So Different From Now On, Part 2 by Pilot-mark

Mark didn’t really see her leave, but he knew she was not on top of him or on the bed anymore. He called to her but got no response. As he lay there, unable to break free of the cuffs, his ass stinging in pain, his cock still hard, he wondered what on earth had just happened. He lifted his head up and looked around but couldn’t see Jamie. His ass still stung, and his head was swimming.

Jamie came back in the room. Mark heard her coming in and started to speak, but she cut him off. “I’m going out,” she announced curtly. To this he lifted up his head and saw that she had gotten dressed. “You’re what??” he exclaimed. “Untie me and let me up!”

“No, Mark,” came Jamie’s swift reply, “When I get back, we can pick up right where we left off.” And with that she slipped right out of the bedroom, despite his repeated pleading to be untied. Her comment left him hopeful that this would be like before and soon he would have her bent over the bed and slamming his cock in her warm wet pussy.

However his mind was racing. What on earth was happening, he wondered as he lay there naked and tied to the bed. Where was she going? Why did she tie him up? Why did she make him beg? Why did she spank him so hard? Why did he like it? Why was he turned on by her commanding him? By her making him beg for it? By the rough spanking itself? Why was thinking about all this now keeping his dick hard? Where was she going???

Jamie was gone for a while; he had no idea how long, but it seemed like hours. He even drifted off to sleep a bit. When he was awake, he was quite frustrated by all this, by being left there tied up. But then he heard the door open and close, and heard Jamie call out to him, and he cheered up a bit. It was going to get better now. She called his name a couple of times as she she made her way to the bedroom, and giggled when she walked in and saw him right where she left him. “Are you going to let me up now??. Where have you been?? What’s going on??” Mark asked pleadingly.

Jamie stopped giggling and was mostly silent, but sternly said to him, “Put your face down and beg me to spank your ass!” “No, wait baby… “ Mark started to protest. He was looking at her and saw she had a thick leather strap in her hand. He saw her raise it up and then heard the whoosh right before it cracked on his ass so hard he screamed out. “If you know what’s good for you, that will be the last time you will ever disobey your Mistress’ command.”

“Mistress” he heard her say. He kind of knew what that meant, yet he was unsure. He was dumbstruck for a moment. “Well?” he heard her ask as his mind was again racing (and his cock again throbbing). He didn’t respond because he almost forgot what it was that she was asking him about. Then he heard the whoosh and felt the crack again. “Don’t make me repeat myself!” Jamie exclaimed angrily with that smack. Mark suddenly remembered and put his face down and rather meekly said, “Please spank me … Mistress” A curl came across Jamie’s lips as she had not expected him to use that word so quickly. She smacked his ass one more time, and he moaned and writhed in pain.

Jamie then slid onto the bed next to him, which relieved him quite a bit, as his ass was very sore. His cock was throbbing though. He was so horny he was writhing. He wanted to fuck his beautiful sexy girlfriend so bad now. She started to speak. “A little while ago, I started to look into this spanking thing of yours, Mark. I became curious about it, even though we’ve been doing it a while and have never really explored it.”

“I’ve learned a lot in my research. You and I are now moving into a different relationship now.” Jamie spoke calmly, matter-of-factly. Mark just listened and felt relieved not to be getting spanked any more. “I knew you would like the rougher spanking. In fact, I don’t even have to check, but I’m certain that your cock is throbbing and hard right now as I speak. Isn’t it? Think about that for a moment. I’ve restrained you, commanded you, ignored your protests, left you tied up, spanked you. All that and you are turned on!” Now she laughed a derisive little chuckle. “What a desperate little bitch you are, Mark.” He felt his face getting as red as his ass cheeks probably were.

Jamie got up from the bed. “I’ve acquired some things that will be useful in our new relationship. You do know what our new relationship is, don’t you, you little bitch?” Jamie asked. Mark surprised himself by knowing how to correctly respond. “Yes Mistress.” Jamie laughed harder now. “Now that was quicker than I thought it would be!” Mark still had his face down and couldn’t see her, but he felt movement and then felt something cold and wet on his ass crack. If he was not mistaken, Jamie was squeezing some lubricant onto his asshole.

Again he shuddered a bit. He was very very nervous about this, unsure what was happening and she wasn’t telling him what was going on. Then he felt pressure against his asshole and then something being inserted. “What are you doing??” Mark demanded. Jamie slapped his sore as cheek with her hand. “What is the correct way to address me, Mark?” He stammered a bit, “Wh what are you doing, Mistress Jamie?” Again she smiled as she finished inserting a small butt plug into his hole.

“This is a preparatory step Mark. This is necessary if I’m not to hurt you. And I don’t intend to hurt you. But you need to be prepared.” “P-prepared for what, Mistress Jamie?” Jamie really liked hearing him say that – Mistress Jamie. In fact it turned her on a great deal. “I think you know, Mark. This is going to go way beyond spankings.” Mark almost gulped out loud as he processed the way she said that. He did know. He had those dark fantasies, but never acted on them. He was never sure he wanted that in real life. “Yes Mistress Jamie.” She heard that again and again it gave her a charge. She looked down on him. Her new slave. Restrained. Ass cheeks reddened and surely burning. Butt plug visibly stuck in his ass. From her spot between his legs, she smacked his ass cheeks with her hands a few times, and heard him whimper and moan. She got up and left again, without uttering a word.

And once again he was left to himself and his out of control thoughts – tied to the bed, ass stinging, his asshole now filled up with a plug. He was feeling deeply humiliated in this position. His mind was racing about all of this, and his cock, was once again hard and throbbing.

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