Showing my (F37) snatch at the symphony

I (F37) attended a classical music concert with my husband. The tickets were a present as one of my favourite pieces was on the programme. I’d played Cello to a reasonable standard when I was younger and was a member of a youth orchestra.

That evening I was dressed simply but elegantly in a black polo neck, short plaid skirt and high heeled boots. As it was one of our infrequent nights away from the children, as a special, easy access, treat for my husband I was wearing barely black fine denier hold up stockings(thigh highs)without any knickers.

Part way through the first half my Husband leaned across and whispered proudly in my ear,

“I think your legs may be distracting the orchestra”

Sure enough, the timpani player, a rather attractive blonde chap, was less busy than his colleagues and was definitely looking over at me.

The venue was a relatively small modern, amphitheater style theatre. We had really good seats in the front row, off to the left of centre stage and on a level with the orchestra.

I’ve always been a terrible show off and very much enjoy male attention. A wicked thought crept into my head to tease the poor percussionist and “inspire” my husband.

I carefully crossed my long shapely legs and shuffled in my seat until I was showing rather a lot of thigh and the bottom of the lacey welt of my stockings. I caught his eye and he smiled coyly back at me confirming that he was enjoying my little show.

The music got louder at the end of the movement and he obviously needed to play his drums but I knew the next section would be quiet and he’d have time to look around again. As he did, I crossed my legs again, less carefully this time and slow enough to allow a glimpse of my neatly trimmed pussy. His eyes widened and I was delighted and excited that he’d seen my quim.

My husband knew what I was up to. He whispered in my ear,

“Let him have a really good look at it, you filthy slut”

My nipples stiffened, I love being called names like that. I was thrilled and didn’t need telling twice. As discreetly as I could, I hitched my skirt a little higher to allow myself a bit more freedom of movement. The next time the musician turned around I was sitting quite properly with my knees together. He looked a little disappointed, but I bit my lip wickedly and as he watched, I slowly parted my legs as wide as I could. My stomach was in knots of excitement. I knew he could see right up my skirt. I sat with my beaver on display for him like that for as long as my nerve held before crossing my legs again.

I did that 3 times before my husband couldn’t contain himself any longer. As the orchestra played on, he took me firmly by the hand and stood up. We shuffled out of our row and hurried up the steps out of the auditorium. He led me urgently into the accessible bathroom and locked the door. As he dropped his trousers I shuffled my skirt up over my hips and bent over the sink. I was already wet from my daring act of exhibitionism and his thick cock slipped straight up my cunt.

“Whose cock is that?” He demanded coarsely.

“It’s his. The drummer’s.” I replied

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, you dirty little prick tease”

He pushed my jumper up my back and unclipped my bra. Freeing my tits he took hold of me by my nipples as his cock reamed my fuck hole. He rode me hard, quickly emptying his balls inside me. As we left the bathroom the rest of the audience were making their way out for the intermission. I pushed through the throng to the cloakroom to collect my coat. As I stood waiting I felt his spunk leaking out of my pussy. I had to clamp my thighs together to stop it splatting onto the marble floor.

As we drove home I talked about going backstage next time and how I’d let my percussionist friend have his way with me. I took another good hard fucking in a lay-by for that . Who says classical music is boring?

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