She Gave Us The Choice Sports Bar or Clothes Shopping.

My buddy Andy and me were sat having a coffee when A came through wearing just a thong, going over to Andy she kissed him full on the lips then did the same to me she then went back over to Andy and sat on his lap took his hands and placed them on her tits. As Andy began to roll her nipples through his fingers she asked us the question. “Are you guys heading to the sports bar or do you want to come clothes shopping with me” Straight away I said shopping, Andy being a bit slow on the uptake and not knowing what clothes shopping really meant said he hated shopping so we could drop him at the bar. “Tell you what Andy, come with us to the first store then see if you still want the sports bar” A said with a smirk on her face and raising herself off his lap leaving a visible lump and wet patch in his shorts. She headed out to go get dressed. Andy was bright red, “Damn you are one lucky man, you get that woman every night”. I looked at him and smiled “Not just me I said” leaving a confused look on his face. Andy knew very little about our lifestyle, in fact hold her tits when she sat on his knee was the first contact he had with her body.

Two things to know, if A is genuinely going clothes shopping she will ask for my credit card, if she is just going to try on and have fun she doesn’t. Now I have seen her before go into the store and actually get another woman’s husband to pay for an outfit whilst his wife was trying on clothes, I stayed out of sight to ensure he didn’t know she was with someone. She even gave him her number so they could arrange “Something”. So if she ever asked the question then the answer should always be Shopping.

The first shop was pretty quiet, A grabbed a couple of outfits and took them in to the booth. “Johnny she hasn’t closed the door properly” Andy said and started to get up I grab him and sat him down, I told him that shopping didn’t always mean shopping. We watched A strip out of the clothes she was wearing, she removed her bra then turned to face the opening, looking right at Andy she slid her thong off giving him a full frontal view then slowing she placed her fingers on her pussy and pushed one in. Although the shop was quiet her first victim came into view. I looked at Andy “Watch closely” I said to him. A got the man’s attention we couldn’t hear what was being said but whatever it was he had agreed and was stood by the booth watching as she began to put an outfit on then turning her back to the man he grabbed the zipper and pulled it up. After she had checked herself out she had him pull the zipper down, then turned to face him and let the outfit drop to the floor. We watched as the guy reached out and touched her tits, she then grabbed his hand and pulled him into the booth leaving a gap in the curtain. I noticed a sales assistant coming over so I told Andy to keep watching while I kept the assistant busy. I was with her for about 10 mins, only going back to the changing area once I saw A come out. “Buddy she just blew that guy” Andy looked shocked, I smiled at him “Now do you understand what clothes shopping means”. I then had to explain that we were totally in love but enjoyed an alternative sex life and that if he hadn’t gone to bed the night before he would have been helping me to fuck A. I then told him we would take him to the sports bar and then pick him up later. Suddenly his preference changed and he came clothes shopping.

It took us another four shops before she found a store with the right viewing area as she called it. This time she grabbed some outfits and then grabbed Andy’s hand and took him in the booth with her, the booth this time though has a door instead of a curtain. 10 minutes passed, they were still in there, 20 mins passed, still no sign. 40 minutes later they came out, Andy was smiling from ear to ear, A came over to me Cum in her hair and on her cheeks and lips. She kissed me then grabbed me and Andy and walked out of the store, not her first cum walk so I wasn’t shocked. I asked her what took so long, she told me firstly they had to fuck slow because of Andy’s size and she didn’t want to make too much noise, she went on to say that after he fucked her the first time she wanted to have him try and get in her ass, although they tried he didn’t manage it so she had him cum on face and hair.

The last shop is a shop we always went into, they knew us well and knew we were mostly there for a little excitement, so it was a huge surprise when each of the girls there went straight to A and kissed her everyone of them using their tongues. Poppy was the assistant who was told to take care of A and after picking out a couple of outfits they both went into the booth. I guess knowing the owner of the shop was quite lucky, she had on occasion enjoyed A’s body as much as Poppy was about to. As me and Andy settled down to watch the action unfold the owner brought us both a beer then pulled up a seat to watch with us. I think that this was A’s most extreme sexual experience with a woman, after both women got naked what happened next can only be described as a sexual cat fight. Poppy was aggressive, taking A’s nipples and pinching and biting them making A cry out and then slap Poppy on the face, as Poppy staggered A grabbed her bent her over and began to spank Poppy really hard, I thought maybe she would just give her a couple of slaps but she didn’t stop turning Poppy’s pale flesh a deep red, we could hear Poppy crying, looking over I saw Andy rubbing his obvious bulge, even the owner was beginning to squirm in her seat. As both girls got on the floor Poppy spread A’s legs and without any tenderness pushed 3 or 4 fingers into A and begin to fuck her hard, I have never heard A swear as much as she did that day eventually goading Poppy into going harder, we watched as Poppy pulled out her fingers and before A could take charge Poppy pushed the majority of her fist into A. I have no idea why Poppy couldn’t get the whole of her fist in as I had managed it many times. When A finally orgasmed she rolled Poppy over and went down between her legs. Poppy let out a huge scream we found out later A had sunk her teeth into Poppy’s clit a couple of times. Then things seemed to calm down. A made her way up Poppy’s body and began to kiss her passionately but with a lot of tenderness before sliding down to her pussy and slowly using her tongue made love to her. I knew A was good with her tongue, I had watched her a few times with her regular GF so the audible sounds of pleasure from Poppy didn’t surprise me. A ate her pussy through several orgasms before Poppy begged her to stop. They held each other for a while then walked out to us still naked. The owner kissed both women before telling them to go get dressed. Eventually we made our way home.

Once through the door Andy began to walk to his room, “No you don’t, you get back here and drop your pants both of you” She wasn’t taking no for an answer, she took both of our cocks and began sucking each one in turn, she was turned on so much she needed more. Concentrating on Andy I watched as his very long and fat cock disappeared into her mouth, as much as she wanted him balls deep there was no way it was going to happen, then Andy let her down, he came far too prematurely I mean with in a couple of minutes, catching her by surprise by suddenly pulling out and firing over her face. She didn’t complain straight away, instead she just moved over to me, as she sucked me Andy disappeared,. the blow job she gave me was aggressive really working my cock like it was the last supper, when I did cum I emptied into her throat, not a drop was spilled or shared.

We went into the bedroom to clean up, she was still sexually high “Can I go out tonight Johnny I need more cock in me” I smiled my usual smile and she kissed me deeply. She eventually went out around 10pm and returned the next day around lunchtime, she had calmed down but wanted more sex after she had cleaned up. Seems she had a busy night with her boss.

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