She had plans for us both pt. 2

I watched the two of them for a bit. Amber’s hands explored Brandi’s body, feeling her large breasts, her fingers rubbed lightly over the Brandi’s skin creating visible goosebumps in the chill air. Brandi’s hands were more direct, her right hand remaining on Amber’s clit and her left squeezing her ass. I felt she was mostly putting in a show for me, and I was enjoying it. From the sounds of Amber’s breathing min the times their lips parted, she was as well.

Amber’s legs spread slightly, maybe to give Brandi better access, maybe it was to lower herself closer to Brandi’s height, I couldn’t be sure, but it was long after that her head went back, pulling her lips from Beandi’s for the first time since they had stood up. Brandi’s mouth worked on the left side of Amber’s neck as she began to moan much louder, before let out a high pitch yell of “Oh God!” Her body lurched as she stood to scream “OH! OH! SHIT! AGHHHH!” He body rocking, almost convulsing with each scream. Brandi’s arm was methodical in it’s movements though. Her hand moving on Amber’s clit with each shake from her body. Eventually Amber pushed herself away from Brandi and collapsed on the couch beside me, breathing heavy with a hand on her forehead. She would stop breathing every few seconds and her body would shiver again. She finally looked over at me and just said, “God Damn dude.”

I laughed a little. Brandi came over to me then and jerked my pants and boxers out from under me and to the floor before putting a knee on the couch beside me and bringing her other leg onto the couch in my other side to straddle me. She rubbed her pussy across my hard cock a few times. I could feel how wet she was. She lifted herself up slightly and moved her hand between her legs to level my dick with her pussy before lowering herself down on my slowly. It must have been out of habit, because I felt no resistance she was so wet and ready.

She immediately took control, grinding me more than riding me, making sure that the head of my dick was pressed against the inner front of her and her clit was rubbing with every motion. I moved my hands around to her ass and started to help pull her forward, squeezing her ass and spreading her cheeks out enough to rub her ass hole with my middle finger. My eyes was locked on her as she worked, so focused on her I was a little surprised when I saw Amber’s breast in front of me as she moved again to start making out with Brandi all while Brandi was grinding on my dick. From my angle I saw their tongue touch and their mouth’s open to take the other in. I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer. Then Brandi began to slow down, he mouth against Amber’s making deep muffled moans, with noise escaping only as the movement of their tongues forced their mouths apart. As she slowed, I lowered myself down and start lifting her ass up and thrusting myself deep into Brandi as she was coming back down in my dick. Before she was done cumming, I had already began, my body almost freezing as my cock jumped inside of Brandi, once, then twice, then three, four, five times, and again and again. I made no noise but my teeth burrieddeep into my upper lip leaving the impression of them imbedded for the next several hours. When I was done I let out a deep sigh.

Brandi got off of me and said “I think I’m going to get a shower and clean off. Amber you’re welcome to take one after me.”

Amber replied “Okay sounds good.” As she recovered the blanket from the floor and sat back down on the couch. “Are you staying the night too Red?”

“I don’t think I can move right now at least.” I replied, looking for something to clean myself off. “I’ll put on some clothes in a minute though.”

“Alright well I’ll probably be ready for sleep when I get out.” Brandi said to us both before walking down the hall to the bathroom.

“I could clean you up.” Amber offered, putting a finger to her lips and laughing as I finally found a washcloth.” I just shook my head, with honestly no energy left and unsure how Brandi would react if she had found out. Amber and I talked for a little bit about her situation. She and her fiance apparently had an open relationship, and he was fine with what ever she decided to do. I got dressed pretty quick, but Amber stayed nude wrapped in the blanket, likely to keep from having to undress again to take a shower. I was unconscious before she ever went though. All in all it was a great night.

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