Sofa Ninja Cathy

It was a weekday evening and I was watching TV in the living room while Cathy was in the kitchen doing her thing. She had been strangely silent for a long time, so I concluded that she was probably reading erotic stories online. I continued to watch TV and sex was not in the forefront of my mind.

After a while, I heard the laptop lid close and saw Cathy walk into the shower. The sound of water droplets drummed on the floor for a moment, then a shaver-like buzzing began. The buzzing soon stopped and I wondered what was happening in the shower. The razor didn’t feel sensible, so it must have been some other electrical device.

I crept behind the ajar door to spy. On the table I could see the epilator Cathy had used to shave her body hair. Now she was working on her pussy hair with scissors, cutting off most of it. Cathy never had much of a jungle down there, but now she’s cutting it really short.

After the scissors, it’s time for the shower, where she uses soap and warm water to soften her pussy hair. She pushes her hips forward in the shower and rubs her labia with her hands as if she’s masturbating, even though she’s not. I’m getting hard on my cock and squeezing it under my loose pants.

Cathy dries her pussy, sits down on the toilet seat and starts applying pubic mousse around her pussy. She sits with her legs spread and I see her inner labia flap open to form an oval opening. I imagine sucking on those flapping leaves and occasionally licking her clit.

Cathy spreads the foam and prepares to shave with a razor blade. I’ve had my dick erect for some time now and slowly jerk off in my pants. A wet spot of pre-cum forms on my pants.

Cathy pulls the blade over her pubic mound and washes the blade after each stroke. After a little practice, her strokes speed up, the cycle of pulling and washing accelerating. I stare at this beautiful woman from behind the door and masturbate. With my hand in my pants, I pull the skin of my cock back and forth in time with Cathy’s strokes. I’m careful not to jerk off too hard, though, lest I accidentally squirt my cum.

Cathy has finished shaving and is still sitting on the toilet seat, rinsing her pussy with the shower. The water hits her clit and she starts to moan. She rubs her pussy with the palm of her hand and the moaning intensifies.

I have the impression that Cathy is jerking herself to an orgasm, so I’m jerking my own cock as well. I want to come at the same time she does. The skin moves nimbly over the surface of my slippery cock.

To my surprise, however, she stops masturbating. Cathy dries herself off and starts looking for something to wear.

Meanwhile, I have to slow down my own wank because I don’t want to come before her. My excitement was already so high that I couldn’t stop completely, but I did have a small orgasm. I squeeze my dick, tighten my sphincter and try my best to keep the cum inside. Most of the time it works and only a little comes out.

I quickly move back to the couch and as I watch TV, my dick is pulling on my pants pretty hard. Cathy comes to stand in front of me with her hands on her hips, wearing a long dressing gown that shows part of her breasts and her freshly shaved pussy. She spreads her legs and pushes her hips forward. She notices that my gaze is fixed on her pussy and spreads her labia with her fingers for more imaginative arousal. My cock hardens even more.

With quick action, Cathy drops her dressing gown on the floor and without a stitch on, climbs onto the edge of the back of the sofa and pushes her pussy into my mouth.

“Lick it, lick it,” she says and I do as instructed. My tongue penetrates the depths of her vagina while my nose caresses her clitoris. I support her ass with a firm grip and drink the nectar of pussy juices like from a goblet. My face sinks into the pussy as I lift Cathy up and down while licking lustfully. Her hard throbbing clit is in a whirlwind and she moans like it’s the last day on earth. Thanks to the shaving she was already aroused and she gets a powerful clitoral orgasm which I take in my mouth. She shudders and presses my head between her legs.

After the moaning subsides a bit, Cathy slides along my chest and her pussy juices form a line along my sternum. I quickly take my cock out of my pants and guide her to land directly on my dick. Cathy moans loudly as my cock penetrates the base of her newly fucked pussy.

I pound Cathy’s buttocks with animalistic fervor as I fuck her as hard as I can. It doesn’t take long for the cum to fly from my hard cock into her love hole. I thrust deep and ejaculate several times while licking her neck with my tongue. I use her like a sex toy.

When I have satisfied my need, I let Cathy slide to the floor to rest. My cock lolls in a pool of cum as I get the TV remote. Where was I?

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