Sharing my bf

Some weeks ago me (19F), my bf (30M), and my friend (20F) were staying at the beach house for a few days just enjoying ourselves. One night we were drinking a fair bit and my bf doesn’t wear underwear much, so we’re sitting around and I could see my friend looking in his direction, so I looked and I could see his cock was half on display! I just smiled as we kept drinking knowing I was going to get some dick later.

After about 20 minutes my friend went to the bathroom and I said to my bf “she’s checking out your cock!”, he looked surprised so I said “you need to get hard” he looked at me and I just said “do it”. I reached over and started rubbing his cock through his shorts and got it rock hard.

My friend came back a few minutes later and sat down again and straight away was checking him out. His cock was hard and started to poke out of his shorts. She looked at him and me and then said “fuck your big cock is looking at me”, I laughed and said “would you like a look?” and she just nodded so I made him stand and told her to pull down his shorts, as she did, his cock hit her in the face she just looked at it until he pushed it into her mouth. It doesn’t take a woman long to want dick when it’s sitting right in front of her and she’s been drinking.

I said “give it to her baby” as he was sliding it down her throat, I moved behind her and went to remove her panties and she didn’t have any on. At this point I knew she was getting fucked tonight.

I led her to the bedroom and my bf followed, I lifted off her dress pushed her onto her back and I spread her legs as I watched my bf slide himself into her, she let out the biggest scream! I myself was dripping wet as he made her scream! I took off my clothes and started grabbing my bf’s cock, guiding it into my friend as I jerked him off. I knew we were going to be fucked for hours!

Next morning, I was making coffee since I woke up before them, I heard my bf riding her again and I let them have their fun this time, they must have been at it for an hour before my bf came out to me, I said “how was she?” he just smiled and said “you’ll find out later.”

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  1. I spoke with my friend during the day when my bf went for more alcohol and she said “I could hardly walk, how do you handle it?!” I just said “thanks to you I might not need to take it all from now on!”


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