She had plans for us both pt. 1

My girlfriend Brandi and I had been dating for about 3 years at this time and she had just told me about a new friend she had made. The woman’s name was Amber. She was 18 and she had just moved to town, she was engaged and staying with her fiance’s mother while he was off completing basic training for the Air Force so likely wouldn’t be in town for long afterwards. My girlfriend had invited her to stay the weekend at her place to get her away from her future mother-in-law and just hang out.

For me this meant I was a taxi service, as Amber nor my girlfriend had a car of their own. It was fine though, Amber was our age and had a weird personality but was a pretty girl to look at, about 5’8 with curly auburn hair, a body that wasn’t thin but also wouldn’t call her fat, pale skin (which does it for me) and even though I was committed in my relationship, didn’t mean I didn’t like to look at other women.

We picked Amber up from work and a local car dealership, I drove the two of them to get some food from some fast food place and then took them clothes shopping. It was mostly dreadful. I remember them hanging out like I wasn’t really there for most of the evening, so I had an old Gameboy I kept in the car and started playing it to pass the time. They bought a few outfits, I didn’t pay too much attention to what but did end up having to pay for it all which didn’t leave me with the best taste in my mouth. Why was I paying for Amber’s stuff when she clearly had a job?

I drove them around to a few more places until it got dark and then took them back to my girlfriend’s house. Most nights I would hang out there and watch late night talk shows before going home to sleep in my own bed. Late night talk shows were generally interrupted with sex, but I figured tonight would just be Conan and then I’d head out. I was enjoying the show covered up on the couch because the heat in the trailer Brandi lived in sucked when Brandi asked “Do you want to see the outfits we picked out?”

“Sure, why not?” I said. “I paid for them I might as well check them out.” The two of them went back into Brandi’s bedroom and I went back to watching my show. They were gone for about five minutes before they walked back down the hall without a word. It took me a minute to realize that as I was watching the show, they were watching me, waiting for my reaction. I’m sure it was one of surprise.

When I looked over to them I saw them both wearing a matching set of lingerie. Black corsets with red lacing and matching panties. Brandi I wasn’t really surprised by, I knew her body perfectly and can still picture every detail to this day. Amber however I had just met, yet here she was, half naked, her breasts pushed up by the corset so that I could just see the change of her skin color from pale white to pale pink where her areola began. I didn’t feel myself getting hard, I just was.

“Jesus!” I managed to say.

“Do you like it?” Brandi asked “Who does it look better on?

Amber saved me by saying “You better say her. She looks sexy as fuck!” Before the two shared a laugh and both moved to sit down, Brandi next to me on my left and Amber in a recliner to our left. We talked about nonsense and about them hiding the outfits from me for a bit before Brandi’s hand found her way to my dick. She smiled when she found it hard. Her hands started working to unfasten my pants.

“Amber aren’t you cold?” Brandi asked as her hand found it’s way under my boxers to stroke my dick. “There’s room under the blanket if you want to sit on the couch with us.”

“Well scoot over then!” Amber said hopping up to and moving over beside Brandi. I slide now, careful to keep from exposing myself and Brandi moved down with me allowing Amber to sit beside her and cover her legs beneath the covers. Brandi’s hand was still working my dick, hidden from sight, though I suspect if you were to look at the blanket what was happening beneath was pretty well evident. I tried to play as if nothing was happening, and kept my eyes on the TV to my right with the girls to my left. The excitement of having Brandi’s hand stroking me just a few inches from another woman was an extremely arousing sensation, not that the moment needed any more help. I was so nervous trying to make it seem like nothing was going on, that I barely noticed they two ladies had stopped talking.

When I turned to regard them, I was surprised, and elated, to find they had stopped talked because their mouths had joined together, and the two of them hand started making out, Brandi’s right hand still working my cock, and her left pressed against Amber’s right breast. Amber’s left arm was under the blanket, and though I couldn’t immediately see what was happening, given the soft moans Brandi was letting out I could assume that Amber’s hand had found it’s way into Brandi’s panties.

I let out a short cough, mostly to let them know I was aware of what they were doing, and though I couldn’t see Brandi’s face, I saw Amber’s lips widen into a smile before she let out a small giggle. She stood up quickly and pulled the covers off of us all as she did saying “Were you the only one planning on getting off tonight dude?” Laughing and pointing at Brandi’s hand on my dick. Brandi joined her in laughing as I attempted to cover myself from Amber’s eyes.

Brandi stood up then, pulling her panties down to the floor and stepping out of them. She always liked to shave her pubic hair into a little heart, with the tip ending directly above her clit. Amber followed directly after, and she had no hair to see at all. The two of them took turns taking off each other’s corsets, and from what I remember I just watched while continuing to try to hide myself. The two of them pressed their naked bodies against each other, Amber’s arms resting on Brandi’s shoulders and coming around to hold the back of her head, while Brandi’s left hand went to play with Amber’s breast and her right went between her legs. The two began to kiss, eyes closed as if they were the only two in the room My own hand moved less to cover myself, and I started to stroke myself at the sight.

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