Sister’s corruption (waking up with her butt on your FACE) – part one –

Characters are 18+

You heard your younger sister creep less-than-stealthily into your room. You felt the warm blanket around your toned body slide down enough to expose your chest. You watched in disbelief as she climbed atop your bed and atop you. Her bubble butt was barely contained in tight jeans as it hovered above your worried face for a moment.

Then she sat on you.

She giggled in delight as your hands shot out to push against her. You felt the sheer heat emanating from her rear warm your cheeks to a blush. Your lips and nose traced along between her cheeks as her trained thighs clamped down on your head.

“That’s for sleeping in and making me late you slob!”

Her hand came down and caressed your face cruelly. Your eyes peeked above her behind and stared daggers into hers. “Oh don’t be like that! You know how cranky I get when you piss me off. You’re going to be sat on until you finally get it through your skull to get up on time! This is the nicest I’ve been to you about this in a long time so don’t complain.”

It was true.

More than a little arousal twisted inside her. She decided to enjoy this. “Now that you’re down there may as well tell me.. who has the better butt? Me or Tiffany?”

You mmph!-ed emphatically. She actually blushed at your compliment. “Gosh thank you – aren’t you the best? Now tell me-” she raised her punishing posterior off your face, “Who has the better butt? Me or mom?”

She studied your face as you spluttered out a response that had far too many words and far too few thoughts for her to want to hear it. Your vision went dark again as she settled back. “You’ve earnt it this time wasting all that air in your lungs.”

You heard the sound of a camera shutter and almost died of embarrassment.

“Oh shush you! I promise I won’t send it to anyone – I just want to have this to laugh at if you ever try bragging.” Not one moment later did your phone start pinging with messages received. You struggled but it only served to have her spread her cheeks through her pants and truly envelop you. You could only imagine who she’d sent it to without a care in the world for what it might do to your reputation.

She took another and forwarded it on. She gasped, “Oh the girls love this one! They say you finally stopped looking down on me but rather up!” She looked back at you and smirked. “Seems about right. Staring right at my asshole if anything..”

She typed another message. “They’re saying I should check your dick out – make sure you’re not a perv for this kind of thing.”

Before you could stop her she’d yanked the blanket off entirely. Your large veiny cock made a large tent in your white underwear – she could even see the tip had soaked through the fabric from the precum.

You felt horror tighten your chest before her cute giggles filled the air. “You’re not supposed to like me silly! I’m your sister. Gosh did my big butt get you all confused?” She tried to push your cock down and you almost moaned – even the slightest bit of contact from her delicate hands on your cockhead drove you crazy. “Ugh gross! It won’t go down.” She covered you again with the blanket but didn’t get up.

Instead her fingers slipped between the rim of her pants and her thighs. She slid her tight pants off. You stared up at her pink girly panties before she planted them on you as well. This time her bare smooth skin clapped against your cheeks and your nose was pressed into her crack. More photos – more laughing – more shame. Finally you wrestled her off you and jumped away.

She slowly walked around you to the door as you stuttered expletives and anger at her. She swayed her hips teasingly as she did – only serving to agitate you further as your hands cupped over your crotch in a bad attempt to hide your throbbing erection.

She paused at the door and turned around. “I won’t tell anyone about this if you promise I get to sit on your face while I watch a movie later\~”

You nodded shyly biting your lip so you didn’t say anything and make it worse.

“Aaand you leave it to ME and not your girlfriend to train all of those perversions out of you. With more sitting!” She winked. She slid her hand up her legs to her hips then gave herself a chaste slap on the butt.

You gazed at the empty space mind spinning. What did that wink mean?

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