Shared my girlfriend

So for context my girlfriend and I have been together for a few years and I’m in the military.
Anyway we had always spoken about what fantasies we had but never did and mine was sharing her with a friend from work!
So one day I brought a friend home as we were gunna have some food and watch a game, needless to say us both being in uniform must of done something to my partner because a couple of hours (and beers) into the night she asked if we could have some fun which I accepted.

She sat between us both and kissed me but then rested her hands on both mine and my friends thigh, she then looked at him which he then kissed her back. She then lent her head back whilst we both kissed her neck and our hand wandered all over her body! Before long I was fingering her whilst he rubbed her pussy.

She then got on her knees as we took our trousers downshe took my cock deep in her mouth whilst she touched his cock, then swapped over between is both.

My friend then picked her up, threw her on the sofa and ate her pussy, she was moaning and her eyes began to roll so I went to her head and mouth fucked her.

We then decided to go upstairs and she insantly got into doggy style, my friend looked at me and I told him to enjoy her so he pushed her head down, arse in the air and began to thrust. Slowly to start with but got fast and harder! I went to her head pulled her up by the hair and she smiled at me and told me she loved me, so I kissed her then laid down so she could lick my balls.

My friend came deep and hard inside her, he went to clean up so I got her on her back, legs on my shoulder and fucked her deep and hard until I cream pied her too!

Fair to say we haven’t looked back since!

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