She breaks up with her bf as we have sex (MF)

Iris was a bubbly, sweet and childish girl. Freckles, hair dyed red. Used to be a chubby girl with bad teeth in HS. But after she followed her fitness coach cousin’s guidance, it took a couple years and dental care to turn her into a hot, beautiful woman.

She pursued the same degree at the same school as my best friend Rian and me. So naturally, she became close to us in the courses we shared. I still helped her out with math and she was thankful for it. She was so beautiful and sweet and yet stayed with her HS freshman hesr boyfriend: Jonathan. A pessimistic and arrogant nerd that criticized everyone except himself. Rian and I hated that guy and he hated us. Every time he joined us, we would make fun of his pretentiousness and his attempts to make a comeback. He ended up making Iris feel guilty and disrespectful to him (even if he mocked her pubicly for no reason, implying she was dumb or pressuring her to only use baggy clothes that hid her figure). It was messed up. But soon, it would be over.

I convinced her to attend a Halloween party with Rian, Sarah (Iris’ cousin) and me.

“I already went to one yesterday with Jon, I don’t think he’ll want to go out again. Hates parties.”

“Oh, too bad” I said sarcastically. “But you do like dancing, singing and drinking. And you got that costume..”

Sarah gifted her a Hooters uniform for a Halloween costume. An inside joke they had. Iris thought it was funny and said she would feel hot in that costume. But Jon would never accept it. But in the end, with the help of Sarah, she accepted to go.

In the party, Sarah and Rian got to the dance floor since the first minute and didn’t leave it until they hooked up. Iris and I drank at the house’s backyard. Sang along to a couple songs. Her phone kept buzzing with long, angry texts from Jon. We started a deep talk. Iris thought maybe she was wrong, that Jon loved her “since she was ugly and unlovable”, that he hides a better person inside him.

“First. You were never unlovable. We’ve been hanging out for long, I always thought you were cool! And Rian did too. Second, everyday, Jon chooses to not be that better person while you remain sweet, and kind, and honestly hotter every year.”
“Thanks” She smiled and hugged me. “I see why Jon hates me for hanging out with you. You actually say things that make me feel good and he hates that.”

“I can also DO things that make you feel good. And he’s afraid of that” I smiled, flirty.
“Well…” she blushed and smiled. “He should. Because I feel like I can be so, so submissive with someone I trust…It just makes it super easy, knowing you’ll feel amazing if you obay the right person…”
“Then what are we waiting for?” I took her hand.
She smiled and followed me.


I texted Rian and Sarah we left. Took Iris to my place. While driving, she got her head on my shoulder and caressed my leg.
“I never thought I would end up cheating.”
“You don’t have to.”
“But it just feels so right tonight…” she said, getting her hand closer to my dick, which was now visibly hard.
“But you’re a good girl. You’ll break up with him before cheating.”
“I will?”
“Yes.” I stopped in a red light. Caressed her thigh and went up between her legs. Began to play with her. “You’ll have some good motivation.”
I got my hand behind her shorts and felt her wet pussy. I played with her clit slowly. She gasped.
“You really know how to make me submissive. I’ve never been more turned on in my life.”


We were in the room. Both naked. She wanted to come into me, but I wouldn’t let her. She had an amazing body. Iris took out her phone while I grabbed her hair gently and teased my cock all around her face. She opened her mouth widely, but I wouldn’t come in.

“Hello?” Iris asked at the phone.

“Are you going to apologise? Or are you still at that stupid party with a bunch of loud idiots?”

“No, I’m not at the party. And I wont apologize. I don’t have to.” she stared at my cock and took her tongue out while I jerked off just one inch from her face.

“So? You think you’re right?” he laughed sarcastically. “Okay, enlighten me once more with your reasoning.”

“I don’t want to argue anymore. I want to be free. Be myself. Have fun.” she smiled at me and I caressed her face. Her cheeks turned red. “Whatever you think. Figure it out. And don’t call me.”

“Call you? You’re the one losing here! You think your cousin is reliable? Your friends? I’ve learned a thing or two in life and I’m trying to teach you to know better!”

“Oh okay” she grabbed my cock and jerked it slowly “Then I’ll have to do everything” she slowly guided my cock into her pussy “to fill what I lost”. I slowly pushed my cock inside her as she bit her lips and rolled her eyes. “I think it’s gonna be great” she smiled and hung up.

“Congrats” I whispered.

“I want the biggest fuck in history.”

I pounded her. She had such a sexy moaning scream. Shit. She could be a pornstar. I tried hard not to cum while watching her eyes rolled back and her tits bouncing.
“Yes! Yes!” she screamed. “More!”
I got her to lay on her stomach. I loved her ass. Fucked her while grabbing her hair as she moaned and screamed. I did my best, kept going until she finished.

When we were done, we got our clothes back. She took a selfie of us in our costumes, to remember the night she became free.

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