She shattered a wine bottle. I replace it and more.

I went to check the mail, nothing special. I live in a community where a portion of the houses have their mailboxes in a big “cluster box”, if that’s what they’re called. I walk down the block looking at my phone. About half way to the box I noticed a car was creeping behind me. I looked back but couldn’t see who was driving. I continued but felt like maybe some trouble was going to start so I looked back again and kinda gave a look as if to say “bring it on, I’m ready”. I don’t know, maybe I thought I was gonna get mugged or something because the car crept behind me what felt like longer than needed. Again I continued on. Whatever was on my phone kept me distracted enough to get to the box totally forgetting about the car. I collected my mail and began to head back to the house still looking at my phone.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a lady coming around her car. Well I noticed her ass to be more specific. I’m an ass man. It was phat. In black yoga pants. Tiny waist so it made her ass bubble from all sides. Big but in good shape. As I stared at her butt I then noticed that she was just standing there almost waiting for me. I got closer and finally broke loose of that wonderful sight and looked up at her. She was looking straight at me. I thought “oh, she caught me staring” then thought “oh well, what can you do”. She was smiling at me so I returned the favor. When I got close enough she apologized for creeping behind me and explained that she was waiting for me to pass so she could pull into her driveway. I was a little confused but then put it together that she was driving the car I was suspicious about. As she apologized she was opening the hatch to her SUV and a bottle of wine rolled out and crashed into a billion pieces and almost sprayed my shoes. We both looked at each other like “damn!”.

She apologized again and I continued on home. I put the mail down, head to the kitchen and grab a bottle of wine from my cupboard and head back to give to my neighbor.

“Oh my god no, I can’t take this” she said

“I insist, I feel partly responsible. You weren’t paying attention because me”

“Are you sure? Thank you so much”

“Yes of course. I’ve got plenty more, I could do without one”

“I’m even more happy I don’t have to ask my husband to stop for one on the way home. He would get all pissy about it”

“Well enjoy your evening”

“Thanks again”

With that I head back home. I realize that having that little conversation with her made her even prettier than I noticed during our first exchange. She was hot. Definite stay at home mom bod but it was tight. Flat stomach, big ass and a pair of tits that looked like heaven upon release. She may be about ten years older than me. I think to myself ‘her husband is a lucky man!’.

About two months go by. I’m doing stuff in my garage. A car passes and the driver waves at me. I wave back as I noticed it was my neighbor. She passed with a big smile. Remembering the last time we spoke and I decide to check the mail. Hopefully I run into her again. I passed and she was already in the house. ‘Shit’ I thought ‘oh well’ As I got closer to my house I heard her call out.

“Hey, you!”

I turned around to see my neighbor walking towards me.

“How’ve you been?” She asked me.

“I’m doing alright. How about yourself?”

“I’m good! Just getting back from the gym, I gotta take advantage while the kids aren’t home” she wore high waisted tight running shorts and an ‘old’ rocky style hoodie that was cut up in a sexy way.

“Time is precious! Hey, how was that bottle? I had yet to try that one”

“I haven’t opened it yet. My husband and I ended up getting into an argument and well, I lost my appetite for a drink”

“That’s a shame. I was hoping to get your input on it”

“You know, I still have it. We could drink it together. You can come over or if you’d prefer I could come to yours. If you’re not busy that is!”

I was speechless. I really was stunned. I thought ‘she’s married’, ‘why is she inviting me?’ ‘This is trouble’, ‘I’d love to have my way with her though!’

“Uh, that would be great but I wouldn’t want to be the reason you and your husband get into an argument over”

“It’s just wine between neighbors, besides he’s out of town and the kids are on a play date with my sister and her kids. If you’re busy I understand”

“Oh no, I’m just messing around in the garage… You know what, it’s just wine between neighbors. As long as you’re sure it’s ok and I’m not gonna start any trouble.”

“We’ll be fine. Let me shower and get out of this stinky gym clothes. Your house or mine?”

“When you’re finished up just come over. I’ll get some snacks ready”

“Ok, sounds great. I’ll be quick” she said almost running away to her house.

As soon as I close up my garage I run upstairs to shower as well. Just in case things go beyond wine I want to be sure I’m nice and clean for her. That’s what I hoped for anyway. That’s what it felt like.

The longest thirty minutes went by when my doorbell finally rang. My balls instantly tensed. Blood rush to my cock and it was engorged before I got up from the chair. I opened the door and a scent of freshly cleaned skin hit me immediately. I invited her in and watched her pass me. I deliberately stood in between me and the door so she would have to squeeze past me a bit. She grinned just as she made her way through. She only broke eye contact at the very last second. Looked down and bowed her head slightly enough to show her submissiveness. Her shoulder grazed across my chest and my dick bounced off the bottle in her hand. I knew right then that it was game on. I had to talk myself out of a full on erection so I wouldn’t put her off.

I have a ‘bar’ that’s kinda like out in the backyard yet still fully in the house. Lots a windows with natural light. A bench that wraps around and it can feel as if your sitting out in my ‘garden’. Which was probably the original design intention but when I bought it is was remodeled into a bar. One of the main reasons I bought the house. She went straight to it and was so in love with the space.

“Oh my god I could spend all my life right here! It’s so calming!”

“Yea, probably my favorite spot in the house. I do spend a lot of time here”

With that she whipped around on her tippy toes and slammed down on her heals making her tits and ass jiggle. She wore a loose blouse and capri style leggings/ long shorts. Her thong imprint barely visible. I guessed it to be lace from the pattern. Couldn’t wait to confirm. A giant smile on her face, ear to ear. Bottle extended out to me.

“You better open this!”

“Right away, miss. I’m sorry, Mrs.”

“Miss is just fine as long as you’re a gentleman!”

All I could do is smile at her reply while twisting into the cork. The bottle made a small ‘Phunp’. I pour out two glasses and join her at the small table. We cheers and sip.

“Mmmm, so good. A lot better than that cheap bottle I broke!”

“It is good. I’m glad you like it”

We sat over the bottle and picked at some cheese and grapes I had set up. We chit chatted over daily life for about an hour. I poured out the last of the bottle and asked if I should open another to let it breathe. I figured she’d stop at the one bottle but she excitedly agreed and excused herself to the restroom. She came out after a longer than usual bathroom break, went to her bag and rummaged a bit. With her back facing me I could tell she was applying some sort of lip gloss or chapstick. She finished up and headed back. Her lips shiny and voluptuous. I stood there watching her and made a corny remark.

“Uh oh, better watch out! Lips are on!”

As soon as I said that I regretted it. Like that was so dumb. Her reaction was not what I expected though. She took her final steps swaying her hips. Smile on her face. Cheeks blushed. Like posing without stopping. She picked up her glass, held it up and waiting for me to do the same.

“To new friendships”

We tapped our glasses and drink. She didn’t stop at a normal sip. She drank the whole glass. Slowing down to take a breather mid glass. I stood there in awe. Slight grin. She finished and put her glass down on the bar behind her. Breathing heavy. She locked her eyes on me. Cheeks red. Nervous. She spoke without breaking eye contact.

“You have good taste. That’s probably the best wine I’ve ever had. I usually just buy the cheapest from the grocery store and that isn’t grocery wine. I’m excited to taste more of what you got. Will you pour me another glass please?”

At this point I realized what she was doing. She was setting up her move. She put herself between the new bottle, the glass and me. I would have to either go completely around her or reach and make some sort of body contact.

“You just finished your last glass. Are you sure you’re ready for the next?”

“I’m ready. I think I’m going to enjoy this new life of wine you’re going to teach me.”

“Oh… this will be a regular thing?”

“Oh yes. My husband is too macho to know anything about anything so you’ll have to teach me.”

“That’s a shame.”

“Shame on him! So, how about that glass?”

“Right away miss! See, like a gentleman.”

With that I closed the distance in one step. She let out a short uncontrollable breathe. Almost a moan with no noise. I watched her as her nipples hardened under her thin blouse. Then I realized what took her so long in the bathroom. She was taking off her bra. I took this as my cue and so did my cock. I stepped closer towards her and stopped directly in front of her. I reached for the glass and bottle. I could feel her breathe on my collar bone. She trembled. I turned my head and kissed her. She hesitated at first but immediately kissed back. We began to make out intensely. To my surprise she reached for the waist of my shorts, squeezed a hand in and started stroking my cock. I began squeezing her breast through her blouse making her nipples even harder. Her moaning into my mouth as we kissed got me even harder. She broke away biting her lower lip.

“I need to get fucked. Fuck me please.”

I began taking her pants off while she pulled her blouse over her head. She moaned and pulled my hair in between her fingers as I sucked her nipples into my mouth. I rubbed her clit through her lace panty. It was hard and engorged. Her breathing a signal of the inevitable. I pulled my hand away and she begged…

“Please don’t stop. I could cum!”

“You’ll cum when I tell you to cum.”

I pulled her to the bench and laid her down, peeled her panties off. She wriggled in pleasure as I stood above her. She wanted to be touched.

“It’s ok to touch yourself.”

She attacks her nipples. Pinching, pulling and squeezing. Moaning and wriggling with her eyes closed. I guide one of her hands down to her pussy, she pulls away. I pull it back.

“I need you to warm her up. Get her ready for me. You can’t cum though.”

I pull my shorts down and my cock flops out, a big drop of pre cum gathered at the tip. I replaced her hand with mine and slide two fingers in. She gasped and began rocking her hips into my hand immediately. Her pussy was so wet. Thick juice that just let me slide in with no resistance. She was on the verge of climax so I backed off again. Her eyes opened in frustration only to be distracted by my hanging cock right at her mouth. Without hesitation she licks at the pre cum making it string from her tongue to the source. She propped herself up a bit and takes me into her mouth. Moaning and sucking. Taking me into her throat and gagging. Her eyes tearing but she continues. I put two fingers back inside her, with my other hand I pull her head up and make her choke. She was a trooper! I could feel her throat contract, tightening its grip on my cock as it pleaded for air. Snot busting out of her nose. Her hands in a position to push me away but she didn’t dare. Then I felt her pussy. She was cumming. More juice came out of her. Not squirt but just thick clear juice. Covering my fingers and palm. Her pussy clamping down on my fingers from all sides. I let her head go and she goes into a tremble. No control over her spasms. It was the longest orgasm I had ever witnessed. I take my shirt off and let her clean her face. Then I take it to clean my hand and her pussy. She was so wet I’m sure there’d be enough still.

“Oh my god! What was that!?”

“I think you just came and by the looks of it, it was a good one.”

“Oh my god. I’ve never had an orgasm that strong.”

She was in a daze. Still trembling. Still trying to catch her breathe. Reaching for nothing. In a panic of sorts. It’s almost like she didn’t know where she was. I lower myself to her and try to calm her.

“Hey, hey! It’s ok.”

She looks at me in fear. I tell her to breath. Gave her some water. She finally regains her composure and starts to laugh. I join her.

“Oh my god I don’t know what came over me. It’s like I had no control over anything. I came so hard, I’m still shaking.”

“Maybe another one will help.”


I stoop up and gently pushed her back onto the bench. Grabbed her by the ankles and pushed her legs up and back. I knelt down and spread her legs. I started to tease her tight little ass hole. She squirmed and moaned. I stabbed at her as much as I could. She started to quiver again.

“Oh my god! What are you doing to me!”

Her legs still pushed back I spread them. Her pussy lips slowly peel apart revealing the nectar that began to accumulate once again. It drips thick. I lick my way up. Diverting my tongue to the right, up and around to the left side then straight up. She jumps and reaches for my head.

“Fuck! Please stop teasing me!”

I dive in. I lap at her pussy entrance. Suck her clit into my mouth and attack from all angles. She doesn’t know what to do. She pulls my hair hard, making sure I don’t go anywhere. I continue to work her clit as another wave of tremors takes over her soul. I rip away as she’s convulsing, running her hands up and down her torso. Reaching her breasts but letting go just as quick because of the pleasure being too great. I stand, the bench between my legs. Keeping her legs spread I position myself to enter her. She opens her eyes to look at me. A look that said she wasn’t ready, she needed more time to recuperate but wasn’t going to stop me either. I guide my cock to her soaking wet pussy. The moment I touch her entrance she jumps.

“Oh god please fuck me. Please!”

I slide all the way in. No resistance. I slowly pulled back and my dick is covered in thick pussy juice. Back in down to the base. She’s grabbing her hair. Her body writhing as I reach her depths. She has her first climax on my cock. The same grip on my fingers. It felt amazing. I’ve never felt a pussy tighten up in that way. It made my dick even harder. I put one leg up on the bench and position ourselves so that I would be able to pound her with no obstruction. It’s just her pussy and my cock now. I start hammering. Splat! Splat! Splat! Her pussy is producing so much lube that I could feel it slinging off my balls. I try to keep count of her orgasms but they were happening to quick. Each time a vice grip on my cock. Her nectar begins to lather into a creamy white foam. The site pushes my over the edge.

“You ready for cum?!”

“I’m ready baby! Cum all over my tits!”

“No. I’m gonna fill that pussy with cum. She deserves it!”

She looks at me as if she wanted to stop me but does nothing. My balls tense. I take a deep breathe and explode.

“Oh fuuuuck!”

Quivering underneath me she starts her own orgasm. She grabs for me and pulls me in. Her pussy squeezing out my cum. I can feel in dribble between us. My cock spasming every bit of cum from my balls. Her tremors ease up. Our orgasms fade. I prop myself up. Grab her ankles once more and spread. I want to see my cock slide out. I want to see my cum. She props herself up as well. We both want to see. It’s so sexy when a woman also wants to see. I slide out. A second later our cum follows. So much cum it puddles on the bench at her ass. Our bodies covered in sweat. I offer a shower and she gladly agrees. We fucked in the shower, a little slower, more sensual. After our shower we start the bottle that I had opened earlier. It really starts to affect us. A few minutes into it her sister calls to let her know they were on there way. She down her glass, walks right up to me. Looking down to me she says;

“I’m going for a ride before I leave.”

“Oh yea?”

She kneels in between my legs. Hikes up one leg of my shorts and takes my whole cock in her mouth. She was in control of this blow job. She was out to prove her skills and she had them. It was amazing, so much details. Her tongue never stopped working. Rips my shorts off to caress my balls and taint while using the right pressure to suction ratio on my shaft. After about only (it can take a while for me to cum from head) 10 minutes or so I couldn’t take it any more.

“Keep that up and I’m gonna fill that mouth up!”

She ripped her mouth away from my cock with a ‘shloppp’. Stood up peeling off all her clothes slowly. Teasing. One leg at a time she mounted me while I sat. Lowering herself onto me already super wet. She slowly starts to piston her pussy on my cock. Long deep strokes. Her pussy walls massaging my whole cock. I can feel her pussy heat up and it felt amazing. She takes me all the down and begins to grind. Our bodies making making a nasty slopping sound. She speeds up her efforts. I caress her back as I concentrate on her nipples. I feel her sweat under my hands. She grinds even faster. Then without making a sounds she looses control. Her body an earthquake on my cock. She’s cumming a solid 15 seconds on my cock before she lets out a moan.

“Oohhhhhh… fuuuck that’s so goooo… mmmmmMMMMMmmm…”

Shaking the whole time. Slapping and scratching at my back. Her face dug into my neck. Her grinding slows but she never stops. She dismounts me and kneels again in between my legs. My cock swollen to its max it’s almost painful. Standing straight up, twitching. Covered in her own cum. She forces my legs spread a little more. Bends all the way down and licks from my balls all the way up to my dick head. Takes me in her mouth again and cleans herself off of me. She starts to coax my load out, her head in continues rotation while her tongue goes in the opposite direction both hands twisting and jerking. I can’t take it any longer.

“Don’t stop! Milk that cock baby!..oh shiiit!”

I erupt. Her work had me twitching a way I couldn’t control. My legs coming off the ground with each one that I looked like I was doing some weird crunch. As my ropes eased she began to sensually massage my cock. Taking me in her throat and holding me there. She would only let off after a few twitches, come back up and repeat. I begin to soften, she pulls at my cock with a tight suction one last time and lets it smack out of her mouth and it just slumps on my thigh.

“Mmm that was so hot! I haven’t taken a load in my mouth since high school.”

“Lucky me!”

She begins to get dressed. I just sit there and watch. High off of what just happened. She grabs a pen that was on a counter and rights her number down.

“Text me so I have your number. If you’re ok with it I’d like to continue this. I have never felt this satisfied. Thank you!”

“What about your husband?”

“What about him? As far as I’m concerned this is none of his business. He’s a two minute man that never takes my needs into consideration.”

She bends down and kisses me with such a passion I thought we’d go another round.

“I’m free most of the week, except most weekends. Text me whenever you want.”

She gathers her belongings and leaves. She doesn’t even wait for me to walk her out.

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