Sisters in Slavery prequel chapter 02 A teenaged slave girl learns her true place by Hellcat41979

Author’s note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age. Also this story features themes of rape, slavery, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you do not like such stories or are one of those individuals that can’t distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality STOP reading now. Also don’t fill up the comments section with posts about how sick the individuals in the story are or about the people who read or write this style of story. This is meant for those looking to take some enjoyment out this tale and not for those looking to recreate the circumstances of the story. For those that fall into the first category please enjoy yourselves

I must note before the story starts this is a prequel to Sisters in Slavery that tells the story of the owner of the Sisters Master Robert Sanders coming of age and becoming a master within The Organization leading up to how the Brothel was started. As such there will be some new characters introduced that may or may not be in future chapters of the main story. This also means that all of the established female characters will not be appearing in this part of the story.

Part 02

Chelsea discovers her true self.

Robert was happy to be finally getting out of school for the day. He had been struggling to stay awake for the last two periods. Actually passing out for a few minutes during one of his history teachers lectures. Strangely him staying up late the night before to fuck the hell out of Kelly wasn’t to blame for that incident. His teacher’s lectures were so boring that several of his other classmates passed out also. Thankfully the day was finally done and he could get ready for his date with Chelsea.

Once he arrived home Robert saw his brother was out with his friends for a change and saw the opportunity for a little fun with Kelly. Entering his room Robert grabbed one of the two hand bells from the drawer of his desk. After walking to his door way Robert starting ringing the bell. By the time he had replaced the bell in the drawer he could hear the clicking of Kelly’s high hills rushing down the hallway. Robert couldn’t help the smirk that appeared on his face as Kelly rushed into the room and knelt at his feet.

As he closed and locked his door Robert couldn’t help examining how she looked in her maid uniform. The skin tight top perfectly confirmed to the counters of her upper body while Kelly’s cleavage was on full display. If not for the frilly apron incorporated into the outfit Robert would be able to see Kelly’s pierced nipples through the tight fabric barely covering her breasts. However thanks to the extremely short skirt her bare pussy and ass we’re easy to see when she bent over even slightly. This also allowed Kelly’s well sculpted legs and feet encased in fishnet stockings and five inch stiletto high-heels to be fully visible at all times.

Now Kelly’s blonde hair was tied in her required ponytail right behind her frilly lace head band. However the last bit of the outfit was probably the hardest to explain to outsiders. This was the metal collar and cuffs Kelly wore around her neck, wrists, and ankles. To keep from having to answer these questions they had been covered in matching white lace frills to those in her head band, edges of her apron, and the bottom of the skirt. As much as Robert enjoyed admiring Kelly in this outfit he had other things to do that night and gave her his orders.

” Slave remove your uniform and go draw me a bath. Once it is ready kneel beside the tub and call to inform me it is ready.”

Kelly quickly responded with “Master Robert this slave understands your instructions for it and will have everything ready for it’s owner’s bath at once”. Kelly then was stripping out of her uniform and rushing into the bathroom as fast as she could. Once Robert heard the water running he walked into his closet to grab the clothing he wanted for that night. He chose to go with a suit due to him meeting Chelsea’s mother that night and wanted to make a good impression. He had just laid his ***********ion on the bed when he heard Kelly call out “Master Robert this slave has your bath prepared.”

As Robert entered the bathroom he saw Kelly kneeling just as he instructed. He also saw she had anticipated what tasks he wanted her to preform for him and had soap and a sponge waiting next to the bathtub. After having Kelly undress him Robert slowly lowered himself into the water. As he relaxed in the warm water he instructed Kelly to gather up his dirty clothes and set them by his bedroom door. She was to then quickly return and start washing him.

Robert always enjoyed being washed by Kelly this way. She was always quite thorough cleaning every inch of his body. Her scalp massages as she washed his hair were especially useful for relieving his pent-up stress. After she had him completely clean Kelly would then slowly wipe him down with a towel and carefully brush his hair.

Once his hair was done Kelly provided Robert with the required after bath blow job. This was something Kelly was exceptionally skilled at and was used frequently this way by both Robert and his father. Only once she had swallowed the last of Robert’s cum and thoroughly licked his cock and balls clean was Kelly able to preform the final task. She obediently followed Robert back to his bedroom and dressed him in the clothing he’d ***********ed. Only after Kelly had Robert’s tie on straight was she allowed to redress herself and told to take the dirty laundry with her as she left the room.

As Kelly was passing out the door Robert saw her shoot him a fearful glance over her shoulder. She did that every time he started to examine himself in the mirror after her dressing him. However she had been doing such fantastic job that it was becoming harder to find a reason to punish her for anything. She even saw that Robert had forgotten The Organization’s lapel pin and placed it on his suit jacket. After a final check he had everything Robert decided it was time to go.

As he passed through the kitchen Robert saw the two slaves preparing dinner and decided Kelly deserved a reward. After informing the two that he would not be home for dinner he gave them orders for the night. Once released for the night by his father Kelly would spend the night in his mother’s bed. They both were then allowed to lick each other to as many orgasms as they wanted. However they were both still expected to wake up and start their duties on time the next day.

With that taken care of Robert head towards the garage and his new car. As much as he didn’t really care about having access to his trust fund it didn’t stop him from spending some of his money. First thing he bought was a brand new BMW Roadster. Then at his father’s urging Robert purchased fancier clothing to wear at special events his father was taking him to. Granted Robert still preferred his usual attire of jeans and a t-shirts that made up his normal wardrobe.

Though he had since added a leather jacket he found he just had to have. Along with a few purchases that he made for his mother and Kelly. Some were a few outfits to dress them in while they serviced him or each other for his entertainment. Along with some sex toy’s that he kept in the trunk at the back of his closet. When of course neither of the slaves were having them used on them.

His favorite were the sexy schoolgirl and teacher outfits he got them. Robert loved watching his mother dressed as a teacher as she disciplined Kelly in her schoolgirl outfit. Robert especially liked watching Kelly dressed that way on her knees desperately eating out his mother. All the while trying to avoid getting a ass fucking with the strap on he bought for his mother. Robert had to push those images from his mind as he started his car and hit the button on the garage door opener.

Pulling into the driveway Robert dropped the top on the car before going through the gate. After a quick trip down their private road and he was headed towards the freeway. Once off the on ramp Robert began passing slower traffic as he watched for his exit. It was then a quick hop to the gated community Chelsea lived in. Before he knew it he was parking in Chelsea’s driveway behind her mother’s car.

Walking up to the door Robert took a moment to admire Chelsea’s house. It was quite a nice though somewhat too generic for Robert’s tastes two story house. Within an fairly upscale suburban neighborhood full of perfectly trimmed lawns and flower beds. Still Robert didn’t personally like the proximity of all of the houses to each other. This neighborhood would never afford the privacy required for his family’s lifestyle.

As he rung the door bell Robert was expecting Chelsea’s mother to answer the door. However he was surprised to see a man open the door and began examining Robert from head to toe. Though the man’s eyes seamed to linger a bit longer than necessary on Robert’s lapel pin. Robert had almost thought he got the wrong house. As least until the man asked if Robert was Chelsea’s date.

Robert took this moment to introduce himself to the man and confirm he was Chelsea’s date. As the man looked Robert over again Robert took a moment to return the favor. Since he was dressed casually in slacks and sweater Robert guessed he was very likely a white collar worker. His hair style and fare complexion told Robert he spent a majority of his time in doors. Still Robert wondered why Chelsea hadn’t mentioned him before.

Thankfully the man soon introduced himself as Harold Anderson. He then told Robert he was dating Chelsea’s mother. Once Robert shook Mr Anderson’s hand he was invited inside where Robert finally got to meet Chelsea’s mother Diane. As he was shown to the living room. Robert took a moment to admire Diane. Even at first glance Robert could see Chelsea wasn’t the only attractive woman in this house.

Still the difference between the two was telling. Chelsea was a petite brunette with the figure to match. Diane looked like the stereotypical California blonde. Even while dressed in a blouse and slacks Robert could tell Diane had a nice figure. With large full breasts and curves in all the right places.

About the only thing the two had in common were the glasses they wore. Both required a bit of assistance to see properly. Though Chelsea did prefer wear a more stylish design then the set her mother had on at the moment. Still they gave Diane the same intellectual look that Robert found so attractive in Chelsea.

As they waited for Chelsea to finish getting ready the two asked Robert to tell them about himself, his family and his plans for tonight. Robert knew better than to mention his mother and step sister’s status but told a lot about his home life. After taking bit about his hobbies and some volunteer work he recently did. Robert told them about his college plans and working part time at his father’s office. Robert then told them the restaurant he was talking Chelsea to and the play his father had given him tickets for before bringing Chelsea home once the play was over with.

Now the mention of working in his father’s office made them bring up Chelsea telling them about the stock he owned in their company. Which got Robert told of Harold also being Diane’s business partner and them wondering what he felt about their company. Robert confirmed that he had been doing a little stock trading for a few years. He also mentioned that buying the stock was a bit of a favor to Chelsea but Robert saw good potential from their company. Robert also told them he saw their company’s current problems were the result of disgruntled employees making false claims.

Any further conversation ended when they saw Chelsea coming down the stairs. The black dress she had on wrapped around her neck while leaving most of her back, arms, and shoulders bare. While at the same time keeping her breasts completely covered but seamed the perfectly confirm and perfectly mold itself to the counters of her body. Before finally ending midway between her knees and thighs. Further enhancing Chelsea’s figure were the matching black stockings covering her lean legs perfectly contoured by the three inch black high heels she wore.

Further enhancing her beauty Chelsea chose to wear her contact lenses so her entire face was now visible. Her makeup was done to perfection. Just enough to enhance the features of her already beautiful face but not distract from it. As a final touch Chelsea had her normally shoulder blade length black hair pinned up on the back of her head with few lose wisps serving to frame her face. Seeing Chelsea looking like this had practically rendered Robert speechless.

But the expression on his face wasn’t lost on Chelsea as rushed over to him. Once she got to him Chelsea kissed Robert on the cheek before telling him thank you for such a wonderful compliment. The look of confusion on his face had Chelsea clarifying the look on his face was the compliment she was referring to. While at this same time he could hear both Harold and Diane laughing about his reaction.

While Robert had to laugh a little bit himself about the humor in the situation. He was a soon surprised once again by Chelsea grabbing her purse then a overnight bag and leading Robert outside. Before Robert even had chance to ask what was going on he heard both Harold and Diane tell Chelsea to have fun and they would see her Sunday evening. It was finally once they got to his car that Robert was able to ask Chelsea what was going on. As he helped her into the passenger seat Chelsea gave him his answer.

“Well first we’re going out to dinner like you told me you’d arranged. Then we will go see the play you have the tickets for. Finally your going to take me back to your house and we’re going to spend this weekend fucking like bunny rabbits.”

Still shocked by Chelsea’s forwardness Robert could only shrug his shoulders before placing her overnight bag in the trunk. Still as he climbed in behind the steering wheel Robert had to ask Chelsea if she was sure this was what she wanted. Her response of hell yes and telling him she had wanted to get him inside her panties for a while now. Giving all the encouragement Robert needed. Backing out of the driveway Robert wasn’t going to pass up the chance at getting Chelsea into his bed he just needed to warn the others about their house guest once they got to the restaurant.

The way Chelsea was pressing herself against him had Robert wishing the valet would hurry and bring his car. All throughout dinner and the play Chelsea had been whispering about things she would do once they got to his house or even on the way home. From sucking his cock during the drive to even taking it up her ass. But what really had him both confused and worked up was the suggestion she made the moment the valet left to get his car. That was her seducing Kelly so they could put on a lesbian show for him.

Robert never would’ve believed Chelsea was even into those sort of things. Let alone considering being with Kelly. Hell the two of them never even got along before even once getting in a fight at school. So Chelsea had just be teasing him some to get him worked up. Not that he minded the mental picture he had of the two of them together.

As he finally saw the valet approaching in his car Robert was grateful. Chelsea’s teasing whispers already had his cock hard as a rock. But now her fingers kept gliding over his crotch every chance they got. He needed to get her home soon or he was going end up to cuming in his pants. A few final whispers as the car pulled up had Robert considering a use for the souvenir Chelsea slipped into his pocket just as the play ended.

As he tipped the valet Robert’s fingers brushed against Chelsea’s panties. Helping Chelsea into her seat Robert still didn’t believe she actually removed them during the play like that. Let alone flashing her bare crotch at him like that. Still he figured what was good for the goose was good for the gander. So as he helped her fasten her seatbelt Robert gave Chelsea’s breast and ass a firm squeeze.

Now before Robert had chance to close Chelsea’s door she took her teasing up another notch. By saying if he kept that up she was going to spread herself out over his hood right there and let Robert fuck her in front of everyone. She hadn’t been that quite so there were now several people looking at them strangely. This attention had both of them blushing. Yet while he was a bit embarrassed Robert wasn’t upset with Chelsea.

Still he needed to do something about her teasing before she did more than embarrass them some. So Robert decided to give Chelsea a literal taste of her own medicine. Looking to see if anyone was looking Robert slipped her damp panties from his pocket. When he saw the coast was clear he bent over and whispered the following in her ear. “That was a very naughty thing that came from your mouth. Thankfully I’ve got my own naughty way to keep anymore naughtness from coming out of that mouth of yours.”

Just as Chelsea was about to respond his hand covered her mouth and slipped her panties between her lips crotch first. He then gave her cheek a quick kiss while at the same time squeezed her right breast. Moving quickly before she could do anything but squirm in her seat Robert closed her door and rushed around to the other side of the car. He quickly jumped into his seat and before Robert even had buckled up he was driving away. As he finally got his seatbelt fastened Robert glaced over at Chelsea to see if he had pushed things to far but was shocked by what he saw.

Chelsea still had the panties in her mouth muffling the moans she was giving off. Glancing down to her chest Chelsea had pulled the top of her dress to the side and was fondling her exposed right breast. But when he looked at Chelsea’s crotch Robert saw the true reason she was moaning. She had pulled her dress up and Chelsea had two fingers buried in her pussy while her thumb was frantically rubbing her clit. Robert couldn’t believe that Chelsea would be masturbating so publicly like that.

It was almost like Chelsea had suddenly had lost all of her sexual inhibitions and turned into a brazen slut. Robert knew he should be looking away but his eyes refused to obey the command being given to them by his brain. Until the sudden sound of a horn honking forced Robert’s attention away from the sight in the passenger seat just in time to swerve the car out of oncoming traffic. Calming the panic he felt over the close call Robert glanced back over at Chelsea and saw she was so engrossed in masturbating she never even noticed they almost got killed. Giving Chelsea a final glance he gave her a warning.

“If you cause me to get in wreck or get us pulled over I will have no choice but to put you over my knee and give you a spanking.”

Even though Chelsea hadn’t noticed the near head on collision they almost had she did hear what Robert told her. The thought of being spanked by him was the final push she needed to set of a massive orgasm. Even as she screamed around the panties in her mouth. Chelsea’s body began to shake violently as it strained against her seatbelt. Until the sensation finally overwhelmed her and she lost consciousness.

Robert had to pull over as Chelsea was going through the throws of her climax. Seeing her go limp worried Robert at first until he saw Chelsea was breathing normally. Before getting the car moving again Robert reached over to reposition Chelsea’s dress so her breast and pussy were covered. Then just before releasing the brake Robert pulled the panties from Chelsea’s mouth. Several minutes later Robert heard the sounds of Chelsea coming around.

He suddenly squeak he heard from the passenger seat told Robert Chelsea was awake. He gave her a quick glance to make sure she was alright and found her watching him with an intense look of passion on her face. Based on the way Chelsea was staring at his crotch. Robert knew he would be lucky if they made to his room before she raped him. Robert decided steps needed taken to speed up the process or Chelsea was likely to hurt him to get what she wanted.

As he pulled into his private road his seatbelt came off and he began to loosen his tie. By the time they were through the gate his tie was off and his shirt was partially unbuttoned. Backing into the garage was especially challenging due to Chelsea having unbuckled herself and stretching over to kiss him on the lips. Still Robert got the car parked somewhat straight in the garage before becoming lost in her embrace. It felt like monumental struggle to separate long enough to get out of the car.

Somehow that managed to separate long enough to gather their things and get out of the car. Now they hadn’t fully gotten out of the garage before their lips were locked together and their hands were roaming all over their bodies. Trying to move though the house like this was a bit awkward but they quickly developed routine. They would make out frantically for five to ten minutes then when they had to come up to breathe they would move further into the house. They eventually got a little bit of of help from Robert’s father and he some how did it without throwing a bucket of water on them or at least that’s how would jokingly describe the incident later on.

They were almost through the din before Chelsea pinned Robert to the nearest wall and their lips started going at it. Robert’s right arm was wrapped around Chelsea’s back holding her against him. Both of Chelsea’s hands had firm grip on Robert’s ass pulling his body even tighter against hers. Though it looked like she more interested in the way his crotch was pressed against her. It was when Robert’s left hand glided up Chelsea’s leg on its way to her ass lifting her dress and exposing her ass in the process they heard Robert’s father address them.

“If the two of you are going to continue in the open like that you should consider selling tickets.”

Suddenly realizing they weren’t alone they separated long enough to see who was there with them. Looking around they suddenly saw Robert’s father sitting in a chair with a book in his lap. While Robert suspected his father may have been upset with them for such a public spectacle they were putting on. He couldn’t tell based on his how he was currently reacting to how amusing he had found their reaction to him being there. Before they even had chance to apologize for disturbing him he addressed them again.

“We’ll talk later why don’t you two get to your room upstairs before the young lady tries to rape you son.”

Chelsea was blushing the whole time Robert’s father was talking to them. Yet as soon as he finished she started giggling a little as she grabbed ahold of Robert’s arm and starting leading him towards the stairs. As embarrassed as he was by that encounter Robert was also grateful. Not just because he didn’t know how they would’ve got up the stairs without getting hurt while making making out like that. But also due to fact as much as Robert had been enjoying himself earlier he was looking forward to what would happen once they got to his room more.

As soon as they got through his bedroom door Chelsea told Robert to to close and lock the door. As Robert turn to do that Chelsea started heading towards the bed while doing something with her dress where it wrapped around her neck. As Robert turned back around he watched as the dress just seamed the slide down Chelsea’s body and pool around her feet. As her dress hit the floor Chelsea stepped out of the the ring of fabric surrounding her and struck a pose for Robert. Robert couldn’t help but to take a moment to admire the sight before him.

Chelsea stood with her right leg crossed slightly in front of the other while leaving her pubic mound and the well trimmed thin strip of black pubic hair l still visible. Her waist was twisted slightly because of the positioning of her legs allowing part of Chelsea’s ass cheek to be visible but at the same time seaming to enhance the curvature of her hips and waist. Chelsea’s back was arched back slightly thrusting her breasts forward. Finally her arms were raised up with her hands positioned on the back her head.

Seeing Robert’s appreciation for what he saw Chelsea flashed him smile before removing the clips holding her hair up. Even as her black hair was still flowing down Chelsea started climbing into his bed. As Robert began frantically taking his own clothes off Chelsea laid on her back with her arms behind her head and spread her legs slightly. As soon as Robert was naked he was climbing into bed on top of Chelsea and they began to passionately kiss each other. As Chelsea grabbed his cock then started to position it against her pussy Robert had to stop her and told her the following.

“No you don’t my naughty little nymphomaniac we will be getting to that soon enough but we are going to be having a different kind of fun first.”

After giving her a very intense kiss on the lips Robert began planting small kisses all the way down Chelsea’s neck. Slowly Robert started working his way down Chelsea’s body planting kisses as he explored every inch of her body. All the while running his hands gently over her sides. Robert seamed especially interested in the point where Chelsea’s neck transitioned to her shoulders. A small part of this was out of curiosity about how it would look with a collar there.

But most of his interest was out of the fact this was the first time he got to explore this portion of a woman’s body without a collar in the way. Robert would love to have Chelsea as his slave being certain she would look outstanding in a maid’s uniform alongside Kelly. But Robert had personal reasons for being reluctant to go through with that idea. He decided to let go of the idea for the moment and focus on the next area of Chelsea’s body he wanted to explore. Slowly he inched closer and closer to his destination until her breasts were finally in front of his face.

Reaching Chelsea’s breasts Robert focused his attention on her nipples. Chelsea’s breasts we’re at best a b-cup that had barely flattened on her chest as laid on her back. Yet the most interesting feature of Chelsea’s breasts were her long pointed nipples that seamed in constant state of erection. Robert quickly learned they were also extremely sensitive and was very gentle as he played with them with his tongue and sucked on them.

All the while he was playing with Chelsea’s nipples he was paying attention to how aroused she was getting. Within the short time he had been sucking on her nipples Chelsea had almost reached the point of orgasm and Robert had to shift his attentions to other parts of her body. After giving each breast a final kiss Robert started working his way down Chelsea’s stomach. Here he spent a lot of extra time he hadn’t been planning on to allow Chelsea’s arousal to calm down some. He was wanting the draw this out a lot longer by working his way down one leg and back up the other before getting to his final destination of her pussy.

However the closer he got to Chelsea’s pussy Robert could see she was becomingly more and more impatient about being denied release. If circumstances were different he would have continued his little teasing game but the look of desperation on Chelsea’s face couldn’t be ignored any longer. So rather than eating her out like he had planned to originally he moved back on top of her. A sigh of relief escaped Chelsea’s lips as she realized was finally going to give her what she wanted.

Still as much as he wanted to immediately proceed Robert knew he still had something else to do first. As Robert kissed Chelsea on her lips he reached over to his nightstand. After feeling around for a bit Robert finally got the drawer open and began searching for what he needed. Thankfully he didn’t keep much in that drawer so finding the box of condoms didn’t take that long. However Robert knew he was going to be able to open the condom’s wrapper and kiss Chelsea at the same time.

Robert braking the kiss to focus on opening the package allowed Chelsea to see what he was doing. Her hand wrapping around the one of Robert’s holding the condom stopped his attempts to open the package and made him look at her. As Chelsea shook her head no and gave Robert a pleading look made him let go of the condom. Before he had a chance to reconsider Chelsea pulled Robert’s head back to hers and gave him a passionate kiss. Once again Robert felt one of Chelsea’s hands wrap around his cock.

Only this time he wasn’t going to stop her as she lined his cock up with her pussy. Slowly Robert inched the head of his cock inside of Chelsea’s tight little pussy. Once he had the head of his cock inside of Chelsea’s pussy he broke the kiss to look her in the eyes. As they stared intensely into each other’s eyes Robert felt Chelsea’s hands grab a hold of his ass. Slowly she pulled him deeper within her until finally they felt their pubic hair brushed against each other

With out braking the gaze he was sharing with Chelsea Robert began to slowly began thrusting his cock in and out of Chelsea’s pussy. Despite Chelsea’s fingernails digging into his ass in attempt to get him to increase his pace Robert was still was maintaining the slow rhythm to his thrusting. Robert had spent the last several hours being teased by Chelsea and now he was returning the favor. He could see how close she was getting to climax and Robert was keeping the slow pace to hold her right on the edge.

Chelsea was on the verge of begging Robert after he gave her several hard thrusts that nearly pushed her over the edge. Only to move to deny her release by immediately returning to his slower rhythm of his thrusting. Her desperation wasn’t quite to the level Robert wanted before he was willing to give in. She had the right expression of pleading on her face and her shallow moans and grown deeper the closer she got to release. Two more hard thrusts to get her teetering on the edge again before going back to the slower rhythm again.

She was just so close to release Chelsea couldn’t handle it any longer. She was at the point of promising Robert anything he wanted even knowing the consequences it would hold for her. Even though Robert didn’t realize it Chelsea knew exactly what he had become recently and the world he was now a part of. Neither did Robert realize that Chelsea had her own involvement in this world. Yet while they both knew the meaning of the lapel pin Robert had been wearing he hadn’t noticed the small gold bracelet on Chelsea’s right wrist.

This was a marker of the “Freedom Bribe” that had been paid to The Organization on her behalf. Only now her freedom was teetering on the same edge as her release. Chelsea was so desperate for the release Robert kept denying her. After several more hard thrusts and back to that infuriating slow rhythm she was was regretting going through with this plan of hers. She had asked Robert out and planned this weekend as a test to see what kind of “Master” he was and see if her suspicions about his designs for owning her were true.

Everything she had done had been about testing Robert from the dress to her excessive teasing. Unfortunately she had found she enjoyed letting her inhibitions go and had taken things to far. Now she was conflicted about what she wanted between the intense orgasm in the car brought on by the thought of him spanking her to how much Chelsea was actually enjoying the way Robert was currently tormenting her. Now she wasn’t sure if she actually wanted to become one of Robert’s slaves now. Him showing her his dominant side when helping her into the car was such a turn on for Chelsea

The way he had shoved that damp cloth in her mouth and then groped her breast still aroused her to no end. Then realizing that it was actually her own panties in her mouth and the dampness was her pussy juices she was tasting drove Chelsea wild with desire. It was no wonder that she had to masturbate so badly yet she couldn’t cum until there was the threat of the spanking and then it happened. Chelsea had never cum that hard before and now realized may never experience it again unless she is wearing Robert’s collar. Now here she was even more desperately wild with desire and her only hope for relief was to do the unthinkable as she gave in and started pleading.

“Please Robert let me cum I’ll do anything you want just please let me cum.”

Chelsea looked just so desperate as she said that Robert couldn’t hold back any more. As he began thrusting both faster and harder than he had before bent down giving her the most passionate kiss he could. This was exactly what Chelsea was so desperate for what she needed so badly. The sensation she would give anything including her own freedom to experience. Chelsea was on the very edge of climax when Robert broke the kiss and whispered the following in to her ear.

“Cum for me my naughty little nymphomaniac.”

With a few hard thrusts Robert finally drove Chelsea past the edge he’d been holding her at for god only knew how long. A combination of being kept on the edge of release for so long and the thought of Chelsea being a sex slave servicing her “Master” made this orgasm even more intense than the one in the car. Blackness was already appearing on the edges of her vision at the onset. Then there was the way her body contorted feeling like she was being bent in half backwards. Then there was the ear splitting scream that came from her lips being the last thing Chelsea remembered before she lost consciousness.

Seeing Chelsea pass out again seriously worried Robert. Making him wonder if he had managed to trigger some medical condition of hers she hadn’t told him about. Especially when he went to check her pulse and saw the bracelet she’d been wearing for the last several months. Thinking it was one of those medical alert bracelets Robert knew he had to know what it said. As he held her unconscious body against him Robert moved Chelsea’s wrist so he could read what was on the tag and was shocked by what he saw.

Looking back at Chelsea’s face in confusion Robert was at least relieved to see Chelsea was coming around. Knowing that she may be at least alright Robert breathed a sigh of relief. But this feeling was still being overshadowed by all the questions Robert now had regarding the bracelet. As Robert’s attention returned to the bracelet and he read what it said again. Out of the corner of his eye Robert could Chelsea was watching him examine her bracelet with a panicked expression on her her face and had to ask her.

“Would you care explaining when you were going to tell me about this Chelsea?”

Robert saw that Chelsea was now even more afraid and rightfully assumed it was him she was afraid of. Pulling her tighter against him Robert just held her as she started crying hysterically. Robert’s only experiences with women had been with with slaves and didn’t know how he was to deal with this situation. The only thing he could think of was just keep holding her against him until she calmed down enough for them to talk about it. He was about to tell her it was alright and she could tell him about it when she was ready when Chelsea shocked him with the plea that came out of her mouth.

“Please Robert don’t enslave me. I know it’s your right after what I said. But please don’t make me be your sex slave. I’ll do anything else you want from me but please not that.”

Robert was even more confused then before if what the bracelet meant what he thought it did then he couldn’t touch Chelsea that way. Unless she herself was consenting to enslavement or had been found in violation of The Organization’s rules and laws. Then he thought about what she could have said that could be grounds for him being able to enslave her and remembered her words while they were making love. His father’s lessons suddenly came back to him and Robert had to be honest with Chelsea.

“Chelsea I won’t lie to you and say I’m not wanting to hold you to your promise. Nor will I deny that I have not wanted you as my slave for a while now. But I will be honest with you that there is circumstances you may or may not know about that it where it is probably be best if I did do what you are asking me not to do. But I’ll make you deal I won’t make decisions until we had talked about all of this and some other things. In the meantime we will carry on as we planned starting with me sleeping with you in my arms tonight.”

Getting out of bed Robert quickly went and shut off the lights. He was actually surprised to find Chelsea still there when he got back to his bed. He had almost expected her to lock herself in the restroom but instead he saw her just laying there waiting for him. Though as he took her into his arms he could feel her trembling in fear and began stroking her hair to help calm her down some. Robert didn’t know how long he held Chelsea like that before she finally fell asleep but only once she did Robert finally drift off himself.

Though it didn’t feel like he had been asleep very long when he felt Chelsea moving within his arms. Slowly coming around he became aware she was trying to get free of his grasp and momentarily tightened his hold on her to let her know he was awake. When he did that Chelsea froze up and started trembling again. Leading Robert to tell her he would let go of her if she wanted but he still wanted her to stay with him for the rest of the weekend but was shocked by her reply.

“Master I’m willing to except whatever fate you decide for me and will stay as you asked but I wasn’t trying to run away from you Master. I just need to use the restroom and will be back as soon as I’m done.”

Releasing his hold on her Robert watched as Chelsea scurried to towards his bathroom in a hurry. Though she did stop long enough to grab her purse along the way. He was a bit surprised she didn’t close the door but he figured that could be out of habit for he rarely closed that door himself. Though he was a bit surprised to see her come back out wearing her glasses until he remembered she had probably needed to remove her contacts. Still he had to remind her she didn’t have a problem with him seeing her naked earlier so there should be no need to be covering her pussy and breasts now.

Chelsea immediately apologized and again referring to him as “Master” which was confusing to Robert. Still after taking off her glasses and setting them on his nightstand she got back into the bed and returned to almost the exact same position against him she had been before. Chelsea didn’t even tremble any when Robert wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tighter against him this time. He was about to tell her to relax and go to sleep when he decided to ask her about why she was now calling him “Master” now when he hasn’t said if he was going to make her be his slave yet.

Robert had to kick himself for forgetting that rule when Chelsea told him the reason she had to. Granted she said if he did decide to enslave her then it was best to get into the habit early. But the true reason was according to the laws of The Organization she was now required to address him by his title now they both knew each other’s stations. He told not to call him that around his brother since he wasn’t part of The Organization yet. Then before telling her to get some sleep Robert said he would prefer to talk to his father before she addressed him by his title to avoid any confusion.

Even though he didn’t get his usual amount of sleep either of the nights before Robert woke up early and surprisingly well rested. Something about having Chelsea’s body pressed against him made the quality of that little bit of sleep feel better than the quantity he usually got by himself. It made him wonder why he had never tried it before. Sure he would occasionally let Kelly sleep in his room after fucking her all night but he had always made her sleep on the floor afterwards. With Chelsea it just seamed natural to have her with him and was just another reason to go through with her enslavement in his opinion.

Being reminded of his potentially new slave Robert decided it was time to get her up as well. He had a lot planned for her today and felt they should be getting an early start. Granted looking at Chelsea sleeping so peacefully against him Robert felt a little guilty about disturbing her. Chelsea had such a serene expression on her face like a great weight had been lifted from her. Having a theory about what that was Robert decided that he would be treating her the way he had during their love making and not when she was a potential slave as his softly shook her shoulder and spoke just as softly.

It’s time to get up my naughty little nymphomaniac. There’s a lot for us to do today and we need out this bed to do it.”

Watching Chelsea wake up was just as good as watching her sleep in Robert’s opinion. Though he was quick to notice that Chelsea seamed to had forgotten the drama that had happened just before they gone to sleep. She peacefully reached over and kissed him on the lips before telling him good morning and using his name. Though when Robert looked at her with a raised eye brow before giving her a questioning glance Chelsea was quick to apologize and beg for forgiveness being sure to use his title and not his name. Robert calm tone of voice seamed to calm her down some but still not fully.

“Relax my naughty little nymphomaniac you are probably getting a spanking Sunday night but not for that. Now let’s get up and take a shower. I’ve got a few things planned for us and I think we both want to be clean for them.”

When Chelsea started to ask him what he was talking about he quickly silenced her by placing a finger against her lips and shaking her head no. Gently taking Chelsea’s hand he helped her out of the bed and lead her to the bathroom. Chelsea didn’t know what to think when Robert soon had the shower going and had lead her inside with him. Then to her surprise Robert proceeded to gently wash Chelsea’s body from head to toe. He even refused to let her wash him after finished with her and just quickly went about getting himself clean.

After first drying her off and then himself Robert allowed her privacy to use the restroom as he left her alone for the first time. Though once he had heard the toilet flush Robert was back wearing a long bathrobe and carrying a second one for Chelsea to wear. He even helped her put it before having her sit in a chair he’d placed in front of the mirror in his room. It was then that he had to apologize for leaving her overnight bag in the car and saying he was going to have to make other arrangements. Robert then picked up the phone and and began dialing Chelsea couldn’t hear what was said on the other end but she did hear Robert.

“I want Kelly here as fast as possible with hair brush and a makeup kit.”

Before long Chelsea heard the clicking of high heels approaching and a knock on the door. Robert signaled for Chelsea to stay where she was and be quite as he went to answer the door. Chelsea was extremely nervous as Robert showed Kelly in and they saw each other for the first time. After giving Kelly orders to do Chelsea’s hair and makeup Robert went around gathering up their clothing off the floor. Robert then waited for Kelly to finish before asking Chelsea if she had packed a swimsuit.

When Chelsea shook her head no Robert gave Kelly some more orders. First she was to go get Chelsea’s bag from his car. Next he wanted Kelly to go through her old bikinis and find one that would fit Chelsea and Robert would like. After telling Kelly he wanted both the bag and the bikini laid out on his bed by the time breakfast was over he gave her his car keys. As Kelly quickly scurried away giving Chelsea a peak at her bare ass under the short skirt of the maid’s uniform in the process Robert took Chelsea’s hand and lead her out of the room.

As they headed downstairs Robert gave Chelsea some instructions as well. Chelsea was to act normally when around his family and not do anything or say anything about her current situation. However she would address his father as “Sir” during breakfast and use Robert’s name at all times with one exception. That was after breakfast when the two of them and his father would be going to his father’s office to discuss Chelsea’s situation. After that conversation he would give Chelsea further instructions once they had decided her fate.

A hour later Chelsea was starting to finally relax some but was still a bit on edge. Robert could see her occasionally look at her wrist and run her fingers over where her bracelet had been. As Robert sat with her beside the pool he saw Chelsea had grown more accustomed to his constant presence around her. Yet that would be required until she had been properly collared and marked. Granted Sunday night Chelsea would be receiving a temporary collar as she gets welcomed to her new home but until she got her slave markings she wasn’t allowed anywhere without Robert with her.

Robert actually thought she handled the whole situation quite well. She was a bit surprised by what they told her about Mistress Mei Yomagato. Chelsea already had another “Mistress” out to enslave her but finding out one with that kind of resources was after her made her more accepting of Robert’s decision. Now Robert was also surprised by a few things Chelsea had told him about her mother and The Organization. Yet really shouldn’t have been to be truthful.

Now Chelsea did have a hard time presenting herself naked before Robert and his father once they had decided her fate. Especially when they took turns examining every inch of Chelsea’s body. Making it even more humiliating was the fact they probed all of her orifices and she wasn’t allowed to do anything but cry during the entire process. Having their fingers shoved up her ass hole was the worst part for Chelsea but she needed to experience it sooner rather than later. Thankfully Robert’s mother and Kelly were able to comfort her afterwards and that went a long way to calming her down.

Now Chelsea was definitely frightened when Robert had her put the bathrobe back on and lead her up to his room. Especially when Robert locked the door behind them and told her to take the robe back off. As Chelsea stood naked in front of her owner waiting to be raped Robert just seamed to ignore her and look at the two bikinis that Kelly had laid out. Though he did hold each one up to her body as he tried to decide which he like better. As if further trying to ignore her Robert went through both Chelsea’s overnight bag and purse.

He first gathered up all of her packey personal hygiene products and her birth control pills into a pile. Robert then told her to put them in his bathroom and take her pill while she was at it. Next Robert started looking at Chelsea’s clothes. As she headed towards the bathroom Chelsea could see Robert shaking his head as looked at the blouses and pants she had packed. Neither did he seam happy about the bras and panties in the bag.

When she got back he ordered her kneel in front of him as Robert explained Chelsea’s new dress code. She was forbidden to wear any form of pants or shorts any more. Chelsea would only have dresses and skirts allowed on her body from then on and they were to be as short as possible. Bras and panties were to be type he approved of and would only be worn with his express permission. She was allowed to wear a bikini if she was by the pool but the lining was to be removed and Robert had to approve of it first

Chelsea’s favorite sneakers were added to the pile of forbidden clothing next. As he told her she was only allowed to have her feet in high heels. Now there was an exception allowed for exercise clothing. Chelsea was allowed to wear tight spandex or Sophie shorts and running shoes when she exercised and she would be doing regular exercise. Chelsea’s school uniforms were also included with this exception. Though Chelsea was still was expected to wear high heels with them and her skirts would be altered to be as short as possible.

Since Robert knew she probably had few clothes that complied with her new dress code. Chelsea would borrow a few outfits from Kelly’s old wardrobe to wear around the house. Robert would also take Chelsea shopping next week and they would find her things to wear he approved of. With the clothing issue handled it was time deal with Chelsea’s glasses that Robert wasn’t that fond of. During her shopping spree they would be choosing a new set that Robert felt looked better on Chelsea.

The final issue to be addressed was Chelsea’s grooming habits. For the time being Kelly would be in charge of taking care of Chelsea’s hair, makeup, and fingernails each day. At least until Chelsea could handle this duty to Robert’s expectations. Chelsea would also be taken to a nail salon and a hair stylist on a regular basis. This way Chelsea was able to ensure she always looked her best for Robert at all times.

Lastly her legs and pussy were to be kept bald at all times. When she received her slave markings they would take more permanent steps to ensure this. But until then she was to shave every day. Now Robert was going to let Chelsea keep her landing strip for the rest of the day. However first thing the next day it would be gone and not allowed back.

With his rules laid out Robert handed Chelsea the bikini he had chosen and told her to get dressed. As he went to put his swim trunks on he also told her wear the high heels she had on the night before. Granted it didn’t take Robert long to pull up his trunks. But he was still disappointed to see Chelsea was still naked starring at the tiny bikini she was holding. Up set with Chelsea’s hesitation Robert more forcibly repeated his order.

“Slave put the bikini and high heels on now!”

Chelsea quickly had the bikini in place and was standing in front of Robert as he inspected her work. The bottom was a small black triangle that barely covered her pubic mound with the back being a thong that seamed to disappear into her ass crack. The top wasn’t much better being two small black triangles that covered her nipples and a small portion of the surrounding breasts but left the rest uncovered. Still it wasn’t quite right for Robert’s tastes so he repositioned the strings for the bottom so they went more over the top of Chelsea’s hips instead of the sides as she had it. As Chelsea stood there still terrified by Robert’s outburst he grabbed Kelly’s bell, a couple of towels, and a bottle of sunblock before leading Chelsea out to the pool.

An hour later Chelsea had calmed down considerably from the way she had been when they first came out. To help with this Robert had avoided calling Chelsea slave again. Instead choosing to call Chelsea his new pet name for her “his naughty little nymphomaniac.” He also treated more like his girlfriend then his property. However Chelsea still knew he was the one in charge and not her.

He even had her suntanning topless now. Chelsea also didn’t trimble the last time he applied more sunblock to her body. Now she was still a little uneasy about being that way when Kelly brought their drinks out to them at first. At least until Robert ordered Kelly to lift up her skirt and expose herself. When Chelsea saw that Kelly didn’t hesitate and was barely bothered by them being able to see her pussy. Chelsea’s issues about her own breasts being exposed seamed to disappear.

Though that was just with Kelly that Chelsea was able to except seeing her topless or in that bikini all together. Jonathan almost ruined Robert’s plan to help Chelsea adjust to her new life without resorting to the whip. Robert had actually gotten Chelsea talking to him almost like they had before. She was actually asking questions about how much being slave had changed Kelly when they heard the clicking of Kelly’s high heels approaching. To Chelsea’s horror Kelly told them that Jonathan had called to inform them he was bringing some friends home to hangout by the pool.

Chelsea immediately started pleading to be able to go inside and hide in Robert’s room. But it was actually Kelly that proved the key to calming Chelsea down and getting her to stay out there. When Robert pointed out that Kelly isn’t allowed to hide herself and her situation is a lot more embarrassing then the bikini Chelsea was wearing. As a final means of support Robert personally tied Chelsea’s top back in place and suggested they make a little game out this like she had last night. As he had Chelsea lay back as Robert explained his plan and gave Kelly an order to quickly get one of her old hats and Chelsea some sunglasses.

Now it should be pointed out that it wasn’t till they went down to breakfast that Robert knew Jonathan wasn’t home. He had actually spent the night at a friend’s house and had no idea Chelsea was even there. Now once Kelly returned with one of the hats she used to wear to the beach all the time and a pair of her old sunglasses Robert ordered her not mention that Chelsea was there and pass the order on to his mother. Robert then had Chelsea put on the sunglasses and laid the hat over her face. Then as Robert laid back on his own deck chair next to Chelsea’s he told her just be quiet and listen to them all talk about the little hottie sunbathing by the pool.

Robert and Chelsea had a hard time keeping from laughing when they all came out and saw her laying there. The way they came to a sudden stop with their mouths hanging open was just hilarious. Especially since everyone of them had been around Chelsea constantly at school and obviously couldn’t recognize it was her that they were looking at. Even the three girls in the group were at a loss for who “that hot chick hanging out with Robert”(Their exact words) was. Even more funny was the way they were too intimidated by Chelsea’s beauty to come that close to them.

They just yelled hello to Robert and kept their distance from the two of them. As they swam in pool or sat in the other loungers talking unknown to them Robert and Chelsea were listening in on the conversation. Especially when they saw the two of them were the focus of the discussion their friends were having. The best part was they were so distracted by who this “hot chick hanging out with Robert” was they actually seamed uninterested in Kelly’s scantly outfit or the fact it was even Kelly waiting on them.

Finally Robert had to have some fun with them all and called for them to come over for a bit. First he asked how everyone was doing since he’d been to busy lately to hang out much. He then asked why Chelsea wasn’t with them. It was rather funny when they said they called her house and she wasn’t home while the whole time they had their eyes glued to Chelsea’s body. But the best part was Chelsea lifting up her hat and saying “Chelsea would probably turn up sooner or later.”

While all of their friends jaws all hit the ground Robert and Chelsea burst into laughter. Once their friends regained the ability to close their mouths and Robert and Chelsea had stopped laughing at their reaction all the questions started. Followed by disbelief about the answers they were getting. They were shocked to hear the two of them were first dating and then sleeping together now. Then they were even more shocked to learn Chelsea was moving in with Robert and they were going to be living together.

Though Robert had to hide his own disbelief about what was being said since it was Chelsea and not him that was saying it. Chelsea had actually come up with a cover story for her living with him that would cover most of the questions people would be asking. On top of that she was keeping the truth secret like she was supposed to. Still he was nervous when the other girls insisted on pulling her aside for a little girls only chat session. Though he soon was swamped with questions from the guys about Chelsea’s bikini and some other personal questions that he refused to answer.

Though Robert was really concerned about the girls squealing “Oh my God! He really did that to you!” However the looks he was getting wasn’t the ones he would have expected if Chelsea had told them about their true relationship like Robert was fearing. This were looks of longing and not the hateful expressions he would have expected. Then there was the way Jenny kept looking at Robert’s crotch and licking her lips that had him even more concerned about what was being said over there. Especially whatever that was prompting all the giggling and laughter from the girls but strangely several were also looking at Chelsea in shock.

Robert wouldn’t have long to wait for his answer about what the girls found so funny. When Chelsea and the other girls walked back to the guys Robert immediately noticed Chelsea was walking with more of a sexy sway to her hips and the same playful expression she had during her teasing last night. Robert had figured that Chelsea was in the playful mood again and braced himself for whatever she was planning. Now when Chelsea immediately grabbed Robert planted a passionate kiss on his lips he was somewhat expecting it. Though this wasn’t that shocking especially compared to what Chelsea did once she stopped speaking to the group.

“Guys Robert and I are going to go back to working on our tans. But please don’t feel so intimidated by this that you won’t come over to chat with us from time to time.”

Robert had a hard time hiding his confusion and why they would be intimidated. They had adjusted to seeing the new Chelsea and besides being a little too focused on her breasts and ass they were fine with it now. Plus the guys had noticed her bikini didn’t have a liner and it wasn’t just her nipples that were visible through it. This made the guys to want to hang around her now so they could keep getting peaks in. However the exhibitionist desires Robert had woken in Chelsea had designs for more exposure then even Robert was prepared for.

Robert was definitely surprised when Chelsea reached behind her and untied her top and let it fall to the ground.Yet Robert’s surprise turned to flat out disbelief the same as every one else when the bottom of Chelsea’s bikini joined the top sitting on the ground at her feet. While everyone was was still frozen in shock Chelsea took Robert’s hand and starting leading them back to their loungers completely unconcerned about her nudity or the bikini resting on the ground behind them. Of course she gave them another shock with the seductive tone of voice she used when she asked Robert to rub lotion on her so she didn’t get sunburned.

Robert actually got a kick out of straddling Chelsea’s body as rubbed the lotion on to her back. Robert definitely appreciated the envious looks he got when he applied lotion to Chelsea’s ass and legs. Yet the best had be when Chelsea rolled on to her back and had Robert put lotion on that side of her body. She then placed the sunglasses and hat back in place like they were when everyone got there and appeared to take a nap. As before their friends seamed to give the two of them their space but they did seam to hangout a little closer than before.

Robert also saw some of other girls flirting and trying to act a little sexier around the guys probably in response to Chelsea’s actions. Mostly it was the girls putting more sway into their hips as they walked. Or spending extra time putting sunblock on then they normally would. Plus as they laid around they would pose themselves a bit more sexier then before. Though with the exception of Tammy coming over to sunbathe topless next to the two of them it remained just innocent teasing.

Strangely enough it was Tammy joining them topless that actually seamed to make Chelsea self conscious about her looks again. Tammy was best endowed among the girls within their group of friends and had a bit of a reputation for sleeping around. Granted it wasn’t a reputation as full blown slut that screwed every guy she could but she did admit to sleeping with quite a few guys. So Chelsea got nervous and a little bit jealous when she thought that Tammy was trying to get Robert’s attention. Still Chelsea had weapon Tammy didn’t everyone now knew she was sleeping with Robert and she didn’t need to hide if they wanted to go fuck now.

Chelsea stood up slowly and while everyone watched moved towards Robert. Before any had chance to guess what was happening Chelsea sat herself across his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. Looking him in the eyes as seductively as possible Chelsea proceeded to passionately kiss Robert on the lips. As Chelsea’s tongue entered Robert’s mouth his arms wrapped around her back. The two of them kissed for quite somewhile before Chelsea whispered something in Robert’s ear and the two quickly stood up.

As they gathered up their towels and other stuff they said their good-byes before heading towards the house. Once they got to the door they all saw Robert whispering in Chelsea’s ear before they were in each other’s arms kissing again. Though they soon separated and they all watched as Chelsea seductively walked back towards them completely naked except for the high heels she had on. Reaching a certain point Chelsea spun around slightly letting them get a good look at all of her body before she bent over. They all could see Chelsea’s pussy lips as picked up her discarded bikini.

Flashing everyone a smile Chelsea made a comment about not wanting to forget her bikini. Then just as seductively walked away with even the girls watching Chelsea’s swaying ass. As they got through the door Chelsea was back in Robert’s arms as they headed up the stairs. Next was a quick dash towards Robert’s room similar to the one they did last night but with one exception. Robert had seen through Chelsea’s actions and wasn’t happy with his new sex slave.

Once the door had been closed behind them Chelsea went to kiss Robert only to be stopped in her tracks by the look on his face. As he pointed to the exact same spot he had made kneel at before Chelsea fell to her knees. Chelsea looked up at Robert in fear as he slowly walked around her shaking his head side to side. Chelsea knew she was in trouble and started to apologize. But Robert press his figure to her lips as he addressed what she had done.

“Slave you are never to interfere with your owner associating with anyone else ever again. I will talk to whoever I want whenever I want. Just as I will fuck whoever I want whenever I want and you have no say in the matter. Finally that is no longer your body but mine and I’ll be the one to decide when I wish to use it not you.”

With that said Robert had Chelsea correct her form considerably. She was made to spread her legs widely with her ankles crossing. Chelsea’s back was arched backwards thrusting her breasts forward and giving her flat stomach a more rounded counter. Then her arms were positioned behind her back with her wrists crossed. Finally she was ordered to stare at herself in the mirror she was facing and think about what other things her owner could’ve done to correct her bad behavior.

Robert on the other hand grabbed a book and sat down to read completely ignoring Chelsea. For the next hour Robert left her like that and just focused on the pages of the book. He still watched her out of the corner of his eye and was a bit surprised that Chelsea never looked away from her reflection. She just knelt there looking at herself and cried some. Finally he got up and went to the door still ignoring her.

Robert opened the door long enough to ring the bell to summon Kelly before closing it and sitting back down. The usual tale-tale sound of Kelly’s high heels proceeded the soft nock on the door. Robert quickly called for her to enter his room and close the door after her. After finding out all the others including Jonathan had left Robert decided to do something he’d been holding off on. Ordering Chelsea to stand next to Kelly he gave both of them his orders.

Kelly was to show Chelsea the slave quarters including her personal sleeping arrangement. Chelsea was to then think about how Robert had to feel about her to let her sleep in his bed and not how they had to sleep. Finally Kelly was to take Chelsea to her old room and find a particular outfit Robert wanted to see her in that night. Then giving specific instructions regarding Chelsea’s hair and makeup. After telling Kelly to bring Chelsea back once she was prepared the way he wanted Robert went back to reading his book.

Robert wasn’t sure how long it had been but he soon heard the clicking of two sets of high heels approaching his door. Once Kelly knocked he immediately called for them to enter. Robert looking sternly at Chelsea and pointing to the spot on the floor had her on her knees pretty quickly. While he basically ignored Chelsea he asked Kelly series of questions. Mostly he wanted to know how many outfits in Kelly’s old wardrobe would fit Chelsea and fall within a slave’s dress code.

Getting answers to a couple of things he had concerns about was a relief to Robert. Robert then instructed Kelly to find nice dress for Chelsea to wear tomorrow evening when her mother got there. Along with a sexy short skirt to go with the outfit Chelsea was currently wearing for when he took her shopping Monday. This skirt and the dress for the next day were to brought to his room the next morning when Kelly gave Chelsea her morning bath. Only once Kelly had been sent on her way did Robert allowed Chelsea to stand so he could examine how she looked.

Chelsea’s hair was now pulled back into a ponytail with a few strands of hair left free framing each side of her face. The white tank-top went over her shoulders in the front normally but merged into a tee just below her neck in the back. While it nearly perfectly confirmed to Chelsea’s body it had been cut off a few inches below Chelsea’s breasts. Completely leaving Chelsea’s stomach and lower back completely uncovered. Her legs were now encased in white stockings and Kelly had shaved Chelsea’s landing strip off leaving her pussy now completely bald.

Chelsea held the final piece of the outfit was in her hand as she waited for Robert’s permission to put it on. However as a final punishment for her earlier behavior Robert told Chelsea to set the tiny white thong on his dresser. She would then remove then place the tank-top and stockings with it and go to dinner completely nude except for her high heels. After dinner she would be allowed to try and earn back the privilege of wearing this outfit around the house. She also would be eating with the other slaves until she earned these privileges back.

Chelsea was humiliated to be walking through the house naked this time. But that humiliation paled in comparison to when Kelly and Robert’s mother lead her into the pantry of the kitchen and she saw three dog bowls set out for them. Chelsea had thought she was crying uncontrollably as she dropped to her hands and knees in front of one of the bowls like the other two slaves had. But her tears actually managed to get worse when she took her first bite of food this way. Her tears were so bad when she licked the bowl clean afterwards she couldn’t actually see anymore.

It took longer for the other two slaves to calm her down this time as they wiped her face down and eventually was able to fix her makeup. They then lead Chelsea out to the dining room were Robert and his father was sitting talking. Chelsea would kneel in the position she’d been shown earlier next to Robert’s chair. While him and his father eat dinner she kept her head bowed and waited. As the other slaves cleared the plates from the table Chelsea was told to stand at the foot of the table.

Chelsea stood similarly to the way she had been kneeling earlier. Her chest was trust out in front of her. Her arms behind her back with her wrists crossed over each other. Chelsea’s head bowed in submission with her eyes down cast. Only she was standing so her spread legs made it even easier to see her pussy.

Soon Robert was asking “if Chelsea had learned her lesson or was further punishment necessary?” For which she was quick to respond “Yes Master I understand what I did wrong and will never question your supremacy again Master.” Robert smiled at this response and said the following. “I’m glad to hear that and I’m considering your punishment over with and it will now be never discussed again. Now my naughty little nymphomaniac I want you to run upstairs and put your new outfit on a join me and my father in the family room.” After a reply of “Yes Master” from Chelsea she was off to get dressed.

Teen minutes later Chelsea cautiously walked into the family room unsure what to expect. She was a bit surprised to see each of the other slaves kneeling naked at the feet of Robert and his father. Now each the slaves had a leash attached to their collar being held their particular owner. Robert held Kelly’s leash and his father had ahold of his mother’s leash. Believing it was best to follow the example of the other slaves Chelsea went to kneel on the opposite side of Robert’s feet only to be stopped by Robert saying the following as he patted his lap.

“No you don’t my naughty little nymphomaniac come sit on your Master’s lap while we watch the news.”

Chelsea was happy to hear that she wouldn’t be made to kneel like the others were. She still knew she would be in that position fairly often in the future. However she liked it when Robert no her “Master” let her sit in his lap. He did own her now and Chelsea needed to start thinking of him as “Master” and not Robert anymore. Soon Chelsea had her back pressed against her “Master’s” chest with one of his arms around her stomach and sat quietly while he and his father watched the national news.

This simple intimacy with her “Master” continued through the local news program and a couple of primetime shows. All the while him and “Master” Jason Sanders talked off and on about various topics that interested them. Occasionally “Master’s” free hand would rub Chelsea’s legs or run down her arms. But that change suddenly when “Master” snapped his fingers and pointed to Chelsea’s crotch.

Chelsea wasn’t sure what was happening as Kelly started to pull her thong off and spread her legs. At least until Chelsea saw Kelly position her mouth next to Chelsea’s pussy. Even before Kelly started to eat her out “Master’s” free hand had lifted her tank-top up and was playing with one of Chelsea’s breasts. Chelsea couldn’t believe how good this felt as she felt Kelly’s tongue working over her wet little pussy.

Chelsea had eaten out the pussy of the Vice Principal of her school many times but had never been on the receiving end until then. But she guessed that was the difference between her “Master” and “Mistress” Johansson. Her “Master” wanted his slaves to have pleasure if they were obedient to him. All “Mistress” Johansson would do is make Chelsea eat out her pussy and talk about ass fucking Chelsea with a strap on when she finally belonged to her Vice Principal. Chelsea knew for this difference alone she decided to be the best slave she could be for her “Master” just as her orgasm hit and she cried out.

“Thank you Master I promise to be the best slave I can be to you”

After her declaration Robert carried Chelsea up to his room and spent the next several of hours giving her orgasm after orgasm. He took his turn eating her pussy to several climaxes. Robert then gave her the hard fucking for two or three more. Finally Chelsea lost her anal virginity for the final orgasm of the night. Before Robert held a exhausted Chelsea as she slept soundly in his arms.

The next morning Robert had Kelly bathe him and Chelsea together. He enjoyed holding her against him as they soaked so much this became a fairly common occurrence in the house. After that Kelly dressed the both of them to spend several hours by the pool. Robert in his swimming trunks and Chelsea in her now standard skimpy bikini.

Just this time Robert had Chelsea wear the white bikini that Kelly had ***********ed for her. Other than being white this bikini was almost identical in it’s coverage of Chelsea’s body to the black one. Except it allowed the portions of Chelsea’s body covered by it to be visible when it was wet. Needless to say they spent a fair amount of time in the water once Chelsea saw how sexy this made her look. She also asked Robert for permission to wear it to show off for their friends sometime in the future now Chelsea knew how much being an exhibitionist turned her on.

Still before long it was time for things to get serious Jonathan was now home and Chelsea mother was due to arrive in an hour. As Robert and his father made sure everything was in order Chelsea was upstairs getting ready. She was sitting naked in front of her new makeup station in Robert’s room. As Kelly went about styling her hair and ensuring her makeup was to absolute perfection. Once Kelly had finished with that she started to dress Chelsea for the night.

First thing to go on was the black garter belt followed by the stockings to go with it. Next came the black high heels taken from Kelly’s old wardrobe. These were also a little taller than she had been wearing so it took Chelsea a while to get used them. Still while Chelsea examined herself in the mirror she felt this pair made her legs and ass look sexier and would deal with this inconvenience to look her best for her “Master”. After Kelly smoothed out a few wrinkles she spotted in Chelsea’s stockings it was time to take care of a few final preparations.

Chelsea had already been given a enema but it was time to apply more lube to her ass hole. Chelsea bent over and grabbed her ankles while Kelly worked slimy fingers into her ass hole. “Master” had gone slowly the night before and Chelsea had loved every minute of it. At least once she got use to having a cock up her ass hole. However tonight that wasn’t going to be an option for her.

“Master” was going to take her ass fast and hard and she needed to be ready for it. So once she was properly lubed up a butt plug was put in place. This was a unique experience in it’s own right but it didn’t compare to the vibrating dildo going up her pussy. Thankfully it was set at the lowest setting otherwise Chelsea would’ve had an immediate orgasm. Still once the chastity belt was put in place she knew it was going to be a long night walking around that way.

Finally as they heard the doorbell ring it was time to put her dress on. It was only simple sundress but it looked nice enough for dinner. Yet it could still be quickly removed before Chelsea signed the slave contract. Then it was just a matter of the three “Masters” and her mother signing as witnesses. Then Chelsea would officially be her “Master’s” sex slave and her new life could began.

Robert was with his father in the office when the doorbell rang. Robert was seated in one of the chairs placed opposite of the desk his father was now sitting behind as his mother showed their guests in. This time Mr. Anderson was wearing the lapel pin identifying him as a “Master”. However as expected Diane still wasn’t wearing a collar to identify herself as a slave. Still as was expected under the traditions of The Organization they rose to their feet and greeted “Master” Anderson while ignoring Diane’s presence entirely.

Once the greeting was taken care of “Master” Anderson was asked sit down in the only other chair while Diane was left nowhere but to kneel at her owner’s feet. Though by the way she definitely stood in front of them they suspected she didn’t know her true status was known to them. This became obvious when she angerly demanded her daughter be given to them that very moment. Diane’s outburst was mostly ignored as Robert’s father began to speaking to “Master” Anderson.

Though he did shoot her a dirty look as he mentioned her daughter had already told them all she knew about their personal situation and any such outbursts wouldn’t be tolerated. Robert saw Diane get a worried look on her face before “Master” Anderson snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor by his feet. Robert was struggling to keep a neutral expression on his face as Diane dropped to her knees near tears. But he felt great satisfaction at seeing her finally acting like a proper slave

With Diane now in her place Robert’s father told them Chelsea signing the slave contract isn’t scheduled until after dinner but there is other business related to it they needed to discuss at that moment. Robert then got up and handed both “Master” Anderson and Diane matching folders. They both were shocked by the contents and looked at Robert and his father a bit differently. Though they both were both doubtful of and at the same time extremely angered by a lot of the information inside the files.

But Robert knew reports so far were only about how the internal sabotage was being carried out at their company. They hadn’t got to the part about who the leaders of the traitors within their ranks were. Unfortunately the files didn’t mention the person behind all this or her plans for Diane and Chelsea.Technically the files were only about those two’s professional problems. Robert’s family’s common interest in this matter was to be explained later.

All the sudden they heard Diane say “that’s why no one’s refuting the lieing little bitches.” prompting Robert to respond “we have evidence and witnesses statements to prove everything in there. All which we will be giving to you as well. Plus our witnesses are not going to be suppressed like the ones within your company have been so far.” Robert had to smile when saw the shocked expression of disbelief on Diane’s face as he spoke again

“Before you ask why there is bit more information about our involvement in this matter that isn’t in those files. Those and the evidence we are giving you do not involve The Organization so they can be seen by outsiders if you wish. Our involvement comes from my former step mother’s association with the person behind all of this who’s motives are also not in those files.”

Robert was a bit surprised when the first words out of “Master” Anderson’s mouth was the name of the person in question what they believe her motive to be. “Mistress Mei Yomagato and I take it Diane and Chelsea are intended to be attractions at one of her auctions”. Granted Robert had said enough that if “Master” Anderson had looked into Robert and his family then he should’ve been able to put the pieces together easily. So both Robert and his father simply nodded their heads in response.

“Master” Anderson looked right at Robert as he started speaking again “This changes things a lot but I need to know a few things if I’m going except what I know you two want.” As he paused Robert told him they would answer any questions he wanted. He would even allow Diane to see Chelsea first since he felt she should be there also. Robert then picked up Kelly’s bell and walked the door to summon her knowing that she would bring Chelsea with her.

As the two teenage slaves entered Robert saw Kelly had done a fantastic job with Chelsea and had definitely earned a reward. Chelsea had already been looking great since Kelly had started doing her hair and makeup. The way Chelsea currently looked was well beyond all of Robert’s expectations. Even “Master” Anderson and her mother were shocked by how beautiful she looked. Once Diane had finished hugging Chelsea she pulled back looked her up and down before hugging her even harder and telling Chelsea how beautiful she looked.

Robert clearing his throat was all it took to brake up the mother daughter reunion. Chelsea quickly escaped her mother’s grasp and took her place on her knees at her “Master’s” feet. The clearing of “Master” Anderson’s throat soon had Diane back on her knees as well. Granted Diane was still focused more on Chelsea then anything else. Though seeing Diane kneeling next Chelsea told Robert Diane definitely needed work on her posture.

Now except for her head now being raised in pride and the smile the thought of being her “Master’s” slave brought to her face Chelsea was pretty much in the same position she held during most of her punishment. Making Robert very proud of her which he showed by occasionally reaching down to stroke her head. Which just made Chelsea’s smile and the twinkle in her eyes even brighter. Unlike Diane who’s posture showed next to no submission to her owner and ended up embarrassing Chelsea. Robert saw this embarrassment and wished he could’ve done something about it.

Diane knelt with her knees together with her ass resting on top of her ankles. She also had her shoulders slumped and her arms crossed across her chest most of the time she knew Robert or his father was looking at her. Though some times she didn’t know they were looking she would keep arms at her sides or her lap. Yet still was a totally inappropriate way for any slave to display herself. Her posture showed to much defiance and not enough submission for Robert’s taste.

Robert knew if either Chelsea or Kelly did that while he was visiting another “Master’s” home it would at least earn them both several whippings to began with. While at the same time it would come with possiblity of him losing ownership of them both at the worst. Still while Robert lived in the same same house it was his father’s house and him that Diane was disrespecting with this behavior. Only his father and “Master”Anderson had the authority to do anything about it.

Besides there were other things he needed to worry about at the moment. As “Master” Anderson started asking him questions that was quick to answer. He had thought about putting enslavement contract out on Chelsea at one point but reconsidered when thought it out more and told this. Robert even told him his plans for the date were what he already told them. Now his decision to go through with enslaving Chelsea was made do to the events they’d been informed about already along with a few that they didn’t know about.

This where Robert had Chelsea tell them about her Vice Principal, what she had been making Chelsea do, and threatening her with. Robert also pointed out that Chelsea has not been physically abused or restrained once during her stay. Granted Chelsea seams to have an interest in being spanked given how she responds to the mention of spanking during sex. To prove his claim about not physically abusing Chelsea Robert had her stand and had Kelly remove her sundress. He then had her slowly turn around so they could see that there were no marks on her body.

Surprisingly Chelsea chose not to put the sundress back on yet. Saying “she should always be displaying herself at her best for her Master and could never embarrass her Master or herself by displaying herself half-assed. ESPECIALLY when he was around other Masters.” Granted she was looking right at her mother when said that so she was probably expressing her embarrassment about her mother’s behavior. Still Chelsea looked even prouder to be displaying herself in her nearly naked state then she was in the sundress.

Though it was Robert getting looks of respect from his father and “Master”Anderson on how obedient and loyal Chelsea was to him. It also ended any objections or questions “Master” Anderson had about Chelsea becoming Robert’s slave. Leaving just Diane having issues to be resolved but without her owner’s support she no longer had a say. Instead they turned the discussion back to Mistress Mei Yomagato.

Besides her known interest in the stock Robert purchased they had found some money trails going to individuals with Diane’s company. Along with a few other details that where in a special report given to Master Anderson. While neither Robert or his father knew or needed to know the full details there was probably a good reason that Diane being a slave was being kept secret. But they said they suspected The Organization had an interest in the company and plans to go along with it. This made both Robert and his father suspect Master Anderson had special contacts within The Organizations higher-ups and he should have them look at both reports.

They also discussed having the two them become weakend guests in the house to discuss strategies to deal with Mistress Mei Yomagato. With Chelsea now living there it was easy to explain as the families getting to know each other better. Robert was also sure Chelsea and Diane would like time to be able to visit each other and had no issues with such visits happening. So long as Diane remembered Chelsea was some else’s property now and acted with respect including following the house rules for slaves.

Realizing this was probably the only way she would be allowed to see her daughter they saw her finally start behaving as a somewhat proper slave as she thanked him. “Thank you Master Sanders for the generous offer. I will agree to follow all your rules while in your home from now on.” Robert’s father then explained the situation with Jonathan as bit of a final note to conclude the meeting. Once Chelsea had her dress back on they exited the office and Robert’s father showed them to the dining room to have a few drinks before dinner.

After dinner Jonathan went to finish some homework while the rest of them just chatted. Chelsea and Diane were sent to help the maids with the clean up and the three Masters talked a little more. Some about the situation with Diane enslavement being kept secret. Now Master Anderson wouldn’t say what was going on except that The Organization required her cooperation and Chelsea remaining free was meant to ensure it. Robert respected this but with two other people after Chelsea her being his slave was probably the best option for the time being.

Robert did say that he would give his word not to ever sale Chelsea to someone else but Master Anderson. However Robert would also be telling Diane the following. “Chelsea was his slave now and Robert would treat her how he felt she should be treated. Just as Diane’s owner treated her like he felt she should be treated. Diane would had to except that fact of life now.”

Once the slaves finished the dinner clean up they returned to the office. Robert’s mother had gone ahead to get things ready in the dungeon while Robert and his father was finishing the preparations for recording the following event. Master Anderson was calmly sitting in his chair while Diane knelt at his feet. Though after getting chewed out by both her owner and Chelsea she was in proper slave pose similar to Chelsea(minus the chastity belt, dildo, and butt plug) next to her.

Granted Diane was now naked except for wearing a borrowed slave collar and shackles. Her body was positioned much like Chelsea with her legs spread wide and ankles crossed. Her chest was thrust forward with her arms behind her back and her wrists crossed. Diane was also being punished for her earlier behavior and had her head bowed in shame for embarrassing her Master that way.

Now Chelsea stood up when they called for and stood on the spot designated for her. She was asked to answer series of questions honestly and truthfully. This included what she said in Robert’s bedroom and her admission it amounted to agreeing to surrendering herself for enslavement in her mind. Finally she admitted that she also said the final decision was Robert’s and she would submit to whatever he decided. Finally Chelsea was given the slave contract to read and was told where to sign.

Robert’s father signed next followed by Master Anderson as witnesses. Then Diane was instructed to sign as a final witness before finally Robert signed as Chelsea’s new owner. As Robert set the contract aside to be filled his father and Master Anderson grabbed each of Chelsea’s arms and held her in place. Robert then walked up to Chelsea and began to violently rip the sundress from her body. Once the dress was gone moved behind Chelsea and held up her hair as Diane placed a collar around Chelsea’s neck.

Diane would then place the shackles on each of Chelsea’s wrists and ankles. Chelsea was then forced to her knees and had her arms held behind her back. Where Diane then secured Chelsea’s wrist shackles together before moving in front of Chelsea again. Diane dropped to her knees to attach a leash to Chelsea’s collar. Before submissively kneeling while holding the other end of the leash up in the palms of upraised hands. Robert concluded the ceremony by taking hold of the leash as a symbolic gesture of him taking ownership of Chelsea herself.

With the ceremony over the recording was stopped and would later be shown along with the slave contract to officials of The Organization. An appointment would be made later that week for Chelsea to receive her slave markings and piercings. After having it done to Kelly Robert wanted all of his slaves’ nipples and clits to have rings through them from then on. While a piercing through her belly button would be used to attach a small tag identifying Chelsea as Robert’s personal property. They then headed to the dungeon to take care of the final issues needing taken care of.

Continuing another tradition started with Kelly Robert would sodomize Chelsea as another symbolic gesture of him taking ownership over her body. Chelsea’s pussy was given to Master Anderson to fuck in gratitude for him acting as a witness. Robert’s father got the honor of the first use of Chelsea’s mouth as an official sex slave. Before Diane was made lick all the cum from Chelsea’s body and violated orifices. Finally once they finished with her Chelsea was locked in a small cage to spend her first night as a official sex slave. Again another tradition started by Kelly but experienced by all of Master Robert Sander’s personal slaves from then on.

Diane then was given a choice service the Masters with her body sexually or receive physical punishment to put her earlier bad behavior behind her. Diane chose the first option and Robert got a chance to compare a mother’s pussy to that of her daughter. While Robert’s father got the same opportunity when he sampled Diane’s cock sucking skills. When Master Anderson fucked Diane’s ass hole Robert learned where Chelsea’s would got her love of anal sex. They then left Chelsea to sleep in her cage all alone in the dungeon for the night.

To be continued

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