She had a boyfriend, I knew. We didn’t care.

This story starts in march 2023.

I (20M) was at this party organized by a group of friends from another university. It was 2 am and we went to a McDonald’s near by to eat, we were drunk and hungry.
Inside and with the whole group of students split in smaller groups for each table I met this girl that we’ll call Alex (19F).

I’m a 5’7 caucasian dude with glasses and Alex is a 5’1 blonde girl, we started talking that moment while eating fries just because we found out we studied in the same campus. She gave me her Instagram profile and I sent her a friend request.

A few hours later when I got home I checked my phone to see that she accepted my request. I took a look at her profile to discover post with her boyfriend. Immediately I thought: “good for her, I wasn’t even gonna try anything either” and it was true because that talk at the McDonald’s was an innocent and funny conversation, no flirt or anything like that.

Time goes by, I added her to my close friends list in Instagram, and I post a lot of shit for my close friends. I noticed she started to reply to my close friends stories.

I remember one time she replied to a storie of me speaking pure nonsense with “hahaha you’re so funny I have seen this storie 100 times already” and first thing that came to my mind was “who the fuck talks like this?”.

She kept on replying more and more stuff until may 2023.

The last week of may there was this party, again organized by the same group of friends and we both knew that we would meet there.

The thing is this party was taking place in Matthew’s house (we’ll call him that way, of course that’s not his real name). Matthew’s family has a few wealthy businesses so that house was huge.

Alex and I were talking while serving as bar tenders for the rest of the people, by that moment we were next to the pool in the backyard.

She started talking about having problems with her boyfriend. She said:

-He wants exclusivity and to be only with me, and I love that but I also wanna try things with more people, explore my sexuality.

I know, I know. Now that I’m remembering this it does sound like she was giving signs of something, but in the moment my mind was really thinking about helping her so I said:

-There’s a lot of things you can do: you could talk with him about a threesome, you could have an open relationship. Or you could just break up with him because you’re demonstrating that you both want different things and that’s gonna give him more problems during the relationship.

She said I was right and that was the end of it… or that’s what I thought.

One hour later we were sitting next to each other in a sofa inside the house while everyone outside was drunk or high.

Again we were just talking, had a few drinks but we were fully aware of everything, we were not as fucked up as the rest.

And then it hit me, for some reason I looked back at this blonde girl and I wanted to kiss her so bad.All of a sudden all I wanted was to hold her and kiss her.

The thing is, I am pretty bad at flirting so I rather just say the things I want.

-Look, I’m gonna be honest with you. I want to kiss you but I don’t think I should because of your boyfriend.

Immediately I thought: “alright you’re fucked. There’s no way she is gonna agree after mentioning her boyfriend”.

She looked at me, smiled like she was waiting for me to say something like that.

-And what exactly is stopping you?

Holy fuck.

I leaned to kiss her. She replied biting my lip and keeping on with the kiss.
Now this is were the NSFW starts.

Next thing I knew she was over me, kissing me violently and passing her tongue in my neck, fuck I loved that. She started to move around to get my dick hard and it truly wasn’t a hard task. She suddenly looked so hot, i was impressed i didn’t realized how hot she was until that moment.

Kisses, the neck, rubbing her ass over my pants. She wanted more, it was a matter of time before something new added to the ecuation. I could see her hand removing her shirt and my dick got even harder. Alex is a skinny girl with small boobs, but as soon as my eyes got them in sight i was already licking them, she couldn´t be happier, her moans were driving me crazy.

My horny brain started thinking “i want to do more, but not in a sofa in the middle of Matthew’s house”, so i looked around. There were two doors, each on one side.

To my left was a door that led to Matthew’s “personal cinema”, yeah i know it sounds exagerated, but it is basically a room with a huge couch and a tv. To my right there was another room but this one led to Matthew’s grandmother’s room (who of course was not in the house at the moment).

I don’t know if it was my horny brain or what, but i chose the grandma’s room, sorry Miss, i was horny.

I got up holding Alex (she was skinny and small so it was quite easy, also, horny) and getting her into the room. First thing i saw once i got there was the bed so i just throw her and start eating her out. Again she looked so hot as she moaned and started to take off the rest of her clothes while i was playing with her boobs.

The room was dark, the main light came from the backyard where the rest of our friends were still drinking and gettin high but we closed the courtains so nobody could see us. I finally get down and start playing with her pussy, her inmidiate reaction is moaning my name out loud.

I took off my pants and she went straight to my dick. Not gonna lie, my dick is nothing out of this world, is just a simple 5.90 inches of dick that she sucked entirely while looking straight into my eyes, that view was amazing. I have a thing with mirrors; i guess you can call it a fetish, i don’t know, but i like to do stuff in front of mirrors and fortunaly Matthew’s grandma had a big one in the other side of the room. I took Alex and put her in front of it, turned on the lantern in my phone (just to not having to turn the real lights of the room because it would draw attention from outside) and then used the lantern light so she could see me touching her body in the mirror. She loved that, but she loved even more when i put myself behind her and used my dick to slap her buttcheecks.

It was time to get it in, but one thing was missing: the condoms. No guys, i didn’t brought any, i wasn’t expecting a hot blonde girl to suck my dick that night so i was unprepared. We both agreed that we would not get it inside her until we got a condom, so we started looking for one.

Actually Matthew is aware some people could potentially have sex in his house every time he does a party here so we knew he had to had condoms in his bathroom. The funny thing is that when we got there the bathroom was locked and we heard people moaning from the inside, so someone got there before us, yikes.

We really wanted to fuck so we didn’t stop there, we started looking up the whole house. Sadly, like 30 minutes later we gave up and sat in the kitchen feeling defeated.

This is were things got messy, when i tell this story to my friends this is the part where they say “fuck no, ain’t no way that shit happened”. I can’t do nothing to make you believe me, but i can asure you that what comes next was crazy, and it happened in may 28th 2023.

As we were sat in the kitchen, another girl showed up. Phisically speaking she was the opposite of Alex; dark hair, tanned skin, browned color eyes (Alex eyes are green). This new girl was “Amy”, and she was actually friends with Alex.

-¿What are you doing here? – Asked Alex.

Amy wasn’t alone, she was walking around the house holding hands with a tall skinnier dude, it was her boyfriend. I’m not sure but i think they broke up a few days later after that night. Anyways, they looked way more drunk than us, like they were lost or something. Then Amy replied.

-We’re actually looking for a room to fuck, do you guys know one?

Alex and i laughed, we knew what to say.

-That door in the hall leads to Matthew’s Cinema, there’s a huge couch in there, have fun.

Amy got happy with our response and rushed to the room with her boyfriend, but a few seconds before getting in, she turn back at us.

-Guys, you can join us if you want to, we have condoms.

Alex looked back at me with her eyes wide open and a smile, it was like when you tell a kid to pick anything from the store, she looked so happy. Me, on the other side, was disgusted.

-I’m not doing that, i don’t know them and i don’t trust them.- I said.

-Please!!! Let’s just get the condoms at least.

I stayed in silence for a few seconds, i was really scared, i had never been in a room doing sexual stuff with more than one person. ¿What could i do? We’ll, there is only one way to find out.

We knock the door and, Amy opens the door as if i were a kid apologizing, i said:

-Sorry, you said we could join?

-Of course, let’s have fun!!

Alex didn’t even said anything, she got in there in a second. Next thing i knew, i was sitting in the couch watching Alex and Amy making out while touching each other still fully cloathed.

Again not gonna lie, that view was awesome, but the hot situation turned into a horror movie when my brain said something:

“Remember that there is another guy in this room right now”.

I turn, this guy is standing happy as fuck for seeing his girlfriend kissing and touching another girl, i think the thought strikes him too, because he changed his expression from excited to worried when he noticed my presence as well.

“Should we kiss too?” I thought, but hell no, i like girls and came here only for condoms. I can picture him thinking the same just judging by his “i really don’t wanna touch you” face, it was that or the fact that i was pretty sober compared to him.

Now this is gonna sound weird, but it did happened because i didn’t knew what the fuck to do while them were still making out.

-Quick: your top 5 favorite movies of all time- I said looking at him.

What the fuck, why did i say that? I don’t know, i trully didn’t knew what to do and that was the first thing that came to my mind. Surprisingly he played along and we went like 3 minutes full Scorcese – Nolan – Tarantino Cinema talking before i got tired and said “okay that’s enough”, I took Alex myself and put her over me.

To each their own, i started to get naked with Alex while still making out in our corner of the sofa while Amy and her boyfriend did the same in the opposite corner. There was no foursome, each couple was enjoying their time, and from the moment Amy gave us the condoms i can assure you we enjoyed that time.

After 10 minutes Amy and her boyfriend were already over and getting dressed up, while i was still dealing with the fantastic view of hitting Alex face with my dick covered in saliva. Amy explained that her boyfriend was way more drunk than her and he was about to throw up so it was better to leave; still she left us the rest of the condoms and locked the door for us.

Now that we were alone everything got better, we started doing all over the couch. I think we spent over 40 minutes in there, the last 10 mainly in doggy. The thing is that by that time i was hearing people talking and passing by in the hall, and we weren’t quite silent as you could imagine, i was moaning pretty hard (because guys, girl do like men moaning) and she was screaming my name as i got her in doggy. I heard more people and Alex didn’t look like she was gonna shut up so i put my hand in her mouth, got close to her and said firmly:

-Shut up.

Turns out she likes that shit, so she stared moaning even more. It is funny now that i remember it, but in the moment i was like “AAAAAHH SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU’RE SHOUTING MY NAME I HEAR AT LEAST 6 PEOPLE OUTSIDEEEE”.

She came with a squirt a few times, i know it may look like i’m a crazy guy in bed but to this day we both agree that that was one of the best sex of our lives. That sofa was covered in whatever mix of our fluids it was. All i remember was getting up, seeing that sofa fucked up and think “Yeah, Matthew’s gonna kill me”.

We dressed up, open the door and 6 friends of ours, crackheads get inside screaming about wanting to watch a movie in “Matthew’s personal cinema”. Like 20 minutes later i was outside and i could hear Matthew screaming “WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK”.

Just like the first time, we all ended up in McDonald’s at 2 am. This time was different, i just had the best sex of my life with a girl i met a few months ago but with who i had really good sexual chemistry (which is actually something pretty cool).

I got in line to ask for my order and Matthew appears behind me, there’s fear in his voice.

-¿Did you really had sex with Alex in the cinema?

I tried to contain my happiness, but it was just too visible.

-You’ll have to clean it yourself, ¿you know that, right?

-Of course, leave it to me. – i said with a smile.

The End

I mean is not the end, this happened almost a year ago, there is no end, i haven’t die yet… well you get the point.


Hey guys, hope you like my story.
Again, everything here (except for the names) is real, if you have questions leave them below in the comments, normally people don’t give me much feedback in Reddit but i like to think that this story is gonna be enterntaining at least. Good night.

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