Sisters in Slavery prequel chapter 01 A Master’s ascension by Hellcat41979

Author’s note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters as under eighteen years of age. Also this story features themes of rape, slavery, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you do not like such stories or are one of those individuals that can’t distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality STOP reading now. Also don’t fill up the comments section with posts about how sick the individuals in the story are or about the people who read or write this style of story. This is meant for those looking to take some enjoyment out this tale and not for those looking to recreate the circumstances of the story. For those that fall into the first category please enjoy yourselves

I must note before the story starts this is a prequel to Sisters in Slavery that tells the story of the owner of the Sisters Master Robert Sanders coming of age and becoming a master within The Organization leading up to how the Brothel was started. As such there will be some new characters introduced that may or may not be in future chapters of the main story. This also means that none of the established female characters will be appearing in this part of the story.

Also those familiar with some of my work will notice similarities between this and my first story Dad’s Test this is intentional. I’ve never felt comfortable with both never finishing or having to pull that story. So I’m going to be trying to incorporate some of the plot of that story into this one.

Part 01

A bitch gets put in her place as a Master learns his.

Mistress Mei Yomagato was pissed after some brat of a business rival had managed to acquire stock in a business she desired. Granted Jason Sanders and her rarely went after the same companies. He tended to invest more in foreign companies and had few ties to domestic businesses she knew of. Still they had crossed paths enough that she considered him a threat to be delt with eventually.

Now she was wondering if she needed to deal with him immediately now his oldest son was building up a impressive portfolio of his own. While she would’ve normally care less about this young man named Robert Sanders. After all he had barely come of age as an adult. However he recently was after stock she needed to gain leverage over a target of her less well known but more profitable profession. That was the training and sale of women taken as sex slaves as part of a secret organization of wealthy and influential individuals.

Now thankfully the executive she was targeting for enslavement wasn’t commission job. Yet Mistress Yomagato had several guaranteed high paying bidders lined up for when the bitch hit the auction block. Plus that wasn’t counting what she would make off the sale the target’s sexy schoolgirl daughter. On top of the fact she was looking forward to personally training both of these soon to be sex slaves.

Yet now Mistress Yomagato had this brat standing in the way of having not only having her targets whimpering at her feet before they were sold off to the highest bidder. But also her loosing face before her customers and rivals within The Organization. Now she had to spend extra money not only wrestling the controlling interest from the target but she had to get the stock the brat had purchase as a matter of principal. All for no reason other than some stupid punk kid showing off for his annoying daddy about how good he was at making investments.

Sure he could probably find a way to buy off this brat and still meet her time table but it went against her principals. Mistress Yomagato hated all males with a passion and buying one off was totally unacceptable to her. Instead she felt this situation required a more permanent solution that would also ensure the brat never got in her way again.

Robert Sanders on the other hand had no idea of his involvement in Mistress Yomagato’s plans. Let alone the Organization she was a part of. He especially had no idea about who this woman was or her history doing her secret occupation. Though he had met Mistress Yomagato a few times and had a dislike for her. A feeling that would turn to the deepest of hatred when the situation would finally come to it’s conclusion.

His purchase of stock in the company was actually not in response to a challenge his father was giving him. A over a half a year ago his father told him if he could show a sizeable profit on the stock market Robert’s complete trust found would be made available to him. Along with several other unknown benefits that he would be told about upon the completion of the challenge.

Of course his father wouldn’t tell him anything about the these benefits he had mentioned. However he suspected it probably had something to do with his father’s rules about flaunting their family wealth. Or as his father kept trying to explain it to his bitch if a step mother before she ran out on him. It was in bad taste to be rubbing the fact they were wealthy in the faces of those who weren’t.

They hardly ever did anything to draw attention to the fact they were multi millionaires and possibly billionaires. Given his father never said how wealthy they actually were left even Robert not knowing for sure. Still he figured they had to be at least multi millionaires or at least his father was. Robert and his siblings lived off allowances similar those of the middle class students in their private school.

Robert and his brother didn’t really mind this but their step sister hated being on such an allowance. She saw herself hanging out and having shopping sprees with their rich classmates while looking down upon everyone else. While Robert and his brother tended to associate more with each other or a *********** few of the pourer students his step sister liked to look down on. A fact that further distanced her from Robert and their younger brother Jonathan.

Though the two Sanders brother’s had never been close to their step sister Kelly. They both hated her mother Camilla from the moment they first met her and saw her as only a gold digger after their father’s money. This observation carried over to Kelly who wasn’t that much different in their minds. There were many occasions where they wished Camilla hadn’t abandoned Kelly when she ran off once she learned she would never get their father’s money. Strangely enough Robert did sometimes wonder why they had never heard anything from or of Camilla after she left.

While Robert did have a small amount of sympathy for his step sister after her mother abandoned her and pretty much just disappeared. While a even larger part of him couldn’t help wishing the bitch could have taken Kelly with her when she left. Unfortunately this side of his view of Kelly had grown a lot in the three years since Camilla left. Which was a shame given that part of him found that Kelly was highly attractive at least from a physical standpoint. Like her mother Kelly’s personality completely overshadowed her beauty and made her ugly in his eyes.

Which was totally different from his actual sister Joanna. Even though she went to a fancy boarding school and they were rarely around each other. Kelly and Joanna were viewed a differently by Robert. Joanna’s kind and caring personality served to enhance her already good looks. While Kelly’s personality subtracted from her looks and left her petty and ugly in his eyes. Which was a shame since both of his sisters were very beautiful and could pass as fashion models or movie stars yet only one had the personality that matched her looks.

About half way between Jonathan and Robert’s ages Kelly was five foot seven with tanned skin and wavy golden blonde hair. Even though she always complained about her breasts being to small and her ass being to big Robert thought they looked perfect. While he and everyone agreed Kelly’s legs were fantastic especially since she always wore high heels to show case them. Her face was straight out if any masterpiece hanging in art gallery. Full lips blueish gray eyes and perfectly sculpted nose, chin, and cheeks.

A year younger than Robert Joanna looked like a younger version of their mother. Petite and fair skinned yet with appropriate curves in all the right places. Enhanced by the long flowing reddish blonde hair stretching passed her perfect ass. Though she almost always kept it up in either a pony tail like her mother did or twin pigtails giving her more of a schoolgirl look in Robert’s eyes. In fact Robert felt that if Joanna wasn’t his sister she would be his perfect girlfriend. Joanna’s similarities to their mother and at the same time Kelly’s similarities to her own mother left Robert with questions about what his father was thinking regarding that marriage. Not that there wasn’t already questions regarding his mother.

He knew her and his father were never married and Jonathan was the child of another of his father’s lovers born several half a year before Joanna was born. Yet Robert’s mother had always been extremely faithful and loyal to his father. Only to have her loyalty prepaid by having to become a lowly house hold maid and cook. Just so she could remain in Robert and Joanna’s lives once Camilla entered the picture. This left Joanna skeptical and untrusting of their father at times. While Robert with his own share of father issues and a lot of questions he’d love answered because of this situation.

Now his mother left him with even more questions and confusion through the years. He knew she had to have been humiliated and betrayed when his father married Camilla while he wouldn’t even consider marrying her. Let alone raising the son of another woman and the father of her children as if he was her own child. Then she not only stayed in the same house with the woman that replaced her but also as a servant to this woman. This same woman then took every opportunity to insult, demean, and humiliate his mother. Even going as far as beating Robert’s mother like she was a slave and not an employee on several occasions he was sure of.

Though neither his mother and father would confirmed or deny Camilla’s statements about whipping his mother. Saying only it was a private matter that was between them and it wasn’t to be discussed. He also now believed that Camilla was abusing his mother sexually. Base on other statements she made but only recently came to understand now he was older. Though based on the fact he knew his mother let his father fuck her just this morning only added to his confusion. Granted he’d recently been interested in a certain type of porn that made him suspect the true nature of his parents relationship based both on what he’s noticed throughout the years and what Robert witnessed in his father’s office that morning.

Even before Camilla entered the picture his mother never used the any of their names without the title of “Master” in front of them. Then after the marriage both Camilla and Kelly were always addressed by the title of “Mistress”. Nor did she ever make any decisions or rules of her own. Instead choosing to surrender all authority and decisions in matters to his father. It was always “your father’s rule is this” or “your father decided upon that”.

The only exception to this was Joanna being treated differently than the other siblings. First she was the only one his mother would refer as or even admit to being her child. The two brothers were “Master Jason’s” children. While Kelly was “Mistress Camilla’s” daughter. At least until Camilla left and for some reason she lost her “Mistress” title whenever she was referenced (but that’s something to be discussed about at a another time.) Joanna on the other hand was not only claimed and referred to as her child and treated as such.

Robert’s mother wouldn’t even consider telling him, his brother, or Kelly she wouldn’t allow them to do something. Instead reminding them the “Master” or “Mistress” didn’t want them doing something. While for Joanna it was what you would expect from a mother daughter relationship. Including Joanna being punished on several occasions by his mother when the other three of them would face no consequences for their actions from his mother.

Now the the fact that Joanna was always away at her boarding school and the other three went to a private school while living at home was another difference. This suggested Joanna was thought of differently and different things were expected and planned for her (but like several other things mentioned was best discussed later.) Since it’s Robert’s theory about the nature of his father and mother’s relationship that matters at the moment. With these distractions put aside it’s best to jump back several hours.

First off Jonathan and Kelly were out with friends and of course Joanna was away at her boarding school until the start of summer. This left only Robert and his parents as the only two people in the house. Robert had originally planned to go out with Jonathan as well but at the last minute changed his plans. Instead he decided to do a little research on a individual he heard could be interested in him selling her some stock he had purchased in a company recently. While he had met Mei Yomagato several times years ago he wanted know more about her before he decided one way or another on what to do.

Now if he really didn’t care could get a bit of profit from the stock in question. For unlike the rest of his trades since his father’s challenge this purchase wasn’t about making a profit. He had actually bought the stock due to it being from the company the mother of a friend from school ran and he wanted to help her out. He actually expected to at best brake even once the company’s current situation turned around but in the meantime the stock was in the hands of someone who would be sympathetic to his friend’s mother. That and the fact Chelsea gave him a blowjob when she learned what he had done to help her mother made him rather reluctant to sale to that man hating lesbian bitch Mei Yomagato.

After learning as much as he could about her business practices. While not not truly surprised or liking the answers he had gotten. Robert notice that Mei Yomagato only would go after stock in the quantity Robert possessed if she was looking to take control of the company. When that happened those in control before were quickly replaced if they wouldn’t submit completely to her. Many of these either committed suicide or went into extreme isolation almost self imposed exile with their families. Not wanting either for Chelsea’s mother Robert had pretty much made his decision. Still Robert decided to take advantage of his father’s outstanding offer of help him should he ever need it and walked downstairs to talk to his father.

As he got close to his father’s office he could hear voices talking. At first he thought his father was either meeting with someone or on the phone with someone. This made Robert almost turn away since he’d been told since before he could remember never to disturb his father while he was meeting or talking with someone on the phone in his office. Robert briefly considered coming back later but decided that he should at least ask his father for a moment of his time. So he entered the office planning to immediately apologize and ask his father to set aside a little time later to discuss his problem.

However what Robert saw when he entered wasn’t anything to do with his father’s business. For Robert’s mother was bent over his father’s desk with his father fucking her from behind. The top of his mother’s skimpy maid’s uniform was pulled down leaving her breasts completely exposed as they bounced back and forth with each of his father’s thrusts. The extremely short skirt on the uniform was thrown over his mother’s back leaving her wonderful full behind exposed. While at the same allowing Robert to see she was actually being fucked in her ass by his father.

Really not wanting to watch his parents having sex Robert almost immediately turned around and exited the office believing that he hadn’t been noticed. Not that this desire not to see them together over shadowed the confusion he felt about what was happening. For as brief of a glance as Robert got he could tell by the his mother’s face she wasn’t enjoying what his father was doing to her. In fact it looked like she was almost in pain yet she just stood there doing nothing but cry as his father practically raped her.

Still confused, shocked, and outraged by the sight Robert momentarily paused outside the door and listened to the two of them. At first all Robert heard was his father’s grunts and an occasional whimper or sob from his mother. Though he soon heard a sound Robert recognized from a few porn videos he’d seen. That was his father having an orgasm followed by his mother talking.

Robert understood a little more about his mother and father based on what he heard. At first he didn’t understand his mother asking for the privilege of sucking his father’s cock clean. Nor did Robert understand why his mother would even consider having some that was just up her ass hole put in her mouth as a privilege. However it was the way his mother always referred to herself as this prophetic slave that made Robert realize the nature of the relationship.

With this realization Robert left the area of his dad’s office to think about what he now knew. His father and mother were in a domination and submission type of relationship. His mother was definitely to submissive and his father the dominate in the arrangement. Figuring they hadn’t seen him Robert went back up to his room to think about what he had seen.

Lot if it was a bit of self critical ridicule for not realizing this beforehand. Besides her subservient behavior and of course the near excessive use of the titles”Master” and “Mistress” there were other things he should have seen before. His mother had worn a metal collar around her neck and matching cuffs on her wrists and ankles all his life. Her maid uniform was so revealing that if she moved the wrong way her ass would be exposed. This same exposure had happened several times recently that Robert now knew she never wore underwear. Just as the thin fabric of the uniform’s top not only exposed his mother’s cleavage but close inspection revealed she also never wore a bra.

He was be sitting on his bed thinking about all of this a half a hour later when he was visited by his father. This was confusing to Robert since his father hardly ever sought any of his children if he needed anything from them. They were almost always summoned to wherever his father wanted meet them at. So having his father come into his room confused Robert a little and made him wondering if he had noticed Robert earlier in the office. As much as Robert wanted to question his father about what he saw he was more extremely uneasy about having such a conversation with him.

So Robert decided to let his father take the first move and let that decide what actions to take during this conversation. It almost surprised him when his father awkwardly asked Robert if he needed his help with some problem. This left Robert with a nearly uncontrollable desire to ask his father about what he had seen in the office. However Robert instead chose to focus on the reason he ended up in the office in the first place.

Robert explained about the investment and his reason for it. He then told about his stock broker contacting him about Mei Yomagato’s interest in him buying the stock and her possibility buying the stock from him for a profit. Robert then explained that he really didn’t like the woman and wasn’t sure if he should should trust her or even have any dealing with her. He was also uneasy about about Mei Yomagato’s interest in his friend’s mother’s company. He also mentioned he sure as hell didn’t want to profit out of a situation where a friend ended up getting hurt.

His father looked at Robert with look that showed a little surprise but was overshadowed by pride. His father then expressed how proud he was of Robert that he was more concerned about hurting a friend then being able to complete his challenge. Though Robert had to correct his father by telling him any losses from this investment wouldn’t have that big of a effect on his portfolio so technically he wasn’t actually worried about it affecting the challenge but rather his friend and her family.

In truth it was having business dealings with Mei Yomagato that was Robert’s biggest concern. For while he technically didn’t want to sale the stock as it was. However as he was about to explain his concerns about Mei Yomagato somehow doing something to get her hands on the stock anyway possible even using drastic measures his father seamed to be able to read his mind. Unfortunately it also confirmed some of his suspicions about Mei Yomagato.

He said she wasn’t the type to take no for an answer especially from someone she didn’t think much of. Unfortunately as a male inexperienced with the world that she definitely wouldn’t think much of or have little respect for Robert. He also told Robert he was right in not wanting to have any dealings with her. His father had taken the same stance himself a while ago and had never regretted the decision.

So it would probably be best if Robert signed the stock over to him. That way his father would be the one that had to deal with Mei Yomagato. He at the same time promised that he wasn’t going to do anything to hurt his friend’s family so Robert should trust him to take care of the situation.

He also said even though it was early he would like to take a look at Robert’s portfolio that night. His father wouldn’t be able to advise Robert about any problems or what to do about them. However if his father felt Robert’s confidence in how he was doing was well founded. Then he’d be willing to consider the challenge successfully completed early.

Now if that happened then his father said he felt it would be time to explain some things to Robert. Of course he wouldn’t say exactly what things that were going to be explained. However he did mention that this would answer many questions he knew that Robert had. While Robert was eager for this discussion had his doubts about it happening.

Granted even if Robert didn’t get his answers he technically had nothing to loose. In fact Robert realized this was actually a good opportunity for him. While he was skeptical about getting answers to any questions regarding their family he could accomplish something else. For he was certain he could definitely wrap up this challenge tonight.

Lying in bed that night Robert was still shocked by what he now knew about his parents and unsure about what his future held. He had expectations and plans before but now that were being shadowed by the revelations his father told him. Along with the revelation there was a lot of information that he still was holding back.

Sure learning his mother was his father’s slave was shocking in it’s own right. But then learning that it was true slavery and not the pretend slavery Robert saw in those videos online. For his father had literally bought his mother from another person who had bought her from another person before that. Or that his mother actually saw herself as his father’s property and not a person and serving her owner anyway they wished was her only purpose in life.

Robert wasn’t that surprised by the revelation that his mother was also Camilla’s slave when she was there still based on things Robert had noticed. He had read about cuckold relationships and having learned that marriage was a combination of that and trophy wife situation made a lot of sense. Especially when it was explained that his mother got very aroused by being humiliated amongst other things a lot of the pieces of the puzzle started fitting together.

There were more revelations like that were surprising but they mostly answered questions Robert had for years. Others that should of shocked Robert but didn’t at that point. The revelation that Jonathan’s mother was also a slave was a bit surprising. Followed by the revaluation about why she helped raise a child that wasn’t hers. Jonathan’s mother was Robert’s mother’s friend and confidant who died in child birth. Robert’s mother then saw it as her duty to care for her friend’s child was a major revelation but not the greatest.

That honor went to the revelation that his mother would be considered Robert’s slave just as she was his father’s. He would allowed to do anything he wanted to her from having sex with her anytime he wanted to more mundane duties.The only restrictions were Robert couldn’t do any permanent physical damage to his mother’s body. He couldn’t contradict any orders his father had given her. Most importantly he couldn’t tell his siblings or anyone else about this arrangement.

Once all this was explained to Robert his mother was summoned to the office. This was through the ringing of a hand bell like used in some movies to summon the servants. All most instantly she was standing submissively in front of them with her legs spread and her arms behind her back waiting for his father to say what he needed. It was fairly common for his father to make her have to wait that way for a while before giving his instructions as a sign of his dominance over her. This time wasn’t any different for his father made her wait for several before explaining the situation to her and telling how she will be Robert’s slave from now on.

To demonstrate her submission to Robert his mother then stripped naked and stood at attention before him. His father then demonstrated how to inspect the body of a slave like her. His mother was groped everyway possible during the inspection. This included fingers being shoved down her throat, into her pussy, and up her ass hole. Once Robert was shown the process he was then allowed to do his own inspection of his mother.

Though once Robert had properly explored his mother’s body he had been given some bad news. He had to wait to actually be able to have sex of any kind with her. Partially due to they didn’t want Jonathan, Kelly, and Joanna knowing about this part of their lives yet. So they needed to make arrangements to be sure they weren’t around at the time. Then there were other details and preparations that needed to be handled beforehand.

For there was a specific tradition or ritual that was to be followed due to them wanting Robert to join this group his father belonged to. This was a group of men and women that secretly lived the same “Master” and “slave” lifestyle as his parents. Besides the obvious benefits of having a sex slave that would obey his every command there were other benefits they wanted Robert to have.This would get Robert greater opportunities they wanted him to have for his future he wouldn’t have if he wasn’t a member.

However Robert had to complete several tasks to join. The profits in his stock portfolio covered his entrance fee for basic membership in the group. This was the reason for the challenge and why his father was able to declare it completed once he saw Robert’s portfolio. This would get Robert some of the benefits and protection from being part of the group. Though these benefits would come with having to preform favors at a later time when needed. Unless he earned the title of “Master” and that had it’s own rules and rituals that had to be followed.

This included Robert undergoing training in how to handle a slave. Along with training to be able to control his own sexual desires and impulses. Before finally he had to demonstrate to several members of the group his mastery over not only a slave but himself as well. For it was a major belief of many within this group including Robert’s father that a master or mistress who wasn’t able to control themselves was incapable of controlling a slave.

Over the next couple of months Robert would be put through a series of lessons and trials as he learned and prepared himself. Some lessons Robert had expected like learning to use the instruments of punishment. Along with how to safely restrain a slave while still leaving her totally helpless and at her captures mercy. This was followed by the far more enjoyable task of learning to use the instruments of pleasure on a slave.

This lead to possibly Robert’s favorite part of these lessons bringing a slave to repeated orgasms. Using his hands, mouth, and various sex toys Robert was taught both how to bring a slave to a quick orgasm or how to slowly build a slave up to orgasm. Robert also learned to spot the signs that a slave was about to orgasm and adjust his actions accordingly to achieve the results he desired. This could be to either allow the slave a quick orgasm, letting the slave have a long prolonged one, or to flatly deny the slave to have orgasm all together.

Then came the hard but still extremely pleasurable lesson Robert had mastering and controlling his own orgasm. Much like the opposite lesson Robert learned how to have a quick orgasm when necessary. Or the much more difficult part of Robert learning tricks how to not have a orgasm at all. Then there was learning to revive or keep himself hard after an orgasm. While not truly mastering these Robert did become proficient enough to move to probably the more if not most important lessons they were to teach him.

Controlling oneself and his desires while others were engaged in sex acts all around them. While not part of the upcoming ceremony there were occasions Robert could get himself in trouble if he didn’t have these skills and knowledge. Lessons ranged from having to watch his father either fuck or torture his mother while performing intricate tasks and not be distracted. Or listening to some speech or lecture while the two of them went at it. Only to have to explain what was said once his parents were done trying to distract him.

The true importance of this lesson was explained during the lesson about the group Robert was being groomed to join. The Organization had existed for over a century and spread to almost every influential country in the world. Based on old beliefs that women are meant to be subservient to males. It essentially evolved both the consensual and unconsensual enslavement of women to serve different duties of their owners.

At first The Organization believed that all females could only be the slaves of their male masters. However over time this changed so that *********** women could retain their freedom and independence and become members as well. This included being granted the title of “Mistress” as well as getting most of the same benefits and privileges that “Masters” had. Even in many cases being considered equals to males within The Organization.

Still there was a bit of of mistrust and resentment to this. As well as concerns about granting to much freedom or equality to any female. So there were also special rules just for these free women to follow. This still left them beholden or in certain cases subservient all males regardless of these changes.

Some of this were rules and contracts that if broken would result in penalties for the female members in question. This ranged from fines, to the confiscation of some or all of their property, or even the enslavement of the female member in question. With probably the worst possible punishment being not only the enslavement of the female member in question but also any or all adult daughters.

The most important rule all female members were required to abide by was known as the”Freedom Bribe”. This was an annual fee they had to pay to be granted protection from most involuntary enslavement attempts. Though there were still loopholes intentionally placed in these protections. This made it still possible under certain circumstances to involuntarily enslave a women even if she had paid the appropriate bribes

Due to these circumstances there were a few unscrupulous and or opportunitist members of The Organization that would set up trap situations for unwary female members. In most cases the intention was to enslave desirable female members. Yet most commonly this used to acquire property they desired from the female members. In some cases this was a slave owned by the female member in question. While other times it could be some other asset the female had that another member wanted.

Unfortunately even being a male didn’t garner protection from these individuals. For they had tricks and technique they used to turn mistakes made by any member to their advantage. Most often to acquire slaves or other property they desired. Some time to settle vendettas and grudges they had with another member. Other times it was something as petty as just being able to humiliatie someone they didn’t like.

Fortunately a majority of The Organization’s members weren’t like that. Still these unscrupulous members were out there and Robert needed to be prepared for them. Some were well known and made it easier to be cautious around. While a few others preferred to use intermediaries to avoid discovery of their actions. None the less these individuals and those allied with them weren’t thought highly of.

At least those that primarily targeted male members for reasons other than being legitimately wronged or cheated by another. Under certain circumstances such actions were justified similar to old fashioned duels. Basically being considered having a mental contest to settle a dispute instead of the physical contest that was dueling. So on these occasion even the most honorable of members could and would use such measures without being thought of differently.

Granted the use of these tricks and tactics against female members tended to be thought of differently. Partially do to a majority of the members thinking most if not all females were inferior to males. Along with the resentment of some members that believed that females shouldn’t allowed to be anything but slaves within The Organization. So females that fell victim to such tactics were considered proven inferior and deserving of their fates.

This view was also the reason that female members were to be delt with caution and affair amount of suspicion. While it was true that a male member could lose almost everything in these situations. There was still one fate they couldn’t suffer a female member could and that was be enslaved. This left a bunch of female members our to prove their superiority over other members. Especially a few who actually despised males and believed the roles on who was considered inferior within The Organization should be reversed.

The best example if these type of female members of The Organization was Mistress Mei Yomagato. Who Robert learned was under the best circumstances to be treated with extreme caution and under a worst case scenario to be feared with all of his being. Few who ever crossed her had not felt her wrath in some way or another. Adding new meaning to his father’s warning to Robert that he didn’t want anything to do with her. Especially now Robert knew that Mistress Mei Yomagato had grounds hate his father.

Years ago a “Mistress” allied with her was proven inferior and unworthy of keeping her freedom. This was do to her being exposed by his father to have broken several agreements and several of the Organizations most sacred rules. According to the laws of The Organization this “Mistress” was then enslaved and suffered one of the greatest humiliation a slave could suffer.

Mistress Mei Yomagato was believed to have been part of the other “Mistress’s” actions but it could never be proven. Still there were those that continued to monitor her actions to that very day. Some wanting to take her down do to a hatred of her. While others saw her as a threat to them. This included a few people close to Robert’s father that secretly passed on information to him and those close to him. Including the information that she was interested in the stock Robert owned.

Mistress Mei Yomagato was now a greater concern to Robert do to him knowing not only her history and reputation but her true profession within The Organization. The threat she posed to Robert was frightening to say the least. But it was what they believed to be her intentions for not only Chelsea’s mother but Chelsea herself that worried Robert the most.

Even though he should’ve Robert really had no problem with women he didn’t know or didn’t like being forced into being a sex slaves. He even didn’t have that big of a problem with what he now knew was planned for Joanna. Granted the only problem he technically did have involved Kelly’s prospects for her future and not Joanna’s but that’s something to be discussed later.

Yet Chelsea was someone that he knew and respected. She was kind and caring and more than the potential sex slave Mistress Mei Yomagato saw she could sale for a high price. For this reason Robert began to try and think of way to save her from this possible fate. To this end he spent all his free time studying The Organization’s oldest little known rules and laws looking for anything that could be useful.

Until just before his induction ceremony he found something that would work. He then told his father of what found and a plan was hatched between the both of them to remove the threat. Granted it still would take some time to work out a few details but it should be foolproof to execute. Being able to lay his worries and concerns to rest Robert was able to focus on the more immediate issue he faced.

Robert waited patiently as his terrified and whimpering mother was dragged from the small cage she had been locked in since the night before. As was expected for this moment his mother was naked except for her slave shackles and collar. As his mother’s arms were secured behind her back Robert quickly looked around the dimly lit dungeon the only three people he was be able to recognize was his father, mother, and him. The other men and women present all wore masks or hoods to conceal their identities from his mother and from each other as well as from him.

Robert knew several were officials of The Organization there as official witnesses. While others were friends of his father’s there acting as unofficial witnesses but also serving another important purpose. Their presence would also help to mask the identities of the officials from Robert. Robert knew in time he would probably be allowed to know who these people were but until then this was a mandatory security precaution to protect The Organization he really didn’t need to be worrying about.

Besides Robert had more pressing things requiring his attention at the moment. So he focused on his father leading his mother to him on a leash. Robert steadied his few loose nerves as his mother was made to kneel between him and his father. Robert believed he had been fully prepared for this moment for quite a while now. Yet Robert couldn’t help having a few last-minute doubts suddenly pop up. He couldn’t help thinking it’s not like there isn’t a reason to not be nervous after all.

Here he was standing naked in front of a bunch of naked masked strangers, his own nake father, and of course his naked sex slave mother. All of which were there to see him torture and fuck his own mother. All for no other reason than to prove himself worthy of having a position of influence and respect within a secret organization. An organizations mind you that performed numerous illegal acts that Robert knew about and many he probably didn’t want to ever know about. So he couldn’t help having the question of “why shouldn’t I suddenly feel nervous?” flashing through Robert’s mind as his father addressed their guests.

“Honored guests in attendance I must thank you all in advance for being here on this special occasion. It is a special moment for any father when he knows his son has become a man. It is a even more special moment for a “Master” to see his son earn the title of “Master” himself. However I find myself experiencing probably the most special moment possible as my own son manages to accomplish both at the same time and I’m grateful for having you all here to share this moment with me.”

As the witnesses applaud his father’s speech Robert take a quick breath before approaching his terrified mother. Even before he had started to move his mother was frantically pleading for Robert to stop what he was doing. Strangely enough if Robert had heard her refer to herself and him this way before this moment it may have had the desired affect. However hearing his mother say the following for the first time in his life only made him angry.

“Please baby don’t do these horrible things to your own mother. I have done nothing to deserve this from my own son.”

All further pleas were either ignored or quickly silenced when Robert grabbed a handful of her hair. This was followed by a terrified scream of agony as Robert lifted his mother off the ground by her hair. Robert only held her up by her hair long enough to express his anger towards her daring to call herself his mother before slowly lowering her back to the floor. This was only a temporary retrieve for her as Robert soon was dragging her to a nearby stool by the hand full of hair he still held. Before she knew it Robert was lifting his mother off the floor once again by her hair.

She soon found herself bent over the stool with her legs hanging off one end and her ass up in the air. While using the handful of hair to hold her down Robert used his free hand to secure his mother’s collar to the stool. Only once she was at least temporarily restrained did Robert finally let go of his mother’s hair. Having had his entire focus on his mother up until that point Robert was a little curious about what his audience thought about his performance so far. He had been to busy to look around but the few snippets of hushed conversation he’d heard sounded promising.

After shooting a quick glance at the others Robert went to work further securing his mother to the stool. Each of his mother’s legs were secured to a corresponding leg on the stool. This left her pussy and ass hole exposed and available for whatever he wished to do to them. Finally her wrists were released from behind his mother’s back long enough to secure them to the legs on the other side of the stool. Only once she was fully secured did Robert finally speak to his mother.

“You have no right to call yourself my mother or me your son. Because you are and forever will be nothing but a lowly slave in my eyes. As I see it the act you performed was only a slave who was bred by it’s owner to produce an heir. An heir who must now remind you of your place slave.”

Robert learned during his earlier glance that he couldn’t see enough of the witnesses to read any of their facial expressions. Yet he could still make out a little body language to get some what of a feel. Thankfully Robert hadn’t seen anything that could be interpreted as any of them having a truly negative response to his performance. Granted in the end this trying to read what the witnesses were thinking could prove meaningless. For Robert knew regardless of what he could make out it wouldn’t be after they had made their decision would he know for sure.

So Robert pushed these attempts to the side as he focused on his mother again. He had been told it didn’t matter in which order he proceeded. However he realized based on his lessons that he would always be judged on how he was able to control himself as a “Master”. So it wouldn’t look good for him to seam impulsive by raping his mother first thing in the induction ceremony.

Still Robert couldn’t resist doing a little expiration of his mother’s exposed orifices. Robert primarily wanted to humiliate her some by forcing her to orgasm from her own son fingering her pussy. Despite her shame at what was happening to her Robert’s mother had already been very aroused from this whole experience. Two of Robert’s fingers were easily thrust deep in to his mother’s extremely slick pussy. His mother let out a fairly loud whimper as Robert’s began moving within her pussy before beginning to plead with him to stop.

“Please baby don’t rape your own mother. Oh God baby please don’t do this to your own mother.”

Robert knew this wasn’t entirely part of the act him and his mother was putting on for their audience. His mother had been a slave for long enough she would obey any order without resistance or complaint. Several weeks ago Robert had gotten his mother to admit she couldn’t help having some issues with serving as her own son’s sex slave. While she was going to eventually have to get past this Robert had told her to use these feelings during the induction ceremony. So those witnesses there got what they expected to see from a sex slave being forced to service her own son. Even so he had his concerns about her taking this act to far so Robert gave her ass several hard slaps before telling her the following.

“Shut your mouth you pathetic excuse for a slave. I’ll do whatever I want to your worthless ass and you have no say in it.”

Robert then resumed fingering his mother’s pussy. He still hadn’t decided if he wanted to force her orgasm for the witnesses yet. Though he was certain he at least wanted to bring her to the brink before moving to the next part of the performance. With this in mind Robert began to use his thumb to work on his mother’s clit. Once Robert had gotten his mother to the brink of orgasm he had decided on how he would proceed from stopping his actions and denying her orgasm to the taunts he told her next.

“I see your body knows the truth that you really are slave even though your brain refuses to except the truth.”

With this said Robert pulled his fingers from his mother’s pussy and walk around to the other side of her. Robert quickly unsecured her collar from the stool. He next lifted her head up until she was looking up it him. Once she could see him Robert knew his mother would begin to plead with him some more to stop. Not giving her a chance Robert thrust the same fingers that he pulled from her pussy into his mother’s mouth and ordered her to suck them clean.

Robert was seriously tempted to then make his mother suck his cock but unfortunately that wasn’t that practical at the moment. For the way she was secured to the stool made this act at best inconvenient to perform. Sure he could probably release her wrists or find another a way to do it but Robert wanted to move things along and not delay them to satisfy a sudden urge of his. So he removed his fingers from his mother’s mouth and left her there sobbing as he retrieved the tools he needed next.

First thing Robert retrieved was a red ball gag. His mother’s being free to speak would be fine for what he planned to do next to her. However Robert had another reason for gagging his mother. This more related to the performance he was putting on and not to actually trying to silence her. That was why what he told her as forced the gag into her mouth wasn’t actually meant for his mother’s ears.

“Since you still haven’t accepted the truth of either of our existences slave I’m going to have to take steps to silence you.”

With that Robert buckled the straps in place and went to retrieve what he needed next. The rack of punishment tools gave him plenty of options to choose from. Almost all of which he had become fairly proficient with their use. He had even developed a preference for using several of them during his lessons. Unfortunately despite his preferences this performance required him to make a specific ***********ion.

He needed to be brutal and his actions had to be extremely painful for his mother. The audience needed to see that Robert didn’t see her as his mother. But rather he saw her as just another slave to be used however he wished. That meant he had to make her suffer greatly without inflicting any permanent damage. After all he also need to show he was not going to damage other people’s property and his mother was some one else’s property.

So Robert chose to ignore the ***********ion of canes, whips, and crops. They all could inflict pain to their victims but they also caused damage to their victim’s body in doing so. Robert wasn’t out to damage his mother’s body he just needed to make he suffer a lot of pain. So this made these options unusable for this. The cattle prod on the other had did very little damage but if used on the right areas was still extremely painful.

Robert’s mother came to agree with this assessment when the cattle prod was used on those areas of her body. Each jolt she got left her screaming though her gag and shaking uncontrollably. She even pissed herself after receiving several consecutive jolts to her pussy and clit. After a few more jolts his mother would start to panic and shake uncontrollably whenever Robert would let the cattle prod even get close to touching her body. Only then did Robert remove his mother gag and order her the opportunity to tell the audience who and what she was and what he was.

“This SOB slave was only SOB a vessel used SOB by it’s SOB owner SOB to produce SOB and heir SOB. An SOB heir SOB that had SOB just SOB shown SOB this SOB slave SOB SOB the truth of SOB it’s SOB SOB SOB existence. SOB this slave SOB thanks SOB you SOB for correcting SOB it’s SOB misunderstanding SOB of who SOB SOB you SOB SOB SOB and SOB SOB SOB it SOB SOB SOB were to SOB SOB SOB each other SOB SOB SOB!”

Robert was quick to tell his mother that he couldn’t understand her. Robert then gave his mother’s pussy another jolt with the cattle prod as a show of his dissatisfaction of her statement. He proceeded to tell her that he would give her one last chance to say it right. Otherwise he would start her punishment all over again only this time she would suffer worse. Robert was about to proceed to carry out his threat when everyone present heard this from his mother.

“This slave is sorry for it’s mistake. This slave was only a vessel used by it’s owner to produce an heir. An heir that had just shown this slave the true meaning of it’s existence. This slave thanks you for correcting it’s mistake about who you and it were to each other.”

A look of satisfaction momentarily appeared on Robert’s face as he looked down upon his mother. Though his face soon returned to the same serious expression Robert had at the start of this performance. Even though he had completed the first phase of the induction ceremony. All he had to do next was use his mother’s body for his own sexual gratification twice. Sticking his finger into her pussy again Robert asked his mother what he should do with her knowing her response would decide what happened next

“Please use this slave to satisfy yourself anyway you desire. For that is all this slave is good for is servicing males with all of it’s body’s orifices.”

Robert had been considering using a couple more of the punishment tools on his mother even though the punishment requirement had been filled. However hearing her asking for him to fuck her like that made Robert change his plans. He didn’t need to much more than fuck her a few times now and his task was completed. So why did Robert need to delay any longer with an unnecessary torture session.

Granted Robert wasn’t just going to start fucking her right away. Instead he began to play with her pussy some. Alternating between fingering her and rubbing her clit arousing her as much as he could in advance. Robert did stop short of letting his mother orgasm from this. Instead immediately stopping his attentions when he saw she was right on the brink of orgasming. As his mother was left whimpering from being denied the release she was now desperately wanting Robert pressed his cock against her pussy.

Taking ahold of his mother’s hips Robert thrust his cock into her pussy. Even with as much as Robert had been looking forward to this moment he managed to hold himself in check. He was especially thankful for the lessons he’d been given. Still he was still dealing with a different situation then all of those hand jobs he’d been given.

Especially when his mother had a massive orgasm not long after he started. Her pussy shuddering around his cock almost set off his own orgasm. Still by managing to slow the pace of his thrusting and using a trick he’d learned Robert suppressed his own orgasm. Still once his mother’s orgasm had passed Robert had to maintain that slower rhythm for a while longer than he would had wanted to. Even when he was able to fuck as hard as he wanted Robert didn’t last that much longer. Though before Robert filled his mother’s pussy with his cum he had gotten a second orgasm out of her.

Now Robert ended up having to correct an oversight of his. Before he could put his mother’s mouth to work cleaning his cock he first had to release her wrists from the stool. This was followed by an additional delay as he resecured them behind her back. Only then he slide his slimy cock into his mother’s waiting mouth. Still the delay had a added benefit it allowed some of his cock’s sensitivity to pass before his mother’s lips wrapped around it.

His mother gently went about her duty. Partially to avoid the sensitive areas on Robert’s cock following his orgasm. Partially do to this being one of her favorite duties as a sex slave and she liked to take her time to enjoy it properly. But mostly out dread for what Robert was going to to be doing to her once his cock had been cleaned and brought back to full hardness. Anal sex already was Robert’s mother’s least favorite duty as a sex slave and this time was guaranteed to be one of her worst experiences with it.

Induction ceremony rules forbided the use of any unnatural lubricants during the ceremony. The officials even went as far as inspecting his mother’s ass hole last night before she was secured in the cage. As she sucked his cock back to hardness his mother was providing Robert the only lubricant he could use for his next task. So Robert knew his mother wasn’t happy that he was getting another erection so soon. Only a minute later Robert’s cock was pulled from his mother’s lips and lined up with her ass hole

Only a few seconds later he would be balls deep in her ass hole. As he began thrusting into her Robert decided he wasn’t going to try and suppress his orgasm this time. He also would periodically pull his cock from her ass hole and let her suck his cock some to provide a little more lubrication. Still Robert lasted quite some time as his mother suffered through the painful ass fucking. Yet she still thanked him for using her once again before obediently sucking his cock clean again.

Only then did Robert free his mother’s ankles from the stool. While using her hair as a handle helped her stand up. Robert then guided his mother this way back to where his father waited with the others. He would only release her hair once they were standing in front of the others. Though Robert had one final task he ordered his mother to perform.

His mother dropped to her knees and crawled to each of the witnesses. After kissing each of their feet his mother thanked them for coming to witness her debasement at the hands of her own son. Only after she had thanked the last one did Robert’s mother crawl back to his father. There she would kneel at his feet as the induction ceremony was officially concluded and Robert was granted the title of “Master”.

Now Robert believed they were finished and was getting ready to excuse himself and head to his room to rest. However his father seamed to be able to read his mind and mentioned he knew Robert was probably wanting to go and rest for a while. However he asked Robert to be wait a while longer because had a final surprise for Robert. He just needed to go and get it real quick after words he was certain Robert wouldn’t be the least bit concerned with getting some rest.

His father and one of the others temporarily excused themselves and headed to the section of the dungeon holding the isolation cells. These were small closets set up to be soundproof and lacked any sort of comfort for a slave locked up in them. Besides no lights there was only a bucket for toilet and not even enough room for a slave to lay down to sleep unless they were curled in a fetal position.

They were quick to return leading a struggling slave with her head covered with a black fabric hood. Robert could tell this slave was blonde who’s naked body looked fantastic. Based on the way she was struggling and the fresh slave markings on her pubic mound Robert believed her to be very recently enslaved and probably completely untrained. The mumbled noises coming from under the hood supported this assessment telling Robert the slave was gagged to prevent the slave from trying to cry for help.

Of course Robert had already been looking forward to getting his own slave some day soon. He even had someone in mind that he wanted to be holding her leash. Now he had expected to have to wait at least a few months to get the slave he wanted and have her trained. Until then Robert had planned to just use his mother to satisfy himself. Now Robert’s father was apparently going to be giving him his own slave leaving him with mixed emotions on the issue.

He was of course thrilled by the prospect of having his own slave even if it wasn’t the exact one he wanted. Just as he was grateful to his father for acquiring him his first slave some few fathers did for their sons. However Robert wasn’t that thrilled that this slave at least appeared to be recently enslaved and untrained. This meant that either Robert was going to have to train her himself which he didn’t think he was capable of doing at that time. Or more likely have someone else train her for him which was what he’d planned to do with the slave he was already looking to get.

As Robert looked over this naked slave being forced to stand in front of him he thought about what would be require to own her. This wasn’t just what was needed to not only train her but also to be in possession of her until that was completed. This included keeping her presence secret from his siblings and any visitors and Robert came to one conclusion. Despite how much he wanted to try it training this slave themselves was going to be totally unpractical for him to even consider.

Unfortunately Robert suspected his father had planned to make this slave’s training a father and son project. Which his father had talked a lot about doing lately. Basically as a way of getting closer to Robert now they knew and understood each other better now. Robert had thought it was a good idea at least in theory. But had reconsidered when he looked into what it took to actually train a slave and saw neither of them had the time or resources to accomplish.

His father had his business and financial dealings taking up most of his time. Robert was preparing to head off to college and had a project he was thinking about a lot lately. Then there was the plan to deal with Mistress Mei Yomagato that would be requiring a bunch of both of their time. So Robert was confused by his father bringing this slave out since he just as aware of them not being able to do this as Robert was. Though this confusion was soon replaced by other questions when his father pulled the hood off of the slave’s head and Robert saw who she was.

Robert didn’t know how to express what he felt about seeing Kelly standing before him as nothing but another slave. The look of satisfaction his face took on couldn’t begin describe his emotions about this development. Kelly finally had been put in her place by his father and Robert was having a hard time not laughing out loud about it. So overwhelmed by this good no exceptional news Robert almost didn’t care how this happened or what his father’s plans were for Kelly now. Granted all of that was soon explained to Robert and the others.

Being as Kelly’s mother was a “Mistress” that afforded her the opportunity to join The Organization when she came of age just as Robert had just done before her do to his father. Also like Robert she first had to complete the same challenge he did with only a few exceptions. The first was since she was a female she not only had to make enough money to cover her membership fee but her “Freedom Bribe”. She also was required to pay back his father the money he gave her since she was not actually his child. This made it a little harder for her so she actually got more time to complete the challenge.

Her being female required the final differences and that’s what lead to her now being a slave. Unlike Robert Kelly didn’t go into the challenge thinking it was only a test to see if she was capable of responsibly managing her trust fund. Before starting the challenge she was fully informed about the secret purpose for the challenge and the existence of The Organization. Then once she knew all she had to gain by being a member she had to agree to honor and sign a contract before the challenge started.

This contract said if she didn’t abide by a rule and conditions of the challenge she was subject to immediate enslavement. Unfortunately for Kelly she broke numerous rules within the few months since she started the challenge. Including the biggest rule by managing to loose almost all of the money she invested. Granted the other rules she broke still guaranteed she would still be wearing a collar at the end of the challenge anyway but losing her money just made it happen a lot sooner.

What made Kelly’s situation worse was the decision of what to do with her now was being given to Robert. Robert first just thought about selling her and being done with her once and for all. However even if Kelly ended up being owned by the cruelest owner possible it didn’t seem that satisfactory of a fate for her in Robert’s eyes. For to truly be certain Kelly experienced a fate Robert could be satisfied by he had to have almost total control over it. Granted this also created a lot of problems Robert needed to figure out solutions for.

As Robert began to both think of solutions and plan what he wanted to do with Kelly he decided it was a good time to inspect her body. Taking his time Robert’s hands began exploring every inch of Kelly’s body. Poking and prodding her a few times in the process. Yet mostly he just ran his fingers over her body. Though he did check some key areas while he was at it.

Exercising regularly there wasn’t hardly an ounce of fat on her. This also gave her a flat stomach and firm ass she used to love to show off. Robert already knew her breasts looked fantastic but they felt even better in his hands. Plus it turned out she had very sensitive nipples that Robert found he loved to twist and torment. Yet Robert enjoyed being able to inspect her pussy and ass hole the most.

Partially out of his desire to fuck her but mostly out of the look of shame on Kelly’s face as he did it. It also told Robert Kelly wasn’t a virgin at least vaginally. For Robert could feal no trace of Kelly’s hymen but based on her reaction and how tight her ass hole was she was definitely a virgin there. He could barely get his finger up it and doing so required a bit of work. However Robert wouldn’t have missed Kelly frantically shaking her head no and scream of panic when he started probing that orifice.

Though the best part of this whole thing wasn’t finally getting to grope Kelly’s body but the attitude adjustment it gave her. Before he started Kelly stood in front of them with a look of defiance on her face. Now there were tears of shame in her eyes and she looked generally afraid for the first time. She no longer could hide the fact that she was terrified by being a slave now. More important to Robert she was even more afraid of what he would do to her next and he loved the fact she was afraid of him.

This gave Robert an idea on how to expand on that fear into shear terror and gage how obedient of a slave Kelly could be. Robert suggested that Kelly should provide a little entertainment for them before her fate was decided. Grabbing ahold of her hair Robert began to lead Kelly to some of the torture devices in the dungeon. The pillory and rack looked tempting but Robert chose a different option available to him. It wouldn’t be quite as effective at securing her as the other options but it was the best choice with what he had planned.

Granted Robert found that stringing a slave up by her wrists was more than enough restraints necessary for a torture session. Though it was bit challenging to get Kelly’s wrists freed from behind her back and resecured to the cable of the hoist. But through a combination of literally sitting on her and some hair pulling Robert soon had Kelly stretched out on the tips of her toes. Though she also gave him a few deep scratches on his arm that Robert would have to think of a way to explain later. His concern at that moment was a little pay back and to test a theory he had about Kelly.

***********ing a cane from the rack of punishment tools Robert slowly began to circle Kelly. Tapping his other hand with the cane was more for helping to calm Robert down then for the psychological effect it had on Kelly. As Robert looked at his step sister’s body trembling before him he knew she was plenty afraid. However in Robert’s view until she had felt the bite of the cane she wouldn’t truly fear it or anything else he could do to her. Robert briefly considered giving Kelly a lecture about her being a slave now and only total obedience would be accepted from her.

However the voice of the grudge he held against Kelly demanded she suffer a bit first. The sudden strike of the cane against her left ass cheek was the grudge winning the argument. Soon Kelly felt other strikes to her body making her scream in agony through her gag. Starting with her other ass cheek to her back and even to her legs. When Robert moved around in front of her and gave her stomach a few strikes he’d calmed the voice of the grudge enough that he could say more than to her then call her profane names. Though the voice of the grudge did get some satisfaction from the way Kelly acted throughout the lecture Robert gave her.

It could’ve been the warning that he would immediately start whipping her again if he saw her not paying attention. However for the first time he could remember Kelly was completely focused on Robert as he talked. Robert always suspected it would take drastic measures for Kelly to take him seriously but actually being proven right was a moment he would remember for the rest of his life. Though the look Kelly gave him when Robert told her that she’d best get used to being whipped regularly was just as memorable.

Kelly was crying uncontrollably throughout the canning and most of Robert’s lecture on what her life was going to be like as a slave. But Robert telling Kelly he would love nothing more than to torture her for the rest of her life put her in a hysterical panic. That only got worse when several blows of the cane landed on her breasts. Followed quickly by several to the sides of her thighs before Robert gave her temporary reprieve mostly to calm her down some. But also to privately consult with his father about what both of their plans for Kelly should be.

His father preferred to have a bit of fun with her for a few days and sale Kelly as either a pain slave or something worse. Robert felt that his father’s idea while not a bad wasn’t right for his bitch of a step sister. Mostly due to his father’s options had Kelly’s life being too short for Robert’s tastes. He wanted her to have a long life of humiliation and degradation more than her suffering a short one filled with physical abuse. Robert then told his father what he had in mind for Kelly.

Per his earlier statement his father reminded Robert she was his slave to do with what he pleased. So that made Kelly’s fate ultimately Robert’s to decide and he would support any decision Robert made. With that resolved Robert returned to where Kelly was hanging from the ceiling. Along the way he stopped to replace the cane on the rack of punishment tools while ***********ing a different punishment employment. As Kelly watched in terror Robert chose to replace it with a bullwhip. Kelly was frantically shaking her head side to side as Robert stood in front of her and proceeded to crack the whip several times. But Kelly didn’t know that Robert wasn’t going to to use the whip on her.

This was just a little performance he was putting on to scare her some more. Robert actually wasn’t proficient enough with a bullwhip to even be allowed to use it on a slave’s body yet. However he wasn’t interested in physically abusing Kelly’s body with the whip. It was her mind that was Robert’s real target and he scored a bullseye with each crack of the whip. Kelly was now perfectly primed to do almost anything to avoid the whip being used on her.

This was where Robert wanted Kelly for the moment. Absolutely terrified of what he would do to her if she didn’t completely obey him. They would ship her off for proper training later to get long term obedience from her. Until then they could just use less refined methods to control her when she was out of her cage. Now he just needed to test her starting with simple task.

Moving around behind her Kelly believed the whipping was about to start. However as she looked over her shoulder in fear Robert did something unexpected. Instead of moving away from Kelly Robert moved closer to his step sister’s trembling body. Robert pressed up against her back and began speaking to her. This mostly was a series of questions that Kelly frantically nodded her head yes to answer.

Things like “do you now understand that your a slave?” Followed immediately by “do understand that nothing will change the fact you are slave?” Then by “do you now understand we won’t hesitate to make you suffer horribly slave?” Ending with “will you obey every order your given slave?”

Robert then summoned his mother to come over to the two of them. After having her stand up Robert unsecured her wrists from behind her back. Robert then ordered her to instruct Kelly on the proper way a slave was expected to speak to it’s owners. His mother was also told to remind Kelly that no one would help her if he decided to infect even more suffering on her if she didn’t obey him in fact they would actually help him. As his mother went about her task Robert stepped aside and spoke to his father and some of the others.

A little while later Kelly knelt in front of the group of “Masters” and “Mistresses” waiting for what was about to happen next. Once she had been ungagged Kelly first begged Robert for mercy. But once he told her only obedient slaves deserved mercy. Kelly then began to plead to demonstrate how obedient of a slave she was. Robert granted Kelly this opportunity with a series of tasks he wanted her to perform without hesitation.

The first task was to beg Robert to fuck her virgin ass hole. Which he actually expected her to refuse to do. Yet Kelly was soon pleading to get a ass fucking from her step brother. Kelly even endured being sodomized for the first time only pleading for Robert to stop a few times once his dick first entered her ass hole. Granted it being pointed out if she was only allowed to beg for things to be done to her put a stop to that. This left Robert able to enjoy her ass hole with only having to listen to Kelly sobbing.

It wasn’t just fucking her ass hole Robert was enjoying but the humiliation Kelly suffered more then anything. Even once he filled her bowels with his cum her humiliation was what he remembered the most. Especially the look on her face when Kelly thanked Robert for sodomizing her. Though once he orgasmed Robert let his mother handle the cleaning duties. He wasn’t going to trust her teeth being anywhere near his cock until she was properly trained.

Robert was tempted to have Kelly begged to be fucked be the guests next. Yet decided on having her perform another more humiliating task instead. After quietly telling Kelly his orders and a few threats he released her from the hoist. Robert watched his step sister crawl on her hands and knees to where the others were standing. following slightly behind her Robert was satisfied when Kelly knelt in front of them and started begging for the privilege of masturbating for their entertainment.

After Kelly was told to start masturbating Robert’s mother was put to work on her own task. This was to sexually service all of the guests however they wished. As his mother was made the center of attention during a gang bang Robert knelt down behind Kelly as she frantically fingered her pussy. As they both watched his mother being fucked in all of her orifices Robert started whispering in Kelly’s ear. Mostly about how if she didn’t orgasm quickly she could expect to be strung up again.

He then whispered about how someday it would be her getting passed around as a party favor as Kelly had her first orgasm. As Kelly’s fingers began to stop moving during her climax Robert whispered something else to her. Robert pointed out that her situation would get worse if she stopped masturbating without permission. Soon Kelly’s fingers were hard at work again and she had another orgasm on the way. Once Kelly had brought herself to several orgasms Robert locked her in the same cage his mother had slept in the night before.

With Kelly secured in the cage that would be her home for the near future Robert and his father began to handle the details necessary for keeping Kelly as their slave. A bribe to her principal delt with any teachers from her school asking questions about her. Especially after the principal announced Kelly had been caught cheating and expelled. Her friends coming under suspicion of being involved had all of them abandoning Kelly and none would even ask about her. Jonathan was told that after her explosion Kelly was being sent to a special camp to straighten her out once and for all.

Granted this camp was actually a slave training facility and she was literally shipped to it in a box. Once Kelly’s training was completed and her shipping crate arrived another cover story was made for Kelly only being allowed to wear the maid uniform. That was a simple to explain as his father had decided he was done putting up with Kelly since she wasn’t his child and an adult. Followed by the only way she could avoid being thrown out with nothing but the clothes on her back was to become a maid.

Not surprisingly no one really asked for many more details about Kelly’s new status within the household. Though even Kelly’s former friends made it a point to frequently mock Kelly for being nothing but a house maid. Other than wanting to see Kelly at work no one was a bit sorry or interested in her plight. Kelly was pretty much then forgotten by everyone she knew from her old life.

Strangely the only real exception was Joanna when she first saw Kelly working in the maid uniform she wanted to hear the whole story. She had a suspicious look on her face throughout the entire explanation that almost screamed she didn’t believe it. Granted by the time this happened Jonathan had completed his own challenge and been though his induction ceremony. So he knew the truth about Kelly but wasn’t a about to reveal it to anyone. So Joanna would never be able to to prove any of hee suspicious since no one including Kelly deviating from the cover story.

To be continued.

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