Snowbound – the beginning by Frodov

This is a story that is based entirely on a true story from my past. Names and a few details have been changed to provide anonymity for those involved. Discretion is a precious commodity and is becoming rarer and rarer every day. I reached a way back to relive this story for everyone, I was the ripe old age of twenty eight years old at the time. Bear in mind that Cell phones were barely a novel idea at that time. The internet was taking its first baby steps and people were discovering the likes of A0L and to a lesser extent local messaging or electronic “bulletin boards”. How many of you out there remember dial-up modems? Cable TV was still mostly commercial free. Ah, good times. So in that frame of mind enjoy the memory.

I’m lying on my couch staring at the living room ceiling in my one bedroom apartment watching the play of lights dancing with the shadows from my vertical blinds covering the door to my balcony. The furnace is running nonstop trying to keep up with the howling wind and cold outside as the snow continues to fall at an unheard of pace. “ A light dusting.” The weather guys on TV had predicted for the snow fall from the storm that was then approaching Lexington just over twenty four hours ago. Ordinarily they would have been correct, we usually don’t get much snow here in central Kentucky. Oh we get snow, but a few inches here and there is about it mostly. Glancing at the clock on the wall over the TV I note the time as nearly two in the afternoon. With a silent groan I roll over and face the back of the couch and punch my pillow again to make it more comfortable and shut my eyes again and try to go to sleep. “Damn” I think to myself, “I should have been to sleep four hours ago! I’m not going to be worth a damn at work tonight.” Night shift sucks, especially on a twelve hour shift.

I work in a factory here in Lexington and for the past six months I’ve been on the night shift, working from seven in the evening till seven in the morning, three days at a time, then I have three days off, or rather, nights off. For a single guy that’s not too terrible of a job situation, the pay is good and the work while long hours is not too hard really. It does make for a rather restricted social life though. Most of my friends work nine to five jobs during the day, so they really can’t relate to shift work at night, as such I miss out on a lot of activities and partying. Your body gets used to sleeping during the day and being awake at night, so your days, or rather, nights off end up being parked on the couch watching cable tv or reading. This town doesn’t have a lot of night life really. I tried to pass my time with hobbies, I took up photography, even took classes and learned to do darkroom developing and printing. Turned my apartments kitchen into a darkroom. The mast addictive and distracting hobby I found was when I got a computer and discovered the then fledgling internet and chat rooms. Electronic Bulletin Boards, boy would they ever change my life! I surfed all the local sites after I got tired of “Americas Online”. The local sites were mostly free and the best part was when you struck up a conversation with someone they were a LOT closer to you than most of the folks on AOL. You could actually relate and hell even meet them. It was a whole new world.

One of my favorite sites was very popular with the locals, besides offering all the usual mind numbing early computer games and file sharing available for downloading, they had live chat rooms where you could play trivia at the same time. It was a great way to spend time day or night. I met folks and formed friendships that would go on to last a lifetime. It also opened my mind to lifestyles that before then I only had ever read about. One was an interesting couple that would later blow my mind. Even then, as now, people get bold when there is a measure of anonymity involved, they come out of their shells and say and do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Flirting was rampant to say the least. And like most guys, I was guilty of it too. But I must say that I was a bit naïve and maybe even timid in my flirtations back then. Hey, I was learning. I would chat up and flirt with all the ladies on this bulletin board, most would tolerate me as simply being funny, some would flirt back, but one lady really turned up the heat though. A little coy, a lot of innuendo, and some straight out talking but it was all in fun and she kept me coming back for more anytime we were both online together. I wouldn’t say that I was rude or even very forward but I made it clear that I was interested. Then she dropped the bomb on me, she told me she was married. ??? Well Damn! I apologized to her and told her I didn’t mean to rock the boat or anything like that. Then I found out who her husband was, turns out it was another friend from the board. I felt like a heel. I caught him online the next day and took him into private chat and explained to him that I found out I had been flirting with and yes hitting on a girl that it turns out was his wife. I told him I had no idea and that I was so sorry and promised I wouldn’t say anything more like that to her… and on and on and on. Little did I know he was sitting in front of his computer laughing his ass off, with his wife next to him going “Awwww he’s so cute! We need to keep him!” Todd (his name) Later confessed to me about this as did Anne his wife. They went on to explain to me that they had an “open marriage” and that they both played with other couples and even singles from time to time. They were not offended by anything I said or did and in fact they thought that when I apologized when I had found out that I was genuinely worth spending time with. I was in for an education.

Over the next year I visited their house in the next town over to have dinner, help fix lawnmowers and work on their cars or just hang out and watch movies or play cards or whatever. We became very good friends. And I learned more about their unusual marital arrangement. Todd and Anne had been married four eight years at this time, the second marriage for both of them, their first marriages having ended badly in divorces over, of all things, infidelity. Both of their previous spouses had cheated on them. Not long after Todd and Anne had wed Todd had been in an accident and broke his back in two places. He did recover after a long time but never fully. He suffered from debilitating back pain nearly every day since. Medication helped but not always enough. On good days he could walk with the aid of a cane, on bad days he couldn’t even get out of bed. As a result, Todd had to go on disability and Anne took over as the main bread winner for the family. Family, right, they had two young children, an eight year old boy, and a six year old girl. Anne has worked all the way through both pregnancies right up to or almost to their births, and went right back to work just a couple of weeks afterwards. Todd became the stay at home dad mostly. Early on, even before the accident. Todd and Anne had made an agreement that they would never cheat on one another, both having been burned already. Then after the accident they had to face reality that sex was not always going to be possible for Todd, certainly not in the manner that they were used to. So they developed their open marriage. Both were free to flirt with and engage with other people even so far as to have sex with them, but the other would have full knowledge and could veto anything if they felt it was unsafe or out of bounds. They were swingers in effect, but with such an unorthodox relationship they were extremely discrete and very particular, at least of those they chose to bring into their bed so to speak. Man! They told me all of this over the course of a week or so, little at a time just to try to feel me out so that I didn’t freak out on them. I have say it did blow my mind, and I’m an open minded person, or so I had thought up to that point in time. They told me that it was okay if I didn’t want to “play” after learning about it because it’s not for everyone. But they really hoped I’d still be their friend even if I didn’t want to play. Well I didn’t flake on them and while I didn’t just jump in bed with them we went on to become good friends.

A long streak of bad days for Todd and a car breaking down that required hard to find parts led to Anne having to drive the worse reliable of their two cars because it was the only one running. This with the threat of snow had her on edge. Anne, though born a Jersey girl, grew up in south Florida and had never driven in the snow in her life. She was terrified of either sliding and having a wreck or their less than reliable car breaking down somewhere between Lexington where she worked as a hostess/assistant manager for “Danny’s” restaurant and their home in the next county over. Todd had asked me several times if I wouldn’t mind giving her a ride or letting her stay at my place if the weather and the roads ever got bad. I said sure, knowing that in reality we rarely if ever did get a bad snow so the likelihood of Anne gracing my apartment was next to zero. It was a nice fantasy though I must say. Knowing that I had an open invitation to “play” with Anne should we be so inclined or circumstances ever played out that way. What’s not to like about that?

Anne was a gorgeous figure of a woman, even after giving birth to two children. At thirty eight years old the shoulder length head of brunette hair complimented her hazel eyes and ready smile. She was a slender five foot seven inches tall narrow waisted gal with a nice little pear shaped ass. While she didn’t have overly large breasts, a modest thirty two inch b cup set that had a natural droop of course after nursing two children but they were flawless. I was later to find out that they were extremely sensitive as well. Anne had some slender but well defined legs due to her job as a hostess, being on her feet long long hours. Those same long hours gave her hell with her tiny little narrow feet however, calluses and cracking plagued her almost as much as Todd’s back pains. I learned early on in our friendship that the fastest way to her heart was a good foot massage.

So it’s the second winter of our friendship and Anne is working on nights now as well. Often she would call me on her breaks knowing that I was likely still up on my nights off and we would chat about just about anything. Of course there was the playful flirting and innuendos tossed about as well, it was all fun. Sometimes it would be a three way chat, Anne and I on the phone and Todd and I online with the bulletin board. So far this winter due to warmer than normal temperatures we’ve not had much more than flurries and rain. So the weather prediction of a “light dusting” was not out of the ordinary and didn’t raise an alarm. Todd did make is standing request that if the weather did turn bad or worse could I look after Anne. It would allow him to sleep better knowing that she was not trying to drive in it. Of course I again said sure if it came to that. Hell I’d even go pick her up and bring her either to their house or to my apartment for the day. Little did I know what I was in for in a days time.

Thursday evening the weather man on tv was giving the forecast of the weather system moving into the area over the next couple of days. He said that due to the warmer temps we’d been experiencing it was likely to be all rain or at worst when the temperature began to drop we might have a light dusting of snow and flurries. Seems that the weather guys on the radio echoed this prediction so I didn’t think much of it and went on in to work for my second night of three in a row. Sometime around ten o’clock that evening after the sun had been down a while, the light rain and drizzle had begun to turn to snow. By one o’clock in the morning there was about four inches on the road and it was still coming down heavily. As the clock rolled around to six in the morning the snow had piled up to over eight inches of snow and was drifting. Lexington had been caught flat footed and ill prepared for this amount of snow. The few plows that the city had were not even out on the roads yet, no salt had been put down, it was a mess. I got off work after seven that morning and was amazed at the amount of snow on the ground and roads. It was well over knee deep and it was still coming down pretty heavily. In the back of my mind I remembered my promise to Todd to take care of Anne for him. So instead of heading home to my apartment I drove onto the nearly deserted bypass and headed to the Danny’s location that Anne was working at. It was slow going even for me with a fairly new car with front wheel drive and good tires. I saw many vehicles stuck in the ditches or abandoned. Only heavy trucks and four wheel drives or the occasional front wheel drive like my own were moving about. With it snowing so heavy and still being almost as dark as the middle of the night it took me almost an hour to get from the factory to the restaurant.

After stomping the snow off my feet and legs at the entrance I saw Anne at the end of the counter talking on the phone and looking very nervous. She spotted me and it was if someone turned on the lights in a dark room, she lit up with that beautiful smile. I could tell she was relieved and assumed she’d been talking to Todd on the phone. As it turns out I was right. She told me he had been calling her and he’d been calling me all night trying to get in touch with me to ask again about picking Anne up. She handed me the phone to talk to Todd as she waited on a couple of customers. Todd asked me if it was as bad as they were reporting on the news and I told him it was but not to worry. I would bring Anne home. He told me that I might as well stay in town if that was okay with me. Sure I told him, if that’s what Anne wants to do. Mothers can be funny sometimes being away from their children and all. Todd told me of course the schools were closed due to the weather, he and the kids were going to be fine.

Anne came over to talk to me after taking care of her customers and asked me if I wanted something to eat. She apologized that she was not ready to go just yet because her relief was late, due to the snow of course. Her store manager was on his way in since some of the other staff weren’t going to be able to make it. So I got a late breakfast on the house. Normally Anne gets off at eight o’clock in the morning and is on her way home or even at home by this time of the morning. Since the restaurant was open lots of folks who were snowbound or stranded by cars that were stuck or not able to get around safely in the snow were holed up in here drinking coffee, eating and watching it continue to snow. And Snow. And Snow.

A little past ten o’clock that morning a tow truck pulled up outside the door with its yellow lights flashing and Anne’s store manager climbs out and comes into the restaurant. Shaking off the snow and taking in the number of customers he thanks Anne for staying till he got her. He told her she should get a room across the street at the hotel and not try to drive. He’d ran off the road that he couldn’t see and ended up in the ditch. The tow truck was on its way back to try to pull his car out. Anne told him that she was okay, she had a ride from a friend, and with that we put our own coats on and headed out into the winter wonderland. Anne didn’t have boots or any shoes suitable for snow so immediately her feet were cold and wet in just the short distance from the door to my car. Once inside it took a while for the heat to build up and warm her feet. As I was heading around the bypass with the intent of taking her home to her house she asked me if it would be okay just to stay at my place. I said sure, if she didn’t mind I didn’t mind. She was a nervous wreck as I navigated the snow drifts and ruts around the bypass to my exit. Even with the sun up and the snow beginning to light up it was not full daylight yet. The street lights were all still on and very few were out and about trying to drive anywhere. Almost an hour after leaving the restaurant I finally pull into the parking lot of my apartment, and actually find a recently vacated parking space outside the door to my building. I carry Anne’s ‘just in case’ bag inside and open the door for her. Home sweet home, such that it is. I told Anne to go ahead and call Todd and let him know we made it to my house safely and that we weren’t going to try to drive to theirs.

I have a one bedroom apartment with a bathroom, kitchen and a small dining area connected to the living room. My bedroom has both my pride and joys in it, a huge metal government style office desk with my computer set up on it, and my big soft deep mattress queen size bed. My window in the bedroom and the doorway have blackout curtains on them so that I can sleep in the daytime. In my living room I have an old but very comfy couch. I’ve probably slept on the couch almost as much as in my bed. So me being the gentleman I try to be I offered her my bed for the day and told her I’d sleep on the couch. But first, the shower was hers to use first. I asked if she wanted some coffee but she declined saying that she drank way too much last night as it was. I told Anne that I keep a robe on the back of the bathroom door, it was clean and she was welcomed to use it. While she was in the shower I went ahead and changed out of my work clothes into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. I’d shower after she got finished. I brought a spare pillow and a blanket to the couch and turned on the tv to catch the weather updates. Seems the city had declared a snow emergency and was advising everyone to stay home and off the roads if at all possible. At this point we had accumulated almost sixteen inches of snow and everything was coming to a standstill. It was about that time that Anne came around the corner in my robe combing out he wet hair. Damn but she looked good in that robe, and the smell, well, the smell was all flowers and baby powder very feminine. She watched a couple of minutes of the news and shook her head. She told me that when she had called home to Todd, he had told her that her boss had been trying to reach her. He needed her to come in to work again tonight if at all possible as the crew that works her nights off were not going to be able to make it in. She asked if I didn’t mind dropping her back off at the restaurant late that evening before I went to work myself. I said sure, but I’d better allow for the travel time with all this snow it’d be slow going. I noticed she was hobbling a bit and asked her if her feet hurt, she said yes they were killing her. I patted the couch next to me and said come here, I’ll make them feel better.

Anne sat down carefully on the other end of the couch and swung her feet around to my lap. As she did, the robe opened up enough to expose her gorgeous legs halfway up her thighs. I picked up one foot and she flexed her toes with a bit of a grimace. I wiggled each toe and bent them and pulled on them gently then with my thumbs I began pressing and pushing the bottom of her foot, rolling it from side to side and causing her to bend it downwards. I worked my way from just behind her toes down to the arch of her very narrow feet. Anne had her eyes closed and was oohing and aahing as she smiled contentedly. I palmed the heel of her foot and used my other hand to grip her Achilles tendon and gently turn and twist her foot at the heel. Her toes would involuntarily flex and curl with each rotation. As I began on the other foot Anne let out a low moan and told me I could do that all day if I wanted to. She said it felt so good she could probably have an orgasm if I wasn’t careful. Oh now you KNOW I was pumped up by that. Talk about an ego boost. And that wasn’t the only thing getting boosted. The swelling in my sweatpants certainly didn’t go without notice judging by the sly smile on her face.

When I had finished with her feet I said we should really get some sleep if we both had to work again tonight. She asked if I was sure that I didn’t want to sleep with her in my bed. I told her that playtime is certainly an option for a time when we didn’t need to rest but it was probably best if we didn’t so I would sleep on the couch and she in my bed. She smiled but reluctantly agreed and went to my bedroom. I told her if she needed anything just to ask. With that I turned off the tv and stretched out on the couch and closed my eyes, thinking to myself that I must be an idiot to pass up such an opportunity. Still though, too much a nice guy boy scout and not enough devil may care bachelor.

The furnace kicks on again and the vertical blinds move making the shadows and light dance across the ceiling. I need to get some sleep. I’m now going on thirty two hours awake and I’m still wired. I’ve got a smoking hot woman in my bed in the other room, who’s made it clear that she’s willing to bless me with a night, or rather a day to remember with some wild sex if I so desired. Yet here I am thinking that that would just not seem right, I mean first of all open marriage or not she’s a married woman. If that wasn’t enough it would look to anyone else as if I was wanting sex in exchange for my hospitality and picking her up from work. And the lights and shadows dance, the clock ticks on. My eyes are so tired they ache. But sleep just isn’t coming.

Glancing at the clock on the wall over the tv I note the time as nearly two in the afternoon. With a silent groan I roll over and face the back of the couch and punch my pillow again to make it more comfortable and shut my eyes again and try to go to sleep. “Damn” I think to myself, “I should have been to sleep four hours ago! I’m not going to be worth a damn at work tonight.” From the bedroom I hear a soft plaintive “Jim….?” I sit up and rub my eyes, “Yeah Anne?” She says in a soft voice, I’m not used to sleeping by myself. Could you come lay down with me at least till I go to sleep?” Whew… I’m thinking, this is getting harder and harder to do by the minute. But in the end I say “Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute I needed to use the bathroom anyway.”

I get up and walk to the bathroom and carefully bend my semi erect penis downward so that I actually piss in the toilet bowl and not hose down the wall. Then carefully tuck my member back down in my sweatpants and try to make it look like I got a hard on. Now I’m not overly well endowed by any means, rather I’m just Joe average. I’m about six and an half inches on a good day when it’s fully erect and excited. I am circumcised not that I had any say in that as an infant. I often wonder if I might have been another inch or so longer had I not been cut. I’m not terribly thick either, maybe a little thicker than a banana. But unlike a banana I am straight as a rod when fully aroused. And I’m pushing that as I flush and take the four steps to my bedroom door and push through the black out curtain. It’s pitch black in my bedroom but I can navigate it blindfolded, it is after all my room. I hear Anne scooting over to make room for me to stretch out and I lay down atop the blankets since I usually sleep that way anyway. I’m settling in when I hear “Bashful much?” “I won’t bite you know. You can get under the covers too. “ Not feeling like trying to explain myself I get back up and she pulls the blankets aside and I climb back in giving her plenty of room. Anne flips the blankets back over me and spoons up behind me putting an arm around my chest and her knees up behind my own. I groan internally thinking this is really not going to get me to sleep anytime soon. My damned cock is growing again and it’s beginning to throb. I feel like my balls are doing a conga dance or something. Anne murmurs thank you in my ear and says that she really appreciated the foot massage. I’m such a sweet guy. “Yeah.. sweet.. chicken shit guy” I think to myself but mumble she’s welcomed aloud. “This is much better “ she coos and squeezes me and nuzzles the back of my neck.

I mutter something like “If you need to get up to use the bathroom be careful going through the black out curtain, I’ve busted my toe on the door sill too many times. “Okay” she purrs. And I feel her right hand sliding up under my tee shirt and her fingers running through my chest hair. “Nice” she says about that time my stomach muscles twitch and convulse and I let out a “Gah!” Anne freezes and says “What?” I reply sheepishly “I’m ticklish. I thought you knew that.” Anne giggles and says Yeah, but I was checking anyway. Still it’s nice. I settle back down and try to go to sleep.. and the clock ticks on..

I feel an itch on my backside and I reflexively reach back to scratch and my hand bumps into Anne’s hip. It’s so warm and smooth.. and NAKED! As I’m pulling my hand back Anne takes it in her own and stops it. Then glides it over her hip again and stops on her ass. “I like that” she says and nuzzles my neck again.

“Um.. Anne..” I stumble, “I forgot that you told me sleep in the nude.” At that I hear a low throaty chuckle. A very sexy sound when in bed with a smoking hot NAKED woman. “OH MY GOD” I’m thinking.

With my hand still resting on her ass cheek, Anne snakes her arm back around me and under my shirt to rub my chest. She doesn’t tickle me this time though. After a moment or two her hand is on the move again, this time her fingers slip beneath the waist band of my sweat pants and her hand finds itself on my swollen cock still bent downwards towards my feet as if that would restrain it from popping up.

“Oh my…”Anne whispers. “Jim? Weren’t you going to share this with me?” She runs her fingers down the length from the base to the head of my cock then grasps it and pulls it up into the natural position. I let out a low swooning moan and squeeze her ass.

“ I know you’re just trying to be a nice guy and all but damn it Jim I’m horny and can’t sleep. Why don’t we play a little while? I’ll be nice. “ I lay there stunned, “this is really happening.” I think to myself “No one would believe me if I told them.. well.. except Todd. “ In the back of my mind I hear Todd saying “Go for it brother! “ So I let go of her ass cheek long enough to roll over to face her then say “ Well, if it’ll help you sleep, I’ll try to help. “ Anne laughs and throws back the blankets. I reach out with my left hand and hold her right side and lean in to kiss her. She kisses me softly on the lips and sighs.. “so sweet and gentle.. I’m going to have to teach you a few things I think.” And locks lips with me again and invades my mouth with her tongue, darting and stabbing and twisting with my own tongue. Our breathing getting short and heavy. Anne has one hand throttling my cock slowly up and down and takes her right hand and lifts my hand from her side and places it on her breast encouraging me to paw and squeeze. My right arm is beneath her pillow and my hand is going through her still damp hair massaging her neck and pressing her head into mine. We break our kiss to catch our breath and Anne lets out a low moan as I gently pinch and twist her right nipple while gripping her breast in my left hand. I lean in and begin kissing her jaw line and flow into her neck below her ear.. working my way down her neck to her chest and eventually to her breast as I pull her hair just enough to get her to roll over on her back. I pull my right arm out from under her and grab her left breast and begin squeezing and kneading it as well, rolling and pinching her nipple as I lock my lips and teeth onto the nipple of her right breast. I feel both of Anne’s hands now on the back of my head, her fingers running through my hair as she gasps and makes those low mewling sounds of contentment. I trade off my lips from one nipple to the other and they both taste sweet but there’s a slight tang of salt from the fine sheen of sweat that’s beginning to appear on her skin.

By now my lust has fully taken over for my conscious brain, the one in the head on my shoulders is no longer calling the shots, the little one on my cock is in charge. My lips begin to stray from Anne’s sweet rock hard nipples and my tongue traces its way down her stomach to her belly button. Now it’s Her stomach muscles jumping and rippling with anticipation. I rim her belly button a few times and kiss her repeatedly about her abdomen and resume my exploration lower still. As I near the promised land, encroaching upon her Mons I find only a tiny neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. It’s soft and silky and faintly smells of strawberries. There’s another tangy scent as I get nearer and nearer. Suddenly Anne stiffens and pulls my hair up to stop me from going any further. “ Anne?” I asked. “Um.. I’m.. uh.. I usually keep it shaved, but It’s been a couple of days…” I could almost hear the blushing in her voice, so timid and worried. I think “So?” Aloud I said..” I’m okay with that. It’s something I really REALLY enjoy.” I feel her grip on my hair relax and she exhales slowly and says quietly “Okay..”

With that I reach down her legs and grab them behind her knees and lift them up over my shoulders. Anne lets go of my hair and grabs her legs to pull and hold them up. I slide my hands down her inner thighs and along her very wet outer lips, my thumbs meeting up on her taint and then separating again to circle her puckered little rose bud of an ass hole . I swear to god it twitched and winked at me. I must have been imagining it though because it’s still pitch black and I might as well be blind. But Hallelujah The blind man can see with his hands! I lean in and trace my tongue from her taint all the way along.. uh..”What the..?” I think.. Anne’s outer lips and area around her pussy is covered by a very soft but almost sand papery stubble of hair… That’s why she was being so self conscious and hesitant to have me go down on her.. “Oh well” I think, “It’s not that bad.” And my tongue continues along the left side of her outer lips to the folds of skin trying to cover her swollen clit. I circle it twice clockwise then trace my way back down the right side outer lips back to her taint. I’m rewarded with twitching and almost non stop moaning at this point. Not being able to resist I flick her rose bud a couple of times with my tongue before starting back up again, this time right up the middle. I dip down into her parted lips and taste the nectar of the gods and it begins to seep out. I lash her side to side and start to paint the alphabet on and in her pussy with my tongue, both lower case and capital letters! Anne’s legs are twitching and shaking now. As I reach the letter Z I raise my chin and lock my lips around the hood of her clit and my tongue starts to duel with her clit. Lashing and stabbing at it flicking it about like a light switch. Anne’s breath is becoming ragged and she’s having small convulsions and tremors along her inner thighs. Her moans have become more likes little exasperated grunts “Uh.. Uh.. Uh.. OH GOD.. UH.. UH..” She’s hanging on the edge I’m thinking it’s time to put it into over drive. I stop lashing her clit and close my teeth on it, gently but firmly I suck and pull it side to side and out away from her like I’m trying to pull it right off. Suddenly both of her hands are grasping the back of my head pulling my face into her crotch as if she’s trying to burry my face inside her pussy. I’ve got three fingers of my right hand pumping in and out of her sopping wet pussy faster and faster as I gnaw on her clit. I begin lashing her clit again with my tongue all the while biting and pulling and sucking and fucking her with my fingers. And then it happens! Anne goes rigid solid as stone, she stops breathing, she stops making any noises other than a strange strangled gurgling sound.. for three, four, five heart beats she’s rigid like a statue, then all hell breaks loose. He hands, her arms her legs her stomach muscles on her torso hell even her toes are convulsing and twitching and curling. Anne’s back is arching up off the bed and her head is whipping from side to side like she’s saying “No No NO NO NO”. Then she stops moving all together. Except for the rise and fall of her panting chest, and her cheeks puffing out with each exhale. Then she starts giggling.. that turns into all out laughter. At first I was confused and then a little worried that perhaps I did something wrong and I was being judged wanting. I sat back on my heels and watched and waited and worried a little. Finally Anne tilts her head up and looks and me I think, it’s still pitch black you know. “Oh Jim! Why did we wait so long to do this? OH MY GOD! That was fantastic! You don’t know how long it’s been.” She gasps out between panting.

I shrug and then realize that she can’t see me shrug and say “Bad timing, bad weather, poor judgement?” and think to myself “Chicken shit, Chicken shit, Chicken shit.” But I smile tiredly and think “Hey it’s on now though.” And put the three fingers of my right hand in my mouth and taste Anne’s juices on them. I reach out with my left hand and feel her hands on her puss with a couple of fingers dipping into her own juices for a feel as she pulls her hand back and licks them clean too. “mmmm” she intones. “come here and lay down beside me Jim.” Anne instructs. I pretty much fall over on my side and then twist over onto my back. Anne runs her hands over my chest and tweaks my own nipples before gliding over my abs to my cock. It’s lost some of its earlier rigidity but It’s still about three quarters hard as she grasps it and begins lightly stroking it back to life. “Well you’re certainly a man of your word Jim. I know you’ve told me and my husband both that you are a fan of pussy and you enjoy going down on a woman. You did NOT however say that you were so good at it. “ She playfully squeezes my cock at the head as if to emphasize her slight disapproval of my humbleness. “Hey, “ I say, “I’m not one to brag. Most assholes do brag but then don’t deliver.” “OH you delivered boy! OH MY GOD you DELIVERED!” she laughed . “Now that I’ve caught my breath, how about I return the favor? Hmm?” Anne squeezed my cock again but in a much nicer way. Then began kissing her way down my body from my neck below my ear, down my chest, across my abs, then to my crotch along first the inner thigh of my right leg, then jumping over to the inner thigh of my left leg and back up to my balls. She licked them a few times then sucking first one into her mouth and rolled it around massaging it with her tongue, popping it back out and sucking in the other one and doing the same roll. Then finally, sucking both of them in and rolling them around with her tongue. I thought I was going to lose my mind, all the while she’s slow stroking my cock with her left hand as she runs her right hand along my thigh and up across my abdomen and back.

“Uh.. Oh my god.. Uh.. Anne.. I’m on a hair trigger.” I gasp out. Then I feel her grip on my cock choke down and she stopped moving her hand up and down. Then she begins painting me with her tongue, licking my cock from my balls slowly up to the sensitive head where she circles one, two, three, four times slowly. Taking her tongue away she leans in and kisses the top of my cock head delicately then again but slowly parts her warm wet lips and engulfs my head and I feel her tongue begin that circling again. Pitch black my ass! I was seeing stars on my ceiling as Anne slowly lowered her mouth farther down on my cock more and more of it disappearing into her lips. I felt my balls being picked up by her free hand and rolled around gently then being squeezed and tugged, sack and all. Down down down Anne’s mouth creeped on my cock. I could feel her breath coming from her nose tickling my pubic hair.

I felt Anne’s hand release the base of my cock and slide up to meet her lips about halfway down my cock, then she began to withdraw from my cock, just as slowly as going in until her lips were just touching the very top of my swollen and twitching cock head. “You okay?” she asked playfully..”Pant.. pant.. Uh.. Yeah.. Oh my god yes..” I gasped. Trying to tell myself not to grab her by the ears and start pounding her velvet mouth. I couldn’t, however, keep my hands from running my fingers through her hair. I hear and more importantly FEEL Anne give a little laugh as she slipped her mouth back onto the head of my cock and slid it down my shaft following her hand. Up and down, in and out faster and faster. Before I know it my own hips are moving and I’m raising up to meet her mouth and hand as she is going down. I can feel the tunnel vision setting in, even if I can’t see anything an inch in front of my face. “Anne… I’m… I’m… soo close.. I’m going to.. “ I try to warn her I’m about to blow. I can feel my climax building my balls are twitching like two runners setting up at the starting blocks waiting for the starter’s pistol. I’m not sure but I can almost imagine my cock swelling even bigger getting harder and shuddering like a horse in the starting gate. My breath is beyond ragged, coming in short choppy gasps. My fingers clenching and unclenching in Anne’s hair and on the back of her head. Faster and faster she bobs up and down with her hot velvety wet mouth and her kung-fu death grip on my cock. She must have known that the end was near because she stopped bobbing and tried to take me as far into her mouth and throat as she could. Her hand let go of my cock and she grabbed me by my hips . I could feel her gagging on my cock head and holding it there as the fireworks went off in my brain. With my spasms pumping my load in stream after stream I could feel Anne’s mouth rising up off my cock till only the head was still inside her mouth. She was sucking for all she was worth. And swallowing. When no more would come out she raised up and climbed back up beside me and laid down next to me. Her hand on my chest, running her fingers through my chest hair. As I finally begin to catch my breath she leaned over and locked lips with me again. I could taste my own juices on her tongue. “I saved you just a drop.” She said, “I swallowed the rest, it was too good to waste.” All I could say was “Mmmmmmmm”. My heart was still racing but my breathing was coming back under control. Then I could feel the after shock building. Uh oh.. I couldn’t remember if I’d told Anne about my strange “second cumming”. “Uh.. Anne.. I.. Uh.. um..” but then it was too late. It hit me like a runaway freight train in the night. Starting at the backs of my toes and racing up my legs to the knees and to my groin and finally to my cock. All the fireworks and spasms and contractions of the first climax if to a lesser degree, minus the cum.

When the tunnel vision receded and I could breath again. I heard “Wow.. that was pretty intense.” I have never seen a guy do that before. When I could breath I tried to explain that I usually warn anyone I’m having sex with that this happens to me. If I don’t they tend to freak out. Anne said “Well I almost did freak out, you got that right. But Wow. I’ll certainly have a few things to share with Todd when I get home.” There it was again, that benign reminder that she was in fact a married woman and that small niggling part in the back of my brain, my conscience, pointed a finger at me accusingly. All the while Anne has her hand tracing circles on my abdomen and working lower and lower towards my mostly deflated still slightly twitching cock.

“ That really turned me on.” She whispered in my ear as she nuzzles me and kisses my neck.. Running her dainty right foot up and down my shins. Her left arm snaked under my head and neck and her hand twirling circles in the hair on the other side of my head from her busy lips.” Think you could have another go? “ she asks, as she drags the backs of her fingers down the length of my cock and then tickles my balls. Ordinarily I would be rock hard again by now and raring to go, but I’m thinking that I just might be too tired but my brain is screaming “YES! YES! YES! OH HELL YES!”.. but which brain is it I wonder.

With Anne’s hand on my cock stroking it back to life I reach over and pull her head back up to mine and find her lips with mine and go fishing for that wicked devilish tongue of hers with my own. Hungry for more. Parting for a breath I ask her, “How would you like it gorgeous?” She giggles and releases my cock and gets up on all fours and says “Mount me baby, I’m feeling slutty.”

Who am I to argue with a horny woman who just blew my mind and my cock? I drag my ass up off the bed and wiggle my way around behind that hot sweet pear shaped ass. I run my hands all over her from between her shoulder blades down along her sides to her hips, sweeping my hands and fanning my fingers and palms flat across her ass cheeks gripping and kneading them to the cleft of her ass I turn my hands so that the thumbs are pointing down and my fingers meet in the crack of her ass gripping those soft tender orbs of flesh where her legs meet her ass. I sqeeze gently at first but with unrelenting and increasing force. I feel the ring fingers of both hands slip into the folds of her pussy lips and into her hot wet treasure. Again I hear that low drawn out moan as Anne presses backwards with her hips and ass to meet those intruders. I let up on my grip and move one hand to her hip and one down to grasp my flagging cock. Still not regained its rock hard rigidity from earlier but still hard enough to move forward. I tease the head of my cock up and down the dripping outer lips of her pussy, gently whacking the head against her swollen clit, back up and tapping it against her sweet puckered little pink rose bud of her ass. Again she wiggles as if impatiently reminding me to get a move on. I grin and say “You want this little thing?” “Uh.. yeah.. please.” Anne says slightly piqued. “Okay, just checking .” I quip.

I push my happy mushroom into the opening of her rabbit hole. I hear her let out a little happy gasp. I slowly push it in a little further and stop. Then a little further still, and stop again. The third time I stopped I heard Anne mutter “Fuck!” and she slammed her ass back into me taking all of my cock in as deep as I can go. Our pubic hair meshing and our skin tingling with each other’s sweat. My balls did a little slap swinging up and smacking Anne’s clit like a punching bag. Now with both hands on her hips I begin to grind in and out changing it up every other stroke by pushing to one side or another or going high or low, screwing my cock around and in and out. Anne moaned and buried her face in my pillow and gripped the sheets and mattress . or at least I imagined that anyway, I still couldn’t see in the dark. I did hear more moaning but it was muffled. In and out, up and down, side to side and around and around, faster and faster and faster. I was panting again and I could feel my own legs quivering but not from a building orgasm but rather from fatigue. FUCK I was tired ! Just when I was about to beg for forgiveness and call it quits I felt Anne hit the wall and break right on through. Her feet were beating the mattress on either side of my legs like drum sticks on a snare drum. Her back was undulating up and down, her ass cheeks were clenching and unclenching in no particular rhythm On a whim I reached up with one hand and grabbed a handful of her silky brown hair and pulled her head back forcefully, that was the last straw. Anne let loose with a long shrieking howl that actually scared me. I thought I had hurt her. When I let go of her hair she stayed like that for a moment before losing all control of her body and she collapsed onto her stomach. Her ass still sticking up in the air. Her feet still twitching. I could feel the inner walls of her pussy spasoming and twitching gripping and releasing my cock.

My poor cock.. either the wild orgasm of Anne’s or just simply being physically exhausted or some combination of the two, it was deflating. My cock slipped out of Anne’s steaming hot twitching pussy with a wet plop as is slapped against my balls. Feeling light headed I crawled over next to Anne and crashed onto my own pillow and watched her, or rather felt her as she recovered. After a little more shuddering and twitching Anne eventually stretched out and laid back down with a flop.

“Did you..” she started to ask but didn’t have the breath yet to finish. “No.. I couldn’t, I was just too tired I think.” I murmured in her direction, my head sunk into my pillow. My left hand lying across her sweat dampened back. I could feel the body heat radiating off of her skin. Anne raised her right hand and ran it up my left thigh to my hip and just stopped. “I’ll make it up to you sometime. “ she whispered dreamily as she and I both drifted off to sleep finally.

I awoke later with my bladder screaming at me to either get up and go to the bathroom or get ready to change the sheets. UGH.. sat up and rolled my feet over the edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes disoriented. Then the memory of Anne being here came back in a Technicolor flash and I reached out behind me and felt her soft warm NAKED ass. I swear to god my cock twitched like it was just given an electric shock. My face hurt from the grin that grew out of nothing there in the dark. Taking a deep breath I stood up and blindly made my way to the black out curtain and then through and to the right into the bathroom. Lifting the lid and seat I cut loose and emptied my still screaming bladder. As my mind replayed the events of the long night and morning leading up to this afternoon. After shaking the last drops out I washed my hands and then turned the bathroom light on to find a wash cloth to wash my face off. I could still smell traces of Anne’s juices on my face and hands. I glanced at my watch and nearly panicked! FUCK! It’s five thirty already! If I’m going to take Anne back to the restaurant before I go to work I need to get a freakin’ move on and NOW. SHIT SHIT SHIT! I reached over and opened the shower doors and turned the hot water on to get it moving and ready for a shower. Then I went and woke Anne up.

“Anne? Baby.. you gotta wake up.” I said as I gently shook her shoulder. “Mmmphhumpble umplesleep” She mumbled into her pillow.

Again I shook her shoulder and said “Anne.. it’s getting late, time to go serve the coffee and pie to all the assholes”.. Grinning at the use of her secret name for some of the restaurants patrons.

“Mfck smasshls..” she mumbled. Then with a wicked grin I leaned over and started in the small of her back and traced my tongue down her spine slowly to the crack of her ass, sliding down between those gorgeous orbs and tickling her little pink rose bud briefly before lapping at that sensitive little patch of skin between her asshole and her rabbit hole then blowing hot air across her pussy.

“HOLY FUCK!” Anne barked as she sat bolt upright and shivered a wild expression on her face in the dim light of the bedside lamp. “That’s NOT Fair!” she continued sheepishly then smiled like the devil himself.

“Don’t ever start something like that when you don’t have time to finish it!” She practically growled as she ran her hands over her face and back through her hair. Her breasts rising up with her arms and poking straight out, her nipples hardening. I smiled and took her hand and said her shower awaits.. and help her stand up out of the bed. Her legs just a little wobbly. “ How many of you were there last night anyway?” she asked as I lead her through the black out curtain and into the bathroom now steaming up from the running water. “ Just little ol’ me.” I said as I leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek and motioned for her to get in and take a shower. As she stepped in she looked back at me and asked “how am I supposed to wash my back?” smiling coyly. “ Besides, you’re wasting water if you take a separate shower.”

Not being able to argue with that reasoning I stepped into that cauldron, I mean shower as well. Why is it that women like the water hot enough to cook a lobster when they bathe or shower? Anne said she didn’t need to shampoo her hair today but would I please wash her back. Gladly I took the wash cloth and soaped it up and began washing her from her neck down to her gorgeous ass. Oh it was such a nice sight to see. Perhaps I lingered too long or got carried away in any event Anne reached back and took the wash cloth from me and turned around facing me and told me to turn around so that she could and did wash my back from my head to my ass and beyond. Turning me around to face her she ran the soapy wash cloth over my chest and abdomen and paid special attention to my cock and balls handing me the wash cloth with one hand and keeping her other hand on my cock stroking it gently with soapy fingers. I washed her neck and her chest, making sure to get all over and under her breasts. Cleaned her tummy and moved on to her pubic hair speed bump. Cupping the cloth in my hand I covered her pussy and gently squeezed and rubbed it about until I accidentally dropped the cloth.. it just slipped through my fingers with a wet plop on the tub floor. My hand was still cupped over her mostly smooth puss, as I rubbed gently over the beginnings of razor stubble. My long middle finger slipped inside the rabbit hole and probed cautiously. As Anne tilted her head back and a little to one side closing her eyes for a soft gentle kiss. Lips to lips tongues just barely, timidly probing one another’s lips. Anne shuddered slightly then opened her eyes and reached over and smacked my hand. “What did I tell you about starting something and not being able to finish it?” I just chuckled and turned her around to rinse off the soap from her front. And mine. We got out of the shower and suddenly we realized again that we were pressed for time. I got out my blow dryer for her to dry her hair with and I went to get dressed. Looking again at the time I realized I was going to be late. I called in to work to tell my supervisor that I was running behind due to the snow and would it be okay if I didn’t make it on time. That’s when I found out that the plant manager had actually decided to call off night shift rather than have employees risk injury or worse by trying to drive in to work. We have a lot of people working at the plant that drive from surrounding counties. “ Cool! I’m off tonight!” I thought. As I was hanging up the phone Anne came in wearing a towel wrapped around her and brushing out her blow dried hair. I told her about the plant being closed so I wasn’t going to be late for work. “Too bad I can’t stay home too, maybe we could “finish” what we started. “ she said with a low wattage smile. I collected her shoes from the top of the furnace register in the living room, now dry and handed them to her to put on her tiny little feet.

“Girl, you need some winter shoes or boots.” I said as she slipped her feet in to the low cut flats. “ Or at least something like what Nurses wear with some cushions in them. “ Then inspiration hit me like a slap in the face. “Hold on.” And I went to the bedroom to my closet and dug down in back and found what I was looking for. An older pair of winter boots. Fleece lined water resistant and shin high. “ I know my feet are bigger than yours but with your shoes on you’re feet will probably still be swimming in these. Slip them on over your shoes.”

She looked at me kind of funny then lifted one foot shoe and all and slipped it into the boot. Then the other followed into the other boot. I bent down and tucked her slacks into the tops of the boots and said “Now.. you can walk to and from the car without getting your feet wet and frozen. When you get to work just slip them off till you’re ready to go home.” She gave me that funny look again, like she wasn’t certain if I was pulling her leg or making a joke at her expense or was serious. Then she leaned in and kissed my cheek and smiled. “Ready?” I asked? Anne looked at me as she slipped her coat on and said “Mush.”

The drive from my apartment to the Danny’s restaurant was tedious but uneventful I guess the majority of folks were heeding the warnings for people to stay off the roads. There were more cars in the ditches and off the road than there were in the morning but there was less traffic now if that could even be compared. Most vehicles moving about were utility trucks and road department or police and fire department cars and trucks. Mostly trucks. The snow had stopped falling by now but we would later find out that we had over seventeen inches of snow fall in just about thirty hours time. While that might not sound like much to some people but for this part of the country it was paralyzing. I went in to sit with Anne a while since I didn’t have to be anywhere anytime soon. Her boss found out that I brought her to work and he was so happy he offered me a meal on the house and all the coffee I could drink. He was just happy to be going home. The same tow truck that dropped him off that morning was back to pick him up, turns out it was his next door neighbor. Anne called Todd after we go to work, she handed the phone to me and he wanted to thank me for taking care of his baby and looking out for her. Despite knowing better and all I still felt a twinge of guilt talking to him and he thanking me. But I let it go. Thinking “Who am I to judge?”

Anne took the phone back and went around the corner into the manager’s office to quietly speak with Todd a bit longer. I suspect she was giving him the high point of our playtime that afternoon and telling him about my gift of the boots.

I ordered the fried chicken plate for dinner and ate at the counter where I could talk with Anne, between her trips around the dining room and counter refilling coffees and taking orders or delivering checks. Seems that all the people stranded by or hunkered down to avoid the mess caused by the snow and were staying at the hotel across the street had been making their way over to Danny’s for a hot meal. It may not have been as busy as a regular Friday night but being short handed kept everyone hopping. After hanging out for a few hours I told Anne I was going to go on back home. I added that she should call me to come get her when her shift was over if anyone came in to relieve her that is, and I would come get her. She agreed and kissed me on the cheek again and said “Thanks Jim.”

I really don’t remember the drive home, I do remember closing my door at my apartment and kicking my shoes off before going to my bedroom and collapsing on my bed still fully clothed. I drifted off to sleep almost instantly with the faint smell of flowers and baby powder on my pillow and a tangy slightly musky scent from my sheets. I remember thinking “I’ll have to change those out tomorrow” I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing in the kitchen. I stumbled out and answered it. It was Todd telling me I didn’t have to go back and pick up Anne. The roads were passable now and she was going to try to drive home herself. Apparently the road crews had been hard at work all night and the plows and salt trucks had cleared up most of the main roads. “Okay man.” I said. “Give me a call back when she gets home so I’ll know she made it okay.” I added.

“I will,” he said, “And Jim, really, thank you for yesterday, and man, those boots… you hit a nerve my friend. You’ll have to work really hard to piss Anne off enough to let you go as a friend now. Well.. that and the way you treated her while playing. She’s declared you a keeper for life.” He laughed and said he’d call when she got home. I hung up the phone and smiled, thinking I really need to work on getting some time set aside for more playtime. Even if it was to join the both of them as they’ve repeatedly invited me to at their house sometime. I don’t’ know, that’s still a bit of a stretch for me. This boy scout is open minded but acting on it is still kind of weird. I yawned and stretched and looked at the clock, Nine o’clock.. morning or night? I peeked around the corner to look out my balcony door. Yeah, sunshine, it’s daytime. I should be sleeping, so I stumbled back to bed and smiled as I took in those sweet and musky scents again and closed my eyes to dream and remember playtime with Anne.

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