Sister in law pt.3

If you haven’t read my previous parts, just look on my profile. To sum up, fucked my sister in law, and then my wife walked in on me getting my cock sucked by her sister. She was upset at first, but calmed down. She was open to discussing more things.

My wife took a few days to think about things. Her sister and I felt that it wasn’t appropriate to continue things until my wife would bring it up. It was very challenging as her sister was making it tough with the outfits she was wearing. I think she was trying to make me hot and bothered, and show my wife that she was serious about this. Her sister asked me if I thought she should talk to my wife about this. I told her it wouldn’t hurt, and it’s probably easier to gauge how she was feeling instead of a me. I left and gave them some time to talk, and I got a message in a group chat that I could come so we could talk as a group.

I walked in and they were sitting on the couch, we discussed what happened, along with the future. My wife started by saying that she was surprised when she saw it, but that she knew that there was sexual feelings between us. She remembered that I had told her about the dream I had of us all fucking, and that she felt left out that her sister and I had started. While she wasn’t exactly attracted to her sister, she was willing to try it once and see where it led. The only stipulation is that if she and her sister were going to mess around, it was up to them, and I couldn’t force it more or faster than they wanted. I told them it was agreeable. The next night, my wife went to get a bottle of fireball, always makes them kinkier. I waited downstairs until they called for me. I walked upstairs and found them sitting on the edge of the bed. My sister in law had on a white lingerie set and my wife a green set. They both had heels on, and the bottle of fireball was half empty. They asked if I was ready, and I of course said I was. My wife got up and took my hand and pulled me to the bed. She sat me between her and her sister, and started kissing me. Her sister put her hand on my face and turned me towards her, and started kissing me as well.

I took my hand and placed it on her sister’s tit, and started caressing it. My wife reached her hands through and placed one on my cock, and the other on her sister’s other tit. She started kissing my neck, and kept rubbing. I reached back and rubbed on my wife’s pussy. I took my hands off them and lowered the straps on her sister’s lingerie to expose her tits. My wife moved me out of the way, and puts her face in her sister’s tits. It was super hot. I didn’t want to ask anything, and ruin the momentum. I lowered my shorts and brought my cock out. They stopped and look over. My wife started stroking my cock and her sister started rubbing my balls. I took my hands and gently, moved their heads down to my cock. They both started licking my cock from base to tip. Occasionally, their tongues would touch and they would giggle at that. My wife took the next step and started sucking on the tip, and moving down. I told her sister to help, which she did. Then both sucking my cock was one of the best feelings you can experience. My wife and her sister looked at each other and both looked at me, the look told me they were ready for more.

I will continue with pt. 4. This one was long and I didn’t want to overload in the post.

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