She Kicked Two Guys Out Then Replaced Them With The Pizza Guy

The most important thing to know about our marriage was that whoever was lucky enough to have sex with A they had to respect her rules. Words like Slut, Whore, Bitch and of course the “C” words were no go. Rough play wasn’t allowed unless she decided that’s how she wanted it but rough play would never be from males. Men who had sex with her had to respect her and me. If they couldn’t follow the rules well prepare to get frustrated or as one guy discovered, kicked out of the house naked with his clothes following on when A had stopped laughing at his embarrassment. Rules for women were different she liked semi rough lesbian sex but with her Lady Cop Girlfriend sex was always hardcore resulting in the odd cut and abrasion and bruising. On one occasion a clash of heads resulted in us taking her GF to the emergency room for stitches above her eye. When the doctor asked how it happened my wife proudly boasted “We were fucking” and offered to give him a demonstration which he declined as his wife wouldn’t like it. my wife’s response “We would let her join in” He left pretty soon after that. Oh yes, we both also hated the whole “Mommy” “Daddy” BS, it was a huge turn off for us.

Which brings me around to one occasion where things got out of hand. A had a fiery temper, not many people would argue with her and she would throw punches if it was needed. We had invited two married guys from our group of like minded sex maniacs round to the house to fuck A. Their wives knew all about it and as they were going out to play with male strippers they were happy for their husbands to play too and they knew A would take care of their needs.

Things were going great, A was sandwiched between the two guys giving head to one and being eaten by the other, she was moaning like crazy and had already cum a couple of times, They swapped a couple of times before getting into position to take both her holes at the same time she loved to feel her ass and pussy being fucked at the same time, but as they began to go at it one of the suddenly said the wrong thing, it was something along the lines of “Does daddies girl like her two daddies fucking her at the same time”. All I remember was A suddenly screaming for them to get off which they didn’t at first, she shouted again and this time I stepped in and told them to stop. She managed to unhook herself from them bath and went and sat in a chair. She then read them the riot act and told them to fuck of out of the house. Now some of you may say that that is a soft reason for stopping the guys having sex but here’s the thing, those words were a turn off for her, for everything they had done right in getting her turned on they killed her mood stone dead by just using that phrase. They did leave when they realised they had blown it.

I left A to calm down and half an hour or so later she came into the living room and I gave her a hug. She told me she was hungry and I asked what she wanted to eat. Looking me in the eyes she just said “The Pizza Guy” I asked if she meant she wanted Pizza and she replied “Yes that as well”. We had a regular delivery guy for Pizzas, his name was Nick and I have to say even me as a man thought he was beautiful A joked with me many times that she thought given the chance even I would fuck him a statement I didn’t deny because she was bang on the money. She went to fix her make up and put something inappropriate on ready for the arrival of her pizza. She came our of the bedroom when the doorbell rang, she was wearing a white mesh body suit, white stockings and a pair of white heels. Telling me to go into the room she opened the door, I could hear talking but couldn’t make out what was being said. Eventually the door closed and she came into the room. She was flushed, “Damn that guy can kiss, you need to hide when he comes back later because I told him you would be gone for the night”. I knew where my hiding place would be, the closet that we used when we wanted to watch each other fuck. (Another of our fave things to do was watching each other).

I guess it was midnight when he came back, it seemed to take and age before they came into the bedroom, Nick was carrying A, her legs firmly wrapped around his body, her pussy impaled on his cock, he laid her on the bed and began to fuck her slowly, from her reaction he was hitting the right spots as he fucked her. I found out later she had already had a mouthful of his cum just before they came to the bedroom, he hadn’t even lost his erection after he came, he merely picked her up pushed his cock in her and headed for the bedroom. He was fucking her exactly how she liked it long deep strokes, kissing her lips as he drove into her, even telling her how beautiful she was. when he told her he was about to cum she told him not to pull out and to fill her pussy and “Give me a baby”. That shocked me she had not said that before, those words sent him over the edge and he filled her. As he slipped out she asked him to clean her up with his mouth and like an obedient puppy he did. As he ate her pussy he suddenly lifted his head and asked if he could stay the night and keeping doing what they were doing. A looked in my direction and a smirk came across her face, Sure you can baby, Johnny won’t be back until morning, then she grabbed his head and forced it back on her pussy leaving me with a bladder ready to burst, a hard on and cramp from being crouched down so I could watch the action. I remember checking my watch thinking they will be asleep in an hour or so. 7am they were still at it, they had been at it since just after midnight, I was watching as he was fucking her ass for the second time, this guys energy was stupid, A was like a rag doll, just letting him do whatever he wanted as long as she was still having orgasms. I heard him say he was cumming , then a grunt and he was filling her with another load. They lay back on the bed, he was cuddling her, they were chatting and kissing when he suddenly said “You know it’s a rule that you should have sex on your birthday” A laughed and said OK and asked when his birthday was. He told her it was that day, A said that he got his birthday wish. He told her that what they did wasn’t birthday sex that had been his tip. Then he rolled on top of her “This will be my birthday sex and he pushed into her again, he had grown in confidence had was now controlling her orgasms, as he fucked her he played with her clit forcing her to cum, the orgasms became more intense until as he brought her to another orgasm by rubbing her clit, he didn’t stop to let her come down instead he was forcing her to have more and more until as she begged him no more she came hard, thrashing around the bed forcing him to grab her wrists and hold her down as he speeded up and punished her pussy, his confidence growing he put his hand on her throat, usually this would be a no no with a man but here he was being allowed to fuck her how he wanted until finally he fired a load inside her again. They kissed one more time before he went into the living room and came back dressed. He kissed her gently and began to leave the room “Hey Johnny hope you enjoyed the show, I heard you when you cum” He walked away laughing.

I pushed the door open and made a rush for the bathroom “No you don’t, get your ass over here and fuck me” You don’t need me to tell you what happens when you relax your bladder especially when you are already in the middle of fucking.

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