Sisters best friend

Soooo this happened a couple months ago. We had a family outing and my sister invited her homegirl. Her friend offered to pick me up and it was all good until we decided to pick up some blow. Once we got back to my place we didn’t even bother getting out the car. I put her hand on my cock and she started stroking it and feeling ashamed. I leaped over to the driver side and started kissing her all over. Neck all the way down to her beautiful fat juicy tits…. Her nipple were so hard and long I was amazed. After a good 5 minutes of sucking the shjt out of those tits she sucked my dick. I couldn’t last… I busted within minutes. Some of my cum got on her hair and shirt. I told her she’s more amazing than I ever imagined and I’m hoping to see her again soon. Amazing ass bitch

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