Slept with the Groom’s ex :)

It was a big fat Indian wedding where everyone was drinking heavily. So loud and entertaining, and I was having a blast. Such gorgeous women and men, and everyone seemed sloshed. There were dhols and that’s my weakness. I was wearing a pretty nice black tuxedo, and just started dancing. Since it got hot I took my coat off and pulled up my sleeves and just started dancing.

My eyes went to this lady, gorgeous as fuck wearing this pink/red low cut lehenga. Her cleavage was quite visible. She must have easily been a 36 G. So you can just imagine how amazing the cleavage would have been. She looked slightly more mature though.

Nevertheless, I just focused on dancing and after a couple of hours got slightly tired and went to a nearby sofa to rest up a little bit. Of course I was sweating, and I had forgotten to bring a handkerchief. Out of nowhere I see a hand offering me a couple of paper towels. I looked up to see whose pretty hands were those and bang it was that lady.

I thanked her, and we started talking. She told me that she was here by herself from Delhi and that she was staying at Taj. She asked how I know the groom. I asked her the same thing and she told me that she was a family friend.

We spoke more, and went to have a couple of drinks. She told me that she wanted to go back to the hotel for sometime and relax as she was very tired. I was like sure, I hugged her and told her it was nice meeting her. Once I hugged her huge tits got squeezed against my chest. I kept on hugging her and intensified the grip. Damn her tits felt nice.

As she was about to leave I asked her if I should drop her but she said her driver was waiting. She looked at me, took a pause and told me that they could have a drink at the bar in the hotel if I wanted. I replied ” Do you think I would say no to such an offer”.

She gently smiled. We sat in her car, and spoke a little bit more. We also exchanged numbers and appreciated each other for the conversation. She asked me if I wanted to come up as she had a suite and he could relax until she is done showering and then we could go to the bar for drinks.

I was like sure. Of course. We went up to the room and I made myself comfortable on the couch. She hopped on into the shower. I felt quite hot imagining her in the shower and was curious to see how her tits would look as she showered.

I took a leap of faith, and got into my boxers and slowly entered the bathroom. It was smokey, and I could see her in the shower and fucking hell she was looking like a damn hot. Had an instant hard on. And my cock was coming out of my boxer.

I just jumped into the shower and grabbed her. She was surprised, but we started kissing. We were like two hungry animals who would eat each other out. She just grabbed my cock and was quite shocked. She whispered ” You are way bigger than your friend”. I was like wtf. She then told me that she is the groom’s ex or rather a FWB.

That honestly made me so fucking hot. The whole situation. My friend is getting married and I am here about to fuck his ex. This made me hella crazy, and I honestly pinned her against the shower glass door and just shoved my cock inside her pussy and raw dogged her. Like I fucked her guts our from behind. Her tits were heavy and full, and they were bouncing so damn hard. I would have fucked her for at least an hour in the shower. Sad that we wasted so much water.

We slept for an hour, and I woke her up eating her out while pinching her nipples really hard. I fucked her again in missionary and then she rode me. While she was riding me, I grabbed her closer and started hammering her pussy really fast. A shy sophisticated lady, transformed into a pure slut moaning and screaming her hearts out. After another 10 minutes, I was about to cum, so I pulled it out and shoved my cock inside her mouth and spurred my hot load inside her mouth.

She slept shortly after, and I showered changed back into the wedding attire and went back for the pheras. 🙂

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