She Knows What She Wants

My MFM fantasy. It would start with her her calling her two male slave into the room. Tell us to strip naked while she is in just bra and panties sitting on the edge of the bed. She would take us both, one in each hand and start slowly stroking us until we are hard. Then taking us in her mouth one at a time back and forth between us in turn. Slowly bringing us closer and together. Until our cocks touch. She would giggle and play with them, rubbing and twirling our cock heads together until she was ready to have the attention turned onto her. She would stand up and tell us to take of her bra and take a breast each to play, suck and nibble on. Getting more heated and breathless she would push both our heads down her body kissing her all the way. We both take off panties at the same time, she forces us to eat her pussy and ass. Standing with one leg raised on the bed. Both licking and lapping away at her holes. One from the front and one from the back. Swapping over so we both taste both holes. I look up at her while licking her pussy. The look of pure Ecstasy on her face only Causes me too lap away more. Ready for a change she Getting one of us in to a 69, so she can have some nice cock suck on while we are both still eating her holes Moaning with delight the hole time. She would order me to stop eating her ass and demand I start fucking her pussy. While the other male carrys on eating and fucklicking her clit. In pure heaven been licked and fucked at the same time (don’t stop) This Causes her to have her first orgasm. Squirting all over his face. After That she climbes on top of the other male in a reverse cowgirl, legs still shaking from her orgasm. I watched his larger cock completely Disappear into her wet pussy. I watch them both for a minute, until she grabs the back of my head a Demands me to lick her while his big length slides in and out of her. To look up and see her face in ecstasy. As he fucks her and I am licking her pussy. Eyes rolling and breathless It all getting to much for her so gets off him and pushing me away. Getting back on all fours she wants to be spit roasted. While i take her from behind I slip a finger in her ass hole. She likes it turn to look at me she gives me a rye smile. After a while she wants us both at the same time inside her. She climbes on top of the other male. Taking him in her pussy and Leans forward, and asks me to put in her ass. She lets out a little yelp, witch soon turn into moans of pure delight. She is in pure heaven been double penetrated. “TWO COCKS IN ME!” We get a rhythm going all working in unison. This is her second orgasm. Getting all to much for us, and we both cum inside her at the same time, one filling her ass and one filling her pussy. Cum dripping from both of her holes the other male asks sit on my face I want to clean you up. She can’t Refuse. As she has both her holes cleaned she said I want to clean your cock. Grinding on his face she pushed me away and let out a moan and “YES HO YES” squirted all over his face.
We all lay on the bed together with smiles on our faces catching our breath back. After 30 minutes of taking and a drink. She said you both ready for round two.

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