Showing my wife off part 1_(1) by English wife

My wife Samantha is a stunning 40 year old brunette with a gorgeous figure 34 d tits set against the pale skin of an English goddess. With long dark hair that flows like a horses mane.we go to a bar in a nicer part of town on a regular basis and we know a few of the regular clients who drink there. Samantha always looks good and always dresses to please usually going for a figure hugging short dress and black stockings set off with killer heels. At 5feet6 and size 10/12 she cuts a fantastic looking figure and loves to show off her lovely long legs. As the taxi pulled up at the bar I lean over and kiss my wife full on her bright red lips and tell her I hope she has a good night ! I can see the driver in his mirror trying to get a glimpse up Sam’s dress so I pull her legs apart slightly to tease him but not enough so that he can see anything. As we enter the bar I notice a group of 6 guys that I didn’t recognise sat at a table in the corner, as we walk past and take a seat at the bar they all give Samantha an admiring glance . We sit and order 2 JDS and cokes and chat about this and that as the music drowns out other people in the room. There are not many people in tonight and the barman tells us most of the regular clients are at a private party across town. The music is turned up slightly so we move closer so as not to have to shout to be heard ,which is fine by me as it means I can touch my stunning wife as we talk. The guys in the corner have obviously been drinking for quite a while and start to sing along with some of the songs that are playing. We are on our 3/4th jack n coke now and really enjoying the night as it’s a good atmosphere and people are enjoying the music. One of the guys approach the bar to order more drinks and as he stands waiting to be served smiles at Samantha and asks if we are having a good time. Samantha says she is having a great time and she’s enjoying listening to the guys singing. He laughs and says that he’s sorry that they are not very tuneful. Sam says she loves it and introduces us both to the guy , who tells us his name is Steve and that he’s just out for a celebration as he’s just got a promotion at work. Steve gets served his drinks and before he returns to his table gives Samantha a quick kiss on her cheek and tells her I hope you have a nice night. Samantha blushes slightly and gives me a bit of a guilty look . I assure her it’s fine and that it’s only an innocent kiss by a nice guy. We carry on drinking and chatting as we do I notice Sam looking in Steve’s direction and ask her if Steve is looking back as I’m sat with my back to the guys. She said he keeps looking over and smiling telling me that it is nice to get some attention from another guy.i ask her if she finds him attractive and would she like to talk more with Steve. Sam says that he’s nice but not sure if he would fancy her. I nearly spit my drink when she says this as any red blooded man would give his right hand to spend the night with her. She says she doesn’t want to spend the night with anyone else but it would be nice to have a little fun with another guy. I turn around and see that Steve is looking over I becone him over and as he gets to the bar asks me if everything is ok. I tell him everything is fine but explain that Samantha finds him attractive and asks if he would join us for a drink. Steve says that would be great as long as we are both happy that he’s there. I tell him it’s fine and I tell him that I encourage Sam to enjoy herself however she feels fit. Things are all very nice as we exchange small talk for a while all enjoying the slight air of tension and some harmless flirting nobody sure of how the other is really feeling. Samantha takes the plunge and puts her hand on Steve’s thigh and asks if that’s ok ? . Steve looks a bit nervous but says that he’s ok with it if I am , Samantha tells him to relax and starts to run her hand up and down Steve’s thigh as she does this she turns to face him and uncrossed her legs to let her dress rise up slightly exposing the tops of her black stockings .Steve’s eyes are glued to Sam’s gorgeous legs and I can tell he’s loving the view. Sam continues to stroke Steve moving closer to where is cock would be , as she moves her hand she moves slowly in her seat so that her dress rises further up and opens her legs wider now showing off her little lace fronted black panties. She takes Steve’s hand and as she does looks me in the eye as if to ask if it’s ok? I tell her it’s fine as she moves Steve’s hand and places it on her stocking top of her right leg. I notice a bulging appear in Steve’s trousers and tell Sam that she’s a little tease. Samantha tells us both that she is far from just a tease and that anything goes. I can tell Sam is loving having two guys to play up to.i lean over and kiss Sam full on her gorgeous lips and as I pull away I tell her to kiss Steve. She turns to him pulls his face close then closed her eyes and kisses him long and slow tracing her tongue across his lips then she whispers something to him that makes him look like he’s about to pass out ! Without saying anything else Sam gets up and heads to the toilet. Steve and I are both watching her glorious arse move across the room away from us and I ask what she whispered to him. She told me she’s going to take her panties off and is going to let me feel how wet her cunt is !!!.

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