So Different From Now On, Part 1 by Pilot-mark

Mark and Jamie had a pretty normal sex life. Both in their late 30s, they were an active, fit, hot couple, Jamie especially. The sex was good; Jamie was somewhat submissive and Mark was slightly dominating and they both seemed satisfied. But there was one very curious aspect: Mark would sometimes ask Jamie to spank his ass. Neither made a big fuss about it. She obliged; it fit right in and that was that for a while. She thought the spanking was a little weird but it was okay. It was never more than a few slaps and then they’d move on. It went that way for a long while.

Until one day. While they were playing around Mark asked for Jamie to spank him again. She heard him loud and clear and they’d done this what seemed like a thousand times, but she told him to repeat it, to ask her again. Mark didn’t realize that something was up, he just thought she didn’t hear him. He was laying face down on the bed and said again, “spank me.” Jamie replied, a little firmer, “say it again.” Now he was a little curious but obliged, himself a little louder, “spank me!”

With that, Jamie smacked her bare hand across his ass harder than she’d ever done so. Hard enough that he noticed a difference, and yelped a little. He started to turn his head up towards her with a bemused look on his face, but she said to him very firmly, “Bury your face and ask me again!” He did as he was told. “Spank me,” he said as he turned his face back down. SMACK came her hand again, harder than the first one. He flinched this time. Before, when they were doing this it stung him in a mild way. This time it was stinging hard.

“Again,” Jamie said, he voice becoming sterner and more demanding. “Spank me,” Mark replied not sure if he really meant it. SMACK came Jamie’s hand. By now Mark’s ass cheeks were stinging and bright red. This continued in exactly the same manner, back and forth a few more times. Then it stopped, sort of the way they always had, and they moved along onto other things. Jamie didn’t say anything about why she acted that way, but the rest of the sex they had that night was much more intense. Jamie was a bit more aggressive, which Mark didn’t mind, and they both seemed highly satisfied at the end, and fell asleep.

The next day, Mark remarked about the difference but Jamie shrugged it off, acting as if nothing unusual took place. It was however very different than before, so Mark was curious about what she was up to, despite her downplaying it. Mark would learn later that things were different, very different than before. Early in the evening, they started fooling around in the den. As their clothes came off, Jamie remarked about Mark’s ass cheeks still being red. He replied that they still stung a little. Jamie gave a little ‘hmmm’ but didn’t say anything else. Mark asked her why she did that, but still she shrugged him off. He was dying of curiosity, but he also was very horny and wanted to fuck her, so he didn’t push it anymore.

At one point while still fooling around, Jamie said, “wait here,” and went into the bedroom. Mark was frustrated; his cock was rock hard, which normally would have at least been in her mouth by this point, and whined at her. She ignored that and went into the bedroom. After just a minute or so Mark asked what was up. Jamie just replied, “wait.” So he waited. And then she said, “get in here,” forcefully.

Mark leapt up and almost ran into the bedroom. He didn’t see that anything was different so he wondered what she had had him waiting for. She was laying on the bed and he joined her and started to attack her, but she resisted him and said, “I want to do that again.” “Do what again?” Mark asked. “Spank you like last night.” Mark really desperately wanted to plunge his cock inside her pussy, and didn’t want to wait, so he protested. But Jamie was firm. He did like being spanked so he gave up his objections since he thought he knew where this was leading – to the same incredibly intense sex they had the night before. So he laid face down on the bed, and said, “spank me.” Jamie did not respond. She was getting up from the bed. He looked up, confused. She said to him very firmly, “Put your face back down and ask me again, Mark!” He sensed an intensity he hadn’t sensed before, a seriousness. So he obeyed. “Spank me,” came his response. She was moving around the bed and grabbed one of his hands by the wrist. She pulled that toward the bedpost, where the handcuffs she had put in place were waiting, and cuffed him in. She quickly crawled across his back, sliding her sexy naked body across his. He could feel her hot wet pussy so he did not object to the cuff. She found the other one, and locked up his other hand and arm in place. Now she demanded, in a much more severe voice, “Beg me to spank you, Mark!” He hesitated. She waited silently. Finally, he said, quite unsurely, “Please spank me.” She didn’t respond. Instead she was cuffing his legs so that he was fully spread-eagled on the bed face down and firmly cuffed into place. He actually became very nervous at this. “Say my name and beg me to spank you!” Jamie practically yelled. Mark quickly replied, “Jamie, please spank me!”

At this, Mark felt a slap on his ass that was more painful than he’d ever felt. It was not her hand, but he couldn’t see what it was. He screamed and writhed against the restraints. “BEG ME!” “PLEASE SPANK ME” WHACK!! Mark again shrieked in pain and pulled against the cuffs but couldn’t escape. Then Jamie smacked his ass again without waiting. And again. And again. Mark was moving with every smack but couldn’t escape. Again Jamie commanded him, “Beg me to spank your ass Mark!” “Please Jamie,” Mark replied though moans of pain, “please spank my ass!”

There must have been a dozen, maybe 20. Mark was almost crying. Then Jamie mercifully stopped. She reached up between his legs and grabbed his cock. Finding it hard, she said in a laugh, “Exactly what I expected!” She slid her body slowly across his back and laid on top of him, teasingly. He felt every bit of that, her firm tits sliding up his back. Her nipples. Her toned body on his. Her legs slipping into a straddle around his hips. He thought this would be the time she would uncuff him and move into fucking, but she whispered into his ear, “Things are going to be so different from now on…” Mark shuddered as she spoke. “… bitch!” He didn’t know what to make of that.

She slid off of Mark and silently walked out of the bedroom.

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