot to really get yo grips with each others desires)

I told him of a slightly embarrassing intrusicv thought I had during it , where as he held my jaw he licked up my face leaving it slick with his saliva.

As we spoke we both started stroking me again.
It quickly moved to much the same as moments before but with him tweaking my nipples more. He then released my pebbled nipples to grasp my throat and proceeds to lick and bite my shoulder moving to my chin and face. Playing out my thought and washing away any embarrassment I felt.
It was a strange sensation having saliva on me but felt almost dirty and very naughty. I almost deep throat his massive tongue and loose all sense again.

He has his other hand on top of mine feeling my play with myself and does another lick over my cheek as I come undone.
I can not help my loud moan and grab his hand shoving it hard over my mouth to keep me quiet as we have people in the house who may hear.
I do the same with his other. Squeezing it tight between my thighs as I come all over his hand.

It was a new thing and felt a bit slutty. Thats something I am seemingly going for these days. But theres no complaints so far so all is good with the world lol

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