Shock and Awe, Part III, School Days_(1) by phyllisroger

Shock and Awe…Part 3…School Days

By Phyllisroger

Teenaged boys in school attend classes, and have lots of recess, lunch and free time and what do they talk about? You remember, surely. They talk about girls, of course, and lots of girls and all the stories made up and real and my well-endowed son, Eric, was no different except now he was different. He had a real story to tell and it wasn’t long after I sucked every bit of sperm from his long, stiff, hot cock that he began to tell his friends.

I should have guessed this would happen. After that day when he surprised Duke and me in a deep doggie fuck and then after I had showed him that Heaven was a place on earth and that Heaven resided in his cock when his Mom sucked it, milked it, and at school when the boys talked of their fantasies he grew quiet then the inevitable occurred. “Eric. You’ve gone silent on us. What’s up Dude?” said one of his friends during lunch and sex talk. Eric blushed and stayed quite. “Come on Eric,” said another friend. Eric was proud and had a secret…he had promised his Mom to not tell…but it was too huge a secret and so he told his pals about finding his Mom, naked, bent over, grunting and taking in her cunt the biggest dog cock he had ever seen…then it was the turn of the lunch group to go quiet.

“Come on Eric. It’s more than that.” And Eric told his friends all about closing the door; how his Mom said she couldn’t “…stop right now…” and how she came downstairs later and had “that talk” with him…made him promise and then the most amazing thing: taking down his pants, kissing and sucking his cock, sending him to Heaven right there in the kitchen. “And,” Eric said now in full disclosure: “Mom got all hot when she was sucking my dick and making me come. She even swallowed my come.” His pals were very quiet and dreaming of their own cocks, as you can imagine.

It was thus that Eric was now the King of Guys and one of the guys said, on one bold afternoon…”I think your Mom’s a hot woman and very pretty. Let me come home with you tomorrow and see what happens.” This was said by Eric’s best friend. One of the fellows who was on the football team and really built. “I don’t know,” said Eric. “Come on man,” said his best friend, “How do I know you’re not just making this up…I dare you to prove it.”

So it was, one afternoon, Eric and his pal, got out of school early and at his Mom’s home arrived to say “Hi!” and to see if Eric was telling the truth. “Hi Mom,” said Eric as he entered the kitchen. “This is my best friend, Mack, and he and I have some homework together. I hope it’s okay.” It was their plan that they hatched that very afternoon at lunch.

“Like something to drink,” Mom said and they did. She poured out some drinks and the three of them sat around the kitchen table. “So…how was school today?” she asked. They just nodded and smiled. “Eric told me you have a big dog,” Mack said, flexing the muscles of his arms for emphasis. Mom looked at the two of them across from her, both grinning as though a dog was the last thing on their mind. She didn’t answer. Mack had said “dog” and for Mom it was a trigger word. She crossed her legs and uncrossed them. She felt a coolness as the air moved under her dress. What good looking young men they were, she thought, and here she was with time before the other children came home, sitting across from those knowing smiles in her housedress and, as usual, only in her housedress, naked underneath. It was a male and female thing and she felt a heat rising in her body as they looked at each other. Just the word “dog” was arousing to her and she pictured her son’s long cock and the taste of his sperm shooting into her throat when she had fondled his balls.

Here in front of her was her son and his really fine looking, buff, best friend. She envisioned two handsome cocks, each in erection, each pulsing and ready for treatment from her mouth. She felt very naughty and squirmed on her chair, massaging her cunt. She was getting hot just in the presence of these two boys.

“You promised it would be our secret,” she said to Eric. “I couldn’t help it Mom,” said Eric. Mack’s my best friend and we don’t have any secrets so he pried it out of me…what you did to me…and Duke. Mack wanted to meet you and…” No more words came out of his mouth. Mom knew this was the wrong thing to do but her body was hot, she was wet, there were just the three of them, it would be the secret of the three of them and Eric and Mack stood up and came beside her. “Mom, it’s okay, it just felt so good, and Mack and I…”

In a few moments there were two man cocks, naked and erect, wet and flexing, in her face, there in the kitchen and there was time before the children would be home from school. Mom reached out both her hands, each on its own cock…petting, smoothing the skins and the ball sacks…she hadn’t been so hot in a long time as with two beautiful cocks under her control…and she knew she was in control. She kissed first Eric and then Mack and their cocks shook on her lips…she took Eric in her mouth and he held her head down; then she held Mack’s in her mouth. She looked up at Mack, saw his smile, his closed eyes, “Have you done this before?” she asked. He shook his head, “No Ma’am,” he was a polite young man and she kissed and sucked him where she knew he was most tender. “I’ve never fucked anyone before either,” he said.

That word: the “fuck” word. Another trigger word! It excited her…would she do that with this young man…her mind was dizzy…”I don’t want you to just suck me. I want to fuck you,” Mack said. “You’re too young for that,” she said. Mack took her head, lifted it, looked in her face, smiled…”I’m going to fuck you,” he said. He reached and lifted her house dress. “You’re naked,” he said, and she was. Her cunt was so hot at his words and she felt a deep longing for this young man. She knew it was wrong. What would Eric think? But it was too late. This strong Mack lifted her up, her stomach rubbing his cock as he lifted her and she was standing in front of him. He was very strong and in control of her. “Mack,” Eric said. “We didn’t come here for that. She’s my Mom.”

Mack said: “She’s a hot pretty Mom. She wants this. You can see it in her eyes. They are flashing to me in lust…I’ve read about this in books and I’m going to fuck her so don’t try to stop me.” Mom said: “Mack, this isn’t right. I’ll suck you and make you come but I don’t want to fuck you.” Mack looked at her, flexing his strong arms, lifting her bottom on to the kitchen table, insinuating his body between her legs. “Eric, aren’t you going to stop him?” Mom said. “I don’t know if I can, Mom. I’m sorry…but Duke was fucking you and maybe it’s okay. Our big, huge, secret.” By then Mack was between Mom’s legs….Mom resisted but he was too strong for her and, truth be told, she was so hot now at the scene, her cunt so wet, her body telling her she wanted Mack’s cock insider her body that she sighed and hoped he would put his cock inside. Which he did…first slowly and then deeply…his first fuck and she was his willing victim.

She lifted herself, his hands behind her waist, his cock finding her wet cunt lips, but then slipping out, he looked in her eyes…said: “I won’t do this if you don’t want me to.” She said nothing. It was too late. Way too late. She wanted him. Her arms were around his huge neck, her cunt eager and pleading for his cock. He was at her lips. She reached down to help him, rubbing his huge cock on the entrance to her…she was so wet and hot and she lubricated his cock as it pressed into her. She grunted. Mack and she both grunted as he entered her and drove deep. She held him tight. Held his cock with the muscles of her cunt and he plunged to her depths.

Her eyes were closed and her ears grew full and she began to breathe deep breaths. He plunged, withdrew and plunged again, faster each time. She felt his neck muscles tense and knew he was near…she climaxed on his cock as it came into her and she leaned on his shoulder luxuriating in the moment. She looked over at Eric. His mouth was open as he watched his best friend fuck his Mom, take her breath away, bring tears to her cheeks as Mom sighed and gripped the cock inside. A few more thrusts to finish her. Holding her as they were joined but cooling.

More secrets to share on an afternoon before the younger children came home from school. Secrets were special things, especially if they could be shared, especially if there were new surprises and new secrets to keep. She looked at Mack. Mack looked at her. Eric looked at the two of them and stroked his own cock until he came…the scene had captivated him. Mom licked him clean. It might be his turn next and they both knew it.

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