she wants to get even by justintime2424

Hello, my name is John, and this is my story on how life as I know it changed. I am just your average guy 20 years old working a normal 9-5 job. I have a girl friend who I love to death, and we have been dating for the past 2 years. First let me describe me and my girlfriend, I am 6”00 170 lbs somewhat fit and love to run. I don’t have the biggest dick, but I am told it’s a good size at 6 inches long and 2-inch girth. My girlfriends name is Summer, she is 19, a red head, 4”8 105 lbs and has smaller tits (almost B cup) which I don’t mind because she has puffy nipples, and a nice size ass. Summer comes from a family of money, so when she turned 18 she got laser hair removal, which means her legs, and pussy are always smooth. Now to the events that changed my life. It all started one weekend when Summer went out with some friends for a girls night out to dinner and a movie, I did not mind because I know that it is important to have some time apart, since she was going to be out most of the night I decided to go to my friend Justin’s house to have a few beers and hang out. After I got to his house things were going great, we were drinking sitting by a fire catching up. About an hour into the night Justin’s sister Sam pulls up and Sam and her friend get out the car and start walking our way, at this point I have had about 5 beers and I felt good, and couldn’t help but notice Sam and her friend, with their short skirts and tank tops on. They pulled up some chairs and sit next to us, and Sam says hello to me and introduces me to her friend Jessica. I shake her hand and as she leans forward I can see down her shirt and she her wonderful C cup tits. As the night goes on the 4 of us talk and drink until Justin’s girlfriend gets there and they leave to run to the store, and to get something to eat. Sam tells us she will be right back and leaves to go in and call her boyfriend, that leaves me and Jessica making small talk. At this point I am drunk, and she is getting there, out of no where she gets up and sit in my lap, wrapping her arm around my neck and starts kissing me, for a split second I try to fight it until she takes her hand and grabs my cock which is already hard. I place my hand on her leg and start running my hand up her leg under her skirt that’s when I get a huge surprise that she is not wearing no panties as my fingers touch her smooth wet pussy. Just as things are starting to heat up we see headlights of a car pulling up in the drive way, Jessica gets up and I look back to see my girlfriend’s car sitting in the driveway. Summer gets out the car and starts walking up to us when she notices it is me and another girls out there alone, she starts yelling asking what the fuck were we just doing, I try to speak and that is when she slaps me in the face and then pushes Jessica to the ground. Her and Jessica start fighting, Sam comes running out the house and then brakes up the fight as Justin and his girlfriend pull back up. At this point I know I have been caught and I tell everyone what happened, after I finish talking Sam takes Jessica back home and Summer tells me not to come home tonight, I tell her how sorry I am, and she refuses my apology as she jumps in her car and speeds away. Me and Justin talk about what happen, he admits I fucked up, but I can stay with him as long as I need to. The next morning, I wake up with a huge hangover and start to remember the night before, I text Summer and wait hours before she texts back saying she did not want to talk. As the day goes by Summer calls me telling me to come over, she wanted to talk. I jump in the shower then get dressed and rush out the door to go home to talk to her. As I walk in the house she walks up to me and slaps me again asking me how I could do that to her. I apology’s and tell her that I fucked up, but it will never happen again. Summer tells me that at first, she wanted to leave me for good, but she loves me. She states that she is willing to take me back but only on one condition, I tell her that I really love her, and I am willing to do anything to make this right. What she tells me completely surprises me, she tells me the only way she will forgive me is, for her to get even with me and she wants to fuck another guy, I am shocked, and tell her no way, but then she tells me it’s the only way. After trying to convince her for us to work it out some other way I back down knowing that she will not change her mind and I want to make things right. We sit down and discuss how this will go down, and that’s when she tells me that she wants me to be there, that way I can see it like she saw me last night, I asked her who she was going to sleep with and she tells me a guy that she works with and he will be coming over tonight. The day goes by and I start to drink some more beers, trying to calm my nerves. It’s now 6:30 and Summer goes to take a shower while I lay in bed thinking about what is about to happen. Summer comes out of the bathroom wearing a short black dress looking amazing, just then there is a knock at the door, he is here. As she walks to go let him in I walk down the hallway nervous as hell, that is when I see him, he is a huge buff black guy taller then me, she tells him this is my boyfriend and he made a mistake last night which he is about to pay for. She tells him not to worry about me I will not stop anything that is about to happen. That is when Summer looks at me and says its time as she takes him by the hand to take him to our room, I follow behind sick to my stomach knowing this is my fault. Summer tells me to sit on the foot of the bed and ask her coworker to lay down, next she crawls up the foot of the bed towards him and that is when I see that she has on a pair of crotchless panties. As she gets on top him sitting directly on his lap she starts rocking back and forth grinding her pussy into his dick, they start to make out shoving their tongues into each other’s mouth, as she leans forward he brings his hands down to her ass where her dress started to ride up exposing her crotchless panties. Next, I see his fingers exploring her ass when he finds the opening and his fingers sink there way into her smooth wet pussy making her moan out loud as I sit there watching. Summer sits up peeling her dress off as he takes his shirt off reveling his buff chest and arms, he then leans forward taking her left nipple into his mouth sucking on it as she wraps her arms around his neck, leaning down to bite his neck. After awhile he pusher heron her back towards me, and then begins taking his gym shorts off reveling his massive cock, I do not know his size, but it appeared to around 10 inches long and wider then her wrist. With her head closer to me, laying naked across our bed, he flipped around placing his massive cock across her face as he brought his face down to her pussy, diving in taken her swollen clit into his mouth as she took his cock into her mouth. I sit there watching playing with his balls as she chokes on his cock, with his faced berried between her legs licking and sucking on her from her clit down to her ass. After she squirts all over his face and our bed he gets up followed by her, that is when she tells me to lay down on the bed with my head at the foot of the bed. I am confused but do it anyways and then she pulls out some rope from under the mattress, and wraps it around my wrist and ankles tightly, keeping me from moving. At this point I have no clue what is next until she climbs over me and sits on my face, placing her pussy right in my mouth. I suck on her clit and lightly bit it as she grinds into me face. After about 10 minutes she leans forward and grabs my dick out of my shorts and takes me deep into her mouth. Next I see her lifts her hips up just as her coworker places his massive dick at the entrance of her tight wet pussy pushing forward making her moan as my dick it at the back of her throat. As I look up all I see is his cock pumping in and put of my girlfriends pussy, as he takes his fingers and rubs her asshole. He then pulls out her and leans down and starts to lick her asshole making it wet, as he rubs her clit with his hand pushing her over the edge making her squirt all over my face. This causes me to blow my load down her throat. What he does next she was not expecting, when he took his cock and placed it at her virgin rosebud and pushed forward, pushing his huge cock into her ass, making her scream out In pain. He entered her a few inches letting her get use to his size, then pushed in some more until he was balls deep before stopping again. Once she relaxed her started pulling back out and shoving it back in, violently fucking her ass right over my face. After about 15 minutes she squirted again all over my face for the second time. After this orgasm he removed his cock from her ass and shoved it back in her pussy making her moan out again as he once again stretched out her pussy. My cock started to get hard again watching all this take place so she started blowing me again. He fucked her for a while until he started grunting and shoved his huge dick all the way in her coating her insides with his seed. After he pumped his load into her about 6 times he pulled dick out and wiped it across her ass, what she did next, I did not expect as she lowered her gaping wet pussy to my mouth and sit up grinding her cum filled pussy into my mouth. I tried to move my head, but she had me pinned down as his cum leaked out of her pussy into my mouth. It was salty, thick and like nothing I have ever tasted before. Summer gets up, my face is covered in this man’s cum, as I lay there tied to the bed, arm and leg spread out. She walks to her night stand and grabs out a big dildo I have never seen before with a bottle of lube. She gets on the bed with me and starts sucking my cock again and takes the lube and squirts it on the dildo. Next, she rubs the lube in and then places the dildo to my ass hole, I try to speak but she covers my mouth as she pushes the dildo in my ass stretching it out. I scream in pain as she sucks my cock and fucks my ass with her toy. The pain goes away, and it starts to feel good, and makes me blow a second load in her mouth. She pulls the dildo out, and my cock out of her mouth then bring her mouth to mine and goes to kiss me as she spits my cum into my mouth. After all this her coworker leaves, and she unties me. We get dressed and she ask me if I learned my lesson, I told her I did and that I love her. The night goes by and I feel a bit strange from the events that took place earlier in the night, but the more I think about it the more I start to wonder if we could do that again.

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