Slutty sex with best friends bf

This is a story my fwb told me. I thought it was so hot so I thought I share it here.

Last summer me (26f) best friend (26f) and her bf (28)m went to a music festival together and rented an air bnb to stay in. The festival was fun and and in the evening we all took some molly together, we danced and all around had a lot of fun together. As the night wound down we all ended up cuddling and watching a watching a movie together in bed.

My best friend fell asleep first but since I was still kinda high I would be able to sleep for a bit. Her bf and I were cuddling and I started to get horny. I moved so he was spooning me and felt his hard dick press against my ass. I started pushed and grinding against it soft at first then harder. He slipped his hand under my shirt and started playing with my nipples. I go absolutely wild when my nipples are played with and it made my pussy so wet. Before I knew it he had pulled his dick out and pulled my thong to the side and started rubbing is dick against my dripping pussy. His dick was so much bigger than I had expected probably 8 inches. I reached down and pushed the head of his dick into my pussy. It was incredible but I couldn’t believe I had my best friends bf inside me raw well she was asleep in the same bed, knowing this and how wrong it was made it so much hotter. We quietly fucked for a few minutes before I whispered to him to meet me in the other room.

I quietly got up and he followed me and we ended up going into the garage as it was the farthest place from the bedroom, where my best friend was asleep. As soon as we were in there, I got down on my knees and began to suck his big dick. He grabbed my head and started to face fuck me, then pulled me into a standing position with one knee up on a work bench in the garage, and both my arms pulled behind my back. He started fucking my pussy, hard and fast. I was trying to be as quiet. As I could, but little moans escaped. Due to the drugs he was able to keep going without cumming for a long time I on the other hand had a number of very intense orgasms.

My pussy started to get sore but I didn’t want to stop so I asked if he liked anal, without any hesitation he pulled out of my pussy and started pushing himself into my ass. It hurt at first since his was the biggest dick I had ever taken in the ass but before long my eyes were rolling back with pleasure. He reached around shoved three fingers into my pussy with his dick still in my ass. Both my holes being filled made me squirt all over the floor of the garage. He kept fucking me until he eventually filled my ass with cum. We then quietly crept back into bed with my best friend to try and sleep.

To this day it was some of the hottest and most slutty sex I’ve ever had. My friend never found out and it never happened again but I often think about it and it still gets me wet.

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